Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman falls unconscious

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone trying to move off the rocks. Ishita says the tunnel got shut. Raman asks her to be careful. Mrs. Bhalla goes to Pihu. Ishita says don’t put pressure on the hand, come on, every path is blocked. Raman gets a firetorch to see the way. She stops and shouts. He holds her back. They see the deep pit. Simmi says Parmeet did this, the pit got blocked. She shouts to Raman and Ishita. Ruhi shouts. Mani says don’t worry, we will get you out. He asks everyone to push the rock together. They all try. Parmeet says the real fun starts now, even if they all try together, they can’t move the rock, till they do this, Raman and Ishita will be suffocated inside. Ishita says no one will come to find us here, lets go back, I will pull you up. They go back. Bala says I will go and call police, we can’t contact them, there is no network. Mani says you manage here, I will go and call police. Ishita says you are hurt because of this wound, you are having an infection, I should have sent you first.

Raman says stop blaming yourself, we need to find a way out. He lies there. She shouts for help. Shagun says its been a hour now, Mani didn’t return. Simmi shouts to them. Mrs. Bhalla says how will they breath inside. Police comes. They ask him to help. Inspector says we have to break the rocks by using dynamite, but we need a special rescue squad. Mani says we don’t have much time, Raman got shut, he is not well. Inspector says I have called for emergency services, don’t worry, I will come soon. Ishita talks to Raman. She says it will be different 15th august for us, we will celebrate our freedom. Its morning, Mr. Bhalla says its morning, what will happen of them. The rescue squad comes. They place the dynamites near the rocks. The man says we have to use dynamite to move the rocks. Mani says rocks can go inside, its dangerous. The man says we have to do this, we can try to drill the hole and contact them to see their condition, we won’t need the dynamite then, if we don’t see them, we will make a tunnel to send rescue team inside. Parmeet hides and looks on.

Media comes. Reporters ask them about Raman and Ishita. Mani says please leave, no comments. Aaliya says I m not able to contact anyone, there is no network there. Reporters come and click pics. Reporter says you are Raman’s bahu, Raman and Ishita are in a cave trap, what’s your take. Aaliya asks what are you saying. Reporter says maybe you didn’t see the news, go and turn on the tv. Aaliya and Mihika see the news and get shocked. Reporters ask what will you say. Kiran and Amma come. Kiran and neighbors scold the reporters and send them. Neighbor says we have faith that Raman and Ishita will get saved, don’t worry. Parmeet says what are they doing, Raman and Ishita have to die, if they survive, they won’t spare me. Ishita asks are you listening, we used to celebrate independence day where Appa used to stay. He says Appa is still there.

She laughs and says yes, you remember about the function. He says we could not tolerate each other that time, now we can’t live without each other, our love story. Tum nazar me raho…. He says I m so sorry. She says we did this for our love and Ruhi. He says if we get a chance again, nothing will happen the same way, we will change everything, promise me you will be wife in all births. She sats every birth, I promise. He recalls their moments and faints. She shouts wake up, is anyone there, help. She cries and says Simmi is outside, everyone has come, they will save us, you have to wake up for me, we have to do many things, you can’t leave me.

Ishita says Raman is injured, his pulse rate is low, I m scared. Mani says we will get you out. Parmeet takes a disguise and goes. He blasts a dynamite. Ishita gets shocked seeing the rocks falling down.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Riana

    From where do param get such outfits readymade !!…blo*dy shitness !!…Totally abnormal…now they are gearing up for leap number 7 or 8…A leap of 6 months ???????…Spoilers are raman will be in coma and ishita will be a business enterprenuer…Dadimaa ishita banegi bhalla industries ki enterprenuer…???????????????

  2. Please so something to Prameet. He needs to be punished for all his wrong doings. Simmi has changed but not him. Still harming people. Please change the story.
    Thank you

  3. whenever the track of show become better ekta try to drag the track with excessive negativity, param negativity drag too much, every negative cast exposed in show but param never exposed n punished, this is too much, from the past episodes of param negtivity was not enough that ekta add blast scene by param. what is need of this scene eveytime something fishy happen, simmi fell in cave, then snake came, param closed the cave with boulder, now the param dynamite blast step, this is stupidity of dragging the track. it’s good that yeh hai mohabbatein end in october because ekta show negativity too much than the positivity

  4. Brilliant and powerful acting by Divan/Ishra.
    Cvs are not able to bring back the storyline after Adi is shot . To redeem Simmi this thriller
    cave story line …. but last four days episodes were amazing becoz of Ishra ! Kp and Dt are really super .. super gifted actors … they cud take us along with their emotions . Cvs never gave peace and happiness for a day full to Ishra . To make Shaghun white and to give ss to Roshini how badly they damaged the story .
    But Divans commitment hardwork and dedication was commendable .I dont think
    in tellwood such a jodi like Divan is existed and will never exist . Nobody will come near to their acting and their chemistry .
    Wonder how they leave Param like this ….What to do we have to bear all these nonsenses …

  5. Yes Sonapal.Ekta giving more importance of negativity Lot of members available there. This ciritcal stage who will put (rescue people) the dynamite without person.Already Simmi told these are all done by Parmit.Why nobody will take action against param. These people cannot punish Param. God only Punish .He should not die. His hands & legs will be cut .And will be beg . then only the justice . pls change the story line

  6. Rhonda Taylor

    Come on this drama about Parmeet is getting on our nerves. Get rid of him once and for all. He is such a parasite and makes the drama so disgusting. Eliminate him completely.

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