Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi and Roshni getting worried and crying. They think of their marriage. Do naina…..plays……Its morning, Adi looks for his shirt. Mihika comes and asks what happened. Adi says I m not getting my shirt. Mihika says I will find it, come and have parathas. Mr. Bhalla says Parathas are really good. Adi thinks Roshni is not around, maybe my warning affected her. Adi tastes parathas and says wow, its good. Mihika says see I told you. Ishita asks him to have more. Adi says your hands have magic, teach this to Aaliya. Raman says Ishita’s devotee, praise Roshni, she made the parathas. Ishita says yes. She calls Roshni and asks her to teach Aaliya. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, and gives shagun to Roshni. Adi gets angry. Mrs. Bhalla says think its your first rasoi and hugs her. Ishita asks Adi to take leave from office and talk about marriage functions, we have to get ready and meet choreographer. Adi says I have to go. Raman says he is right, we will attend meeting.

The man congratulates Raman, as Adi has completed project in Khandpur. Raman says I m proud of him. The man says all investors have come, I will declare who got this tender. Another man says we should wait for Ashok, he also filled the tender. Raman says how long can we wait, its my son’s marriage, I need to go. The man calls Ashok. He says Ashok won’t come in meeting, he had to go Khandpur for some urgent work.

Ishita asks what, I did not call you here. Shagun says but we got a call here. Bala comes and says I called Aaliya and Shagun, my punjabi friend told me about girl’s uncle getting bangles for bride, so I called a bangles vendor home. Aaliya thanks him.

Ashok meets Gagan and asks how did Adi reach Delhi, why are you not answering my call, Adi killed your brother, you left him, I would have killed him being in your place, you wanted to take revenge. Gagan asks what would I do by killing him, I would have gone jail. Ashok says you should have punished him, I would have saved you. Gagan says we taught him a lesson and left him.

Bala asks Aaliya to select the bangles. Ishita asks Roshni to come and help Aaliya. Adi comes home and looks on. Roshni selects bangles and asks hows this. Aaliya says its lovely. Roshni gives bangles and it falls down. Aaliya says its okay. Adi gets angry and shouts on Roshni. He asks her to stop touching anything here. Ishita says she is guest here, who are you to talk to her this way, you can’t talk to any woman this way, control yourself, say sorry to her. Adi says sorry. He goes. Ishita and Aaliya apologize to Roshni. Adi thinks to do something of Roshni, maybe Shagun can help me. Shagun asks what’s the matter, is there issue about marriage. He says no, I don’t like that girl, everyone is loving her, she made Aaliya’s bangles fall, its abshagun, you know Ishita, that girl will do something, shift her to your NGO, she will manage.

Shagun says you want to get out of house as you got scolded because of her. He says I don’t like that girl, see there is jewelry and cash at home, we don’t know her. She says maybe you are right, I will talk to Ishita. Ishita comes and asks what’s the matter. Shagun says I was thinking to send Roshni to NGO, it will be good for her. Ishita says thanks, she needs a job, I think I can’t send her, I can’t trust anyone, you won’t be there, its marriage house, she will be occupied here, we will see later, come mummy ji is calling.

Adi says I hate this girl, I don’t want her to stay here. Romi comes and asks what happened, you behave strange seeing that girl. Adi says that girl is one whom I married in Khandpur. Romi gets shocked and asks what nonsense. Adi says yes, she is the one, I thought I got rid of her, but she came here, don’t know what will happen now, till when can I hide this truth, I don’t know what to tell Aaliya. Romi says you think she is staying here for you, she would have told everyone but she did not, listen to me, I think she understood you will not accept her, its good she is here, if she went Khandpur and called police, anything would have happened, we can keep an eye on her. Adi says no, I will have tension if she is here, I don’t want her here, why am I getting punished. Romi says its not your mistake, we have to think something that Ishita kicks her out.

Raman asks about whom are you talking. Romi gets tensed and says no, Ishita will kick me out of home, I m sending Adi to office, she comes in mum’s avatar. Raman says yes, come Adi, we have to do rehearsals. Romi asks Adi to go. Everyone rehearse. Adi dances with Aaliya. Ishita asks Roshni to dance. Adi turns upset seeing her. Romi asks Adi to give his chain. Adi asks why. Romi says you want her to go out of house. Adi says yes. Romi says then give me your chain. Adi gives chain and asks are you sure. Romi says just see now, Ishita will kick her out.

Everyone relax after dance. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma argue. Romi asks Adi about his chain. Adi acts and says where did my chain go, I never removed it. Romi asks where is it. Raman says it will be around, none will take it, we are just family members here. Romi says everyone is not family here, I m not pointing to anyone, Roshni is an outsider here, its marriage house, anything can happen.

Adi says I told thousand times to leave from here, don’t force me to hurt you, just leave. Roshni slaps Adi. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Romi such an ass he cannot call himself an human now. Adi such a jerk no words to explain and roshini well done lad gave a good answer to the jerk . till now I was thinking adi and roshini are good with each other. But now I think she is too good for that nerd

  2. Love you Roshni. That slap was really needed for Adi. I hate this Romi, Romi should have told Roshni politely to leave from the place other than doing this cheap thing. Adi is providing he is shagun’s son.

  3. How can people support Adi nad Roshini marriage, how can a man accept marriage in a gun point. Will anyone in this forum happily accept this kind of marriage. And I I i am
    I am a silent reader of this forum, but from today onwards i am stopping following YHM, those who supporting Roshini if she is so well behaved and courageous why she didnt she speak when people forcing Adi to get married. This is the most rubbish track, Adi and Aliya went theough somany up and down and when marriage came a new girl with nowhere land between them. So useless.

    1. Nil , I too not liking this track . But cvs really butchered Adi here . Adi Alia a good pair . Alia is quite matured Adi is not . This is how this brainless cvs with any twist .
      There is no reality in the show . Mixture of ex wife current wife and all wives . Its a shame to Indian culture .May be Mihir can be paired with Roshini . All the characters except Ishra will be negative .

    2. Agree with you. Yr its simple that Adi asa kn react kr raha haii. Uski shaddi aliya ky sth done theee or phir gunpoint pr shaadi krwai or tb roshini kuch boli bhi nae uska pta hi thaa ky gunpoint pr shaadi ho rahe haiii phir bhi usny shaadi kr liii tu zahere sy bt hai ab wo ussy picha hi chorwana chahe gaaa bcz he wants ti Marry aliya

    3. azuka nkwonta

      Thanks alot these past two days I have kept quiet seeing people supporting roshni and adi’s pair and I have been wondering if someone cannot speak against this forced marriage like I did. Even in real life no body will want to be in a forced marriage now you made me realise that there are still good people around.

    4. Listen, Roshini didn’t spoke a word at that time because Gagan was there. She herself told Ishita that she didn’t go back to Khandpur because her marriage was a forced marriage and if she would have gone back, Gagan would have killed Adi. She also told her that her mother made the marriage happen on many requests, if she would have gone back, first of all, Roshini was very poor and secondly if she would have returned back, Khandpur villagers would have humiliated her and would have punished Adi too. Now, when she is not even speaking a word to Adi,and herself hid the truth, then Adi has no right to humiliate Roshini. Roshini did right to slap that ass, that slap was not only for that humiliation but it was an answer to all those deeds he did with her. See, Roshini was about to marrChandan so she must have loved him. She doesn’t knows that Chandan’s death was an accident. She still holds Adi responsible for Chandan’s death. She was furious at Adi for all his anger that he showed to Roshini on their wedding night; he left Roshini in the park without any financial or physical security; she was humiliated at Shanti’s house. This is all because of Adi. And after so that happend with her, he is still humiliating her. Kab tak koi sahega? Kabhi na kabhi toh gussa ayega hi. I am not against Adi and Aliya’s marriage, but Adi should also understand. He should tell everything to the family and then decide what to do, not to plot against her and humiliate her.

    5. So koi roshni ko nae kh raha ky khandpur wapis jaeee or humilation saheee wo yahn par rah ky apni new life start kr skti hai jis pr koi rook took nae ho geee khandpur ki tarah. We all know chandan died in accident adi didnt kill chandan soo why adi would bear the punishment of crime jo usny kia hi naeee. And yrrr everyone knows even roshni knows ky agr gunpoint pr shaadi hoo tu wo rules/laws ky against. Hai or sahid adi roshni kon accept bhi kr lyta agr wo aliya sy already relationship main na hota

  4. Adi really need slap for her politeness, he show too much abusive behaviour toward her silence

  5. dilse diltak fan

    Superb correct way go on roshni…… Now only it’s good to watch

  6. Zainab

    I have started loving Roshini more now. She did the right thing on the right time. That slap was needed. Now Adi will understand DON’T UNDERESTIMATE ANY LADY. You will get what you deserve. After that f**king ghost, surrogacy and leap tracks, YHM is now again becoming no. 1. I really hope YHM regains it’s charm. Love you AdiShini and Ishra. Raman was looking hot today???

  7. wow next epi gajab adi needs that slap

  8. Roshni slapping ADI .. think it’s a dream of ADI … This marriage truth will come out on the marriage day only… Roshni is already getting all things that she has to get from bhallas.. first lehanga then Sindoor now first rasoi ..

  9. Akiatta

    I am starting to like this Roshni and Adi pairing. I mean, they are the spitting image of Ishita and Raman. The guy hates the marriage and the girl is really cultured. Only thing though, I feel really bad for Adi and Aliya. I really started to like them only a few months back. Especially for Adi. I mean, he is forced in a really bad situation. To lie to the woman he loves, his whole family, while still not sure how to deal with his situation. I see people are not liking Adi but I request everyone give him a chance. I mean, come on. He is still around his 20-25’s. There’s very little he can think of for his age.
    Having said that, the slap was needed. I really want to see how Adi proves he is Ishita’s son and confesses about what happened. More importantly, take responsibility and not ruin Aliya’s life.
    I am more scared though of whether they would make Aliya, Mani and Shagun to villains. There are already plenty villains and the show doesn’t need any more.
    Honestly, I am so proud of how Raman and Ishita are now. They are so amazing together. I simply love them. I hope once Divyanka is done with Nach Baliye stuff, they shift focus back to Ishra! I really want to see the show back in No.1 Spot! Win all the awards! (I like Ishqbaaz too, but not more than YHM xD)

    1. Hi Akiatta … though Adi deserves this sla from Roshini …. he doesnt deserve to go thru this forced marriage . He is confused , scared of the out come . Roshini seems very bold … and aged to Adi . Even Dt looks stunning and young . Mani and Shaghun simply to spoil everything … having spent a long time luxuriously with Ashok , look at her attitude now . I hope if Ishra can educate Gagan and villagers , this marriage can be leagally seperated . And sensibly Ishra should do that rather than continue with the marriage . But looking like he will accept her .
      And its true amazing Ishra are ! Awesome .. hope they will get best jodi . If at all they wont get its only becoz of cvs . They butchered their scenes . But whatever they did it was magical pleasure to watch them .
      Spa rehersal dance they look gorgeous !
      Nach baliye also Divek is beyond the expectation . Did well , that is Dt , anything she takes there is a fulfillness .
      I adore Dt

    2. azuka nkwonta

      How can you say we don’t need more villain, look at it Ashok is the only one left shagun has turn good so who do we have left all we have now is one random villain from here or there and they disappear again. Villains are good without them a drama cannot be very interesting. We can’t depend only on good people otherwise it will get boring.

  10. I agree with Nil, how can u polish like the track of Adi & Roshini when it’s filled with abuse. Shame on Adi I agree but shame on Roshini for not standing up against forced marriage at that time but now slapping Adi . Where did this Drugs roop vanish at the time of marriage? Why are women always portrayed as helpless seedhi saadhi? Is independent Alia too good for this serial,she who confronted Adi multiple times and even broke up with him for being a jerk till he learned his lesson but no few sick people including the CV’s like the victim mentality by portraying weak women like Roshini. One slap from her does not make her brave but rather more shallow for being a bheegi billi before. Why can’t serial’s show string women? It’s totally regressive. I pity the people who r living this highly offensive track. It’s like honouring the mentality of alpha male patriarch society. So is this show trying to prove that one should compromise in forced marriages? Anyways I am done with this show till this track ends.

  11. Oops sorry for the typo mistakes

    Here again..refined analysis

    I agree with Nil, how can u ppl like the track of Adi & Roshini when it’s filled with abuse. Shame on Adi I agree but shame on Roshini for not standing up against forced marriage at that time but now slapping Adi . Where did this Druga roop vanish at the time of marriage? Why are women always portrayed as helpless seedhi saadhi? Is independent Alia too good for this serial,she who confronted Adi multiple times and even broke up with him for being a jerk till he learned his lesson but no few sick people including the CV’s like the victim mentality by portraying weak women like Roshini. One slap from her does not make her brave but rather more shallow for being a bheegi billi before. Why can’t serial’s show strong women? It’s totally regressive. I pity the people who r living this highly offensive track. It’s like honouring the mentality of alpha male patriarch society. So is this show trying to prove that one should compromise in forced marriages? Anyways I am done with this show till this track ends.

    1. You are absolutly wrong, true love is built on hatred,what do u think? love at first sight?uhh,let me explain to u that love at first sight is another name for blind love.whereas love that develop gradually will result in a love built on trust, ’cause u will know each others flaws. Roshni cannot be blamed,werent u aware of the part when she was describing females in her village, females are made to be subservient to their men.You actually want Roshni to stand up and face Gagan and his mother on the forced marriage,right? Apparantly i felt the same way,but watching the episodes i began to understand her character more.How will u like to marry the person accused of killing ur would- be- husband?let me answer that for u,i wouldnt like it because that same man took me far away from my mother.Roshni suffered alot upon coming to Delhi after been left by her husband at a park,u could see the suffering she went through until God finally provided away for her,note it God not her, it God that led Ishita to help her, she did not investigate Adi’s background and asked for Ishita’s help on why blaming her?her character illustrate that of women fighting for freedom,she is also presented as an innocent girl lost in the forest.She is forced to marry a man accused of killing her husband,so now is that a thing of joy?Ishita’s first lesson to her is yeiding great result which is that “dont let goodnesse be ur weakness”,Roshni demonstrated her understanding of the message through the slap given to Adi.So i want u to whom am replying and so many others to watch and relate this to the realistic point of view and not idealistic.

      1. Well said dude

    2. Agree with u sophie but we cabt even blame adi. So in this whole situation adi and aliyais not at fault. The fault is of khandpur people abd theid sick metality. So if Roshni wants all ri8s and dontbant to like bhergy bili she had a great chance. She should forget Adi and let adi marry aliya and sge should prove to khandpur people that women are niether slaves nor less than man so that no other girl suffers like her.

    3. azuka nkwonta

      I can never believe that true love starts with hatred oh my god are you a dreamer.

  12. I hate this track! they have made a joke of the thought of marriage!! Adi can’t randomly accept roshni as his wife!

  13. Hi Shivani , Susan Sindhu , Rithu Shreyas and all yhm fans where r you all ?
    Mino … hope you r fine .. just say hello to us .. Magic .. busy with studies rt ?

    1. Hi VP. All well on my side. Don’t know what to comment about YHM. Cannot decide whether to be happy or sad about current story line. Not feeling any connection with Adi or Alia or Roshni. Skipping most of the episodes. Just reading updates and comments. Watching the old episodes of YHM on Glowtv (currently episode 354). Reliving my addiction to YHM.

      1. I can understand your frustration Susan . For everything Ishras SPA performance will be an answer . Cvs only to be blamed for everything . If Shaghun cud be pregnant at this age , Why cant a miracle to happen in Ishithas life …. cvs cud have twisted defferently rather than Adi Alia romance and marriage . So many things are not finished … incomplete .. if they show Ashok is the real killer … they can still take a move on this forced marriage .
        And Sophie love is not at first sight , true its a trust and respect . Adi can develop a love … but Ishras marriage and their hatred to friendship then to like each other cant be compared . People say Ishqbaaz … those couple are nowhere near Raman and Ishitha . Both KP and Dt , whatever the role cvs given , we cud say the best in Tv industry . Adis reaction is totally immatured . And Anuka , its true without villains no drama can proceed further . But the disgusting part is whatever they do is not captured . How many times Shaghun did wrong … all went in waters … now the storyline is quite unbelievable . Thats all … you all must read Manju Kapoors novel CUSTODY

  14. how dare roshni to slap adi. why can’t she understand this forcefull marriage is nothing for adi. why she is not going back to khandpur.

    1. Adi is a really nice boy and we all know that. But when people cross their limits even a shy and timid can’t keep quiet

  15. aaliya will try to kill herself when she finds out the truth about adi slit her wrist

  16. Plz show Roshni as a strong woman who can stand up 4 herself. I am so tired of a weak woman who is step all over by anyone and taken advantage of her goodness, they show that on tv all the time. It is tym 2 show that woman can be strong n defend herself. Adi u r the definition of assshit n bullshit, who the f**k do think u r to dis anyone, u dont deserve Alia or the BEAUTIFUL Roshni or anyone uless u reform n hope she can do the 4 u n stop acting pu**y. So far luv Ishra nn Adishini but Roshni pls stand up 2 him.

  17. This is my favorite serial but after Adhi and Roshni married i dont was to watch anymore….please stop this and let Adhi and Alia ,i will love to watch if this happen ……if not Good bye YHM

  18. Omg y on earth would Alia try 2 kill herself 4 an ass, come on gurl ur life doesnt depend on him. U r young n will find luv again 4 the 3rd tym. If u were u I wouldnt have fallen 4 a person who is so imature n dis toward woman. I dont feel sorry that ur marriage will not happen cause I know u could do batter n dont deserve a pu**y such as him. U should consider urself lucku cause u wont end up with him instead of suicide.

  19. azuka nkwonta

    I don’t want to keep taking about this roshni anymore I have already said that I don’t like this track it’s an insult on marriage and I even voted against it on the polls.m

  20. Good news for ishra lovers mind it only for ishra lovers-
    FINALLY! Here comes a GOOD news for Ishita and Raman fans on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!
    By TellyBuzz – April 28, 2017

    Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will continue to witness new twists and turns in the upcoming episodes in life of Ishita and Raman. The recent episodes have lead towards a speculation that Ishita and Raman’s story may come to an end in the upcoming episodes as Aditya-Aaliya-Roshini will take over and become the lead characters.

    Ishita and Raman will continue to be part of the show plus their character will be slightly different. IN the coming episodes of Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ishita and Raman’s role will shift from parents to in-laws and they will be seen becoming the central once again in the upcoming episodes along with Aditya-Aaliya-Roshini.
    Apparently, the episode will be divided between two generation. Ishita and Raman will be seen romancing in the upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein as well. Indeed, it is a good news for Ishita and Raman fans Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel will continue to be in lead roles after all!
    Chalo good gor nothing a news for true ishra lover.

  21. Radhika Malhotra

    Nice episode and precap was superb exciting

  22. maryam rawoot

    hi name is maryam rawoot and i m 15 years old….i daily read your comments…can you please add me in your yhm family

  23. Adi dog killed roshni’s to-be husband that too when she was waiting at mandap and blo*dy left her on road
    .not just slap with hand ,he need to be slippered.

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