Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun asking Raman how can he take away her son. Raman says I want a good upbringing for him, which can’t be here, so Adi will come with me. Shagun cries and hugs Adi, saying he will stay with me. Adi says yes and asks Raman to just leave, as he always scares his mum. Raman says come with me, its good for you. Adi says no, I will stay with my mum. Mihika cries and comes to her room. She says she has brought shame for everyone, what will she tell her mum now. She hears the media from the window who are making news about her and Ashok’s relation. They see Mihika and asks her to give an answer. She hides from them and breaks down.

Shagun tells Raman to leave from her house as Adi just not want to go with him. Raman says he won’t. Ishita says Adi won’t

come with you, lets go, trust me. Raman says fine and asks Shagun not to let this affect Adi. Mihika thinks about Ashok’s big trap and cries. Mihika takes a blade in her hand and thinks about everyone’s words. She sees her wrist. Raman and Ishita sit in the car and talk about Adi. He says he is worried about Adi. She says Adi is attached with Shagun, don’t think much, just go with the flow. She says I think we should check on Mihika, she is in bad state. Ishita calls her, and Mihika’s blood falls near it. Amma comes to see Mihika and shouts Mihika seeing her.

Mihir brings Mihika to the hospital and asks doctor to treat her fast. Mihir cries and asks nurse to call doctor, she is her fiancée and nothing should happen. She asks him to calm down. The doctor says we will see her. Appa pacifies Mihir. Mrs. Bhalla is worried and asks Romi to be at home and keep kids busy by games. Raman and Ishita come to hospital after knowing about Mihika. Raman asks Appa and Mihir who this happened. Mihir tells about Amma shouting seeing Mihika in bad state after cutting her nerve. Raman and Ishita ask him not to worry.

Ashok tells Shagun that he can’t marry her. She says stop blaming yourself, it was not your mistake. She hugs him. He thinks I did so much to get rid of her and she is still after me. Suraj calls Ashok and says Mihika attempted suicide. Ashok says he will go to see her. Suraj says police will catch you to provoke her for suicide. Ashok says he has a solution, and tells Shagun he has to go. He leaves. She says what happened to him suddenly and worries. Romi keeps kids busy. Ruhi and Shravan talk about his marriage showing the dolls. Shravan says you said you won’t marry. Romi says I was just saying. He says don’t take my words seriously. Shravan says he won’t marry, and comments on Ruhi.

Ruhi says she will slap him. Ruhi says she will get a sister/brother when he gets married, and asks will he have babies and will they play with her. Romi says yes. Ruhi and Shravan fight. The inspector comes and questions Mihir. Raman says ask me, I will say. He says Ashok tortured Mihika and made her take this step, he is the one who provoked her. Ashok comes and shows concern for Mihika. Mihir gets angry. Ashok says take her to best hospital, don’t worry about bill, I will pay. The inspector asks Ashok about Mihika. Ashok denies. He asks what proof they have, did she write any letter that she did suicide because of me. Mihir scolds him. Ashok says Raman always has a game plan against him, let Mihika get conscious and then let her say who is responsible. Mihika scolds Ashok and Suraj and says they don’t know what is to love anyone. The doctor asks Mihika is conscious now. The inspector goes to talk. Suraj tells Ashok that they have to do something before Mihika puts all blame on him. Ashok says don’t worry and talks to him.

The inspector is stopped by doctor. The reporters ask Mihir why did Mihika attempt suicide and put some odd questions. Ashok looks on and smiles. They ask Ashok did he come to meet Mihika, whats her relation with Mihika that he broke his marriage with Shagun. Ashok says don’t make a joke of her as she is fighting with her life and death, this is not good. He says whatever happened was mutual, they were friends and he was nervous before marrying Shagun, we both were drunk and lost control. He asys he did a mistake and cheated Shagun, even she realized it, you made it a big scandal and she did the suicide. He says we both were in relations and she did this.

Mihir says he will kill Ashok. Raman asks him to stop. Ishita comes and Mihir shows her to see them. Raman goes to stop Mihir. Ashok says its not Shagun’s mistake, its my and Mihika’s mistake, I can’t marry Shagun as I don’t deserve her. They ask will he marry Mihika. Ashok says yes, I want to rectify my mistake. Suraj smiles. Ashok says who will marry Mihika, and gives wrong statement about her. He says he will marry her. Shagun comes and is shocked. Mihir beats Ashok and says you will marry Mihka, how dare you? Raman stops Mihir. Ashok asks the media to see Mihir. The inspector asks Mihir to calm down, else he will arrest him. Ashok leaves after igniting the fire.

Ashok tells Suraj that he told her its not tough. The press has defamed Mihika that Mihir has to leave her and I got rid of Shagun, Mihika has no option than coming to me. Shagun says Ashok did not do this, I have neglected his every mistake, and he cheated me, he will not let him insult her and Adi, wait and watch, I won’t leave you. Adi stops her and says don’t go there, lets go home. Shagun says no, I won’t let them take your right, Ashok has to marry me.

The doctor says Mihika was not forced, she did not sleep with anyone. Ishita thanks her. Ashok hears this and says Ishita knows I did not do anything with Mihika and she can spoil my game, I have to do something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Jald hi Ishita ki 2 sautane hone wali hai. 1) Shagun 2) Karishma.
    Pata nahi ye Karishma kaun hai?
    SBB me dikhaya ki yeh koi collage girl hai jise Raman se pyar ho jayega. Ye pehle Pavitra Rishta me kaam kar chuki hai.
    Yaar Raman ko jyada Heroines ki jarurat nahi hai wo apni Ishita & baby doll Ruhi ke saath khush hai. To is small family ko khush rehne do. Don’t spoile them life.

  3. Prayosha even i saw that!
    Why the hel r they bringing new twist in ramans life!

  4. thank god, ishita knew the truth.

  5. already we for fed up with that shagun now karisma.y all them r just troubling ishra ko.we want happy good family of raman ishu and ruhi.and today the epidose tho purka pura bakwas hai.and precap tho looking promising hai.we hope ishra say to everyone that mikha did not anything.aap raman protect ishu form that stupid ashok se.

  6. “”TRP RESULTS””–
    “”DIS WEEK””–
    (1) “” yeh hai mohabbatein””- “17.3”
    (2) “”kumkum bhagya””-15.2″
    (3) “”bigg boss 8″”-“15.0”
    (4) “”qubaal hai””-“11.8”
    (5) “”ek hasina thi””-“11.7”
    (6) “”meri aashiqui tum se hi””-“11.4”
    (7 “”beintehaan””-“8.1”
    (8) “”Diya aur baati hum””-“7.8”
    (9) “”is pyar ko kya naam doon2″”-“7.6
    (10) “”jamai raja””-“5.7
    ishra’s beautiful words -yhm….

  7. any1 tell me,shagun ko ashok k intentions ka pta lag gaya?

  8. Don’t take tension –
    upcoming episode in-
    never separate Raman Ishita in yeh hai mohabbatein serial….
    just confusion….coming episode will be interesting….full romance with Ishita and some others lady…

    1. Hum ne to pehle hi kaha tha ki bhut jald sab thik ho jayega par tum hi jyada HYPER ho rahe the.
      Par yeh Ishita & other lady se romance yeh tumhe kaise pata chala?
      Ishita ke saath to thik hai par yeh other lady ke saath romance jyada problems creat karega.

  9. Ashok you bastard. What the hell how can he tell to press as he is saving life of Mihika. Shagun atleast now open ur eyes. Don’t blame ishita and mihika

  10. i dont know why people r commanding lik tis…..story is going good….mihir really ur hyper yaar…..

  11. atleast some gud thng came out 2dy dat nothng has hpnd wid mihika..

  12. karishma track gona last for 2 months…huh..again stupid crap…

  13. ye serial ka end achha h coz I read book custody

  14. Jabardast drama to kal hoga jab Shagun Mahila Morcha lekar Bhalla House jayegi. Aur Toshi Aunty use apna asli Punjabi Sherniwala roop dikhayegi.
    Toshi Aunty to choori lekar sab ke piche pad jayegi kyonki wo sab Ishita ke naam par Hay Hay karegi.
    Maine ye sab SBS & SBB me dekha.

  15. Aaj ke ep. me yeh to achcha hua ki Shagun ko Ashok ke dhokhe ke bare me pata chala.

  16. I agree some masala is required to run the serial. But this is too much. Always bad intension should not win.

  17. Fed up this drama year really…….

  18. bt what use?shagun is’nt taking any action on ashok inspite she knwng dat he ditched her…when d hell that thng gona happen

  19. one more new character to enter and create tension in Ishra’s life. Everything is happening in this show except Ishra’s love and romance. they wil never confess and the makers will never show romance between them. Don know y we r watching this show. All crap.

  20. update is superb…………… well done ishu

  21. Upcoming episode in –
    shagun to insult raman and ishita bhalla in yeh hai mohabbatein…..
    yhm show complete 300 episode in high rating…..
    average rating-“”4.45″”
    ishra’s beautiful world -yhm
    yeh mohabbatein ka rating ka kabhi kam na hogi n hi kabhi mohabbatein kam hogi- raman ishita…..

  22. Yaar in coming track shagun will enter in bhalla house coz of ishita kind heart… wid this step adi will come close to ishita n their relation will improve n param now will try his dirty truck on shagun this tym like he did wd ishita bt ishita will save shagun

    Meanwhile ashok blackmailed mihika n force her to marry him bt to all surprise ashok will marry shagun by mistake n shagun will do this intentionally fr mihir n to thanks ishita fr saving her frm param

  23. Sbb n sbs kya h??

    1. Shilpa its saas bahu saazish and saas bahu betiyaa

  24. It means good twists are going to come.
    btw how do u come to knw abt it??

  25. Saas bahu saazish n saas bahu betiya

  26. Precap in its glory. Doctor says Mihika did not sleep with anyone, implying virgin? If so what can all might Ashok do to address this truth? He will have some explaining to do to everyone, on how he in his aware state that evening thinks they did the deed and why he lied.

  27. Jise bhi dout clear karna hai –
    YouTube se videos download Kr ke dekh sakta hai….
    tipping – Karan Patel and divyanka tripathi 300 episode complete….
    media wale ne puchha Jo fan’s liking or comments karte hai unhe kya kahna chahege- be passions sab hoga but slowly slowly…..raman ka kehna tha ek hi baar romance dekha Diya cheye to mazaa nahi aayega…….

  28. Who is this new character karishma??? What is ekta planning to do now?

  29. asusual some rift has to be der na btwn raman,ishita so dr come character karishma by ekta to make people vexed up…

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