Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi coming to meet Parmeet with Ananya. She cries and apologizes to him. She says she came in Raman and Ishita’s words, and was tensed after Mihika’s suicide, as they felt she is also with her husband in this plan. She says she wants to stay with him, serve him, and be with him. She says Ananya is ill since two days and no one asked her to have food, did not take her to doctor. Parmeet asks her to stop crying and come inside. He takes her bag inside and asks her to feed Ananya first. He asks her to go to kitchen and bring milk. Parmeet takes care of Ananya. Simmi looks on. Parmeet says he is not like Raman and hugs Ananya. Simmi thinks Parmeet has to believe me, and tell me Ashok’s plan, sp that she can help Ishita. She thinks its only Parmeet who can give proof

against Ashok.

Shagun brings women organization and protests against Iyer family, asking for justice. Ruhi stops them. The lady asks her to go. Ruhi asks why did Shagun come here, she always troubles her Ishi Maa. Shagun says don’t talk between elders. Ruhi says you know Mihika is in hospital and Ishita is worried, and she is making a scene. The lady asks her to talk as her age and let her do their work. Amma and Appa hear people protesting against Iyers. The ladies come inside their flat and scold them. Appa says they are mistaken. Shagun says they have broken my family. They all shout in high pitch.

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They take Amma and Appa out of their flat. Amma cries and asks Appa to do something. Ruhi tells Mrs. Bhalla about this, and Shagun bringing them. Mrs. Bhalla shouts Oye and scolds them. She asks Amma to go inside her house and rest. Appa takes Amma. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to stand at gate and break their heads if they protest now. Mrs. Bhalla gets high on him. Amma cries and Appa pacifies her. She says how can Shagun do this. Mrs. Bhalla speaks against Shagun and defends Iyer’s humanity and simplicity. She says Mihika and Ishita did not harm anyone, how can they plan this against anyone. She asks them to see who is right and who is wrong. Ishita joins her.

Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun left Ruhi when she was small, she thinks about her daughter when there are cameras and when she is court, ask her where did she go when Ruhi was 6 months old, she left her husband and stayed with someone for 6 years without wedlock. She asks why does Shagun come to bite them like a mad dog. She says Ishita is a dentist and loves Ruhi more than her real mum. The ladies aask Shagun. Shagun says she left Raman as they have troubled her. They say you should have told us everything, you lied to us, this is personal matter, we will not help you. They all leave. Ishita looks at Shagun. Shagun leaves. Ishita hugs Mrs. Bhalla.

She goes to see Amma. Everyone come to pacify Amma. Raman tells a story to Ruhi and asks her to go and sleep. Ruhi asks can she sleep here. He says not today, as I have to talk to Ishi Maa. She asks will you fight with her. He says no and promises her. He asks her to sleep now, and he will make Ishi Maa smile and happy. Ruhi says Shagun did not do right today. Raman says sometimes Shagun forgets they people can be good too. Ruhi says she brings bad omen at home, Dadi said such people does not stay happy and does not let others be happy, how to make them happy. Raman says Ruhi angel and Ruhi’s Papa will make them smile. He asks her to sleep and turns off the lights. Ruhi sleeps. He says even he wants to see Ishi Maa happy, but he is thinking how to keep her happy. He says he will never make Ishi Maa cry, as he loves her. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays………………

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Its morning, Raman and Ishita bring Mihika home. Iyers are happy seeing Mihika and welcome her. Amma hugs Mihika and takes her inside. Raman asks Mihika to make coffee for him. Ishita asks whats happening. Raman says come, I will tell you. Simmi brings tea for Parmeet and sees him playing with Ananya. She sheds more fake tears. He asks her to stop crying and sit. She gives milk to Ananya. He asks what did she tell him at home, as Raman can come to scold him again. She says she came by her wish, she was mad to be away from her husband for the brother who does not care for her. He says leave it, you left your husband for your Maayka. She asks whats her mistake, everyone used to scold her at home, did she love him less, he knows Raman. He says you get into Raman’s words. She says Raman also did many mistakes and counted Parmeet’s mistakes.

He says everyone has another face. She says yes, and talks about Ashok. She says if he does any mistake and if Ashok fires him, where will they go. He says don’t worry, I have all secrets of Ashok, the day I leak it, he will come on road. She says Ashok can trap him. He says Ashok is mad after girls, I have all his secrets, I have removed cameras from Mihika’s room and he bribed the cameraman, Suraj and I have done all this, they asked Ashok not to touch Mihika, and made all the setup by making the hotel staff assist them. He says Ashok did not do anything and still created a big impact. She says Ashok is a creep, will he give credit to you. He says leave it, you stay here with me. She says she will make tea for him and thinks some girl has changed Mihika’s clothes in the hotel, I have to tell this to Raman and Ishita and find that girl.

Ishita asks Raman what is he saying, is he serious. He says yes, they want to cover story on me, on my success, they want family pics as well, it will cheer everyone. He asks does she trust him. She says lets do it. He says yes, but how. He divides the work and asks about Simmi. She says she went to stay at her friend’s house for two days. She smiles seeing him. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays……….

Ishita says she is confused what to wear in western. He says wear saree, you look good. She smiles and asks you want me to wear saree. He says someone told me that a person can look s*xy even in saree. She says great, a smart person may have told this and she would like to meet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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