Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika shopping a saree at Mihir’s home. She asks Shagun how is Adi. Shagun says he is in pain but now he slept. Shagun selects a saree for her. Mihika says she won’t like this, even Mihir won’t like. Shagn says trust me, my taste is perfect, just see it. Mihir comes and asks Shagun about Adi. Mihika says he has pain and is sleeping now. Shagun shows the saree. The man asks Shagun why did she chose this saree. Shagun says shut your mouth, I will pay. Mihir says you don’t deserve this saree Mihika. Shagun comes and gives the money, even when Mihir stops her. Adi calls her and she goes. Mihir thanks Mihika for taking this bad saree and calling it good. Mihika smiles. He says I will get a better one for you, thanks as me and Shagun got together because of you. They say I love you to each other.

Amma finds it peaceful in Mrs. Bhalla’s absence. Appa says I can’t understand you both. Amma says you don’t come in between us. Appa says you are missing her and laughs. He asks did you talk to Ishita. She says she will go and meet Ishita, asking if she needs any help. Amma comes to Bhalla house. Ruhi talks to her. Ishita has much work and then she has to go clinic. Ruhi asks Amma why is she sad. Amma says its so quiet here. Ruhi says you are missing her. Amma says no. Ruhi says she is also missing you, she wrote in email. She will teach her to use email and then they can chat.

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Mihir and Raman come to meet Abhimanyu Raghav. The secretary says the meeting is cancelled. Raman says why, we came 10mins before. She says he did not like the scotch bottle you have sent. Raman says what, we did no sent it. Mihir says I don’t know who has sent it. Raman says is this man mad. Ashok comes there and taunts on Raman. Raman says now I know, I m not surprised. Raman says you are doing this on my name as you can’t get the contract on your own. Ashok says Raghav is not your level man, and I did not give him like bribe like you. He leaves.

Ishita comes to know from Mihika that Ashok is coming in dinner. Mihika says Shagun invited her. Ishita says whenever Raman and Ashok meet, there is tension. Mihika says yes, I feel they should patchup as Mihir will feel good. Ishita says she will try, Raman will come for Mihir, Vandu asks about menu. They laugh on Mihika. Mihika says I will make food and Mihir will have it liking it. Ishita says lets warn Mihir. Mihika says you have food at restaurant. Ishita says I had yesterday. She tells about Mani, and their friendship. She says about menu, lets make one dish each and Mihika can get chips and cold drinks. They laugh. Ishita says she will talk to Raman.

Raman talks to Mr Mehra and says Ashok gave bribe by my name. Ishita hears him and sees his anger. She gives him cold water to cool his mind and anger. She tells about dinner planned by Mihir for Shagun and … He says Ashok will come here, you think I will come, impossible. She asks him to support Mihir and Shagun. He says fine, if Ashok speaks up, I will not leave him. She says you won’t do anything, I will teach you to behave. He jokes on her. She says it’s a request, please agree. He says what do you want, shall I ask Ashok how is he, whats his height, he is so handsome. She says you don’t have to marry him. He says it would have been better. Fine I will behave myself. Ruhi and Shravan coming and fighting. The water falls and Ruhi slips getting hurt. Raman looks on angrily and then changes his tone to sweet and cool one. He says its Ishita’s mistake, teach her to use her eyes and walk, you guys play, she will clean this. Ishita smiles and says he did not get angry.

Its night, everyone come in dinner party. Shagun asks Mihika did she not learn cooking. Ishita says don’t worry, she is taking training from Poornima. Shagun says my mum is best cook, Raman and Mihir are her fan. Raman joins them. Mihir thanks him for coming. Raman asks Bala whether he was in Park hotel. Bala lies to him. Raman says did you wear blue shirt. Bala says no, my blue shirt is in laundry since one week. Raman says maybe I got mistaken. Ashok comes and Shagun welcomes him. Ashok passes some taunts on relations uniting after a long time. Ishita asks them to come for dinner.

They sit for dining. Ashok says I have meeting with new client in morning and he does not like late comers. Raman reacts and Ishita makes him calm. Raman taunts Ashok to reach on time, else he won’t get anything to survive. Mihika says we all made one dish each, lets taste. Ishita and Shagun make Palak Paneer. Shagun says everyone will know who is the better cook. Ashok says he can’t have palak paneer, you know I have allergy with it. She asks him to taste it. Raman says its healthiest veg and he has allergy, and taunts on Ashok. Raman sees Bala acting strange and going far to attend a call. Bala says sorry guys, we have to leave now.

Ishita says have food and go. Bala says I have few classes and its in early morning, I have to go, sorry, its urgent. Vandu says lets be here for sometime. He says no, I need much time. Mihir asks Mihika to pack food for them. Bala asks Vandu to come. Raman says goodnight Bala and thinks. Shagun asks Raman to taste the palak paneer and say which is better and who made it. Mihika thinks who does Shagun not leave Raman. Raman tastes both the dishes. He says this is made by Ishita. Ishita and Mihika smile. Mihika says how did you know, she made this. Ramna says she is my wife and knows my choice, she knows I like spicy, and about this one, Shagun does not care for everyone’s taste, no salt, no chilli, not happening, make Ashok eat something eat, how will he work in morning, he has presentation. Mihir and everyone smile.

Ishita and Raman come home. They are in their room. She thanks him for liking and knowing her dish. He says yes, but I had it thinking it was Sambar. He says he has to praise wife infornt of others. She says don’t act, you liked it, so you ate so much. He says it was better than Shagun’s palak paneer. She smiles. Raman thanks Mihika. Ruhi coughs. Raman thanks her too. Ruhi says Papa has not let Ishita wake up by her alarm and is doing all the work. Mihika says so romantic, please teach this to Mihir too. Ishita wakes up and sees its 8am. She says I m late, why did the alarm not ring, I will ask Amma to send food for Raman and Ruhi. Ruhi tells Raman that she has to keep Ishi Maa in good mood. Raman says come, lets surprise her.

Ishita comes out and sees the food made. Raman and Ruhi say surprise. He says you always make palak paneer, so we did this. Mihika says this was Raman’s idea, Ruhi and I helped him. Ishita says I m impressed and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays………….. Raman gives a sweet smile.

Mihir tells Shagun that her marriage will be grand, there won’t be anything less as Raman’s heart is very big, more than Ashok’s. Raman and Ishita look at each other and smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein……..plays…………..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i thnk smethng fishy in bala’s lyf.RAMN agn u made ishra’s fans hpy by gvng gud crdit 2 ishu’s palak paner.

  2. Dat abhimanyu is ishita’s clg frnd mani

  3. Nice epi

  4. ishu’s love for raman is very beautiful & touching. the scenes r similar to wat we see in Iss pyar ko kya naam doon. the makers shld think of new love scenes for ishra. this new guy mani/abhimanyu played by sumeet shld try to bring ishra close & not develop a crush on ishita. ekta can do anything ugly as she is the producer. we need some kissing scenes between ishra soon.

  5. wow raman u always rocks and mindblowing.and the ways ur care for ishu and made breakfast .it just amazing.and ur cute when laugh.stupid shagun is always after raman and she will never get raman.raman is only for ishu.

  6. guys see spoilers mani is a +ve charactr nd will make ishra confess their love for each other

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