Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vandita asks Bala how did all that happen. Bala says he didn’t want to give her any stress. He doesn’t know how Romi changed everything on last minute. She says all their hard work is on stake, he has proof with him. She decides to call Ishita, but Bala stops her as things have started settling in Ishita’s life and he doesn’t want her life to be affected. Vandita asks how they will bring the truth out then?

Romi is relieved, but he thinks he will have to do something before Ishita’s family goes to Raman. Simmi sees him tensed and asks what happened. Romi thinks she’s his sister and she will surely support him in front of family. He starts acting.

Amma is talking on the phone and says Bala is a very nice person. She says she won’t tell anything to Ishita. Ishita hears it and asks Amma what’s the matter. What happened with Bala and Vandita. Amma avoids her. Other hand, Simmi gets trapped in Romi’s lie. She says it’s good that he told her first, had he told Raman, then he would have stood up for Ishita’s family. She asks him to rest, she is on his side.

Amma has also told everything to Ishita. She wonders what will happen to Mr. Bhalla, he had so many hopes from Romi. Bala and Vandita have also done so much for her, and she’s quiet here. She decides to talk to Raman, but Amma stops her and asks her to wait for Vandita’s call. Ishita says okay, but there is someone with whom she will have to talk right now.

She comes to Raman’s house and tries to go to Romi’s room, but Simmi stops her. Ishita asks her how she can defend Romi after knowing everything. Bala and Vandita’s jobs are on risk. Simmi tells her to handle Ruhi’s matters, she doesn’t need to get involved in others matters.

In their room, now Raman yells at Ishita for telling him everything this late. Bala should have told him earlier when he asked him about Romi and his studies, and he could have put right sense into Romi, but no Bala wanted to become James Bond and solve everything himself. He says all are dramebaaz in her family. He comes to the living room and shouts Romi to come out. He tells him he fulfilled all his wishes and what he did? Gave that money to professor to buy exam papers? Toshiji asks what he did. Raman says no one will interfere today. He tells everyone what Romi did and when Bala decided to expose him, he trapped Bala into it. He calls him a criminal. Simmi interrupts and says, wah bhai. She asks what Madrashan did to him that he’s doubting his own family members. He didn’t even ask Romi once for explanation. Raman tells her she doesn’t know anything. Simmi says only Ishita and her family are correct. Her marriage broke because of her and now Romi. Raman calms down and explains it to her that if they support Romi now, then who knows tomorrow he will become like Param. What face they will show to their relatives and society then? Simmi asks why? Has Ishita taken responsibility to correct everyone in our family? Ishita tries to say something, but Simmi points finger at her and asks her to stay quiet. Raman tells Simmi, enough now. He asks Toshiji to take simmi away before he does anything to her. He grabs Romi’s collar and asks to tell the truth. Romi says Bala asked for money. Raman gets mad and was about to beat him, but Ishita stops him. Romi leaves the house.

In their room, Ishita tries to calm Raman down. He asks her why she stopped him. First, she tells him everything, and then when he tries to do something, she stops him. What does she want? She explains to him that Romi is an adult and he will get nothing by beating him. Raman needs to explain it to him nicely. Raman says, he’s a blo*dy criminal. I would have slapped and he would come on right path. Ishita tells him no one changes like that, you need to explain to him nicely. Raman keeps yelling and tells her to do whatever they want, and not to drag him into this matter again. He goes out of their room.

Amma discusses the matter with Appa. She’s disgusted with Bhallas. Appa asks her to calm down. Amma calls Punjabis rascals, cheaters. Toshiji hears it and comes in the house. Bala and Vandita come there. Toshiji blames Bala that he wanted money. She says they could have asked directly. Ruhi comes out and asks what happened. Toshiji scolds Ruhi as well. Mr. Bhalla comes and takes Toshiji with him. Ruhi is crying. Ishita comes. Ruhi tells her she doesn’t want to go to Bhalla house. Shravan asks why Toshiji was shouting. Ishita tells Ruhi and Shravan that they just had a fight like them. Everything will be fine. She asks them to go and play. Bala says everything is over and he leaves from there. Ishita hears Romi’s bike’s sound and goes downstairs to talk to him.

Romi is talking with his friend and says Simmi saved him this time. He starts talking about parties. Ishita comes and tells him that he has supported her a lot and she values it a lot. She tells him not to think that she’s taking Bala’s side, but whatever Romi did, can happen in fear. Everyone can be nervous about exams and mistakes like this happen in colleges only. She explains it to him that Bala has never done anything wrong, he has earned only one thing in his life which is respect. And because of Romi’s one statement, his career, his life can be spoilt. She says she knows Romi is good and he wouldn’t want anyone’s life to be spoilt because of him. She says if he accepts his mistake, then he can save someone’s life from getting destroyed. She’s saying all this because she knows Bala is a good man. She further says, if he speaks the truth, then she will stand with him. She will make sure nothing happens to him. Romi is just ignoring her. She asks him if he’s listening her. He asks her to decide first on whose side she is. How she can tell that Bala is saying the truth? Why would he sacrifice his life for him. He’s not his jiju. He refuses to change his statement and leaves from there. Ishita cannot believe this, she wonders what to do now.

Toshiji is crying. Mr. Bhalla lectures her for not handling situations before. Toshiji tells him that he knows Romi since he was born, and Bala just since some time. How can he trust him so much? Mr. Bhalla says what he can say to others when his own children are wrong. He leaves. Simmi comes to Toshiji and says she doesn’t get why they have to suffer every time because of Madrashan’s matters. Their house is collapsing and Raman and Mr. Bhalla are thinking Romi is wrong. She says she doesn’t know what Madrashis want from them.

Precap: Ishita comes to Raman and tells him about Toshiji lecturing her parents, then Mr. Bhalla lecturing Toshiji, and Romi speaking so much for her. Now Media came to know about all that, and they are outside their building. Raman is busy working on his laptop. She asks him if he’s even listening to her.

Update Credit to: Rahi

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