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The Episode starts with Ishita asking Adi to use the seat belt. She asks about his studies, is Bala teaching well. Adi says just drive, I don’t like talking, go and talk to Ruhi, as she comes in your talk, I m not your son. Raman talks to Mihir and tells him that Adi went with Ishita on shopping, my mind is not working. Mihir says don’t worry, her patience level is fine. He asks shall I come, are you fine. Raman says yes, don’t come from office, as even I m here. He thinks to call Ishita, but no Adi will be angry. Raman stands out of Ashok’s house.

Adi sees some uniforms. Ishita asks him to try it. Adi goes. Raman messages her asking hows it going on, is Adi rude. She replies not so rude as you. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays……….. Adi says size is fine, but I need different material, I want soft one. Adi does not like any. He drinks cold drink and throws it on the clothes. Ishita asks what did you do, you shuld have been careful. The shopkeeper says you are his mum, you should have been careful, its our loss. Adi says she is not my mum, she just came to help me in shopping. Ishita apologizes and says we will pay for the loss. Adi says money can solve this, take Rs 30000. Ishita takes the money and asks how did he get this.

He says mum gave me for shopping. She says you should not have so much money, complain her about me when you meet her, I will talk to her and give this money to her. Adi acts very rude and says I still have to buy the uniform. Raman is worrying there. Adi says I want all this, pay for this. Ishita says why so many, its uniform, not normal clothes. He says mum asked me to buy, why, do you have less money, I think your husband does not give you money, so you can’t afford this. She says you said I m not your mum, so how can I do big payment for you, you say big words, control your language, only three sets are enough, come with me now.

A kid asks Raman to pass the ball. Raman takes it from under the car. He sees the white car with number 3322. He thinks of Ishita’s words. He says it’s the same car, its here in Ashok’s building. He sees the blue evil eye. He says so it means Parmeet did this, Ashok played this game to save him, but I will not leave them. I m coming. Adi leaves as Ishita is paying the bill. Adi sits in the car. She asks where are you going. He says home. She says you came with me. He says so what, I called my driver, let me go now, the work is over. He leaves. Ishita thinks what has Shagun taught him.

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Shagun comes home after shopping and sees Raman sitting on the sofa. She asks what are you doing here. He says I have to agree, how can you talk to me in this tone, I should have come before, to understand how to make truth a lie, the point is you and Ashok are great. She says what nonsense, just get out. He asks where is Ashok. She says gone for work. He says I know the truth, I got the proof, I went from here as you guys have shown the fake documents, but now, I won’t listen. Shagun gets tensed and asks him to leave. He says I won’t go, whom are you and Ashok saving, that creep Parmeet, you are a woman, atleast think of Amma, if your mum was there. Shagun says shut up.

He says I know, Ashok gave this car to Adi on his birthday, its still in your garage. He says that car has the evil eye, the number is also same. Parmeet did the accident, you are my enemy, why do you this drama, why did you target Ishita’s mum, I will not leave Ashok and Parmeet. Ishita calls Raman and says Adi went home. I m also coming. Raman says no, go home, you were right, Parmeet did the accident. She says what, how do you know. He says this time I will send Ashok and Parmeet to jail. She says I m coming. He says go home please. She says I will not leave them.

He says I will send them jail and come, I promise. He says I m calling the cops, don’t tell anything now, else you will also go to jail. She takes the phone and says Ashok is not supporting Parmeet. He says don’t make stories. She says you have to, as you know half truth. Ishita messages Bala to come at Amma’s house soon. Bala says whats the matter, and sees Vandu coming home soon. He asks is everything fine. She says no, I have to tell you something. He asks do you have fever. She says I m hiding something from you. He asks what, I m tensed. She says I m pregnant. He laughs and lifts her taking rounds. She says stop, leave me. They fall on the bed and he laughs being much happy.

He says a good news in tension, I m feeling like being in heaven. He asks till when are you hiding. She says two days. He asks what happened, are you not happy. She asks are you happy. He says lots, it’s a good news, I was waiting for a sibling for Shravan, now we will be complete family. She says kids have expenses, can we manage. He says don’t take stress, we will do it together, I know I m jobless, but I started tuition, she says sure? He says very sure, I trust myself, you and our baby.

Shagun says she is not your Amma, Ishita’s Amma, your Aaya’s Amma…. Raman says Aaya? You feel you can do anything on the power of love, you are part of it. She says don’t call police, I m scared. He says why, for Ashok or Parmeet, but he does not have money, what is your benefit if you go to him. She says Ashok is not supporting Parmeet. Raman says you are characterless, feeling for Parmeet now, that you are favoring him now, why will Ashok save him. She says I did the accident. Raman is shocked.

Amma tells a story to Ruhi with moral lying is bad, the one who says truth wins. Ishita comes to them. Ruhi says she lost a tooth. Ishita says tooth fairy will come. Ruhi asks about her date. Ishita says it was not our date, we went to meet Adi. Ruhi asks did he talk rudely. Ishita says no, he spoke well. Ruhi leaves. Amma asks is there any tension. Bala and Vandu also come and asks what happened. Bala says is it about Raman. Ishita says Raman called and says Parmeet did Amma’s accident and Ashok was covering this. Bala says what are you saying.

Ishita says now Raman has solid proof. Ishita says Raman promised that he will be in jail. Shagun says I was driving, Ashok and Parmeet are covering me, don’t say this to police, what will the society say. She begs him. Adi walks in and is shocked to see his mum begging to Raman folding her hands. Shagun cries. Adi says mom and fumes…… Raman holds his head. Adi asks what are you doing, why police, why are you begging to him, tell me. Shagun says go to your room. He says no.

Adi panics and requests Raman to leave Shagun for his sake and punish him. Shagun says atleast agree for Adi’s sake, please. Raman gets in a dilemma.

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  1. Thanks amena for the super fast update

  2. so.shagun is protecting d culprit..tht means its either mihir,her brother(and i hope to the heavens its not) or ADI!! hat do u think guys?i can already imagine a repentent adi-forgiving ishu track 😛 hope hope hope its not MIHIR! 🙁

  3. Its shagun n nt Mihir. I hope whatever shagun said os true

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