Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita awaits Adi’s child

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone stopping Raman and scolding Ishita. Raman says her shadow shouldn’t fall on my children. Mr. Bhalla says just go home for my sake, I will get Pihu. Raman goes. They all leave. Ishita cries. Mihika asks Romi where was he, she is worried for Pihu, Parmeet would have broken the lock. She says we should also go, I m just afraid Raman can harm someone because of his anger. Romi says I don’t want to go, this isn’t a house, but an emergency room, something always happens, I m not going anywhere. She says this is our family. He asks what family, you also go to save them, I won’t go. Mr. Bhalla goes to get the car.

Pihu asks Ruhi to let her go, she has to hug Ishita. She runs to Ishita and says sorry, its my mistake. Ishita says its my mistake, Mrs. Bhalla said right, I m getting punished for my bad deeds, just go, if Raman knows you are here, he will be upset. Pihu says I forgot my bag. Ishita goes to get the bag. Pihu attends Roshni’s call and says I came here to meet Ishita, I miss her a lot, come here and take care of her. Roshni asks what happened to Ishita. She worries. Pihu says just come, Ishita is alone. Ishita asks Pihu to have food, listen to Ruhi and take her permission, take care. Pihu hugs her and goes.

Ishita asks Pihu to carefully go. Mr. Bhalla gets Pihu home. Raman asks her not to do this again. Mr. Bhalla asks him to stop it, calm down, lets go inside. Raman gets a call and says I m coming. The lady asks where are you, come here soon, if you are late, I will take revenge. Mr. Bhalla asks where do you have to go. Raman says I have a meeting, I will go by taxi, I will come soon. The lady says Raman is coming to meet me, I will charm him by my beauty. Ruhi asks Pihu how did she run away and reach Ishita’s house. Pihu says you broke the lock and gave me address. Ruhi denies. She checks the chit and says its Parmeet’s handwriting. She says stay alert, Parmeet isn’t good. He has written this chit to you. Aaliya comes home and talks to Mani over call. She says I m not tired, I have to meet Shagun every day, else Shagun won’t come out of depression.

She doesn’t ring the bell. She opens the lock and gets in. She finds Ruhi and Pihu awake and asks the reason. Ruhi says Pihu wasn’t getting sleep. Aaliya and Ruhi make Pihu sleep. Aaliya says its good to have you back. Pihu asks about Shagun, you had her perfume smell on you, where is Shagun, ask her to meet me. Aaliya recalls Shagun’s words. Pihu says I can meet Shagun, not Ishita, please tell me, when will you take me. Aaliya says she is going for NGO work, I got late while packing her stuff. Ruhi asks Pihu not to be stubborn and sleep. Aaliya goes out. Ruhi asks why did you lie to Pihu, we know Shagun doesn’t like to go anywhere, she quit her NGO work as well. Ruhi says Shagun can come out of depression if she meets Pihu. Aaliya says Shagun doesn’t want to meet Pihu, she hates Pihu, because Pihu is Ishita’s daughter, Shaun hates Ishita as she killed Adi.

Roshni comes home. Ishita asks how did you travel. Roshni asks who did this, you will have to do something. Ishita says its Raman’s anger, its justified, you shouldn’t travel now, we can’t take a chance with Adi’s baby I m alive just for this baby. Ihita recalls….. She tries to shoot herself and asks for whom shall I live now. Roshni says for the sake of Adi’s child, I m pregnant. Shagun, Ishita and Aaliya get shocked. Ishita hugs Roshni and says you have Adi’s last sign, I m alive to take care of him, else I gave up willingness to live life, its my promise to Adi, I won’t let anything bad happen to him, thanks. She hugs Roshni.

The lady at the pub clicks pics with Raman. Raman says send this to a number. Ishita gets shocked seeing Raman’s picture with the lady..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Raman is anyway an idiot….but now Ishita too…would’ve been better if she shot herself. She feels guilt for murdering Adi, but how can she accept Roshni after knowing about her affair with Adi? Disgusting Ishita – I can only describe this as selfishness and obsession with the heir of the family.

    1. Not ishita’s fault please stop ? stop ✋ leaving hateful comments to Ishita!!!!! You smart people know whose fault it is????! Do you????? Its is the YHM writers fault who write stupid storylines like this one. I have read every comment on every written update and yet every comment is hateful. NOT ONE COMMENT IS NICE!!!!! STOP Blaming the actors YOU TROLLS!!!!!

    2. kashish b shah

      Give me a break yaar. How many times Raman and Ishita will be separated and then again united. Not Again. Now again the director will show some years leap. Be little practical and real.The Directors and Producers show anything to keep going for years and years. But the actors should also have some sense to agree to all this bull shot. very disappointing

  2. Who on earth takes the extra marital affair of her son in such happy way. Shouldn’t she be angry on roshni to betray their trust.Looking after roshini coz she has her grand child is one thing but behaving like roshni did nothing wrong and being so accepting is a slap on aliya’s face. Aliya was married to adi for 3-4 years, she wanted to have kids but it is roshni who ended being pregnant after one attempt… is aliya the new ishita who had to be her husband second wife, bear his bad behaviour , see him having a child with his ex wife after one night stand and be miserable for the rest of her life while Roshni is the new shagun goddess of fertility with steel womb getting pregnant anywhere anytime. Shocked that being a women ekta allowed her creative team to degrade women like that.

  3. why does ishita want that child? just because it is Adi’s? did she once think what will happen to that child once he comes to this world? his fathe is dead. his mother was not even married to his father. he has his grandmother but the rest of his father’s family hates his mother and grandmother. he will always be called as an illegitimate child…. how the hell can anyone be happy about the fact that Roshni is carrying Adi’s child. and what about Roshni? she was marrying another man knowing she was pregnant? (i havent watch the episode but from the description it seems the same scene where ishita has just shot Adi and only shagun, Aliya and Roshni are there) had she told the man that she was pregnant? ugh…. aaliya has every right to be angry at Ishita. this is such a disgusting storyline. and since ishita is always shown to be ultimately correct within the show, i am sure this will be justified in the end too. how can they show anything in such a popular show

  4. What happend to blackmailer? where did mani go? Anyways, I have a survey for u guys which was best serial if u had to choose 1? ill give u choices.
    a. Saath Nibhana Saathiya
    b.Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    c.Kumkuum bhagya
    d. Dil Se Dill Tak
    e. Yrkkh
    f. woh apna sa

    1. None of the above

    2. Is this sarcasm or troll

    3. I would say Saathiya but then it kinda got stupid with the Gopi’s son track and they should just end YRRKH because it is very boring and repeitive with the same story lines

  5. As a Woman. I hate you to the core Ishita.
    Its good the show ends soon
    Supporting the woman that got pregnant for the girl you considered your daughter husband’s.
    Too Emotional for me , though it’s Fictional.

  6. Psycho show..

  7. If if a child is born with two persons will…..It is their own child….. Not by their affair.. .. That child is bhallas heir and adishni heir……Don’t make a child nameless

  8. Oh jagatmata ishita whats wrong with u ? Waiting fr illegitimate child..shehh, shame on u to support roshni second woman who broke aaliyas shadi..good everyone has thrown u out of house..u deserve it..go n baby sit a souten n child of wedlock..serial is becoming worst..pls END it ASAP..

  9. One man is shot, lying in pool of blood. Instead giving paramedic, call ambulance. Talking him to hospital, 4 crazy ladies busy with own drAma. Deal Will the unborn later people. Should have taken adi to hospital asap. Thought isitha was a doctor,

  10. Ishita s shocked after seeing Raman’s pic wth another woman bt happily accepts her son’s illegitimate baby n it’s mother. Aaliya hs every right to b angry on Jagat mata.
    Being a Doc Ishita doesn’t blve in ghosts or supernatural things bt believes in a male heir(keeps telling Meta Adi ayega, mete Adi k liye zonda hoon. Wht if its a girl).
    Everybody s cursing Ishita from the core of their heart since he killed Adi(who hd actually become a maniac) bt wants Simmi to forgive Pihu who lost her 11 yr old daughter.. ??

  11. Stupid yhm haters.Even if u don’t like this STOP WATCHING IT.EVEN EKTA SAID THAT SO SHUT UP

  12. Rather than changing the time for the show, its high time u guys should stop this show. Its super irritating now. Has Raman ever been in his right senses. And Ishita being too good to believe. Start some new better show rather.

  13. Lost all respect for Ishita. I don’t understand how she can support the woman who not only ruined her “daughter’s” life (she considered Aaliya her daughter, clearly she doesn’t anymore) but also had a hand in destroying the Bhalla family. Roshni is a despicable character, she lead Adi on, had an affair even though she knew he was married only to reject him for another man later…disgusting!! Then she claimed to not want to be with Adi because she didn’t want to ruin his marriage and Aaliya’s life… hadn’t she thought about Aaliya when she slept with her husband…shameless!! Roshni is partially to blame for Adi’s death as is Ishita. And Ishita, I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for her anymore. She deserves every bit of hatred that’s coming her way… for turning her back on her son and supporting the woman that ruined her family. Truly disappointing, I don’t know how Ishita’s character is ever going to redeem herself. i hope Roshni is pregnant with fake Adi’s child and the real Adi reunites with his true love – Aaliya and the Bhalla’s kick Roshni out of their lives for good.

  14. Only the sensible people are ruhi pihu who are supporting ishita.

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