Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Shardul fixes Ruhi and Karan’s marriage

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying you have trained Shardul to become Raman and also convinced the doctors, you made that marks on Shardul’s face to convince everyone, you did a lot. Sudha says you have done a lot for my son Karan, you loved him as his mum, I m repenting, Shardul helped us a lot, Raman is safe because of him. Ishita says Shardul is really good, I feel bad for him, he is living as Raman with a hope that Raman gets fine soon, I thought Natasha will expose Shardul, but thank God you exposed Shardul’s hair sample with Raman’s sample, which proved that Shardul is Raman. FB shows Sudha hearing Natasha. She says their plan can’t succeed, never, we can’t reveal Raman’s identity. She thanks someone and says you got the sample for the tests, make sure the test results are positive. She sees Sunil and acts. She says thanks, you will get money in your account, you have done a big favor on me. FB ends.

Ishita says you have helped me a lot. Sudha says I think you should go now, Raman is fine, everyone must be waiting for you, just be careful, behave normal in front of everyone, I m here, you trust me, right, go now. Ishita says Raman, I m going now, please return home soon, when everyone learns truth, you have to stand by me. She leaves. She calls Ruhi and says sorry, I missed your calls, I couldn’t come because of a emergency case, okay I will meet you at home.

Arijit cries for Neeti. He says I m missing all that tantrums of Neeti. Shardul says Ishita loves her children a lot, we must hurt her by targeting her children. Arijit says you said we shouldn’t target them. Shardul says we don’t have to kill them, but make her emotionally weak, I have a plan, I will explain.

Shardul comes home. Ruhi asks where were you, everyone missed you there. Shardul says I had an urgent work, my friend’s daughter is getting married, I went to give him some money, I felt we should get Ruhi married too. Ruhi asks what. Everyone smiles. Raman says everything is going on smoothly, why to waste time. Karan hugs him and thanks. Ishita comes. Karan thanks her. Ishita asks what happened. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman gave us a good news, you must have told him that its the right time. Amma says for Ruhi and Karan’s marriage. Ishita gets shocked. Shardul smiles. Ruhi says don’t act so surprised, thanks, I love you. Ishita thinks Ruhi can’t get married without Raman’s blessings. Shardul thinks I know you won’t let this marriage happen without Raman’s blessings, you have to tell the truth to everyone about him, I have to emotionally break her down. He says pandit said marriage should be done in the same month, shall we start the marriage arrangements. Karan says of course.

Ishita asks Shardul to come for a talk. Shardul says no, you will say we need time, I will manage everything. Karan says yes, I will take care of everything. Ishita says we shall take some time. Karan says everything is ready. Yug says wow, he is ready, even the honeymoon package would be ready. Karan says yes, its all set. Shardul says I m very happy for Ruhi’s marriage, I will go and get sweets. He thinks to message Arijit that his plan worked. Arijit smiles seeing Neeti’s sketches. He gets Shardul’s message. He says trust me. Bhuvan gets tea. Arijit says once we find Raman. Bhuvan asks what’s this confusion, I will call Sanjay, is Shardul fake Raman. Arijit worries and scolds him.

He says once I take revenge on Ishita and Raman, I will take Neeti and go to London. Sudha asks Karan what happened, why did he call her urgently. Karan says I love you and hugs her. He says I m so excited, Ruhi and my marriage is going to happen. Sudha asks what. Karan says Raman got this month mahurat as well, I m so excited. Sudha says I m very happy. He says don’t worry, I have made all the arrangements, Ruhi we should go to wedding planner, I promise this will be the most grand marriage in Delhi. Yug says Aaliya and I will also come. Shardul gets sweets. Karan says we are going to wedding planner, I will come back and have sweets. Mrs. Bhalla prays. Sudha says I want to discuss about guest list. They go to the room.

Ishita scolds Shardul for fixing Ruhi’s marriage without asking her. Sudha says Raman is in coma, how can the marriage happen. He asks are you done, I have thought well about it, I m not mad to decide it like this, you both would have not agreed, I have an emotional connect with the family, Karan and Ruhi are away because of us, Karan was telling her that he can’t wait for longer, when I met my friend, I learnt his daughter is suffering from cancer, maybe she can’t survive till her marriage, I thought to decide this for Karan and Ruhi, would Raman not want them to marry, even Yug and Aaliya got married in Raman’s absence. He says we are doing wrong with the children, we are there, we all are here with the children. Ishita says you are right but preparing for marriage in one month, how will Raman recover so soon.

He says if we bring best doctor for him, maybe he recovers till their marriage. Sudha says he is right, I know Dr. Suri is a very good doctor, he can treat Raman, Raman may recover from coma before the marriage. Ishita says we should go and meet him. Shardul says I will come. Ishita says stay at home, its mummy ji and papa ji’s anniversary today, no one realized this at home, I have ordered the food, receive it here. They leave. He smiles.

Sudha asks Ishita not to lose courage, call out Raman. Ishita smiles when Raman opens eyes.

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