Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to Shagun and starting verbal firing. She confronts Shagun for leaking such info. Shagun says she did not use it, she just shared this with him, I m going to get married to him, I did not know he will use it. Ishita says enough, you are a sadist, you always hurt Raman, he signed on that paper to save your life, think about Raman, how will she face colony and school kids, what type of mum are you. Shagun says Raman signed the papers and he chose me, this is your problem, right.

Ishita says he did what a decent man would do. Shagun says he is fooling you. They have an argument. Shagun says stop this nonsense. Ishita says Raman always saves you, he should have chosen Ruhi, not you, as you don’t deserve this. Shagun says stop this lecture. Raman comes and says Shagun is saying right. He says Ishita don’t waste time, such women does not change, I m happy that our daughter’s upbringing is done by you, make sure my Ruhi does not go on her. He holds Ishita’s hand and leaves.

Mr. Bhalla brings Ruhi home and asks her not to cry. Mrs. Bhalla asks why is she crying. Ruhi goes to her room. Mrs. Bhalla comes after her and asks what happened. Ruhi says Papa does not love me, he did not wanted me, he did not wish to bring me from hospital, as I m girl. She says no, he loves you. Ruhi says no, you are lying, Its written in paper. She says no, its all false in paper. Shravan comes and says she is crying till now, girls are stupid, who always cry, come, lets go and make project together. Ruhi says she won’t come. Shravan says he will not tease her and will make her smile. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go. Ruhi goes with him. Mrs. Bhalla is sad that Ruhi got hurt. She says if Ruhi asks this question to Raman, he will break down.

Raman and Ishita come home. He thanks her. She says thanks for thanks. She says don’t get affected by this nonsense, I know its personal issue and it does hurt, but still…. I saw your old pics, Ruhi’s childhood pics, you looked very happy, I realized that you got that happiness from Shagun, that memories no one can take it from you. He says we will get new memories of you and me, of us. She says ours? He says it will be different, like your pasta. They smile and have a talk. He says the day I say about your lectures, you will feel bad. She says you already say a lot. He says whats bad if I say a line after your half page lecture, I felt glad as today I heard your lecture for someone else. They taunt each other with sweet names, like Teekha Mirch (angry Raman)and Haldi ka Dabba, as she wears yellow saree. She smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………… Raman leaves.

Parmeet talks to Ashok and says congrats Raman is getting insulted, you will get the contract. Ishita hears this. He sees her and welcomes her. She says you are celebrating before winning, our move is still there. He says this time your magic won’t work, its big news, no one can save Raman this time. She says you and Ashok always played such games and always lost, you don’t use mind, don’t work hard as no one will fail us till Raman and I are together. She taunts him. He laughs. Ishita comes home and sees Ruhi leaving. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Ruhi came to know about paper matter.

Mr. Bhalla says some kid might have told her in school. Mrs. Bhalla says she cried a lot, she feels Raman wanted to not bring her home, she did not have food, Shravan took her, I can’t see her crying, what should I tell her that her mum is lying and taking revenge to hurt her dad. She says I don’t have any answer for her innocent questions, till when will we hide and lie, what will we do if it comes on tv tomorrow, how will we save her heart from broken. Ishita consoles her. Mr. Bhalla says Ruhi was not even able to say this. Ishita says she will explain Ruhi, don’t take tension.

Ashok and Raman meet in the parking lot. Ashok says I told you many times, that your everything comes to me, tell me why you came here, don’t say you came here for bidding for girl child. He taunts Raman knowing he was not wrong. Raman says its my big mistake. Ashok says your big mistake is you have let Shagun come to me, with your secrets. Raman says my big mistake is I allowed you to stay alive. Raman taunts him and says you will know fatherhood when you become a father. Get a child first, what do you have your own, you got my wife and son, whats yours. Raman leaves taunting him.

Ishita comes and sees Ruhi upset. She hears Shravan and Ruhi talking. She says baby hears everything in mum’s tummy. Ishita wipes her tears and says Ruhi is right, and asks Shravan to love her baby sister a lot. Shravan leaves as Amma calls the kids. Ishita says Ruhi go. Ruhi cries. Ishita pacifies her and says you cried a lot today, you did no change uniform and have food, does good girls do this, she clears the paper matter to her and says your Papa loves you a lot. She says some people wanted to trouble him, so ……….. Ruhi says I should have been in your tummy, not Shagun’s, you would have protected me. Ruhi says Papa should have married you, not Shagun. Teri bechaini ka…………………. Ishita cries and hugs her being amazed by her innocent words.

Ishita says enough, Papa loves you a lot, Raman always loved you and God is very intelligent and wanted to send you to me, so he has sent you to Shagun to make you come to me slowly. She says Papa signed that paper to save Shagun, so that you can come. She says if Shagun is not there, no Ruhi, if she is there, then Ruhi, so my Ruhi came to me now, don’t think Papa does not love you, you are his fav and I have surprise for you, Ruhi will get it when she comes home, have food. She kisses Ruhi and takes her home.

Ishita shows the video to Ruhi when she was born, which Romi took. The video has Raman being very happy and distributing sweets when Ruhi was born. Raman lifts Ruhi and thanks her for coming in his life. Ishita says now you know how much your Papa loves you. Ruhi says he did not ask me to God, it was written in paper. Ishita says you take his test if you want to know he loves you or not, you ask him your likes and dislikes, fears etc, if he answers then it proves he loves you. Ruhi asks was this the surprise. Ishita says no, wear your fav dress then you will get the surprise. Ruhi leaves. Ishita says how to explain you Ruhi, your Papa loves you a lot, I will have to prove this to whole world.

Ruhi asks Raman does he love her. He says yes, a lot. She says she will take his test and asks shall I ask few questions. He says yes, ask anything, I will pass this test, I challenge you. Shagun makes an angry face and looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. How cute is that babe i luv u so much ruhi i gave million kisses for u and ur acting. Ur speech is so innocent like u. Ruhi darling u must not be worry raman papa loves u somuch and i also.

  2. Of course raman will pass in ruhi’s test and to prove his love on his daughter to those idiots.and raman when r u telling ur love to ishita iam eagerly waiting for that i luv u guys. I luv u ruhi

  3. oh baby dalaring ruhi ur the best.papa loves u most.ruhi ur innocent words r just amazing dear.dont worry ruhi just truth ur papa then u will get lots of happiness form ur papa and ishimaa epidose ur the rockstar.u guys rocks the more day by day.thank for update.and waiting for ruhi ka qustions and ruhi ka papa ka answer also.

  4. ruhi is apscelutely cute . raman wiil pass in the test by ruhi . ishita will also proove that raman is not wrong and he loves ruhi a lot .

  5. 2day ruhi’s actng was truly touchd my hrt so perfct.

  6. great episode. the scenes between ishra r not lengthy these days. lasting just for a few seconds. expecting that raman’s heart will say the truth here that he loves ishita if one of the quetions say u love and the answer will be ishita. kuch kuch hota hai type scene where SRK says anjali sharma. ruhi is the most beautiful baby on screen til date. u cannot stop urself from loving her.

  7. ruhi wil bcme grt star wit her Perfct nd True actng skils.

  8. al d bst ruh fr ur Grt futre.GOD BLS U.

  9. Fab epi highlight ws ruhi baby innocent talks n ishu lecture ………
    ruuuuuu such a fab actng it wx she ws soo real lov uuuuuuuu bab.,
    precap eagrly waitng fr 2mr iy is knwn raman gonna pass in it tht too wt distinction …………lov d serial lov uuuujj soooooooo soooooooo mch ruu baby ishu n raman u guyzzx r d best. ……d best …………ashok ko ab pata chalega whn ishra cms tooo ghtr rest shut n gooo ……..waitng fr 2mr epi eagerly

  10. superb
    raman and ishita

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