Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman asking Ruhi to talk to him. Ruhi apologises to him and hugs. He feels sorry to do this. He tells Ishita that Nikhil was with a girl in an compromising position. Ruhi hugs Ishita and cries. Adi and Romi get angry. Raman says leave it, we will not talk about this now. Romi says its good whatever happened. Mihika says parents always want good for you. Ishita says its not time to count her mistakes. Aaliya apologises to her. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma try to plan something to make Ruhi forget everything.

Ishita comes to Raman and says Ruhi has slept, Pihu and Ananya are sleeping with her. She locks the door and says I don’t want you to run from mid conversation. They apologise to each other. He says we all wish Ruhi’s good and that’s why I did this. She says you are very cute, I was acting to get your attention. He says even I was roaming with file to be around. She says why do we fight, we are fine without fights. He says I fooled everyone by my doings, I feel guilty, sorry.

Its morning, Ishita comes to Ruhi and says you didn’t sleep all night. Ruhi says I m not able to forget Nikhil. Ishita tells her that some love will never make her feel bad, they are always with her, its parents love, which will always be there. Ruhi thanks her. Raman comes there. Ishita asks her to do preparations for Kanjak puja. Raman asks can we stop talking about Nikhil, I got lemon water for you, have it and come. Raman talks to Shagun and says I m feeling very bad. Shagun says yes, we wanted her to get away from Nikhil. He asks if she knows this was out setup. She says don’t worry, I will do something that Nikhil won’t meet Ruhi. Raman fears Ishita can doubt.

Ishita gets gifts for everyone. Simmi argues with her and asks her not to get anything for Ananya. Everyone consoles Ishita. Ishita says Ananya has to sit in Kanjak puja, I will talk to her. Ruhi says Pihu is calling her friends, we will call Riya as well. Ishita asks her to call Riya. Nikhil wishes to explain Ruhi. The girl comes and asks Nikhil to give her water. She tells ladies that she is call girl, but she wants her payment. Someone records this. Nikhil scolds the girl and asks him to leave. The secretary gets angry on Nikhil and asks him to leave, else he will do police complaint.

The girl goes to Shagun and says I have defamed Nikhil a lot, he will leave now. Shagun pays her money. She informs Raman that Nikhil is out of Ruhi’s life now. Ishika asks Raman whose call was it. He lies to her and goes for puja. Mrs. Bhalla and everyone pray and do Kanjak puja with girls. Parmeet comes. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi didn’t let Ananya come in puja. Parmeet says I will talk to her. He goes to Simmi and asks her not to get Ananya between this, Raman and Ishita are caretakers of this house, don’t mess with them. She gets angry. The girls ask Ishita to hurry up, they have to go. Ishita says I will tell Simmi to send Ananya. Mrs. Bhalla says I will do puja with her later. Parmeet sees Ishita and asks Simmi to come. He asks Ananya to come and take prasad. Raman and Romi give gifts to girls. Simmi says see they have finished the puja, you were saying they are waiting.

Simmi argues with Ishita. Raman scolds her angrily. Ishita looks on.

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  1. anay bangalore

    I dont know why is is simmi being such a big fool. For every parents their family is first then they will think of siblings and in this case they are treating all of them equal but she is making issue of small things. She can not expect them to give all the importance to her daughter when they have their own three kids. She forgot what Raman has done for her daughter for all these years when the real father did nothing.

    1. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

      yes anay u r correct simmi is slowly becoming fool why she is behaving like that why she is expecting so much .

    2. I agree with you. Also wants pinpoint one thing is that EKTA has turned Raman’s character so agile after 7yr leap and it became one side show of Ishita. Whereas earlier it was balanced show. Only Ishita fan can save the show or else it’s waste to watch. Frankly there is nothing left challenging to perform as such in the show.

    3. anay bangalore

      Actually they are showing the same story again and again by the name of leap. First they will show few of them as negative then make them positive then again make them negative. Ex Shagun, Suraj, Simmi, Param Then they tried to experiument with Adi and now Ruhi

  2. Simmi ia a very good character here . Unnecessary this Params track . Raman is guilty …. whatever it is he is not a bad hearted person . Cvs always butchering him … for Shaghun they are doing this . Other wise what role AH has ? Now Ishitha will find out … She may not tell Ruhi thinking of Raman but once Ruhi comes to know she will think Ishima and papa played this game . Shaghunhas not changed … she too has a daughter nd son … nikhils place if Adi … no parents will end up doing such dirty games . Ishra only can save each other and Ruhi

  3. Ishita should not let shagun intefere in her family matter, shagun should accept that now she is mani wife, not raman, so shagun don,t have no right to intefere.

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