Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun eyeing Raman. She says poor thing, I still affect him, he still loves me, he cries thinking of my name, where is his wife, he did not take her name. Ashok gets angry and says ask Raman to marry you again. She says whats wrong with you. Mr. Bhalla tells Mrs. Bhalla what nonsense Raman said, Ishita will be feeling bad. She says since I came from London, I m seeing Raman is hurt, he took Shagun’s name to show Ishita is nothing to him, he did wrong, don’t know what happened to him. Mani tells Ishita whats wrong with Raman, he insulted you infront of everyone, he knows you are behind his post, he should know it, I will tell him. She cries and says no, I don’t need any credit, he is imp for me, I did it for his happiness, I love him, he is my daughter’s father. The reason for his happiness does not matter, I don’t care, I m ok. Raman looks at them. Mani holds her hand and says no Ishu, you are not ok.

She says this place is not right to talk this, I want to be alone. She goes. Mani wants to talk, and his senior takes him. Ishita comes out of the venue and cries. She says calm down, I don’t have to cry. She looks for car keys. The guard asks is her key lost. She says I got it, why do you ask. He says sorry and leaves. She gets a call and says yes Mrs. Verma, fine I will come to clinic if its emergency, I will come. She leaves. Mani says where did Ishu go, Raman insulted her. He sees Ishita leaving. He says where are you going alone at night.

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Raman drinks and gives the empty glass to refill. He sees the gold bracelet Ishita gifted him and gets angry, throwing it. Ishita comes to the clinic and gets angry on the guard, for shutting the clinic, even when she called him and asked him to keep it open and ready. She scolds him a lot. He says why did she get so angry today, this did not happen before, what happened to her. She gets Mrs. Verma’s call and asks her to come. Mrs. Verma says Bunty slept, his pain is gone, I will come in morning. Ishita scolds her asking does she look mad, to keep running saying its emergency, you don’t think how far I m coming from. Mrs. Verma says Bunty is kid, I gave him medicine and he slept, why are you angry. She says you people don’t care of anyone’s efforts, I should have cancellation charges always, I always care for others. She cries and says I don’t care.

Mani comes there and hears her. He says Ishu…. He says talk to me. She says let me go, I don’t want to talk. She says I have car and asks guard to switch off the lights. Mr. Bhalla is angry on Raman’s words and tells family, while being on the way. Simmi says I noticed, he became like before, irritated type. Mr. Bhalla says you don’t know what nonsense he said, you came late in party. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman is hurt. He says he should talk to us, Romi is spoiling and Raman is doing this. She says both are not same, Raman is being troubled by something, don’t know what fight is going on with Ishita. Simmi says calm down now. Mrs. Bhalla says I know what to do now, don’t tell me anything.

Raman sit drinking and thinks of Ishita. The FB shows their earlier moments before their marriage. Raman cries. He thinks of their marriage, Ruhi and post marriage sweet moments. He says she is also like Shagun, if there was problem, I would have spoke to her, but what, why did she leave me, fine, I will forget her, but how to forget her favors, my daughter is with me because of her, my family is happy because of her. If she left me, what wrong she did, I just gave her taunts and anger, she has bear a lot with me. He says I became selfish and I have thrown her gift.

He looks for the bracelet and asks the waiter to look for it. He throws the tables to find it. Ishita cries thinking about Raman’s words. Raman gets the bracelet and smiles. She says what am I doing and shouts on herself. She says I scolded everyone, why am I doing this. Mani hears her standing outside the car. She says why Raman does this always, why does he not care. She cries sitting in her car. She self consoles herself. She says I should not cry now, Raman did not break any promise, when he did not make any promise, then how will he break it. He is just Ruhi’s Papa and I m just Ruhi’s mum, nothing else, he does not care, enough now, no expectations now. She leaves. Mani says Ishu…. And feels bad for her.

Iyers and all society people stand outside seeing the building catching fire. Bhalla arrive and see the same. Amma says everyone is safe. They all get worried. Amma says she got all the items. Mihir come sand asks what happened. He sees it. The police keeps all of them away. Mihika says what will we do now, Vandu informed me. Amma says the building is sealed, we can’t go in for 15-20 days, we will go to any hotel. Mihir says he will arrange any service apartment and calls Raman. Raman is on the way and says he will ask me about insulting Ishita, I don’t want to talk.

Mihir says Raman is not taking the call. Amma says we will stay at Vandu’s house. Mihir says you can stay with me too. He calls Raman again and tells about the fire incident, asking him to come home fast. Raman says I m coming and drives faster. Everyone think of going somewhere else. Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma to stop and not go Chennai. Raman comes home and asks is everyone safe. Mihir says yes, they are with Vandu. Raman asks them to go to company flats. Mihir says I will shift the items in tempo. Ishita comes and cries seeing the house burning. She asks about Ruhi. Mihir says she is fine. Mrs. Bhalla says no one was at home, so we got saved. Raman says house is already ruined, no use to cry now. Pammi hugs Mrs. Bhalla and cries. Mrs. Bhalla says I was afraid seeing fire, but everything is fine, you all are fine, what else we need.

Mani talks to Ashok about Ishita. He says when you did Sarika’s plan, I stayed quiet, you played against Raman and I played for him, Raman was deserving, and coming to Shagun, you are playing games with Shagun, now its enough.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. enough s enugh.stl msundrstng cntinues nd whn dy cnfs dr ishra fns r stl wtng.

  2. Please get rid of this mani !! He is ruining everything thing

  3. arey yaar wt happening here.i thought raman will confess to ishu by anger today.but here tho sab kuch upside down.y dont they talk to each other to clear their misunderstaning.plz give some good scene to watch naa yaar.and this shagun how disgusting she is,

  4. Abhi yeh naya drama kaha se aaya fireing………..

  5. harshitha reddy

    guyzzz……a newzz………..ishitha nd raman to break up….ishu wuld b left heartbrokn aftr knwng dat raman thinks of a affair btwn her and mani….nd shezz also gonna shift to other place……ALAS…… 🙁 ;-(

    1. spoiler alert!!!

  6. If dey lov each other wat’s nonsense is gng on baath karkr clear karo yaar…..nd dis raman he lost his x wife bcz f his behavior stil nt change hamesha gussa khadus…..but i lov his acting excellent actor nd ishu also fantastic actress i relly lov her….plz director don ko miladoo nd pyar karne dooo….,

  7. Plz ya put good scene plz raman must talk to ishita

  8. Hai harshitha is it true……?but they said Raman is gng to confess his lov…….

    1. harshitha reddy

      yaaa….itzz d info i got in fb…..itzz a post posted in fb….but i wish it doesnt happen…. 🙁

      1. Hai harshita ru frm andrapradesh…?do u knw Telugu… swapna…

  9. What the hell is happening? Kill that baster shagun.

  10. i hate dis misunderstanding b/w ishu raman i love u ishara

  11. Oh what the hell?…. It’s really sad to hear :”(

  12. Harshita nijam gana mari spoiler alerts lo vaalla house lo fire incident jaragadam valla house shift iyyaru ani vundhi nu vu ekkada chadivavu a spoilers

    1. harshitha reddy

      fb lo……nd ha dis zz also tru dat dey r gonna shift house bcoz d bhalla house got fire…..but d post in fb says dat….ishu zz gonna shift frm dat place it self…..i wish i culd send u dlink….but due to some prblmzz i cant…………

  13. plz raman aur ishita ko milado ………….

  14. The all fan’s are not like this sence and no comments by the by Best of luck for yeh hai mohabbatein serial
    highlighted -the all fan’s are watching this serial only for raman Ishita sence…

  15. Guys guys calm dw….. ramans going to tell her he loves her… and she will ne glad as shr known that so dw

  16. All Ishra fans. U people r focusing on one point that Raman wil express his love & Ishita wil accept but that is not the case here. Raman is in no mood to accept Ishita as his wife anymore. He wants to leave her and he takes a step in regard to that. Wat is that step wait & watch. Cld be divorce or staying away from each other with no contact. Mani has broken the relatinship which wil not attach any sooner now. Wait for 1 more year. The marriage is not even an year old and these 2 are separated. Congrats to Ekta. The show shld have been actually named Kasautii Zindagi Kii 2. We were cheated here. No love nothing between Ishra. Raman is calculating things now after these many days of relationship. that cannot be love. total disappointment from the show. Ishita wil marry Mani to tak revenge on Raman. Gradually, she will fall in love with Mani. Same old story. Congrats to Mani as he wil be the one making love to Ishita physically.

  17. Arey bas karo yar bandh karo apna ye bakwas drama all fans are waitng fr raman confessing his lv to ishu… ab beech me ye fire accident kaha se aaya…

    1. harshitha reddy

      nohh……in real d sets got fire 2 dayzz bac……fr dat reason dey startd a new line dat d house got fire…..

  18. hey guys,
    after raman’s speech at party ishu will go to confront wit ravan kumar and raman will burst out in anger and confess his love to ishu but ishu will become heartbroken after knowing raman doubted her.

  19. ye tho kuch jyada hi drama ho gaya and the new spoilers are really worst if ishu raman wants to separate then what about ruhi……if ishu really feels bad then she should accept that she did some over drama with mani….. worst serial mani entrance is worst

  20. Hey wats happening
    Mad or wat i cant understand is she gonna divorse raman??? I think she will jst shift the house and he will go in search of her other wise its boring

  21. Very boring…..
    I am fed up now. Precap is also isn’t interesting at all….. what to do??? Bt i love ishra….. bt nw they should try to end the drama. N show raman and ishita together….
    [ I think in dreams…..;-p..]

  22. I think nw ishu will leave the house and go somewhere else and wil try to forget raman and simultaneously Raman too will try 2 forget ishu n both of them cannot…

  23. Pata nahi mani farishta ban kar aaya hai ya devil????
    ( Farishta in the sense to bring them closer bt devil ban kar dono ko door kar raha hai!!!!!)

  24. Even i wish ishitha go somewhere and try 2 4get MANI and come 2 ramans life back with joy i got anews tht ishu will change the house and go to another town and raman tries to get her back in his life

  25. I think btr than this is yeh rishtha kya kehltha hai….

  26. I am waiting for gud eps in yhm

  27. All the people are saying that where did this fire track come from…
    The real thing is that the set of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein caught fire and anybody could have died…but thank God all the people are safe and nobody was injured…

  28. I know man it’s that only the fire caught was on the sets of yeh hai mohabbatteins set

  29. OMG.. Fire on real set of YHM… Heard and felt very bad.. Balaji Telefilms association..We all are with u..
    And about YHM… Ya .. I too watch that new spoiler that Raman & IShu break up.. and again Raman will get his darling back… like he did in case of Param..

  30. mani is not a true friend. if he was then he wouldn’t have said those bull shit words of asking ishita to leave raman and come to him. he is absolutely not a good friend bcos he is not understanding it is who has created the rift between Ishra. Raman clearly told on Friday that Ishita is spendin so mch time with him and she has forgotten her husband as well and if at all anyone has to meet Ishita, they wil have to take Mani’s permission. All these r clear cut signals that Raman is unhappy with their relationship. We waited all this time to see love between Ishra but as usual the makers incapability is clearly visible, they cld not show us that beautiful love. Ram aur Sita alag ho rahe hain. Sita pehli baar Ram ko chod ke kisi aur se shaadi karegi.

    1. Gud to her u said Ishu as sita.. but fact is ram sita lived life seperately for a gud cause to kill Idoit Ravana.. That is life experiencing Epic and real thing happened on earth.. This is just a imaginated serial..Not much… they were telecast a imaginary live history.. So.. take this just till that.. and u can add ur imagination to ur comfort..

  31. Pls we want to see cute scene of Raman & Ishita not these drama.
    Pla stop this nonsence.

  32. mani is not ruining anything.

  33. now its good going….just waiting 4 ramans feelings nd emotions 2 burst out b4 ishu..
    nd hope ishu will undestand his feelings nd everything will b alright..
    nd i don’t think they will brk up nd go far away from each other as Ruhi is d 1 4 whom they will hv 2 live together

  34. I agree with you sona and I just read a news in f.b that raman talks to that she has no time for him etc… bt she again says her dirty lines she dnt want to talk to him etc etc I dnt know when this worst drama is going to complete

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