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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to the room, while Raman is working. She says she has come to know it. He asks what is she saying. She says which you have hidden from me, I have met him. He asks who. FB shows Ishita seeing Subramanyam, and says Raman told he went Hyd, how is he in Delhi. He says I will shift to Chennai, I did not get transfer. She asks you wanted the transfer. He says no, Raman transferred me to Chennai as I have my family there. I came to give this file, you give him now. Ishita asks Raman why did he transfer him. Raman says Subramanyam stays unwell and I thought he will feel better to stay with family. She says don’t hide, I have problem with your lies, you gave him transfer or did you make place for Appa, you knew Appa won’t tale help even if he needs money, I m feeling bad knowing this, as I did not understand this. He has sacrificed a lot, he wore old shirt in pongal.

Ishita says Appa would have told me, I did not see his pain being his daughter, why did you not tell me. Raman says Appa did not ask money from anyone in his life. She says I would have done something. He says Appa has self esteem. She says you did not tell me. He says he did not tell for his sake, and asks her not to tell anyone, else he will give home accounts to Appa and her Appa will see how much she spends. She says don’t give home accounts to him. She asks whats the problem. She says its awkward. He says tell me, don’t be shy.

She says I don’t think I should feel this, actually Ruhi went for shopping with Shagun and cancelled the practice, I m feeling insecure, don’t know. He saks why did she let her go. She says how can I, she wanted to go. He laughs and says Ruhi has gone on me, you don’t know Ruhi, she is my daughter, she went to teach lesson to Shagun, you are her Ishi Maa, don’t you know her. Ishita smiles. Shagun says so much shopping Ruhi and is tired. The man says I will get remaining things delivered, can’t keep more in the car. She says thanks and they leave. Raman says I love shopping. Shagun says you went on me in this thing. Ruhi thanks her and says Ishita will like it, what I bought for her.

Shagun says we will have Italian food. Ruhi says I like it made by Ishita, she makes it for me and Papa. She thinks I spent money on her shopping and she is talking about Jshita. Raman says we feel insecure for the people we worry, you love Ruhi a lot, its not a bad habit. He says sometimes I m jealous, I don’t know you care for Ruhi more or for me. She thanks him and smiles. He asks why. She says for helping Appa, and for making her realize that Ruhi is my world. She says thanks for being jealous, it means I m valuable. He says its fine, you taunt me that suits you, everything as some right place and time to be ssaid.
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He says don’t ask now, give me your hand. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays……………She holds his hand and they smile. He says you have come silently without any question, wherever I take you. Ruhi says stop, and shows the park. Shagun says I m really tired. Ruhi says we have to practice running. Shagun says sports day after 3 days. Ruhi says its for Adi, mine is tomorrow. Shagun says I have leg pain, is Ishi Maa was here, she would have made me practice. Shagun says I will complain Ishitam did she teach you this. Ruhi says no, fine, lets go home.

Romi talks to his friend and is upset getting his marriage invitation. His friend asks his planning about marriage, most of their friends are married and have children too. Romi says I don’t want to marry. His friend says life should have peace. Romi asks why can’t we get peace without children. His friend says there has to be some support for old age, and asks him to come for his marriage. His friend leaves. Romi says it will be trouble of everyone knows I can’t become father, everyone is calling me useless now, they will taunt me on this too, I m still young, Sarika is pregnant, I will ask her, where will she go with the baby, I will marry her, I will get a child and shut everyone’s mouth.

Raman brings Ishita to a coffee shop. She asks why is it so vacant, it used to be full and asks the manager is there any special occasion. He says its for you, we all are at your service. She is surprised and asks Raman did he book it entirely. He says stay happy sometimes. She says we met here thrice. He says you said yes for marriage here. She says just for Ruhi. They have a talk. She thinks its so romantic, does he want to say me what he did not say. He thinks he really want to say. He says I want to say something, actually I wanted to say since long. He gets a call and she says throw it. He talks to Mihir and says that meeting was cancelled, fine, I m coming.

She asks does he have to go. He says I have imp client, if he goes, it will be loss. She asks him to go, as she always waited for him. He says lets order hot choc. She says for Adi. He asks her to come. She says I will go by rickshaw. He leaves. She smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays………….

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Romi is shocked knowing that Sarika resigned. The doctor says she resigned yesterday saying some family problem. Romi asks how can you let her go and is angry. The doctor asks why is he worried. Romi says she was pregnant with my child, she was my ex GF and my last hope. Shagun asks Ruhi to come. Ruhi sits down and says her leg are paining, lift me. Shagun says get up. Ruhi says Ishi Maa would have never said no. Shagun asks did Ishi Maa teach this, even I m tired, don’t behave like this, get up, I have many things in my hand. The delivery boy asks her to take the items.

Shagun asks him to drop it at the flat. He asks for 1000rs delivery charges. She asks what nonsense, else I will return all the items She gives hher shopping bags and takes Ruhi. She lifts her and says you are heavy.

Shagun says she is tired and brings her home. Ruhi calls Ishi Maa. Shagun asks her to thank her. Ruhi asks her to freshen up as her face looks dirty. Shagun says you are making fun of me, did Ishita teach this. Ruhi says I learnt good things from Ishi Maa and bad things from you. She argues with Shagun. Shagun gets angry and says I have kept you in my womb for 9 months. Ruhi says then you left me for 6 years, and says Dadi says Yashoda Maa of Krishna is good than his real mum, and my Ishi maa is my Yashoda Maa.

Ruhi says no one can love me more than Ishita, you are with me for your selfish motive. Shagun says see how I kick her out. Ruhi says this is not your house, this is my Ishi maa’s house, I will see how you kick her out. Shagun says I can’t believe this and raises her hand to slap Ruhi. Ishita holds her hand and shows her angry face. She asks Ruhi to go inside. Ruhi leaves. Ishita says you were slapping my daughter….

Ishita says I know it very well you came to get Raman, this house and same place, my place, by using Adi, you want them to accept them, Raman can’t beat you, if they can bear you for my sake, they can throw you house on my one word. Shagun gets angry.

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