Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita talking with the puppy. She is missing Ruhi. Mihika comes to her with coffee. Mihika asks what do you think about Shagun, I did not feel she is interested in Ruhi, she was emotionless and cold. Ishita says atleast she might be better than Raman. Mihika says I hope so. Ishita says I m worried about Ruhi, what can I do, I m not her mum, I can’t do anything for now. Mihika says this is the thing, you care for her, and the one who has the right over Ruhi does not care.

Shagun brings Ruhi to her house and shows her room to her which has lots of toys. Shagun tries to talk to her but Ruhi is silent. Ashok is calling on phone and says Shagun will definitely come. He tells Shagun that it was Aamir’s call who gave the contract to Raman,

now they are giving me the contract and they are throwing a party for us tonight. Shagun says I brought Ruhi today and the party tonight……. He says I can’t go alone, so get ready. He says we both know whats important between Ruhi and party. Shagun looks at Ruhi.

Mihika is talking on phone to her friend Amrita and tells Ishita that she is inviting her in a party. Ishita talks to Amrita and says Mihika will come. Ishita asks Mihika to go ahead in life. Amma comes to them and says Prateek came, he wants to apologize to you. Ishita asks Amma to stay in the room and goes to meet Prateek. Prateek says Hi, Ishita, I m very sorry, whatever happened yesterday I should have not done, but I did not know, you understand right, I should have not broke our engagement, forgive me, I know I have hurt you, forget it, I want to marry you.

He says marry me holding her hand. She says no. He says what. She says no, I can’t marry such a man who leave me at the time of crisis. Whats the guarantee you will be with me in pain, so its a no from my side. She opens the door for him and asks him to leave. Prateek says are you sure. She says bye Prateek. He says if this is it, so fine. He meets Raman outside the door and tells him that I agreed with you and came to convince Ishita but she said no. Raman speaks ill about Ishita saying she deserves nothing and she closes the door on their face.

Prateek says you are right about her, but take care of my position as I have agreed to what you said. Raman steps inside his house. Ishita thinks about Ruhi and cries while washing utensils. She thinks about Raman’s bitter words. Amma asks her why are you doing this, the maid will do this. Amma asks her to share whats in her heart. Ishita says its nothing and leaves. Amma wishes for Ishita’s strength. Shagun is spending some time with Ruhi. Ruhi is silent. Ashok comes to her and says whats this, why are you not ready, the servants can make her eat.

He calls the maid and asks her to take care of Ruhi. Shagun says it will take 30mins for me to get ready. Shagun tells Ruhi that if you want anything, you can tell the maid. Ruhi looks on. Mihir comes to Raman and says I m going in that party. Raman asks which one. He says the soft drink people party. Raman says go and join them. Mihir says I m going to face and answer them. Rumi says yes, we should go, else they will think we are cowards. Raman says see Mihir, Rumi is advicing me. Raman asks Mihir to take Rumi too. Rumi agrees. Mihir says I m sure, the court will ask about Ruhi’s custody, I hope you are prepared.

Mihika is going to the same party. Mihir stops her and tries to talk to her. He says I have hurt you a lot, but try not understand, Raman is important for me, he is a very nice man. Mihika says I have to go and leaves. Shagun is getting ready for the party. Ruhi looks at her. Ashok comes and hugs Shagun. He says people will ask you about Ruhi today and will give you the best mum award, and tomorrow its the last date for your divorce case and Ruhi’s custody will be yours, and Raman will lose you. Ruhi is upset hearing this. Shagun looks at her..
Ashok and Shagun enter the party. Aamir welcomes them and compliments Shagun. Tannu meets Ashok. Aamir wishes everyone happy new year. They drink wine and have a blast. Aamir says Ashok has got the big contract which we gave to Raman, it was our mistake, but now its Ashok with us. Amrita and Mihika are amazed to see the Page 3 party. Mihir comes with Rumi. Rumi sees some girls. Mihir says Raman’s image got ruined, I have to work on it. Rumi eyes the girls and drinks wine. He sees Mihika and is shocked.

Rumi says she is here, today I will win you. Ashok tells Mr. Mehta did you see not the interview today on tv. They gossip about Raman and Ruhi. Shagun gets annoyed hearing Ashok. Mihika sees Shagun with Ashok and hears them talking. Ashok says Raman used to ill treat Shagun so she left him.

Shagun tells Ashok that you should have told about Ruhi and Raman. Ashok says everyone has known the truth now. She says Ruhi is alone at home and we are partying here. He says it will help you, you will get the custody, just enjoy. Shagun smiles.

Ishita talks to Mihika and says Ruhi called and was alone at home with the maid. Mihika says yes, Shagun and Ashok were at the party. Ishita is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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