Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tandon and Raman asking Mihir to make Trisha wear the ring but he stops. Mrs. Bhalla says come on, don’t be shy. Raman orders Mihir. Mihika cries. Mihir back offs and says I can’t do this. He says this Roka can’t happen. The Iyers get happy. Trisha looks on shocked and asks whats this. Mihir says Trisha, I m sorry, that I can’t marry you. He says I know its wrong to say this infront of everyone today, its not your mistake, its my mistake, as I did not have strength to tell you that I don’t love you, and so I m telling the truth so that I should stop our lives to be ruined.

He says I won’t ruin your life being in anyone’s pressure, you are very good girl. I tried to love you, but my heart did not agree, as my heart loves someone else. He says I lost her by my mistake. He says if I can’t make my life good, I can’t ruin your life, do you want to marry a man who does not love you, who loves someone else. He says it will be lie to you and myself. He says marriage is based on love, if two people don’t love each other, whats the meaning of such marriage, I m sorry. I know you all can’t forgive me. Trisha leaves.

Tandon gets angry and asks Mihir whats all this. Raman says I will talk to him. He asks Mihir why did you say, look in my eyes and say. Mihri says I want to tell the truth. Raman slaps him and says is this your truth. Mihir says I can’t get engaged to Trisha. I don’t love her, I love Mihika. Raman slaps him. Raman says you have ruined my respect, this engagement will happen, its my last decision. Mihir says no. Raman slaps him. Mihir says you can beat me, I deserve this, if I agree to you, I will cheat two girls, Trisha and Mihika.

Mihir says I love Mihika. Ishita and Iyers smile. Mihir says I will always love Mihika. Raman says enough, you proved today that you are not my own, I did many favors on you and you did this, is this your loyalty. Mihir says you are everything to me, you are more than a brother, where will I go without you, you gave me life and career, but I request you don’t make me do this, I tried hard, but my heart is not agreeing, I m sorry, forgive me, I love Mihika and can marry only her, and Mihika is going to be someone else’s today and I m alone and broken, I don’t have anything, I can’t do anything, atleast I can save Trisha’s life, I m sorry if I insulted you. I m sorry to everyone. You can kill me.

Raman asks will you give life. Mihir says yes, I m sorry, I can’t do this, I love Mihika. I don’t want to go against you, I m sorry. Raman smiles and says look at me, what did you think, I will ask your life and love. Ishita is surprised. Raman hugs Mihir and says don’t cry like women, you learnt everything from me, why not this, I also failed in heart matter, I thought to give you a chance, you were sacrificing for me, you made me spend so much money for this day.

Raman says I know, I felt Mihika is not right for you, but I realized I was wrong, I thought you will tell me I m wrong, but you duffer, you did not tell me, is this your love and commitment. He asks Mihika will she marry such a man. He asks Mihir to come. He says even I watch films. He says Shahrukh’s dialogue. Raman says I did this to make you tell the truth, we did acting and its Ishita’s plan to make Mihika’s fake engagement. Vibhu says Mihika is like my Akka. Raman says Mihika still loves you, we did this drama to unite them, so that you do the real commitment, come on, get engaged now.

Bala says thanks to Raman, we came to know Mihir has guts, he will keep Mihika happy. Everyone smile. Mihika thanks Ishita and hugs her. Ishita thanks Raman. Tandon says you guys have forgot about my sister, you did not do this good Raman, I will finish you. Raman asks Mihir to talk to Trisha. Raman tells Tandon that Trisha is part of this drama, she knows this, I spoke to her before. Mihir comes to Trisha and says I m sorry, you are sweet girl, trust me, you will get a better man. Trisha says thanks Mihir, you finally spoke up. Mihir says you are smiling, are you not annoyed. She says why will I be. He asks whats this.

She says as you love Mihika, I love someone else. He says what. She says my brother is like don, I was scared when he talked to Raman about us, but luckily I spoke to Raman and he assured me that he will help me. Mihir says it means you met Raman before the holi party. She says yes. The FB scene shows Raman talking to Trisha. Raman tells her that Mihir loves someone else. She says what if Mhir does not speak up. Raman says I know him, he loves Mihika a lot, you have to overacting that you are much interested in him. The current scene shows Mihir saying how could you plan all this.

Trisha says Raman is great. Ishita hears this and says it means Raman knows Trisha loves Romi, so that was the case. Mihir asks who is the hero. Trisha says you know him. Pathak comes. Mihir says not now, Trisha loves someone else and she is telling me, please leave now. Pathak says I came to tell you that Trisha and I love each other. Ishita and Mihir are shocked. Mihir says Neil Pathak, when did this happen, why did you not tell me. Ishita comes to them and says sorry people, hold on, I m sorry I heard everything but whats this, you are her boyfriend, it means you were in coffee shop. Pathak smiles and says yes it was me.

Ishita says sorry, I heard your wife……. Trisha says I know, when I met him, he told me everything. Pathak says we have supported each other and she fell in love with me, if she did not loved me, I would have not been alive. Mihir says you did not tell me, amazing. Pathak says this was Raman’s plan. Everyone smile. Mihir hugs him. Ishita thinks Bala was right about Raman.

Tandon tells Raman that he will kill Pathak. He tells Raman that he will bring him on the road. Trisha comes there. Raman says fine, is this the work you will do as a brother, will you ruin your sister’s marriage, who is that Tandon who liked happy family. He says how can you think so low being in London, these people will not keep up the marriage, a marriage without love is baseless. He says you won’t understand, a man becomes lonely, the one who gets cheated, never trusts anyone again. Ishita looks on.

Ishita talks to Tandon and says if a heart break onces, it takes years to join. Tandon says I won’t bear one thing. He gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. Just as I expected……awesome episode….

  2. pls sum1 give me a brief account of whos this pathak is? and wats d issue wid his wife? pls

  3. I said na its raman nd 3sha’s plan.just watch 2mrw’s epi.

  4. 3sha wil tel tht her byfrnd is neil nd she want 2 mary him thn tandn wil agre 2 her wish

  5. In upcmng epi ishita wil cook CHICKEN for the punjabis.

  6. Raman tel tht he askd 3sha abt his idea.thn she agrd.thn thy both did the plan.

  7. Haan yaar koi to batao ye neil pathak kaun hai aur uski wife ka kya issue hai????

  8. Helal (Bangladesh)

    খুব ভাল (very good)

  9. yaar pehle hi plan pata that to Raman ne Mihir ko thappad kyu mara… bechara… bekaar me pit gaya…

  10. Who is nile & wts his wife story

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