Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir drinking and thanking Raman, Pathak and Romi for coming. He says he is free now, and first drink to it. Raman asks why is he giving party. Mihir says I m free bird now, I will party daily now. He says this one is for Mihika’s marriage, I m happy now, cheers to my freedom. Raman asks are you sure you are ok. Mihir says yes. Ishita calls Raman and asks how is Mihir. Raman says he is trying, he will be fine, tell Adi I will be back home soon. Ishita says don’t worry, Adi is playing with Ruhi, and I m making chicken for him, as he likes it. He says I will come late. She asks why. He says why are you talking like wife. She asks shall I question like neighbor. He asks her to question like GF. She asks who is this in party. She hears cheers and asks is he drinking,

don’t think I m innocent. He says you aren’t. She asks him to come soon, and not drink much. He says fine. She says bye handsome and ends the call.

Mihir says I will also talk to Bhabhi, and asks Raman to open a special champagne. Raman asks whats special. Mihir says Mihika used to stop me and I thought I will open it after marriage but no one is here to stop. He says Mihika married, I could not support her in scandal, I was weak. Raman says everything happens for good. Romi asks him to chill. They drink. Adi asks Shagun will they make us leave this house. Shagun asks him to be careful, you know Raman’s anger, and we have to be here in good way. Simmi comes and asks Shagun why is Adi upset. Shagun says he is fine. Shagun drinks. Simmi asks what is she doing. Shagun says I can’t sleep, this is the only way, I feel unwell thinking about Adi, I m single and can; live on other’s pity, what else can I do.

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Simmi says Adi is not alone, we are with him. Shagun thins they don’t have any place except this, I will secure Adi’s future and mine here, this was my house and I gave it to Ishita, now I will take it back. Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla that she is going to give milk to Adi and see is he fine. Mrs. Bhalla says I gave him, he is sleeping now. She talks to her, and asks her to be away from Adi, as he has faced a lot and is staying scared, I have noticed that he stays annoyed with you. Ishita says you are right, I will keep distance. Mrs. Bhalla says Adi will understand in some time. Ishita says yes wound healing needs love and patience. Mrs. Bhalla kisses her forehead and blesses her thankfully. She leaves.

Aansu ka rishta……………plays……………… Ishita goes to see Adi once. She sees he is sleeping. She smiles seeing him and covers him with the blanket. She comes out of Simmi’s room, and leaves with the milk glass. Suraj compliments Ashok to be in good form, wearing Tamil clothes. Ashok says yes, I have to. He goes to open the door as bell rings. He welcomes the Iyers and says Mihika will just come. Mihika comes and is shocked seeing them. They ask is she fine. Mihika gets tears and nods yes. Ashok asks did she like the surprise, he has done this for her. Suraj asks them to come for dinner. Mihika drop her purse and touches Amma and Appa’s feet. Vandu sees this. Mihika thinks Ashok did bad by calling her family. Vandu thinks I know Mihika is not happy, why did she took this step.

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Ishita waits for Raman, and thinks about Mihika and hopes Vandu spoke to her well. Raman comes home drunk and she gives him lecture. She asks about Mihir. He says he is fine. He stumbles and she asks will you still say you are not drunk. He asks is she traffic constable and will she take his test. She says yes and I will take test. She asks him to read a book. He wears glasses to read. She asks when did this happen. He asks what specs? Its not normal one, its x ray glasses, anything can be seen. She laughs saying nonsense. He sees her inner lines on her shoulders and says wait, I will prove. He says how would I know you are wearing black inside.

She is stunned and goes far. (LOL, so innocent to believe) She covers herself and says what nonsense. He teases her saying I can see everything. She says I feel you are joking and runs to the loo being unsure. He says listen to me. She says remove those glasses, your company makes anything, whats this. He asks her to come, and teases her. She says tell your office not to make useless things. He says its very useful, I scared Madrasan. He says mad, she believed this. She thinks does he see across the door too and covers herself. He says mad or fool?

Ashok makes good relations with everyone by his drama, and hugs Bala. He takes Amma’s blessings. Mihika thinks sorry, I have hurt them a lot. Amma gives a saree to Mihika and she likes it. She shows Ashok and acts like being very happy with him. Vandu says every color suits Mihika and cries. She gifts and says I bought for your marriage. Mihika thanks and hugs her. Suraj asks servants to get those gifts and Ashok presents to them. Baa says lets leave. Ashok says wait, we should take a pic and asks Suraj to click one. Ashok poses with them and smiles. Iyers leave. Mihika smiles and thanks Ashok. He says you are welcome, I hope you like it, and holds her. She says not here, come in the room. He smiles.

Ishita is still in washroom and says how can Raman think to get such glasses, I can’t hear him now, maybe he slept. She checks him and sees him sleeping on the bed. She says is he acting or really sleeping. She comes out and touches him to see. She is convinced he is sleeping, and says I will see the glasses to check. He looks for the glasses and says where did he hide them. She says what should I do of you, I feel so angry on you, then you look so sweet in sleep. She smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays……………..

Ruhi tells Ishita that Adi is not at home. Ishita gets worried and looks for Adi. She says where did he go…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Chalo yeh to achha hua ke Shagun IshRa ke home se nahi par IshRa ke bedroom se to gai…..kam se kam waha to unhe privacy milegi…………

  2. Ishra kal mai busy thi iss liye comment nahi ki par maine kal 3:00 pm comment ki thi…….& like you & P I have also crush on Raman(Karan)…….

  3. What the hell ! Mihir Raman ko bhai & Simmi ko didi kehta hai to Rinky bhi to behen hi hui naa… kaise wo mihir ki life partner banegi???

  4. Are yaar new new jodiya bana rahe ho pehle Ruhi milaai jodi IahRa par focus karo pls……

  5. ……prayosha. …p……..aur khush hojao. …..
    iss. …specs k liye IshRa ..ka romantic scene hone wala hai. …….
    ishita unn specs ko pahen ne ki koshish karre gi. ..aur raman ishita hold kare ga. ..eyelock. ……raman bole ga tum mere itne pass ho. ..mujhe kisi chashme ki zarorat nahin. …….dono ek dusre se kahe te hai jo. ..bolna tha boldo (love confession )lekin apshaguni shagun beech main aajati hai. …..bolti hai kya mai tumhara bathroom use kar sakti hoon. …shagun chali jati hai. ..aur ishita uss k peeche jati hai. …….
    yaar adhura rehgaya love confession. ……..

  6. arey iss shagun ko toh har jagha gussne ki aadat hai.Shagun ko toh har baar kabbab me haadi bane ki aadat hai .

  7. awesome episode .ishra scene was good.shagun tum ishitha ki jagah lena chahathi ho toh yeh kabhi bhi nahi hoga aur hona bhi nahi chahiye.pagal awari kameeni gandi deemagwali mental pateint shagun go to hell yaar.ishra ka relation itna strong hona chahiye ki aise corodon shagun aaye bhi toh unka kuch nahi beegad sake. mika aur iyers ne ashok aur sooraj ko maja chakhayenge.eagerly waiting for that episode. mihika dont make anymore stupidity and tell everything to your family .and shagun go back to ashok. rinky’s entry is gonna be there in yhm for mihirs new love .

  8. mihika is dumbo…a very big dumbo…she alwayz fills some issues in people’s life with her doings though her inner intentions are genuine…plz dnt use ua brain mihika…let it be like dat only cz when u gona sell ua brain dn it 4 sure gona costs a huge amount….

    plzzzz bhaksh do raman,ishita,mihir ko….atleast nw…

  9. Nice episode.Loved ishra scenes.

  10. …p…prayosha sbb mai yhm ka batane wala hai. …
    …p……maine jo video dekh ne ko boli thi. ..wahi sbb main batane wala hai. …

  11. sbs main bhi bataye ga

  12. ha ishra sbs mai dehkane wale hai yhm ke baare me

  13. SBS dekho aaj bhi X-ray glaseswaa bahut achha scene ayega show me…..

  14. wow superb bataya hai sbs me yhm ke baare mai and background songs kya kamal tha ishq bulava,zehnaseeb,jeene laga hu phele se and raman bahut handsome lage raha tha spectes mai and jo ishita ko tablet gift kiya maza aa gaye

  15. wow yaar. ..mai jo video dekhi thi. toh uss se bhi achcha tha. ……dono kitne cute lagrahe the. …aur back ground song. ..ishq bolawa jane kab aaye. ..superb. …….
    raman looking sooo handsome in specs. …..
    I hope. …..aaj aye ga ye scene. ..

  16. Aaj ke episode ka intezar hi nahi ho raha hai mujhe se. Bas ab ishra ke bhech mai shagun na aajaye

  17. upcoming track was really superb with ishras nokjhok and romance but e bevakoof apshagun phir se unke romance me kabhab me haddi ban kar disturb karegi……i just want to give a tight slap to this idiot shagun plz raman beaware of her intentions

  18. raman itna killer look dete ho ki serial dehke mai aur bhi maza aata hai and smile toh maar hi dalti hai .Tum ko kya lageta hai ishra and prayosha?

  19. Yaar Ishra kya Shagun ko aur koi baathroom nahi mila jo IshRa ke romance ke bich aa gayi….wese tumne kha dekha??

  20. raman toh ishita ke saat romance karne ki ek bhi moka nahi,keep it up raman.

  21. prayosha…………. maine divyanka fb time line par kal raat ko ye video dekha. …woh on the location ka tha. …uss pe yeh bhi bataya k. ..raman ishita se kah ta hai ki. ..shagun ko. .koi aur bathroom nahin milta. ……aur woh gusse mai chala jata hai. …..kal raat se wait karrahi hoon. .k. …ye. ..beautiful kab aaye gaa. ….I …think aaj bataye ga. …

  22. Really hope ki ishra ke romance aise hi chalte rahe.

  23. p……..mujhe lagta hai ki. .shagun Jan bhoj kar. ..raman ka bathroom use kar na chahati hai. ………is se woh raman k kharib aana chahati hai. ……..par uss ki sari mehnat bekar jai gi

  24. Yeh Shagun ki himma kaise hui kehne ki ki usne yeh ghar Ishita ko daan me diya hai…..tum to yeh ghar ko nark banakar chali gai thi jaha Ravankumar naam ka jallad rehta tha….iss ghar ko swarg Ishta ne banaya aur us Ravan kumar ko loving caring doting father son brother & husband banaya……..
    Go to hell Shagun…..

  25. Bas karo tum logo ka drama
    tum log bhi bhaout drama karte ho…
    jaroorat nahi h itne overreact karne ki
    swarg nark bla bla bla

  26. i agree with u prayosha.sach mein shagun wapas aakar phir se raman ka zindagi narg banana chahti hai.kaise aurath hai yeh…

  27. ishita woh aurath hai jo ravan kumar ko ram kumar banaya.ishita ke rehte hue shagun kuch nahi kar payegi.

  28. Yes prayosha I agree with you. …..ishita k hote hoe. ..shagun kuch nahin karsakti

  29. ishita bhalla house ke jaan hai,yeh sab jaante hai aur shagun bhi.issliye shagun yeh sab kar rahi hai.kitne besharam aurath hai yeh…

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