Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi asking Shagun what is the matter about police, why was she begging. He requests Raman to spare Shagun for his sake, punish him but not Shagun. Shagun says please agree for Adi’s sake. Raman is tsned unable to decide. Amma asks Vandu to bring clothes inside from balcony. Appa asks Bala to come with him to society office, the weather is strange and it may rain anytime. Raman sees Adi and Shagun crying. Shagun says it was mistake. Ashok was covering my mistake. Adi says don’t wry mum, no one will separate us. Raman thinks to do anything for Adi’s sake. Ishita tells Amma that Raman will definitely send the culprit in jail. Amma says yes.

Raman says no one will go to jail, this is Papa’s promise. Shagun thanks him. Raman says no need to say thanks, Adi is my son too. Adi says I love you mum, I can’t live without you. Shagun says Raman said everything will be fine, don’t worry. Adi goes to his room. Amma says it looks today storm is coming. Amma says this should not be our lives’ storm, I read your horoscope Ishita, I read it before too and I believe in this, and it happened, you got Ruhi and your life changed. It starts raining. Shagun hugs Raman and cries.

Amma says I read a big problem is going to come on you, negative energy is around you. I m scared. Shagun says Adi won’t be able to live without me. Raman says Adi is our son, I can’t make you away from him, I promise. Ishita thinks she is tensed too seeing Amma’s fear, will really anything bad happen. Shagun says I could not tell anyone, I did not tell Ashok and Parmeet too. She says I told you because of Adi. She rests her head on his shoulder and says I m really scared. He says I promise, nothing will happen to you. She asks promise. He says yes, promise, trust me.

Ishita says Amma you are with me, no storm can harm me, you take rest, I m going home. She says nothing will happen. Amma says what type of storm in this, Lord protect my Ishita. Raman sees Adi and Shagun’s pic. He takes it in his hand and thinks. Raman comes in the compound and says I told Ishita that Ashok and Parmeet did the accident, she might have told everyone, and they will expect me to punish them, how will I answer everyone, what will I tell her, one side its Ishita and other side…… He gets Ishita’s call and says yes I m outside.

He comes home and Ishita asks did police catch them. He says no. She asks did they change their story. H/e says no, it was not their mistake. Vandu says but you called and said us. Ishita says everyone is disappointment, I know you tried your best, I m sure he will not leave the culprit, as he too cares for Amma, he is solving this case since 7 days leaving all his work. Raman thinks don’t trust me Ishita, maybe Lord will also not forgive me, but I can’t tell you the truth, forgive me.

Amma says then who will do this. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe someone did accident by mistake. Ishita says we are again at point 1 from where we started. Mr. Bhalla says truth can’t be hidden. Amma says I got a son, you did so much for me, you are my son, not son in law. She hugs him blessing him. Mrs. Bhalla is happy. Appa says he is my son. Everyone smile. Ishita asks Raman what is it, his TRP is high, but why is she quiet, without any dialogues. Bala says I m annoyed, Amma called me the best son in law and you surpassed me by becoming her son.

Raman thinks he has broken everyone’s trust today. Mrs. Bhalla says we will make Idli dosa for everyone, Ishita will help me. Raman goes to make a phone call. Ishita thinks why is he disturbed, is this matter anything else.

Parmeet comes to Shagun and asks guard said Raman came. He asks why did he come. Shagun says why do you worry, anyway Raman came for a special reason and that’s Adi, Adi is Raman and my son, you don’t need to worry. Parmeet reminds her that she is divorced but still connected by strings of heart. She says mind your business, don’t think about us. She slips and he taunts her. He says you can think of me if you need any help. He says he is after me, he thinks I did the accident of Mrs. Iyer. She says I have managed everything. He asks how, he is mad about Ishita.

She says he is mad about Adi much more. I have convinced him not to call police, as he has seen Adi loves me and will break without me, I did not see Raman breaking like this before. Parmeet says no one thought this, good game. She says stop the drama, the thing is Raman also insulted me, I did not had anything to tell him, Adi is my shield and I have Raman’s weakness, which I will use at right time.

Raman comes in the compound and says whats this happening, why do this get tangled….. He sits on the bench thinking what to do. If he hides the truth, he breaks everyone’s truth, but if says the truth then…. What to do. Ishita sees him tensed and comes to him. She says I know you are not ok. He says nothing like that, work stress. She says I have seen you in work stress before too. He says lets go home. She says please sit and stops him.

She says this is not work stress, but personal life stress, don’t take pressure, I know you are disturbed as you were close to culprit, but lost. He says no. She says I know you are sure that Ashok and Parmeet are not the culprits, I know you are not the one to get influenced, Amma was right. Since you came in our life, your tensions have ended, we trust you a lot, we know you will do good for us, I m so sure of it, the whole family sleeps peacefully because of you, as we know you are there to take care of us, I completely trust you, I m secured, what else will a wife want from her husband.

She says Adi got his fitting pant, all because of you, he is annoyed, but he will value you after some time, he went on you. Raman gets tensed. She says Adi will change and understand you, I feel we should go home now. He says you go, I will come in two mins. She looks at him and says come soon. She leaves. Raman cries and says don’t trust me so much Ishita as I m going to break it, maybe you can’t bear this, but forgive me as I m helpless.

Shagun tells everything to Parmeet and says now Raman will not tell this to anyone. Even Ishita will see how Raman ignores her for Adi.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Please some one ask Ekta to stop tis nonsence and show us something new……. as this story don need any twist and tunrs….

  2. Raman move on adi doesn’t care about u he only care about shagun if anything related to adi u get weak can’t u understand shagun is using adi for her sake she only love herself please put her behind the bar

  3. guys,everybody has a flaw.if we can love raman for his strengths,we shud accept his weaknesses as well……

  4. raman what the hell?you are again trapeed in shaguns love……raman tum nay us witch ko galay kun lagaya?it was looking like she is your wife…..very stupid hero…..2 womens and 1 men what the hell thisiis

  5. The Police are sleeping. They will arrest the person if Raman tells them to arrest without enquiry. Then they will go to sleep again. Poor Police. In YHM Police are shown like this only.

  6. I didnt like d episode. Adi’s track is all nonsense

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