Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the party scene where Mr Sharma welcomes everyone. Ashok enters with Shagun and pose for the pic. Ashok meets Mr. Murti and says I heard you did not like the model. Murti says your team always send different models, when we clearly told we want a Indian beauty, beautiful and Indian looking. Mihir and Mihika come there. Ashok sees Mihika donning a blue saree and looking perfectly Indian and gorgeous. Mihika asks where is Raman and Ishita. Mihir says its their party, so they will make a rocking entry. Ashok tells Murti that he will get the model as he says. Sharma welcomes Raman and Ishita. Raman is the new president of New Delhi Entrepreneur association. Shagun asks Ashok why did he not tell her that this party is in Raman’s honor.

She asks how could they not make you. The reporters take Raman’s interview about his career high. Raman says what we think does not happen, and what happens is not thought of. They ask about being best CEO and now the president. Raman says the hardwork takes you to heights. Raman sees Shagun and says when anyone shows you your weakness, that madness to prove yourself make you get to a height. Raman taunts Shagun and she fumes hearing his words.

He says when you get to a height, its fun to see the people who envy you, and their jealousy. The announcement is made to welcome the new president, the very handsome and successful Raman Kumar Bhalla. The special event is planned for Raman, and a surprise is for him. They ask everyone to walk on the ramp. Raman asks Ishita to come. She says me. He says you have to walk my legs, not hand. The guy ask them to go and change, and show their Jalwa. Shagun says I have to win, you should proudly tell everyone that I m your to be wife. Ashok says ofcourse.

Ishita tells Raman I will freshen up and come. The judges are Sharma, Murti and Ashok. Ashok says thanks, who can be the better judge than me. Raman signs him to go and smiles. Ishita talks to ruhi and asks her to enjoy and send her many pics. Ruhi asks them to send her and Raman’s pic. Ishita says ffine, I will send a selfie. Raman comes and asks what is she doing. She shows him Ruhi’s pics. He says nice, lets go. She says Ruhi wants our selfie and he takes it. He asks her to send it and come to walk on the ramp.

The reporters ask Raman what is ahead. Raman sees Parmeet and Simmi there. Parmeet introduces Simmi as his wife to everyone. Raman comes to them and Parmeet shamefully smiles. Raman pushes him back and takes Simmi asking what happened to her, is she mad to be with that dog. Simmi asks what wrong did I do, I came in my brother’s party with my husband. He controls his anger and asks her not to make a drama scene, you know what can I do, I can beat that dog and not leave you either, leave from here. Parmeet says with love please. He says no one will bear insult before his wife.

Parmeet says she came here as my wife, not as your sister. Raman laughs and taunts him. He says thank Lord that my sister still loves you, else it won’t be late to keep flowers on your pic. He leaves. Parmeet says you are so lucky, as your brother and husband loves you a lot, come and meet my old friends, they should know my wife. Ishita sits on the stairs as her sandal troubles her. Raman comes and steps on her saree. She gets up and her saree gets loosened. He looks at it and takes her to the room.

The ladies walk the ramp. Ishita is asked to come next. Parmeet waits to see Ishita. Raman tries to tuck the saree. She says not like this, I will do it. She is unable to and he looks at her. He says you are so adamant, move your hand and stand still. He recollects what Mihir taught him. She says its your mistake to step on it. She says stop it, else I will forgot what I learnt. She says learnt? He says yes, to help you. She smiles. He says shut up before she is about to say anything. He says let me do it. She smiles looking at him. Apni apni soch………………yeh hai mohabbatein……………….plays………………. He makes all the pleats and makes it a perfect looking saree drape.

Shagun and Mihika walk the ramp. Mihika gives flying kiss to Mihir as he does to her. Ashosk sees this and does it too. Parmeet smiles seeing Simmi come. Ishita says I won’t go, sorry. He asks what happened now. She says the pallu got loose, I won’t go. He got angry and says get up, tell me how to do. She says why always angry. The ramp walk show ends and the winner is announced, as Ashok passes the judgement. The winner is Mihika. Shagun is shocked. Mihir and everyone clap. Mihika gets glad. Shagun says how did she win. Parmeet says Ashok what a sixer. Ashok is asked to do the honors and come on stage.

Ashok gives the award to Mihika. Simmi and Shagun swell their faces. Ashok takes a selfie with Mihika holding her. Shagun looks on. Mihika asks where is Raman and Ishita. Mihir says don’t know, lets go and find her. Murti talks to Mihika. Ashok says she is part of our company and very talented, he holds her. She says thanks Sir and leaves with Mihir. Mihika says so strange Mihir, I won, how. Mihir says as you are super pretty, hot and sexy, in the saree which I chose. Infact when you got the award, I thought to marry you tonight. She asys lets find Raman and Ishita, I think they went on long drive to romance. He says yes, you blow off the romance flame in our case.

Ishita asks Raman to correct her pallu pin. Raman takes out the pin and then fixes it, turning his face. His finger gets hurt and she is about to take it in her mouth. He says no, blood should not touch tigress’ mouth. She says sorry, show me, it happened because of me. They see Mihika and Mihir watching them and smiling. Mihir says I think we came on wrong time and leave. Ishita smiles.

Raman talks to Ishita holding her hand, about his first love, he wants to say it, don’t know how she will react. He says Ishita I love you.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Lol yeh ravan kumar propose nhi maar raha…he is just getting her hand massage dun…he is saying i luv u taaki ishu ka dhyaan na jae vaha…

  2. I guess Pooja is right

  3. Raman is just doing this to show shagun,ashok or parameet….last time he said ishita I love u but ya us nay shagun ko dikhanay k liay kia

  4. I think arman is right

  5. I wish Raman say this for reeeaaalll

  6. No he’s said i love u ishita. .because he doesnt want her to realize the pain when he fixes her wrist

  7. Hi thanks for updates :))

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