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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita waiting for Raman. Abhimanyu brings juice for her and asks her not to see the phone. He says he used to do all this when he was in college, leave all this, phone won’t ring. She gets a call from someone else. She says she will come clinic at 10pm and asks Abhimanyu to go and meet other guests. She says girls want to meet you, the most eligible bachelor. He says no, they won’t be interested, as I m father of two kids, that too without marriage. She says maybe someone else will take responsibility. He says no one is like you. They have a talk. She feels Raman does not care of her feelings, and Mani is so sensitive.

Raman is tensed as Ishita did not come home, its so late. He says I will go and pick up, else she will take revenge with south Indian

food. Ishita sees Ashok in the party. Ashok says Shagun did not come, as she is not well. Ishita asks Abhimanyu what is he doing here. Abhimanyu says he is the chief guest, why. Ishita says its long story, I will say later, but be away from him, he is bad man. He says this is business and have to deal with all type of people. He goes to meet Ashok. Ashok flirts with a girl. She says she is not interested. He still tries his charm. She calls him cheap.

He says if you knew my status, you would have known me, you would have come after me, on your own, just look at me. I m the best. She says disgusting. Ashok gets Shagun’s call and says its her in whom I m not interested. He takes her call and says he is missing her so much, getting bored too. He is drunk and says he is going home from here. Abhimanyu comes and says so much love, you are still talking to her in party. Ashok says his secret, that he is not doing the marriage. He says all this is to get rid of that woman. He says its his plan to dump her, leave all this. Abhimanyu realizes Ishita was right about Ashok.

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Ashok says I stayed with that woman for six years, why should I marry her now, I don’t know why people marry and commit, how they do be with one woman. Ishita hears everything when Ashok is confessing his plan. Ashok says marriage comes with expiry date and my relationship’s expiry date has passed. Abhimanyu says you have drunk a lot, lets talk tomorrow. Ashok says not tomorrow, I can’t be saying it openly. He says I have sent Shagun to her brother’s house, I love my freedom. Abhimanyu asks him to go home. Ashok leaves with Murli. Ashok stops seeing the same lady and gives his card, saying call me on my number. He leaves.

Ishita says I can’t believe this, Ashok is cheating Shagun. She says she is feeling bad. She tells Mani that she wants to go, as Ruhi does not sleep without me. He says do you want to go home and fight with husband asking why did he not come. She says no. He says he will ask the driver to drop her and asks Murli to take her. She smiles. He goes to see her off. Raman comes there and says where will I find her. He sees her with Murli and sees Abhimanyu’s back. Raman says its lottery, she is here, and also that slim guy.

Ishita sees Raman and he hides. He says sit in the car to himself and sits. He leaves. Ishita comes home and talks to Mihika. She says Shagun wasted her 6 years waiting to marry Ashok, you hope when Subbu broke the engagement, what did I went through, where will she go when Ashok leaves. Mihika says but she too…. Ishita says yes, Shagun left Raman and it was her big decision, when Raman was a good person. She says Raman was ready to do anything for her, he loved her a lot. Mihika smiles. Ishita says when Raman loved someone, he would have done a lot. Mihika says she is seeing that Ishita is thinking lots about Raman. Ishita says no, I call him 10 times and he does not take my call.

Mihika says anyway, you are right, no woman deserves a life partner like Ashok. Ishita says this matter is serious, I will talk to Raman, he knows Shagun better. She asks Mihika not to tell anything to Mihir. Raman comes home. Ishita saks you are not at home? He says he went to get icecream for Ruhi. She says where is the icecream. He says he had it. She says you had kid’s icecream. He says yes, for her sake, she has cold, so I ate it better than throwing it. He asks her to mind her work and leaves. Mihika laughs. Ishita says Raman does not have manners.

She comes to the room. She sees her and Ruhi’s pic on his phone SS and says what, my pic, Raman has put my pic as screensaver. She says what happened today. She smiles. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………….plays…………………She thinks of their cute moments shown in FB. Raman comes and she asks him about the pic. He says yes, she is the most imp person of my life, Ruhi. Its good idea to keep your pic, to keep off bad sight. He shows dinosaur’s pic saying its her and annoys her. He says why should I change for you, and shows just Ruhi’s pic and says unwanted people out, but could not remove your hand.

Its morning, Mihir comes to meet Mihika and family. They see the wedding hall pics. Appa asks them to call Raman as he will decide. Appa and Amma see Mihir and Mihika smiling. Amma says Soumya gave many sarees, help me in selecting. They leave. Mihir says he came to meet her and needs to talk. He says we always shared everything, now we are getting married, there is one more thing we should share, that’s financial responsibility, I took 15 lakhs loan. He says Shagun came and I want to do some functions too, as I m her brother. He asks why are you worried. She says actually our wedding arrangements are also going on and now Shagun. He says we will manage, don’t worry. She asks him to drop her to office. He says sure, happily. Mihika says she can’t tell Mihir and have to wait for Ishita, first she should talk to Raman.

Ishita thinks to tell Raman. She talks to Raman and he says its about party right. She says not joke always, its important. He says yes say. She says she saw Ashok in Mani’s house. He says what was Ashok doing there. She says maybe business associates, that’s not important, he was drunk. Raman says he is always drunk. She says he was saying he does not want to marry Shagun. Raman is shocked.

Abhimanyu says this is good, your husband is divorcee and you faced bad thing in love, you both got a second chance in love, if you don’t mind me asking, do you love him. She is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. arey yaar ishu y dont u concentrate on ur love story ka aap ka aur raman ka love story mai.y always u bring this shagun inbtw yaar.fedup with this ashok and shagun ko.waise bein mani guessed right accept it ur love with raman.waiting for that day when both raman and ishu confess their love to eachother.overall raman aur ishu u guys r superb.

  2. Wat????? Ashok to marry mihika!!! He was eyeing on her since long

  3. Omg this cant happen poor mihir n mihika. Ashok cheated her

  4. Wow so lots of twists r ahead. Tnq tanya

  5. i think after mihika-ashok marriage, mihir is going to be the upcoming negative character of yhm.. 🙁 :'(

  6. We don’t accept Mihika marriage with stupid Ashok. Love you Raman and Ishita. Love YHM☺

  7. Who is saying mihika is marrying to ashok..this is not true..who stupid has told u guys

  8. Ay guys lets have a bet…I promi ashok will not marry mihika..its just impossible

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