Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrita showing her marriage certificate to everyone. Shagun comes and asks whats happening here, disgusting. Ishita asks what is she doing here. Shagun says everyone ask me, no one asks you, you took Nikhil’s guarantee. Ishita asks why is she fueling the fire. Shagun starts blaming her, and says you ruined Rinki’s life acting great. Ishita says I won’t explain you. Shagun says but you have to explain others. Raman says Nikhil will answer us. Mrs. Bhalla cries.

Raman pulls off his garlands and asks him to speak out the truth. He slaps Nikhil and starts beating him. Nikhil says I did this as I wanted money to cover up my business loss. Rinki cries. Dimple apologizes. Mr. Bhalla asks Pammi to take them before they get more angry. Pammi scolds Dimple for cheating them. Raman throws Nikhil and says get him arrested by the police. Romi is at food counter. The waiter tells everything about groom leaving and how he had a wife in US, who came and exposed him. Amrita asks Nikhil to forget her, as she is giving him divorce. Romi recalls he saw Amrita with Puri, and he was talking to Shagun about her.

He says it means this was Shagun’s plan. He calls Bunty and asks is Puri with you. Pammi consoles Mrs. Bhalla and says she is so ashamed, my relatives have cheated me, I know I can’t be forgiven. Shagun asks Pammi not to blame herself, as family did not think once, they asked Ishita to think well and decide, its all her fault. She asks Ishita how could she not think, who will marry Rinki now. Ishita says Rinki got saved, if she got married, her life would have been more worse. Shagun says you have ruined Bhallas reputation, as the baraat went back, what will mummy ji reply people.

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Ishita says Nikhil was fraud, he was kicked out. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun is right, all this went wrong. Shagun says yes, Raman got Ishita, he got another chance after his marriage broke, everyone does not get second chance. Ishita asks her not to exaggerate the problem. Shagun says you just care about yourself, not Rinki. Mihika tells Vandu that this was Shagun’s plan, I will teach her a lesson. Vandu says wait, we need proof to expose her. Shagun blames Ishita further and Mrs. Bhalla asks her to stop it. She says she did this relation as Ishita said, but how did this happen. Ishita says I have checked about him.

Mrs. Bhalla says you spoke to his friend too, even then you did not get any doubt, did you wish to get Rinki married at any cost. Amma argues and says Pammi has done this. Shagun winks to Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says no Pammi, its our mistake top trust others and take this step, and looks at Ishita. Amma says so my daughter is others now, its not good to listen to other, blame your best friend, not Ishu. Mrs. Bhalla argues with her. They fight and cry. Raman looks on. Shagun signs pity on you to Ishita and smiles.

Raman says enough, Rinki’s marriage broke and all elders are fighting. Mrs. Bhalla says my daughter will lose her name, we can’t show anyone our face, times have changed and there is no biasing in girl or boy, but in this case, when marriage breaks, the world still blames the girl, she is unlucky and her baraat went back, who will marry her now. Ishita asks what is she saying, and asks her not to think about any society, we have to support Rinki, she is lucky as she got saved.

She says we have one more girl by marrying wrong man, Rinki is saved, you should thank Lord. Shagun says hello social worker, this is home, don’t give lecture. Ishita says its our personal matter, don’t talk in between. Ishita scolds her and they start arguing. Shagun asks does she have any solution. Ishita cries and says yes, I have a solution. Everyone look at her. Ishita says I m very sorry, I made a mistake, but even I got cheated, I m also more hurt than Rinki. She accepts the mistake and says the guy was fraud, but I will rectify the mistake. She says mummy ji, you all have always trusted me and supported me, can you trust me again, I know its tough, but just once. Mrs. Bhalla nods and cries. Ishita goes to Rinki.

Ishita apologizes to Rinki and asks her to trust her once, as she wants to take a decision for her, and this time she will not make her regret. Simmi says they have to trust Ishita. Rinki says I trust you. Ishita goes to Mihir, shocking everyone. Shagun nods no. Ishita asks Mihir can she ask him anything. Mihir says anything. She asks can you marry our Rinki. Mihika, Shagun, Raman, Rinki, Mihir and everyone are shocked.

Shagun asks Mihir to understand its marriage, not a joke, it about his life, he can’t marry, lets leave. Romi brings Puri and says he had hidden Amrita, Shagun did this, its her plan. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yes. …..ekta ne television par jitne bhi on screen jodiyan banayi hai. ….off screen bhi woh reel life ki tarha real life main bhi. ..couples hai. ….toh humare divan bhi ban sakte hai. …..
    Perfect couple. ………I wish I wish ki. …ye Sach hojaye. …….aur karan. ..kamya ko chode. ……..

  2. See Sara yeh 15th April 2014 ka artical hai…..Karn khud bola uski shadi nahi hui…..

    an Patel is disturbed about rumours linking him to actress Kamya Punjabi.

    He says, “At an event, I was a part of a big group where some people spotted me with Kamya and linked us and I don’t know how because we were not even alone. There is no truth to these rumours. People should be sensitive before spreading such rumours as it concerns the reputations of the people being talked about. Kamya has a child and her family is also affected by this.”

    Denying that he is in a relationship with anyone, the actor said, “The next girl I will have a relationship with, is going to be long-term and our relationship will end in marriage. Kamya can never be my wife, because she is a friend. Of course, I am not going to stop talking to Kamya just because people have linked us.”

  3. hi guys.good mrg.have a fresh day.and waiting for today shagun ka slap.arey yaar mujshe wait nayi hoga.bus jalsi 7.30 ka waiting hai.bye c u all in the evg.

  4. Hiii. Priyaroli. ..

  5. He Sara also read this 9th Jan 2015 ka articlehai…..jaisa maine kaha …..Karan ke parents Bride dhundh rahe hai……

    Actor Karan Patel, who’s seen juggling two wives on the show Ye Hai Mohabbatein, admits that it is tough to find a wife in real life.

    “I can’t manage two wives on the show, how will I manage a third one at home?” he quips, “But seriously, I want to get married now. My parents are looking out, and if I like their choice, I will settle down this year.”

    What are the chances of him and actress Kamya Punjabi getting together, considering the speculation surrounding them? “People can talk and speculate to their heart’s content. In fact, gossip-mongers might have even married me off to her. Kamya is a friend and we are very comfortable with each other, but there is no marriage happening right now. Besides, you never know what destiny has in store for you.”
    Sources also confirm that Karan does not share a great equation with his onscreen wife, Divyanka Tripathi. Among the things adding to the tension between them is the fact that Divyanka has to keep waiting for Karan, who often reports late on the sets. He says, “Yes, that’s another rumour that people like to go on and on about. Divyanka and I laugh about these rumours. She’s a quiet and a reserved person. We are not great friends, but we are cordial and there is no tension.”

  6. Ssharad and Divyanka has split and ended their 7 year relatonship. Karan shld propose to Divyanka and shld marry her immediately without any delay. They shld prove that they r made for each other onscreen and offscreen. Divan shd bcome one.

  7. Mrs. Iyer throws Shagun out and the
    entire Bhalla family take Shagun
    outside. Ishita slaps Shagun infront of
    everyone and shows her real place.
    She says she did not listen to anyone
    and brought her to her home, seeing
    her near the junkyard. She says she
    has now realized why all elders were
    warning her that she is caring for a
    serpent. Shagun gets raged and scolds
    her saying Raman is not her husband,
    as he did not even tell her I love you
    till now, and how can she boast about
    him if he did not even touch her till
    now. Shagun asks Ishita about her
    marriage consummation, and Ishita
    loses her temper. Shagun gets
    slapped by her and also raises hand
    on Ishita, when a silent angry Raman
    holds her hand. Shagun gets blamed
    for creating a scene in Rinki’s
    marriage and Shagun threatens Raman
    that she will not let him leave happily,
    and never let him meet Adi. Raman
    asks Shagun not to show her face
    again and just go away from their
    Mrs. Bhalla’s BP gets high and she
    cries knowing about Romi’s medical
    state. Everyone rush her inside the
    room and take care of her. Mrs. Bhalla
    worries as Ishita and Raman won’t
    have a child, as they discussed it
    before, and no hope from Romi also.
    She thinks its just Adi who can
    become her heir, whom Shagun took
    away from them. Simmi, Ishita and
    Raman take care of Mrs. Bhalla.
    Raman pacifies Mrs. Bhalla promising
    her that he will get Adi back, and even
    Romi’s child will get his rights in their
    family. Shagun’s dirty questions on
    Ishita and Raman’s marriage makes
    everyone kick Shagun out, without
    caring if she takes Adi along. Mrs.
    Iyer brings Shagun’s bags and asks
    her to take it and just get lost from
    their lives. Much melodrama in the
    next track and the catfight will be a
    definite watch by Ishra’s fans to see
    Raman and Ishita’s collaborated kick
    to Shagun. Ishita says Raman is her
    husband and Shagun can never get
    him by using Adi. Raman gets into
    thinking about Shagun’s remarks
    which has hurt Ishita a lot. Will this
    start a positive change in IshRa’s
    marriage leading to their much
    awaited romance? Shagun thinks this
    is a new beginning and she will get
    more worse, and make sure that she
    uses Adi to hurt Bhalla and Iyer
    families. She hatches a new plan and
    lets see if Shagun’s evil plans bring
    Raman and Ishita closer. Keep

  8. Rinki aur Mihir ke shaadi nahi honi chahiya, ara bhai kabi bhai aur bhahen ki shaad hoti hai kya.
    Starting episodes may Rinki Mihir ko MihirBhai kehkar boulathi thi aur aab bhai se shad, what all bakavaas

  9. Shagun ……now your count down begin………….
    Only 4(7.5) hours to go…….

  10. Hey. .aaj sbs & sbb main kuch bhi nahin dikhaya kya yhm k bare main. ….

  11. Sharad and Divyanka alag ho gaye. Karan shld propose to Divyanka now.

  12. 3 hours left

  13. I haven’t found this news anywhere….. Kaha likha hain??

  14. it’s everywhere on the internet. search with the name Divyanka Tripathi.

  15. …..
    Divyanka Tripathi and Ssharad Malhotraa end their seven-year relationship ( Confirmed )
    It may have taken them seven years to admit that they were in love, but it took television actors Divyanka Tripathi and Ssharad Malhotraa just a month to seal the fate of their relationship.
    The couple fell in love on the set of their debut show Banoo Main Teri Dulhann in 2006, but admitted to their relationship only last year. And soon, rumours of their wedding started doing the rounds. However, now there has been a dramatic turn of events, as the two have decided to call it quits. We hear that issues started cropping up between them since Valentine’s Day. Close friends blame compatibility issues and Ssharad’s non-committal attitude for the split.
    “Divyanka wanted marriage but Ssharad wasn’t ready for it. Also, they failed to spend quality time with each other because of their work commitments,” says a friend of the couple. Divyanka and Ssharad confirm the split, but are tight-lipped about the reasons behind it. “The decision of calling off the relationship is mutual. We had a beautiful journey and the most lovely memories are helping us part ways cordially. Yet, it’s a painful process and speculations only increase the pain. We request the media to be considerate. This is the final word on this subject and we won’t be talking about what went wrong in our relationship. We believe it wasn’t destined to last,” they say in a statement issued to Bombay Times.

  16. Hmm… Feeling bad for divyanka… but all divan fans wants to see them together.. Hope that comes true

    1. Yes ruhi. ………aaisa zaror ho. …….sab ki wish puri hojai gi. ……

  17. Haan… But sharad is very unlucky to loose he… Very beautiful and kind hearted girl…. I m not sure y… Never liked sharad…

  18. Kya sachi me divyanka sharad ka breakup ho gaya

  19. Hii palak. Ye Sach hai ……divyanka sharad ka breakup hogaya hai

  20. Kyu yaar sharad divyanka are awesome couple…aise kaise sharad ne aisa kyu kiya..

  21. Kal mera yhm bhi miss hogaya….aaj dehkugi…

  22. divan r awesome couple. if they marry each other, very beautiful

  23. Pata nahin palak. ..7 year se sath the. .aur jab shaadi ki baat aayi toh. .beeche hat gaya. …..divyanka kitni dukhi hogi. …woh bahut khush thi sharad k sath. …

  24. Haan 123. …divan awesome couple hai. ………

  25. Aaj yhm superb aayega..shagun ko thappad …wow can’t wait yaar..

  26. Iss video ka song… Omg… Very emotionaL.. Makes us cry

  27. Only one hour left. ……shagun ki thappad class k liye. ……..intezar nahin horaha hai. ..

  28. Ruhi subha ye song sunn rahi thi. ….
    aur sbs main bhi dekha ya. …..Sach main superb song hai. ..jab suno ge. ………runa zaror aaye ga. ….par jab bhi sunti hoon. ..raman ka Ruta hoa face samne aajata hai. …jab woh ishita ko chod kar Jane wala tha. ….

  29. Haan… Wo episode thik se Dekhi nahi.thi… Mujhe… Aditya kapooR yaad ajata hain.. Such a heaheart touching tune and mainly lyrics…

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