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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita trying to meet Ruhi. The remand home lady says Ruhi does not want to meet you, she said you had to face shame because of her, she does not want to hurt you. Raman says Suhail would have told this to her. Ishita says she is young, let us meet her once. The lady says I can’t force her to meet you, sorry, you can go. Pihu asks her friend Kiara to come to her room. Mihika says its good you got the girl home. Ishita and Raman come home and talk to the Kiara’s mum. The lady says I got Kiara here to play with Pihu. Ishita says you did good. Raman gets a call and goes to room. Ishita says sorry, Pihu and Kiara stay happy together. The lady says we have seen you gave good values to children, I m sure Ruhi is innocent, I felt bad that victim got punished and MMS maker got free, I knew Pihu will be disturbed, so I got Kiara here. Ishita says you did good, it really means a lot, thanks.

Ishita goes to see Pihu. Pihu and her friend praise their fathers’ culinary skills. Pihu says my Papa knows almost everything, he cooks south indian food. Her friend says liar, you are punjabi, how can he cook south indian. Pihu says my dad is punjabi, but my mum is south indian, Papa makes round round wadas. Ishita smiles hearing this and says round and round are just lies. Her friend asks her to tell Raman to make wadas. Pihu worries and says I will tell him. Pihu asks Ishita to convince Raman to cook south indian food. Ishita says you said big things. Pihu says tell him to make it if he loves me. Ishita says fine. Pihu gets glad. Ishita says liar, she trapped Raman.

Raman is on call and asks Mani to talk to minister, its crucial time. Ishita comes there and says don’t fight with me, its about Pihu, Pihu had a bet with her friend that her Papa can make best south indian food, its about her respect come. He asks is this time to cook. She says please come. She tells him to prepare the food for Pihu’s sake. Pihu and her friend look on. Raman sees them and says its not a big thing, I make south indian food every day. Ishita signs what. He signs her to see kids. Ishita also praises his cooking skills. She asks him to start cooking, she will get spices from Amma. Pihu asks her friend to see her Papa cooking. Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks Raman why is he crying. Raman says see what I m doing. He cuts onions. She asks why are you cooking, where did Neela go. He says I have sent Neelu, I m cooking for Pihu. She asks did you drink in day. He asks her to see Pihu and her friend, I m doing this for her. She says fine, tell me when food is ready. She goes.

Ishita comes. Raman cuts his finger. She worries and applies haldi. She asks him to go, I will cook. He says no, I make better. She says I know you cook best, I will help you please, you also help me right. Pihu’s friend says Pihu my dad never helps my mum, you are lucky your parents love each other a lot. Pihu smiles. Raman and Ishita cook together. Ishita praises the food and asks Pihu’s friend to come every day. Pihu’s friend takes selfie with them. Ishita gets hurt in kitchen. Raman worries for her. He takes her to room. Pihu says my Papa gets worried when anything happens to Ishi Maa.

Raman gets haldi milk for Ishita. Ishita thanks him and says you worried for me, I got much hurt. He says romance drama is over, drink the milk. She says Raman, you can lie to me, but you get hurt when I get hurt, when there is much love between us, why are we away, we have one goal, to free Ruhi, why are our ways different. He asks who is responsible for this, Ruhi is in remand home because of your mistake, I could not meet her, I will do anything to free her, our ways will always be different. He goes. She says I will do anything for Ruhi, she is my daughter, no one can stop me. She cries.

Ishita, Romi and Raman come to meet minister. They get shocked seeing Parmeet. Parmeet says I m minister’s PA, I know you got shocked, Mani called minister, I know its about Ruhi, I can help. Romi asks why are you helping. Parmeet says I did sins and this is chance to repent, I m doing for house peace, come minister is waiting.

They meet minister. Minister says its lost case, Ruhi accepted the blame, you can take her case to supreme case when she is moved to central jail, her chances to get saved are less till she is proved innocent, I m sorry.

Raman, Ishita and Romi come out and talk. Ishita says there will be some legal way, shall we talk to lawyer. Raman says I will get Ruhi out anyway. Ishita goes. Romi says we can’t wait for many years to get Ruhi out legal way. Parmeet comes and says you forgot the file inside, its tough legally, Suhail and Niddhi are clever, I can help you, I have a way. Raman says its about Ruhi’s life, I don’t want your help. Parmeet says I know its tough for you to trust me, give me chance and see, I did much wrong, I know you all gave love and respect to my daughter, I m not a good husband and good person, but I m a good father, I can understand what you are going through, give me one chance, trust me. Raman says fine, what to do, tell me.

Raman asks are you mad, you want us to make Ruhi run away. Parmeet says yes. Raman says its not practical. Romi says I think Parmeet is right, it will take many years to prove her innocent, we can’t keep her in remand home, she can’t stay there, we have to get her, we should take Parmeet’s help. Parmeet says its 26th january tomorrow, there will be blankets distribution, minister is going there, you can go there and meet Ruhi, the man is professional and will help you, this is his number, call him, he will tell you the plan, I will talk to minister and get entry letter arranged. Romi says fine, we will stay in touch, we have less time, we have to plan, thanks Parmeet. Raman and Romi leave.

Shagun asks what are you saying, did she read that paper. Ishita says Ruhi is mad in Suhail’s love, minister could not help, how to get Ruhi out, can we get help from NGO, your head has contacts with minister, if she talks to minister, will he not agree. Shagun says right, I m sure he will not refuse her, we will go NGO now. Raman and Romi are on the way. Raman says I don’t find this way right. Romi says I agreed and you also agree. Legal way is long, I will call that man. Raman stops the car and says no, he is Parmeet’s man, he did bad with Simmi and Ishita, how did he change now.

Romi says he has no support, Mihika told me that he wants to accept Simmi for Ananya, like you can do anything for Ruhi, he can do anything for Ananya, he is doing this so that we can help him.

Ishita says Shagun and I went to meet NGO head, to tell her to talk to minister. Raman says will she get Ruhi out. She says she said she will try. He says it means she did not give guarantee.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Todays episode was nice with pihu and her parents bond. The way they portray their roles…. But way too dragging.. i didnt believe that param could help ishra to save ruhi, he has become good for ananya atleast. Gaurav is getting much more possessive about simmi and that is why he says that param is characterless….dont know what is true…
    How long will this jail drama last? Cvs could get into a way that ruhi tells ishima what happened before she gave the wrong statement. Instead of that why so much melodrama?? Cvs are upto no good. Ruining each and every character and the whole story…how it used to be….. when the surrogacy track came, it has become boring and unwatchable.

  2. i just want raman and ishita can solve this problem together. for ekta maam, i think.u can make raman’s character wiser than 8 years agoo, but see them now,, too much hurt for ishita.. raman always blame ishita for everything. i just want , something bad will happen to ishita while saving ruhi to make Raman really realize how important she is for him. and make him really reallt stop blaming ishita for everything. they have to stay strooong….

  3. Khushiarvind

    Hi dear rithu, vp, shivani, sindhu, bhagya, mino, monique, riya, kaira, shreya, sharmila,sonya,summi,manju,parichari,reshmi, raghu,susan, madhu nd all my yhm frnds…
    Todays episode was a positive one…
    Now they are planning to kidnap ruhi from remand room gr8 … Its going to fail nd they will be kidnapping nidhi instead.. Whats going on? Law nd order is thay lame that innocent girl is suffering in prison parents are nt allowed to meet her. Anybody can enter jail nd bribe to meet prisoner nd to the extend evn kidnap prisoner.. This will happen daily soaps only…
    Thanks to raman nd ishithas plan nidhi will be out of jail nd once again raman is going to blame ishitha nd make her life hell

  4. I am sorry to say but kya ishita ka dimaag kharab hai us ko pihu ek 8 yrs ki bachi ki izzat ruhi ki life say zyada important lagtiiii hai now a days it seems as if ishita love for ruhi is fake his ma ki beti jail me ho WO kya asay behave krtiii hai so stupid she is to act like this aur kn say sanskar apni betii Kay jhoth ko support kroo after leap ishru is majorly missing there is no proper ishru scene hota bhi hai to kisi aur topic prr bat ho rii hoti hai I am sorry but ishita is totally wrong I m with Raman

    1. Aisha its true Ishithas brak down on Ruhis is not shown too emotionally …but she has become stronger staying with Raman Bhalla and his problems have made her stronger . As it is Raman is crying all the time .. If Ishitha too cried .. who will take care of the situations . Pihus case today .. she saw a killer and under pshycho counselling … she too needs to be attended . Cvs should have made Ishithas emotion break down atleast for sometimes . I too felt it …

    2. Shreya shetty

      listen dear Aisha,if u r calling ishita stupid then please I beg pardon just keep those negative and bure waala opinions to urself because right now all of us viewers are only eager to know what s going to happen next in order to free the sweet innocent ruhi from remand home
      if u r with raman,who cares??because we fans are all with ishita only,since she s the main lead of the show and we cant blame the actors for their plays instructed by the dumb directors
      this is what really infuriates me the most,just and just negativivty in commentary as well here
      if u call ishits stupid again,i suggest u would leave from this site and please don’t anger all of us out here I don’t think anyone would agree with u r idea
      and do remember one thing ishita s love for her children adi,ruhi and pihu is not fake but truly considered as a mothers love which is so unconditional and I am sure that our ishu wont give up at all she ll do something to make both ends meet in all her ways.stop finding fault with the actors in the serial Aisha and please don’t get submerged to it,did u get me??
      its just a piece of advice to u and not judgement,hope u didn’t mistake me

    3. Who are u shreya to tell me to leave this site is this your Pappas site I have seen u quarrelling with many ppl here pllzz don’t try this with me its my opinion I can write whatever I want u r no one to tell me what I should write n do I ask you to care about my opinion mind your business n for your information I always supported ishita n for your kind info I am die heart fan of divyanka tripathi dahiya

    4. Shreya shetty

      Aisha please,dont talk to me so badly like that.i once again apologise for my misbehavior towards u.please just forgive me for my slight temper over such a small issue.
      how can u ever talk to my dad like that???do u know how I feel when somebody insults my dad that too so cruelly,i can t tolerate as a young daughter have too emotions with a daddy especially,and u r making fun of it!!!
      guys please don’t make me break my tears,because right now our family and my daddy are suffering a lot due to some problems and Aisha,before speaking a offensive manner,let me say u something
      I never had any intention to make u go from here,but in anger I said.please just accept my apology for my little mistake and try to control u r words next time before u hurt my feelings

    5. Sorry shreya if my words hurt you I am sorry for talking about your dad I am also a short temper person so let’s forget it ??????????

    6. Shreya shetty

      That’s okay my friend Aisha,i hope u understood my condition now.anyways,its all my fault I once again fought with another friend for a opinion.i should ve learned to control my emotions well.i always forgive people for their mistakes and people also too forgive me for my mistakes as well.yeah of course,after all even I too am short tempered,my frnd,lets just end this small fight and shall we become friends once again??

    7. Ya sure shreya friends ????

  5. hi magic , riya, rithu, shreya, bhagya, vp, reshmi, mino, saba, tvfan1, and all yhm fans.. How are you all?? sorry if i haven’t mentioned your name . i can’t remember that much as I am not watchin yhm nowadays..

    Episode is same as yesterday. When will ruhi get out? When will these problems end? Anyone has an answer? Please tell me.

    Hi riya . hope you are doing fine.

    hi magic… how are you ? I am also busy as you these days.

    1. Haha priya no i think no one have the answer when will this melodrama end even i think cvs also dont have hahaha and yeah am fine

      hello vp shivani rithu sindhu khushi mino bhagya riya shreya parichary susan raghu and all the fans of yhm

    2. Yes Priyaa .. as Magic said cvs also wont be knowing when this melodrama will end . Good question Priyaa … Me too want an answer for the same .

  6. Dt was looking so beautiful and her expressions was mind blowing … Both KP and Dt did fabulous acting as usual . Romi is really very matured now . I laughed when I saw Param as PA for the minister … no background study to get this job in India ? Param is tolerable but seeing Shaghun today … her own daughter in Remand home and no emotions . Shaghun too with her evil actions working for NGO .. cant believe ..Ishitha should be able to exit Ruhi and she should leave Raman for ever … he will regret .

    1. But i laughed when i saw Raman worrying for ishita…
      pihu thinks her papa worries when ishima gets hurts….but pihu doesn’t know that her papa is the one who hurts ishima at the most…
      I know ishita did mistake by taking ruhi to jail to meet suhail….she should have informed Raman…but Raman too should think about what made her to take such a drastic step…i dont like his this behavior of blaming and shouting at ishita ,that too infront of everyone…

  7. Shreya shetty

    Hi everyone,once again I am back!!!guys please don’t worry,i am damn sure and confident that ishita and raman will get their ruhi back anyhow.its kind of difficult to trust param for all what he has done earlier to the bhalla family and especially on simmi for such a long time,but now since hes repenting for his mistakes I guess he should be given a chance by raman and romi,because to gain back his ananya param can do anything to be reunited with them again
    I wish if that kamine wala sohail gets caught for his evil actions poor ruhi why did she have to take such a long risk for her own life just to save ishimaa and raman.
    these writers only have gone nuts and don’t have a perfect plan for story lines at all just all about revenge,prison life and hatred
    some of u have mentioned earlier about that this show should be named as yeh hai nafratein,I totally agree with it because it lacks good moments and only just baddies and evil victories are being shown here
    and seriously I suppose our ekta Kapoor madam has once again got her brains fixed on turning shaggy doo aka shagun positive again just to save her daughter ruhi by joining hands with ishu.come on u uptwisted directors,cant u proceed this nonsense jail drama to the ending just like how it was done before to ishita when she was proved innocent and escape from prison.this is just too much,simply boring and time killing sake we ve been watching this ruined repeated crap all over again

  8. I agree with Aiaha this time Ishita had done great mistake allowing Ruhi to meet Suhail but Raman is too chidish he is crying just like women. Ruhi is idiotic who believes Suhail more than her parents n hide important matters with them n she is so mad still listens Suhail after knowing his true face. It’s a bitter truth that children who don’t listen to their parents have to suffer in their life. Shreya you cant be so rude to Aisha as you are Ishita’s fan she is Raman’s fan what’s wrong with it.

    1. Shreya shetty

      Summi,I am not behaving rudely with Aisha,but why does she have to use that bad word stupid to ishita.ok fine I agreed that ishu made a big mistake of taking her ruhi there to meet sohail,but why does Aisha think that ishita shows fake love towards her children.on hearing that which makes us feel disgusted.
      theres nothing wrong about it at all,but raman is behaving like a crybaby who needs some milk feeding from the family.i don’t get it how selfless and meanie could he ever be to ishita in this situation.always blames everything over her only
      ishita cant keep losing hopes and self respect like this,but she must move out of the bhallas as soon as her ruhi is safely back home and must continue her beginning in a fresh manner
      just thought so according to me,on seeing shaggys support with ishita in getting ruhi back I am quite surprised with her quick sudden behavior change from negative to positive

    2. Thanks summi for agreeing with me I always supported ishita but I wrote what I felt now a days ishru is majorly missing

  9. Hi guys I’ve been a silent reader but today’s episode really made me annoyed. Why are they dragging this suhail drama on? Before the leap the most important thing to Ruhi was her ishimaa she would do anything for her. But now the CVS destroyed her character completely! She cares about Suhail more than her Ishimaa. I’m Tamil and I loved the Tamil remake of this show. But then the Ishita of that serial quit, and the chemistry and everything was gone, and now the show has ended. I came here to continue watching the amazing story and to see the chemistry between Ishita-Raman, Ishita-Ruhi, and Ishita-Pihu, which was there post-leap but now there’s nothing… I mean today there was some Ishi-Pihu love but still…

  10. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Nidhi’s (Pavitra Punia) escape from lockup helps Abhishek, Ishita, Shagun against Sohail (Gaurav Wadhwa)

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus most popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will showcase major drama amid Raman (Karan Patel) and Abhishek (Vivek Dahiya).

    Raman is ready to cross all limits to save his daughter Ruhi from lockup and for this he plans es some mission for Ruhi.

    Ishita, Shagun are also working in this favor to get Ruhi escape from lockup but Raman and Ishita are working separately.

    Nidhi flees from jail instead of Ruhi, Raman is unaware of this truth Abhishek comes to stop Raman but Raman gets furious points gun at him.

    Abhishek helps Ishita for Ruhi

    Abhishek, Ishita finds Nidhi in the escape box instead of Ruhi, Ishita thus strikes another idea to make Sohail confess his crime.

    Abhishek helps Ishita and Shagun, kidnaps Nidhi to blackmail Sohail and to make him confess his crime saving Ruhi.

    1. Billiant plan of Shagun, Ishita and Abhishek to captive Nidhi to blackmailed Sohail.
      I like this plan. Raman will realised of what is going on and will apologised to Ishita but Ishita will be staying in her parent house which will leave Raman heartbroken. Raman will beg Ishita to come back home but knowing that Toshi will not allow Ishita back home. Raman need to go for Anger Control Counsellor to restrain his temper.

  11. Very disheartened to see last few episodes, in our country the juvenile in the Nirbhaya case is released after he turned 18, as per our system,,,,here Ruhi was blackmailed and did in self defence but she is prisoned 1pls 10 after she turns 18. Ekta please do study about our judicial system,don’t do mockery of our law.

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