Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita stopping Tandon. She convinces him about accepting Neil Pathak and give him a second chance. She says Trisha is sensible and mature and can take the right decision. She says you saw my and Raman’s relation seeing us with Ruhi, why are you unable to see Trisha’s love, its fine you are annoyed with Raman, as he has hidden this truth from you, but don’t punish Trisha and Neil, we don’t have right to do this, Trisha loves Neil. She says do something that everyone stay happy, if anyone stay sad, everything will fall apart. She gets tears in her eyes and says I lost my first love and I took many years to come out of it. Raman also lost his first love and he is still coping with it.

She says can you give such pain to your sister, will you make her cry, don’t do this. She says if a heart breaks once, it takes years to break, and once it joins, there stays a line. He says one thing I will not bear it. He says if this Pathak becomes a Charlie Chaplin infront of Trisha, I will beat him. He hugs Trisha and Neil. Everyone smile. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein……………….plays……………… Raman says thank you to Ishita. She smiles. Raman looks so sweet smiling seeing her.

Tandon hugs Pathak as he thanks him. Tandon asks him not to trouble Trisha and says I will catch Raman too if anything happens. He hugs Raman. Raman says you will be going to London and Trisha will be here, so she will be my sister, she is family. Raman asks where is Mihir. Ishita says where is Mihika. Mihir proposes Mihika. She agrees and says give me guarantee you won’t run again. He says no chance, I m free from all fears. She says thanks to Raman, you made me wait so much, I will not leave Trisha.

He says fine, listen to me, you saw how much Raman has beaten me, will you marry me. She says yes. She sits on her knees and they say I love you to each other. They hug happily. Trisha and Neil get engaged. Everyone clap and blesses them. Mihir and Mihika also exchange rings and get engaged. Everyone hug the couples. Mihir and Mihika thanks Raman. She says sorry for telling so much to you. Raman says its not your problem, but problem of your family. He says I m joking Appa.

Everyone dance. Punjab ka puttar……………….plays………………… All the men dance. The ladies also join them. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla hold the same water glass. Amma asks how did you like the red roses. Mrs. Bhalla says very nice, how did you like this fake engagement drama, we can count the bird’s feather, I told this to Raman to settle the scores. Amma says you are so cunning. They argue. Ruhi and Shravan also argue. The elders watch them.

Ruhi takes Mihir’s side and Shravan takes Mihika’s side. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla ask them not to fight. Amma says fighting is bad. Ruhi says what were you guys doing there. They smile. Raman praises Vibhu. Raman tells Subbu that your son Vibhu has done good acting. Bala asks everyone to hear him. Bala says thus evening was entertaining, but there is much more, I know Ishita wants to say something. He asks Ishita to come forward. Everyone clap for her. She comes in a Punjabi dress. Raman looks at her. Ishita says Raman, this is for you. Raman says she is making much special, what is she upto. She speaks in Punjabi…………..

She says Pammi helped me in speaking in Punjabi. She says I m giving a speech in Punjabi for Raman. She says I was always stayed annoyed with Raman. Everyone smile hearing her. She says Raman has united the lovers and now I know Raman is a good human being. Simmi looks at her and is angry. Ishita praises Raman saying he is a good son, good father and good husband, he did not anything wrong, but his way of doing his work is different.

She says I thank him for all the things he did. Raman gets a call and says what…. I m coming. Ishita says he has taken care of me. Raman talks to Romi and leaves with Mihir. Ishita says I want to thank Raman and also say sorry, I was wrong, and he was right, my sister is happy because of Raman, you are the soul of the family. Everyone clap.

Everyone praise Ishita and asks where is Raman. Ishita looks out for Raman and asks Romi. He says Raman got important call and he left. She says did he not hear my speech, its wrong, I did so much for him and how could he leave. Raman and Mihir come to the hospital and see Adi crying and talking to the inspector. Raman asks Adi what is police doing here. Adi says he is the one, Raman Kumar Bhalla, my mum is in this state because of him. Raman asks what happened to Shagun……..

Parmeet taunts Raman. He gets angry. Mihir controls Raman holding him. Parmeet says can I help in managing Ishita. Raman holds his collar and Mihir says no bhai……….. and stops the fight.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  7. When ramam and ishita will realise their love for each othe???????
    Waiting for romantic scenes between then.
    Yipeeee there were no carp, dumbo simmi scenes today!!!!!!

  8. When ramam and ishita will realise their love for each other???????
    Waiting for romantic scenes between then.
    Yipeeee there were no carp, dumbo simmi scenes today!!!!!!

  9. When ramam and ishita will realise their love for each other???????
    Waiting for romantic scenes between them.
    Yipeeee there were no carp, dumbo simmi scenes today!!!!!!

  10. I think mihir is shagun’s real brother!!!!!
    This adi is such a bastard….
    Someone beat this simmi with a 1000kg hammer so that her tubelight will be on :-/

  11. hai.what a lvely epi.i lve mihr nd mihka jodi

  12. guys …shagun attempts suicide ….
    but does not die…
    all state Raman as the reason .
    but shagun does not give that as the reason to police..
    raman is called as soon as shagun attempts suicide….but he hears ishita’s speech in bluetooth…
    this makes ishia fall for RAMAN

  13. Hey aarohi I also think that mihir is shaguns real brother

  14. N preethi from where did u get this information

  15. StrawberryPie

    This blo*dy parmeet … hw dare he say ‘Can i help in managing Ishita?’ ….Raman shud beat the tatti out of tht man …n his idiotic fused tubelight wife , cant she just realize the gravity of the situation and understand her bastard husband’s dirty gutter thoughts…..

  16. Thank you for update

  17. wht an awsm episode yaar..just lovd the way raman says thankyou..i thnk ishita’s romance..i mean face expressins shud improve a little bit..pls dnt brng anymre troubles 4m tht bluddy shagun..nd purmeet..

  18. i really love mihir…ishita is charming in sarees thn churidar..raman is so sweet…nd ruhi is sooo cuuute…

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