Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita asking was it Parmeet who has harassed you in Dubai. Sarika says yes, he has troubled me a lot in office. Ishita thinks about Parmeet’s lie. Ishita says he told a different story to me. Sarika says I know he took money from you but he did not give me much money, he threatened me, I supported him to get money as my mum is very ill. He gave me Rs 3 lakh. Ishita says we gave him Rs 15 lakhs. Ishita thinks about Raman giving money to Parmeet. She says unbelievable, such a big cheat, he cheated us from day one, he always lied to me, he harassed you first and now me, I can’t believe that the son in law of our family can do this, he is such a dangerous man, he won’t stop his act, he will do this agaun.

Parmeet packs his bag. Simmi asks where

are you going. Parmeet says Simmi we are going from here. Mrs. Bhalla talks to him and asks what happened. He says we will shift from here in a room. Mrs. Bhalla says will you live in chawl, our servants live there. Parmeet says we will adjust there. Simmi says tell me did anyone tell you anything. Mrs. Bhalla asks him not to worry about Ishita. Simmi says did I tell you anything, it ended. Parmeet says this house is Raman’s and his wife’s. Mrs. Bhalla says no, this house is of Mr. Bhalla’s. He says no, relations should not break. Mrs. Bhalla says I m like your mum, don’t leave. Simmi hugs her and says if you were not here, we would he homeless. Parmeet says fine, I will stay here. He says lets go for movie and dinner. Mrs. Bhalla is happy.

Parmeet smiles and thinks Ishita, everyone will go for movie and we will come closer. Ishita tells Sarika that she helped him, she did a mistake, what should I tell my husband now, I will show him his place, I will tell everyone about him. She says I will get him punished, but I need your help. Sarika says mine? Ishita asks will you help me. Sarika says yes, I will help you. Ishita says once his truth comes out, he won’t be able to harass anyone. Shagun argues with Adhok and says Adi is unwell, we tried to contact you, how can you be so irresponsible. He says I came here or business, my phone was on silent. Shagun says you were drunk, there are always ups and downs in business, it does not mean you become Devdas. We are going to Delhi, Adi is not fine. Ashok says no, let him rest here.

The doctor comes to see Adi and says Raman has sent me. Ashok looks on. Parmeet says come lets go. Everyone get ready. Parmeet asks Rinki where is Ishita. Rinki calls her and says her phone is off. She calls on the clinic and comes to know she left. Parmeet talks to the guard and comes to know Ishita left with Sarika. He gets tensed. Parmeet says did Sarika say anything to her, if they join hands, they will not leave me, I have to think of something. The doctor tells Shagun that Adi is fine now and needs light food. He says Raman told me he was with Adi all night. He leaves. Ashok looks at Shagun and says Raman was here all night. Shagun says so, Adi was unwell.

He gets angry and says he is making right on my everything, first my business and now my bedroom, I will see him. Shagun says you are overreacting. Mihir talks to Raman and says Ishita was fine, aunty said everything is fine. Raman says fine, I will come there till 11 pm. Ashok comes to meet Raman and asks what were you doing in my bedroom. Raman says cheap mind of cheap man, I was with my son. Ashok says you both spend time making the kid ill. Raman says stop this nonsense. Ashok says Shagun was your wife, you left you and came to me. Raman says I have to get ready now, leave from here, else I will take 40% back from you. Raman says I m happily married. Ashok taunts him. Raman says the marriage is a relation now. Raman scolds him and asks him to leave.

Raman calls Ishita and thinks why is her phone off, I hope she is ok. Ashok comes back to Shagun and says he will inform Ishita that Raman was with her all night. Shagun says my name will be ruined in this. Ashok says yours? who are you, you are not Mrs. Khanna and Mrs. Bhalla. Shagun says you know nothing happened between us. Ashok doubts on her saying when you was Raman’s wife, you were with me, and says you are an opportunist. Shagun says you are disgusting. He says get lost. He calls Ishita and can’t connect and says I know whom to call now. Ishita thinks about Vandu and Sarika’s words and says what should I do now, the family will be broken if I say, and it will be big problem if I don’t speak up.

She says Sarika, chee, Parmeet cheated us so much, its good nothing happened with me, I m saved. She says shall I give him one more chance as he has a wife and daughter. She says yes, I will talk to him, but not alone, infront of Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla. Parmeet asks Rinki to leave and he will come on bike later. Rinki leaves. Parmeet waits for Ishita at home. He drinks wine.

Ishita comes home and says Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla will not listen to me, but I have to try, everything will be fine. She rings the bell. She opens the door by the keys and sees no one at home. She calls our Rinki, Mrs. Bhalla. She closes the windows as wind blows. She says where did everyone go. She turns and sees Parmeet standing and staring at her. Parmeet says everyone went to watch movie, they tried calling you. He stops her. She says excuse me. He says excused. He says you did not ask me why I did not go. He says I stayed here for you. He says that day everyone were at home and you got worried, only you and me today, you wanted this right.

Ishita slaps Parmeet and scolds him asking him to stay away. He tries to molest her. Ishita cries.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. Poor ishita prameet is so disgusting he has child nd a wife how could he do this horrible man

  2. I feel sick of this guy already has his own little fanmily

  3. Raman please come and save ishita

  4. Raman must see this with his

  5. Own eyes, then Mrs Balla n Simmi will shut their mouth and see things from a Woman’s view. Silly uneducated women!!

  6. Even if Raman comes to kno it frm ishita,he will nt believe it initially as parmeet will again mend his own stories proving ishita wrong. So raman should see dis wit his eyes.

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