Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parmeet talking to Shagun. She says stop the drama, the thing is Raman always insulted me, and Adi is the shield of my family which I will use at right time. He says Ashok would have not sold the car. She says yes right, that time my mind was not working. FB scene shows Shagun telling Ashok and Parmeet that she did accident by Adi’s car. Ashok says nothing can happen till I m with you. Parmeet says I gave the car at Gaffur garage, but he gave my number to Ishita, Simmi gave me that number,, then she called and Tandon took my number, thank God he did not take it. Shagun says yes, then I called Gaffur and scolded him for giving my number.

Parmeet says then I broke that sim card. She says Ashok parked the car here and Raman came here seeing it, then everything happens for the best, Raman will hide this now, Shagun will win, and Ishita will see how Raman ignores her for Adi. Ruhi talks to Shravan and praises Ishita. She sees Ek Villain song on tv and ends the call. She likes Siddharth Malhotra and Ishita sees it. She says come with me. Ruhi says don’t disturb me I m seeing Sid, you don’t know. Ishita says sit here, I will show you something. She asks do you like Sid. Ruhi says yes, he is cute and have a lovely smile.

Ishita says I met him. Ruhi says but why, is he your friend. Ishita says no, my patient. I will show you his pics. Ruhi sees the pic and says its Adi’s car. Raman comes and shouts Ruhi. He scolds her and throws the remote in anger. Ishita asks why are you shouting. He says you stay away from this. Ruhi leaves. Ishita says I know something is troubling you but she is small. Raman says she is spoiling. Ishita says you don’t have any right to behave like this, this is not done. She goes to Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened, why is he angry, is he tensed. Raman says is it necessary to tell everything. She says it looks like something happened in office, Romi will know.

Romi’s friend Rohit calls him for lunch as he has come from New York. Romi says my brother is hitler, he is making me work hard. Romi says I will come and bring A Class air hostess. He ends the call and thinks he has to do something. Adi cries. Shagun says don’t worry, Raman will manage, he will do anything for you, he has a problem with me, but he loves you. Adi says he won’t fulfill his promise. She says I promise I will make everything fine, but you promise me that you won’t this to your friends and Bala.

Ruhi asks is Papa annoyed with me. Ishita talks to Ruhi and says Papa loves Ruhi a lot, sleep now. Ruhi says I want to sleep with my parents’ She hugs Ishita . Ishita says he is working so he is out. I will tell you a story of frog and a princess. Pathak calls Raman while he is working. He sees Ishita and says I will call you later. She takes water and looks at him. She turns when he looks at her. Ruhi comes out and Ishita signs her to go to Raman and hug him. Ruhi hugs him and says I m sorry Papa. She holds her ears. He asks why.

She says I did not know why you scolded, but Ishita explained me that you are tensed about the accident case, I promise I will not watch tv, and won’t talk like grandma, I will do my homework and become responsible like you. Raman hugs her and cries. He says I can’t never be annoyed with you, as Papa loves you. Ishita smiles and holds her ears too. Raman says fine, you go inside, I have work. Ishita says do in morning. Ruhi says we are not getting sleep without you. Ishita says she means she is not getting sleep. Ruhi says no, Ishita too. Raman says I will take a file from car and come. He comes out and cries thinking how he is hiding the truth to Ishita.

He comes back home wiping his tears and sees they are gone inside. He says I can’t do this anymore, till when will I lie, but Adi…… Raman calls Shagun. He asks how is Adi. She says fine. He says I know he is sensitive, this might have affected him, take care of him. She thanks him. He says nothing will happen. Adi is my son and I can do anything for his happiness. She says he was crying a lot, I was lying to him. He says no, tell him I can die for him, be with Adi and take care, everything will be fine. He says I can’t hide this from Ishita, I think we should tell her. She says she will take her mum’s side. He says you don’t know her, she is very mature, she will understand.

She says think about Adi, don’t forget he can’t be without me. Raman says she is my wife, I know her. She says she is not Adi’s mum, think before you tell anyone. He says you are threatening me. She says no, I m reminding you. He says I understand. Ishita brings blanket for him. He sees Ishita and ends the call. Raman lies to her that ut was Subbu’s call. He goes to drink water. She sees Raman’s phone ringing and reads Shagun’s message that Raman is supporting her, and thanks for calling, good to talk to you now.

Ishita looks at Raman. He says go and rest. She thinks why did Shagun messaged Raman, what support. She comes to her room and cries saying why did Raman lie to me, I did not stop him from talking to her, I asked him to talk to her politely because of Adi. Why did he hide. Ishita says maybe I m overreacting, he might have forgot, its alright, maybe Raman is tensed because of Shagun, she is the one who always gives tension to him. But why did he hide this, why did he lie to me, not done.Raman rests on the sofa. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………..Ishita and Raman are restless.

Ishita sees Raman with Shagun. She calls him and he lies to her that he came to drop Ruhi to school, and says I m busy, I can’t talk now. Ishita looks on.

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