Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita recollects the past

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita showing the toys and pictures to Roshni. Roshni smiles. She says its so pretty, you have decorated it with much love. Ishita says I did this for you and Adi’s child, I really wish the baby to be aware of his family, who was his father…. They see Adi’s pic. Ishita says I want you and your baby to always stay baby, I have sent a soothing music link to you, you can listen to it when you go to sleep. Roshni says you have smile on your face but much pain in eyes. Ishita says I m thinking if I missed everything in this room. Roshni says you are disturbed by Raman’s behavior, right?

Ruhi says how can Shagun hate Pihu, I don’t believe it. Aaliya says Shagun hates Pihu, if she tells something that hurts Pihu, its better we don’t let them meet, I m going to meet Shagun every day so that she comes out of her depression. Ruhi says we can go to Ishita. Aaliya says no, she left everyone because of Roshni, we aren’t imp to her. Ruhi says you can’t be upset with her. Aaliya says I m angry on her, she killed Adi to save Roshni, I m angry with her for whatever she did after that, she left us and went to Roshni.

Ishita helps Roshni and says its eighth month, its crucial, be careful, have the soup, its Adi’s fav, the baby must be hungry. Roshni says you used to love Adi a lot. Ishita says he was my son. Aaliya says Ishita is with Roshni, who cheated me along with Adi, its Roshni’s mistake, she has encouraged Adi, both are equally responsible, where was I lacking in love that Adi loved Roshni. She cries. Ruhi says enough, whatever happened shouldn’t have happened, you know Ishita, she is there as Roshni is pregnant. Aaliya says yes, can you imagine how I feel thinking Roshni is pregnant, my dignity, my self respect, did Ishita think about me, she just cares for Roshni, not my feelings, I will never forgive Roshni.

Roshni asks how would I lived without you. Ishita says how would I live without you and Adi’s child. FB shows Ishita taking Adi to hospital. Shagun says you shot my son, just leave. Raman comes and asks where is Adi. Adi is in OT. Doctor asks Raman to come with him. Shagun and Raman go to see Adi. Raman asks Adi to get up, and come home. He apologizes. Shagun cries and shouts he is dead, your Ishita has killed my son, she shot him. Raman says my son is very young, does anyone die in this age. Doctor says Adi is no more, he was shot. Raman cries and asks Adi to get up. He goes to Ishita and asks did you shoot Adi, how dare you, I won’t leave you alive. Inspector arrests Ishita. Roshni says Ishita has shot Adi to save my life, he was throwing a chemical on me, Ishita didn’t do any crime. She asks Ishita to fight for Adi’s child, she can’t leave her alone. She says I need you, this child needs you, don’t go, please.

Ishita says I will come back for Adi’s child. She goes with the police. FB ends. Ishita says you gave me a reason to live, you are giving me happiness to raise Adi’s child. Roshni says Raman just wants to hurt you. Ishita says he has become like he was before, I know him, I want his pain to end soon. Raman comes to the pub. The lady says he didn’t come till now, how will I get money from him. Raman comes to her. He says I was with one I hate the most. She asks all good. He says yes. She takes a pic with him. He says send this to a number. She asks who do you want to make jealous. He says I have to ruin someone. She asks the number. Ishita gets the pic. She gets shocked. She says I will get water and goes.

Roshni sees the pic and says what happened to Raman, what is he doing. She goes to Ishita and says sorry, I checked your phone. Ishita says you should have not done this. Roshni says Raman should have not done this, why does he want to hurt you. Ishita says he thinks if he hurts me, his pain will get less, he is in lots of pain. Roshni says sorry, you and Raman are in pain, only because of me. Ishita says don’t blame yourself. Roshni says I should have not come from London, I didn’t know when I got close to Adi, till I realized it was too late, I didn’t wish to come between Adi and Aaliya, I don’t know how this happened, when I realized my mistake, I decided to marry Shantanu, I didn’t know Adi will get crazy and want to kill me, I wanted Adi and Aaliya to stay happy, I m responsible for his death. She cries.

Ishita consoles her and says it was not your mistake, my son was wrong, because he cheated on his wife, he was going to commit a heinous crime, I wanted to stop Adi, I didn’t wish to kill him, he didn’t stop at one shot, you are giving birth to Adi’s child, the baby will instil good values, he won’t do anything wrong, everyone’s heart will melt seeing this Adi, Raman will change seeing him. She wipes Roshni’s tears and hugs.

Ishita says I feel like something wrong is about to happen, I trust Raman, he won’t do anything wrong. The lady asks Raman shall we take a room in the hotel. Raman says I m not interested in you or anyone else, I m just trying to get rid of my pain, I just want to hurt the one who gave me much pain. He gets drunk.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How can she be sure that the child is gonna be boy even roshni is also equally at fault but she is behaving as though roshni is innocent

    1. Exactly…she is all like chota adi… Wtf… And how dare she say roshni ks not at fault… I m feeling bad for alia… One person in the entire show who is sane and relatable… Ishita dint even think for a min how wud alia feel seeinf this…

  2. I said it before and I will say I again. If the writers are going to let Raman stoop so low as to have a relation (sleep) with this girl (be it in a drunken/drugged state or not) then they would have reached the point of no return for IshRa. I have tolerated it all thus far but that would be the end of YHM for me. And yes I do know that this is not real life but . . . . . just saying.

    1. Then she will also get pregnant and start calling ishi ma

      1. Lol. I wanted yo add that but stopped myself. Yes to get pregnant in YHM world you must have a one night stand only. Being married for years will not get you pregnant.

  3. WOW!!!ROSHINI IS PREGNANT.Obiviously Alia has every right to be angry at Roshni and she is having an illegimate baby that will then be taunted.!!!

    1. that too after 2 years of adis death lol

      1. No. They had a 8 month leap.

  4. Roshni mean spoiled the story
    Ishita started to pretend much, taking stand for Roshni…
    People will stop watching this. Serial

  5. Hi
    Myself Miya a new comer and I will be posting here at possible times hope I can be a par of this also…

    1. Hi. Welcome. These days not a lot of good going on to commens about.

  6. Meinsalmankifanhu

    A total crappp….ishitha did right thing killing Adi…
    He cheated on his wife
    He got roshini pregnant
    He also turned into a psycho killer…wah!
    And these ppl are mourning for that Besharam!!! This is just pathetic and this serial is Uff….just stop it already

    1. But what about Roshini leading him on and saying she loves him too. She is also to blame

      1. Meinsalmankifanhu

        Yes very true….
        Roshini is also @ fault
        I really pity on alia…I feel so bad for her

  7. Really fed up with this value less serial. Everytime ishitha suffers even though she is right. And is Raman really a human? N y r divyanka n karan patel wasting their time with this useless serial. Why dont the cv’s stop this serial than showing the matter which may destroy the values of a human? Hlo everyone this is jahnavi.

  8. Oh really u ppl still supporting ishita nd saying raman s at fault
    So u agree dat as lyk ishita said its only adis fault nt roshnis
    Roshni also willingly slept with him nd dumb ishita still saying she s nt at fault wow jagatmata ko bhi hadd hoti hain
    Lyk really she killed her son fr dis disgusting roshni nd u ppl r supporting ishita nd calling raman rakshas
    Tl me one wl u ppl behave d same way if it happens to u lyk raman experienced
    U wont feel sad wen ur child s dead.
    U wont feel angry nd disgusted wen d killer will b ur hus/wife
    Nd she s supporting dat roshni instead of aliya who needed her d most
    Nd aliya she has evry rit to hate ishita nd roshni if roshni s a homebreaker ishita s helper hand
    Im so happy cz evn iyers hate ishita cz she deserves it cz she s blo*dy wrng
    Who gav her d rits to kill someone evn if it s her child
    If u want u could hav shot him n legs nd hands instead of chest nd stomach nd acting lyk mahanata dat i cant live nw widout adi den idiot who asked u to shoot him at d 1st place
    If she would hav shot him n d legs atlst he would hav been alive bt no jagatmata bani ki bohat shauk hai
    She deserves evryones anger nd pain hate dis tym
    Nd acting lyk i was living only fr adis child rubbish u should thought it b4 doing
    Bcz of her jagatmata nd hiding thinhs raman nd family evn her family suffered so much

    1. Excuse me pls. If ppl want to support Ishita. You may never know that Adi is still alive and is captive Raman’s enemy who want to revenge that is done other than Suraj. Suraj kiddnapped Adi to separate Ishra. Aylia is an idiot one who don’t understand anything like u. Roshini is alone and no one is there to look after her. Roshini need someone to take care of her and unborn child. If Roshini have her parent with her then she don’t need ishita. Raman and Aylia are brainless ppl as they listen to greedily woman Shagun. Shagun is the one who ruin Adi life not Ishita. Raman had told Ishita not to interfere in Adi as Ishita does that so Raman didn’t warn Shagun to leave Adi.

      1. Wah! Saari duniya ek taraf, ishita ko chahne wale ek taraf. Whatever happens, they will be loyal supporters of jagatmata ishita. And how is it shagun’s fault this time, becos she didn’t shoot adi in the chest /heart? WHY did ishita shoot adi fatally in the chest, do the hard-core fans of ishita have an answer to this simple question. She cud have shot his hand, who gave her the right to shoot adi (fake or real). She has to take spot decisions all the time right? And most of the time her decisions r wrong and thats why shes kicked out of her family. She proved that adi is not her son but ramans becos NO mother will ever kill her child.

      2. Wah! Saari duniya ek taraf, ishita ko chahne wale ek taraf. Whatever happens, they will be loyal supporters of jagatmata ishita.
        And how is it shagun’s fault this time, becos she didn’t shoot adi in the chest /heart? WHY did ishita shoot adi fatally in the chest, do the hard-core fans of ishita have an answer to this simple question. She cud have shot his hand, who gave her the right to shoot adi (fake or real). She has to take spot decisions all the time right? And most of the time her decisions r wrong and thats why shes kicked out of her family. She proved that adi is not her son but ramans becos NO mother will ever kill her child.

      3. u just shut up k.nd who r u to cl me an idiot if iam den ur no less dan a feminist who s supporting roshni nd ishita d jagatmata who killed her own son nd acting as if nothing happened nd roshni i dont want to use any bad wrds fr her cz dhe dont evn deserve dat.nd who gav ishita d rits to kill someone evn if he s real r imposter jagatmata would hav shot him n legs nd hands bt no she has to mahaan all d tym.
        Nd u ppl r blind supporters of jagatmata nd dat match stick makeupcake roshni

  9. Unfortunately ishita has no self respect or she would have moved on already. But sadly she hasn’t got any. But rather stays with a family that constantly disowns her. Raman is equally a horrible character that has no spine.

  10. I don’t think it adi baby n Raman is so stupid I also think the girl will trap him n ishitha will be the one to save his ass again

  11. What the hell, Ishita is defending Roshni as if she was innocent in the whole thing. The Bhalla’s should never accept Roshni nor her child, what about Aaliya. Ishita has become selfish. And Roshni is damn right, everything was her fault, she should stop playing the victim, she is responsible for Adi’s death and Aaliya’s misery and the Bhalla’s seperation. Ishita doesn’t deserve forgiveness, she should spend the rest of her life with that shameless roshni.

  12. Next episode me Raman or woh ladki ko bacha ho to tab jaganmata to to samaj me ayeega. Agar koyi uski pass byte to itna feel ho raha to aliya ko kaise feel hogs. Ishita puri tarah se selfish ho ho chuka hey. Bhalla house entry ke Liya who ADI’s baby ko use kar rahi hey

  13. I really even wonder if someone gives a damn to pihu and alia

  14. Adi was actually shagun son, so he got all the habits of shagun, just like shagun marry raman, but left raman and ruhi for ashok, adi did the same thing try to leave aaliya for roshni.

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