Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok telling Parmeet to prove to them that he works for them. He says call Simmi and ask her to talk to Romi, I want Romi to come in senses. He ends the call and tells Suraj that Parmeet will do our work and Simmi will do as Parmeet told her. This will ruin Raman’s image. Ashok tells Suraj that Parmeet will use his charm on Simmi, and Simmi will make Romi talk against Sarika. Simmi talks to Parmeet on phone and says this will be wrong, trust me, I won’t let this happen, you think so much for my family, I will talk to Romi. She tells Romi how can he give a name to Sarika’s child. Romi asks how does she know this. She says first ask your parents, and Raman before doing this. She says one day you will be married, what will you tell them, that you have a child, leave this to Abhimanyu, don’t get into this. Ishita and Bhalla elders come in the party. They like the party. Ishita sees Raman and smiles. Before she can proceed, Mani comes to her.

He asks how did she come now, he was expecting her to come with Raman. She says she went to parlour, so Raman came before and I came with family. He says fine, I asked a small thing and you gave me explanation. They laugh. Raman looks at them. Mani compliments her and she thanks him. Mani says your place is not here, but there. She says I know, but I want to know is Ashok creating any scene. He says its sort out, Ashok will not come here, as we ruined his plan. She says I know him very well, he can attack, I m tensed, and where is Romi and Sarika.

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Romi tells Simmi that he promised Sarika and Ishita that he will give name to child. Simmi says no, I won’t let this happen. Romi says tell me, what to do. She says run away. Romi says what? Simmi says yes, run away till all this gets solved, come back when everything gets fine, don’t tell anyone. He says and Sarika? She slaps him and says don’t take her name, save yourself, take this money, and just run. Romi looks on. Sarika comes in the party and looks for Romi. She says everyone is here, where is Romi, I thought I will take his sign on papers, but I should go now, as Ishita can have problem because of me.

Ashok comes and asks S Bhalla how are you, why are you alone, where is Romi, did he not come to support you. She says he might be on the way. Ashok says you are confident, can’t you see when a rich man cheats, Romi is like me, I m sure he has run, even I would have done this. She says thankfully you are not in his place. He says but where are you, see that’s Bhalla family and whats your name and your child’s name, Ishita is great, she fooled you. Sarika says Romi will come. He says really, fine, ccall him and ask where is he. Ashok smiles. Sarika calls Romi and he is on the way driving.

He sees Sarika’s call and throws the phone. Ashok says you look sad, I m feeling bad for you, so I came, its still time, it can be late too, as Bhalla family can pretend to be good, but their heart is black, Romi, Parmeet, Raman and Ishita are champions to fool others, so think about yourself and your child. Sarika calls Romi again. Ashok drinks and smiles. Romi is irritated and looks at the phone. He bangs into the truck.

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Ishita shows the gold bracelet to Mrs. Bhalla, saying she made via Mr. Kakkad for this day for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says why did you not give him, go and give him. Ishita goes and says how to give this to Raman, he won’t wear and get angry. She sees him keeping hand on the chair and says she has to do something. Raman talks to clients and says he will do his duty well. Ishita sits there and tries to make him wear the bracelet. The lady compliments Raman on his simple look. Raman says I don’t like showy things. He sees the bracelet and the lady asks why did you wear this then, to keep someone’s heart.

Ishita greets them, and talks to them. The guy asks her to be with Raman, and asks did she gift him the bracelet. Raman says no, it does not have emotional value, all that glitters is not gold, whats seen is not always true. He leaves. Ishita gets upset by his taunts. Ashok tells Suraj that Romi would have run by now, I will talk to Sarika. He comes to Sarika and asks did Romi come. Sarika says not yet. Ashok says my words are bitter, but true, you want justice, and fills her ears. He says Raman and Ishita are fooling you. I can’t help you after some time. She says yes, you might be right, I want to talk to Romi for the last time.

She calls Romi, who met with an accident. The people gather there and call for ambulance. The ceremony is going to start now and all are requested to sit in their seats. Ashok tells Sarika that Romi won’t take your call, he does not value you, come. The man takes Sarika’s call and says accident happened here. She asks where, and the address. She cries. Ashok stops her. She says leave me. He says are you mad, he is running away from you. She says leave me, let me go. She leaves.

Raman is being applauded and Ishita smiles. The man says a middle class hardworking man has won highest awards by his determination, his life is an inspiration. Shagun arrives there. Ashok tells Suraj that Sarika left. Shagun says surprise and joins Ashok. Raman looks at Ishita and Mani. Raman is announces the new head for Asia’s business council. Everyone clap for him. Shagun says Ashok always loses to Raman, I did not think this would happen. Mani says congrats to Raman, as she saved Raman. She says its all because of you. He says this time is for Raman. They smile. Raman looks at them. He goes to give the speech and says dreams does not become true, and if its true, then there is someone who breaks it. He says my mum to say bright future, but life is always dark, so its better not to cheat ourselves by this false hope.

He says its always been dark for me, and you see who comes in award function, thanks the person who made him and helped him, but I will thank the one who cheated, hated, and hurt me. Ishita gets puzzled. He says when a person is hurt, he gets courage to go ahead. He says he fell many times, not once but twice and then got courage to balance himself. He says every man has a woman behind his success, the credit goes to my wife, Ishita smiles. He says sorry, my ex wife. Ishita is shocked. Raman says Shagun Arora….. Everyone is shocked. Ashok looks at Shagun. Raman says please clap for her. He claps for Shagun, and says if she did not do this with me 6 years before, I would have not been here, she taught me a lesson, and gave me courage to prove myself and know whats true and whats false.

Ishita gets tears in her eyes. He says thanks for inspiration and I hope you all support me, as when we hope, people leave us for someone else and some other intention, but I won’t do this as I m not that type. Shagun looks on. Raman thanks everyone and they clap for him. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays………… Raman looks at Ishita. The screen frezzes on Ishita’s teary eyed face.

Ishita tells Mani that she loves Raman, he is my daughter’s dad, I m happy that he is happy, its ok he should be happy by any reason. She cries and says I m happy. Mani holds her hand saying no Ishu, you are not ok. Raman looks at them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pls koi is serial ko fast forward karo.

  2. On monday hope raman confesses his luv to ishu n romi gets to how much sarika luvs him!

  3. The all fan’s are very sad for you but your fault – Ishita
    Now coming episode in Ishita feeling…why Raman hate me?and why Raman not like me? Ans- Ishita you are so let and not understand Raman feeling -so be active

  4. Watz d hell gng on in dz serial…its very much boring…ishu nd raman plz confess ur lv…i hope nw romi may undrstnd dat hw much sarika lv him…

  5. worse epidose i ever seen in from starting to till now of yeh hai mohabetein.raman u hurt us and ishu a lot today.phir bhi ishu u should also understand him naa.hope ki raman confess his feeling to ishu.and atleast now romi should change for good.and we want romi in positive character not in negative one.

  6. they r married cant they just talk things out. this is so frustrating

  7. in this serial everyone are right from their sides raman is angry as he saw his loving wife with someone ishitha is sad as raman is angry mani is worried because ishu is sad sarika is sad bcoz romi has not arriove sthe party romi is correct as he canmt say ok to every mmistake he did simmy is correct as she wants to save her brother ashokk and suraj are correct as they wanna destroy tehir enemies shagun is correct as she is going tolose everthing so when all are correct we must juts watfch the serial andjust accpet whats happening and expect for something nice and good and i dont want to hurt anyone but this i my decision or suggestion

  8. arey yar ye drama bandh karo…..I dnt think they confess their feelings ever and mani give them space that they can understand what is going on other ones heart dnt forget that ishu is married and before u came they solved so many problems…… plz change the track makers its getting worse day by day

  9. ayyo pls end this misunderstandings. story is getting boring. think better to end Mani charactor and give good moments of ishu and raman

  10. If dey hav lov 4 each other they shud be frank and trust……plz guys lov is a winderfull feeling in world plzzzz confesss abt ur feelings…….

    1. R u swapna aunty of vizag????

    2. No im from banglore… a student……

  11. Raman yeh tumhe kya ho gaya???
    Koi aur nahi mila toh Shagun ko jhoothi taarif dilwadi????
    Bt mistake tumhari bhi toh nahi hai…. tum sab kuch misunderstand kar rahe ho & no one is there to clear it….
    Ishita kuch samjho aur Mani,flirt karne ki wajah ishu ko kuch samjhao….

  12. Nw its going boring….
    Interest nahi aa rahaa. Kya karu bt i lv ishra….
    Fast fotward it plzz….
    Warna kai aur audience show dekhna band kar denge!!!! Already many of my friends stopped watching it. Ekta ma’am, plzz do something….

  13. R u swapna aunty????

  14. bakwas bandh karo… ishu nd mani ka over action zyada hogaya.. ab tho ye drama bandh karoooooo…

  15. Maine abhi net par padha ke 24th oct. ko yeh hai mohabbatein ke set par aag lagi.

  16. Yeh mera fav serial tha but even I Hav stopped watching this serial…. Plz ekta mam stop this nonsense.. So tat I can watch it….

  17. Urr yeh mani har baaar kabab mein haddi ban ke aata kyun hai

  18. I dont understand are marrried people not supposed to discuss stuffs instead of taunting and talking indirectly to each other. Rubbish ds is so childish. They are not saying anything just there have ideas in there head

  19. This drama is getting too much.. They spoil the essence of the character to drag the faltu drama.. For this faltu drama they ruined all the characters.. Ishu, raman , mani , romi..
    I am not watching it for another week

  20. Is Romi dead??? 🙁

  21. Ekta kapoor is turning yeh hai mohabbtain into kasauti jindgi kee……ishita be ready for atlest 4 marrages…and raman 4 and where is komolika…

  22. Check out the Raman statement in Asia business head ana find out raman feeling -ishita
    raman alway love for only you-Ishita and leave the mini from yhm serials and best of luck

  23. PlZz yaar yeh serial zyada maat khicho this is getting really boring plz make Raman and ishita together I miss those cute fights between them
    Sort this out fast or else no one will wAtch this serial
    N plz give romi positive character he is so cute

  24. What’s happening in this serial
    why is raman behaving so
    childishly?don’t he know ishus character. …..


  25. This was track was nice.when raman comes know the truth mazaa ayega.ishitha nd raman will cme closer.ishitha dont forgive raman so easily

  26. But raman iz hurting ishitha so much.ishitha shd undrst ramans behavior

  27. thanx pinky for waiting for my comments. We will have to take this truth that Ishra will not be together for long. The creative team of YHM and Ekta has made their mind that they will separate Ishra and Ishita will marry Mani and Raman marrying Shagun again. Actually, we audience were dumb who forgot the fact that it is a balaji show. do masoom dilo mein beintehaa pyar ki jagah nafrat aur berukhi ne jagah leli. Ishita ko dekke to mujhe to rona aaraha. Ishita ko raman ko chahna pyar karna ab uski aadat ban gayee hai. pata nahi woh iss baat ko kaise bardaasht kar payegi ki raman use kabhi samajh hi nahi paya. raman apni jagah sahi hai lekin woh shagun ko credit deraha humein to gussa aa raha. main to bas ab us din ka intezar karrahoon jab Ishra alag ho jayenge aur main yeh show dekhna band kardoonga. bahut mushkil hai mere liye is show ko avoid karna bcos i love ishra.

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