Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Parmeet kidnaps Raghav’s daughter

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika taking care of the baby and making him ready. Ishita watches them and smiles. She says baby would have not let you sleep all night. Mihika says no, he slept well, Amma said right, he held Roshni’s shawl and slept so comfortably, it was like magic. Ishita goes to Raman. Raman says I had gone to Raghav’s house, his wife is ready to help, but she is scared, I went to her and questioned her, I don’t know how to find the truth. Ishita says she can’t trust you, people don’t trust women these days, you should have taken me along. He says its not late, you can come along, I have to expose Parmeet, if I know that Simmi is equally responsible, she will be punished too, they troubled us a lot. She says this time don’t tell anything about it till you get proof. He says I just hope his wife helps us.

The lady says I give massage to baby and his mum too, the massage keeps the baby fit and fine, the baby will grow soon, you can pay me as much as you want. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to come and see the baby. Amma comes and says she is Vasantha, she is an expert masseuse, she gives massages, I booked her services. Mrs. Bhalla says I have fixed her. Amma says she is better, she has been trained in Thailand. Mrs. Bhalla says she is going to massage baby, she has much experience. They argue. Ishita comes and looks on. She says okay done, why are you fighting, both of them would be great, they have come for the baby, they haven’t met the baby, let us show them the baby, the one who goes better massage will be chosen. They go to the room.

Manjiri says I also want to see. Neelu says Simmi has come. Simmi asks Manjiri to get food to her room. The lady does massage. Mrs. Bhalla says be gentle, he is too young. The lady says he will become a wrestler. Mrs. Bhalla says enough, its done. Amma says Vasantha will do now, massage him well. Ishita and Mihika look on. Vasantha sits near baby and says now the baby is going to meditate. Baby cries. Mihika says its okay, thanks, I think we don’t need anyone, I will check the internet and I will massage him. Vasantha asks for her money. Amma says okay, you didn’t massage him well and want money.

Amma and Mrs. Bhalla see Mihika with baby, and smile. They go. Ishita smiles and goes. Manjiri asks why are you packing chocolates and fruits. Simmi says its my Ananya’s birthday today, I go to the orphanage and donate things to kids. Manjiri says its a noble deed. Simmi gets a call. She asks parmeet where did you go, we have to go orphanage today. He says shut up and listen to me, I got this number so that police doesn’t call record or trace us, don’t irritate me, get 50000rs from cupboard and come to this address, make sure no one follows you. She says what is he hiding from me. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma hold hands and smile. Ishita comes and says I m so proud of you both, did you see Mihika, she takes care of baby like she knows how to handle. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I used to be sad for her, but today Adi is making Mihika feel like a mum. Ishita gets a call. She says Raman is calling me downstairs, I shall go. Raman and Ishita come to meet Raghav’s wife.

Raman says I m Raman, she is my wife Ishita, you didn’t recognize me, I want to see Raghav’s belongings to get clue. Raghav’s wife asks who are you, I never met you, don’t trouble me, just go. Ishita says we want your help. The people ask them why are they troubling the lady. Raman says its our personal matter. Ishita says we should go. Raman and Ishita see Raghav’s wife crying. Sinmi comes to Parmeet and asks why did you call me here, what’s happening, I got the money. She sees a girl coming. The girl says I m hungry, give me something to eat. He asks her to shut up. She says I want to go to my mum. Simmi says she is a kid, leave her. He says I know, I m doing this for our good. He scares the girl and asks her to sit quietly. Simmi asks why have you locked her here.

He says she is Raghav’s daughter, I m cleaning the mess spread by you, Raghav’s wife is helping Raman, he may reach us, I don’t want to go jail, I want to shut up Raghav’s wife by using this girl. Simmi says she is of Ananya’s age. He says I m doing this to take revenge for Ananya’s death, right, I m helpless, your stupidity is the reason, Raman reached Raghav’s house to get clue, so I had to kidnap her. He goes. Simmi goes to the girl and consoles. The girl says take me to my mum please, that uncle beats me, he didn’t give me food. Simmi says calm down, tell me your name. The girl says Ananya. Simmi sees Ananya in her and says Ananya…. She cries and recalls Ananya. She hugs her. She kisses her and asks where did you leave me, never leave me now, you are my child. The girl says aunty, you will take me to my mum right….. Simmi sees her and cries.

Parmeet says if Raman gets evidence against me, he will get me arrested, I don’t want to go to jail, I told that man to kill the woman and her daughter if they pose problem for me. Simmi asks what, will you get the murdered. Raman and Ishita hear them and get shocked. Simmi says please spare them. Parmeet says you want me to get punished. Simmi says please, find some other way.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Now I m confuse so simmi is not mastermind of all d evils but Parmeet only she is just a tool for him to get is work done easily I think d writers are also confuse

  2. i know where this is going… suddenly everything Simmi has done will be pegged to ‘Parmeet had trapped her’ and ‘Simmi was grieving for Ananya’ and only Parmeet will be sent to jail whereas the Bhallas will forgive Simmi. Simmi will cry, ‘realise’ her mistake and then continue living comfortably with the bhallas. lol

  3. You are absolutely right. Simmi, just like all the other villains in this show will not get punished. All the Bhallas will be chanting – poor Simmi poor Simmi! and aaaallll will be forgiven. Read somewhere that Param will kill Simmi. Now that would be great. Simply cannot stand her anymore.

    1. So simmi has become a sadhvi now.

  4. Who are the parents of chota adi, who is he gonna call mom and dad — ishra the grandparents nd the legal gardien, mihika the other grandma nd the nurturer, or aliya his babysitter nd stepmom ?! This baby will be so confused not knowing who to call what.
    Even writings don’t the status of the characters as all relations have been mocked, raman trying to marry S-I-L mihika, sister simmi harming her brother nieces nephew, ishra’s repetitive separation nd union, ishima being made public used by any random character… since tania rahgav track is dragging i guess writers doesn’t have anything for the upcoming story as well.

    Hated that baby for a long time but must admit he is the most pityful character, being born in bhallah house and grow up under the care of a couple like ishra is a curse. Unfortunately he will have the same type of life as his dad, and 2 aunts.

    1. LOL!
      Good Luck to Divyanka and Karan in their respective lives. I sincerely hope they don’t become the kind of parents in their real life as they portray in the show YHM.


    3. Because of bhallas nd ishita they are behaving like this baby is a divine child, in front of him nothing and no one even matter. Raman gave shares to the baby without thinking about his other 2 daughters, roshni the mistress was forgiven and accepted just because she was giving birth to ghar ka chirag, bhallas are dancing and behaving like nothing happened . Not the baby’s fault though, it is the people around him that made me uninterested about him. Just emphasis to what extent this show is having negative impact on its public

    4. I wanted to apologize for being rude to you and omg I shouldn’t have been rude about a tv show or judge you or anyone that was real stupid of me so I hope you guys can forgive me? I’ll never ever judge people again in fact Idk why is did that I never actually do stuff like that ever

  5. Ok, today’s episode after a long time evoked emotions in me (yhm stopped striking any connections for me) and I felt very bad for simmi and I was expecting the girl’s name would be Ananya too! My eyes welled up today on seeing Simi’s emotions.

  6. Good dat they hear them now Raman will no that ishitha was telling the truth about his long ago

  7. Does anybody think that Roshni will come back later and claim her baby back, when she will find out that the real Adi is not the father, hence he does not belong to the Bhallas? But by then, the Bhallas will be so much in love with the baby that a new drama will start. I am so done with the Param/Simmi track. It’s high time to get rid of them and start the new drama with the real Adi. Someone mentioned about being confused, just wait until Adi comes back. Oh well, it’s a merry go round thing.


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