Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita meeting some guy. The man calls Raman lucky to get a wife like Ishita. He praises Ishita. He says I came with my friends and you came with your husband on holiday, spend some time with us, else remember in prayers. She says always, bye. Vidyut is at the stadium and talks to cricketers. He tells about the Adelaide oval stadium. Ruhi comes there and says Mr. Vidyut Sahay. He asks what are you doing here, Ruhi Bhalla. She says its good you know me, what did you think of yourself, what were you trying to do, why are you ruining Ishita’s life, I know you are a big flirt, and casanova, you are trapping Ishita as she is innocent.

Raman and Ishita come there and look on. Ishita says I did not see Ruhi shouting like this before. Raman says she loves you a lot. Ruhi asks Vidyut why did he send cameraman, everyone should know Vidyut’s truth, are you scared and worried for your image, you can just trap girls, you know that, I did not see more fallen man than you, how can you break anyone’s house, did you not think of our family, why did you do this. Ishita says Vidyut helped us, we can’t let him get insulted. Raman says we will tell truth to Ruhi. Vidyut says no comments. Ruhi says what, you have to answer me, I m Ishita’s daughter. She cries and scolds him. Vidyut sees Raman and Ishita. Ruhi says I know you don’t love Ishita, why are you taking her away from us, we love her a lot, she does not need you. Vidyut says Ishita is an adult, and can do anything she wants, okay. He leaves. Ruhi also leaves. Ishita says we should talk to Ruhi once. Raman says no, we have to talk to Vidyut first.

Simmi gets flowers. The delivery boy says a little girl has sent it. Simmi thinks Ananya has sent it and smiles. She reads the note and says Ananya has done this, she will not give up, she brought a smile on my face. The man asks did she find out who has sent it. The delivery guy says no, I said a little girl has sent it. The man sees Simmi’s pic and says now you see my magic.

Raman and Ishita go to talk to Vidyut. Raman says we heard everything, we are sorry. Ishita says we are sorry, Ruhi said a lot. Vidyut says stop it, why are you saying sorry, you think I m angry, no, I m jealous, she loves you both a lot, she is lovely and did all this for her parents, I should leave now, I have to look smart. Raman says oh, date with Shagun, you heard you are casanova. Vidyut says you enjoy pulling my leg, I have to fool Shagun of my love. Raman says we will never be able to repay you for this. Vidyut says I m happy with this, if you get Pihu, I will get peace. He goes. Ishita says he is a good man. Raman says I know.

Shagun says I m going on date with Vidyut, who will manage Pihu, I can’t leave her alone. Shagun calls Raman. Raman says I knew she will call. He asks Shagun from where to pick Pihu. Shagun makes an excuse about her ill friend and asks him to pick Pihu from home. He says fine and ends call. He says she is going to meet Vidyut and lying. She says its good she looked convinced, I m hoping Ruhi stays fine. He says I will manage Ruhi, don’t worry.

Vidyut meets Shagun and takes her in his car. She smiles. Ruhi tells Adi that Vidyut is shameless, I scolded him and he said Ishita is adult and can do anything she wants, we have to stop this divorce and stop Ishita from moving on. Aaliya says don’t lose hope. Adi says we will get some clue against Vidyut, keep trying. Ruhi says yes. Raman calls Ruhi. Ruhi scolds him and asks him not to call him back. Raman says I need your help. Ruhi says I will not help you in giving divorce to Ishita. He says no, its about Pihu. She says what. He says I told her you will come to meet her. She agrees. Raman tells Ishita that Ruhi said she will come. She says its positive. I hope Vidyut also succeeds.

Simmi talks to Mrs. Bhalla about her job. She gives halwa to her. Mrs. Bhalla finds her very happy and asks her the reason. Simmi says whats the big thing, I wanted to make halwa today, Ananya has sent the flowers to make me feel special, Ananya wants me to be happy always, she has grown up now and notices all this, so I decided no tears and tension now. Mrs. Bhalla smiles. Simmi receives chocolates and shows to Mrs. Bhalla, saying Ananya has sent this, I m so lucky. The delivery guy tells the man that Simmi thought her daughter has sent this to her. The man says its good, Simmi you feel lonely, I have come to end your loneliness.

Vidyut gets Shagun to a beautiful place. She likes the place. They have a talk. He compliments her. She says the saree you gifted is nice, I like it. He says it looks good as you have worn it. She asks why are you getting romantic. He asks shall I say. She gets shy and runs. He asks her to try the wine, its freshly made here. He gets a call and goes. The man stares at Shagun and smiles. He asks where are you from. She says I m sorry, excuse me. He holds her. Vidyut comes and pushes the man, shouting I love her, go….. Shagun looks on. He holds Shagun and asks are you fine. The man goes and gets paid by someone/Ishita.

Vidyut tells Shagun that he is not worried for the world and wants to stay with her. He declares his love to Shagun and proposes her infront of everyone in the cafe. Shagun smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ishita and Raman should be burnt alive. How dare they send Vidyut to Shagun? Poor Shagun I pity her. Poor Ruhi, she is just trusting that shameless Ishita who sacrificed her for Pihu. I wish Ishita dies along with her so called husband. Stupids both of them. I love Shagun!!

    1. Are u out of ur mind
      U love the evil

    2. Another one supporter of top order villain not bad shagun hahaha

    3. Reshmi please burn Ishitha and Raman … if Ishra is not there no yhm … so we viewers also be happy that finally that serial is come to an end . inly becoz of Ishra millions are watching … It will be nice if you can kill Ishitha and Raman … I want to stop watching this … becoz in Australia also its boring … Cant wantch a lady who has 22 yrs old son likes to have new man in her life and flirt and blush as she is praised . Shaghuns some blouses are horrible and not suiting her .Ishitha is becoming a puppet in Ramans actions … how can she bear Ruhis pain … this story which we all felt very unique becoz of stepmother and step daughter Ruhi and Ramans hatred turns to care friendship and love is centred now only with Shaghun and the men in her life. Ishra has no space at all … becoz of Divan fans only yhm is watched by millions .

      1. Shreya shetty

        VP dear I am actually telling the truth to all those people who hate yhm example for that mindeless reshmi lady!!don’t know what she thinks of herself a winner of this evil drama or something.
        to all those who hate yhm and comment anything nonsense against ishu or good character,u don’t deserve to be here because no body can spoil this friendly environment of yhm family here especially that irritating reshmi.darn I am just fed up with all those previous haters like that tehreem and Kimberly and now even reshmi is Kimberly 2 of saying such horrible things about ishita like that!!

    4. Shreya shetty

      Reshmi just mind ur language get it.ishita is a good woman and not like a evil retarded person like shaggy doo u go and burn alive urself and lets see what will happen when u try that on ur self,u shaggy lady reshmi!!!just go from here if u hate yhm,we don’t care at all of what rubbish thoughts u keep expressing here because neither we tolerate bad comments nor do we accept good people here.u better understand this and don’t u ever dare blame me coz whatever I am saying is the reality about yhm haters like u reshmi.accept it or lose it,dont mind at all

      1. Hello shreya happy to see you back with your funny comment as you said “neither we tolerate bad comments nor we accept good people here” it means you will not accept me here also haha jokes apart shreya let it be because if we comment to her post she will write it again because “if you do right no one remember but if you do wrong no one forget”

      2. Shreya I with u,someone don’t like yhm then no need Coment in here .this only drama is not real life.

      3. Shreya shetty

        oops sorry for that magic ididnt know what I was saying during that time.maybe by mistake hahahahahahahahah!!!

    5. How could you say that?? You love Shagun? What did she sacrifice for Pihu? I know she was the only one who took care of Pihu and adi for 7years. But when Ishu came back she felt insecure of her position of the Bhalla house. Then she started feeling jealous of ishra romance. Shagun kidnapped Ishita and tried to kill her. Shagun brainwashed Ishu’s own daughter Pihu against her. Is that a right thing? Shagun was good when she was helping Ishu. It’s also shown that Shagun didn’t change and she wanted to snatch Raman and family from Ishita. She is trying to get Pihus custody. Ishita cares about others not Shagun. Ishita is worried for Pihu. That’s why IshRa made a plan to protect Pihu from Shagun. Shagun only wants men and money not Ishita. That’s All I can say. It’s your wish to support anyone.

      1. Hello Priyamvadha Madam and all. It’s my wish to comment anything. Don’t say anything rubbish about Shagun. What she does is for her good only. Ishita is a jagatmaata and she always lands someone in trouble. Baanch Ishita. Snatching away Shagun children. Idiotic foolish Ishita.

      2. Shreya shetty

        ohhhh hello Reshmi madam can u please keep ur dirty mouth sealed for once or not???ur such a bad commenter that anyone could easily spit harsh words right on ur face u r such a fool to be a slave of that cruel indecent woman shaggy doo(shagun)
        if u really love shagun so much then why don’t u just jumpi into her fire???cant u.
        afterall its not only me but everyone are very frustrated and annoyed with ur nonsensical comments about dare u ever say that to her
        ishita is not a jagatmaata or something,she a swet good and angelic woman and not like that filthy evil minded witch shagun
        whatever I am saying is the truth and u have no right to say anything about of what I ve expressed about shaggy just now,U BETTER UNDERSTAND RESHMI JAGATMAATA!!!go and hit urself somewhere because ur a lunatic and incredibly dumb person who has not at all seen the first part of the episode properly,thats what made ur mind brainless!!!

    6. Lol which world do u live
      Its whats coming to her

      1. Shreya shetty

        hey guys actually I am very irritated by that annoying commenter named Reshmi!!!she s too much and is behaving like a mentally ill person who loves and supports villains and not good characters like ishita
        to those guys who hate ishita and yhm this is the last time I ve been telling u not to come here.ok fine u can say anything about the show RESHMI MADAM BUT DONT U EVER DARE SPEAK A BAD WORD ABOUT ISHU AND ANY GOOD CHARACTER HERE,BETTER THINK BEFORE COMMENTING SUCH RUBBISH ELSE ANYONE WOULD THINK U R OUT OF UR MIND

    7. Yeah but Ruhi hated ishita at first

      1. NO Rani…. Ruhi don’t hate Ishtia. Ruhi hate Shagun.

        Ishita is the only one woman who does everything for LRuhi, Adi and Raman. Shagun become positive and support Ishita then Nidhi separate Raman and Ishita. Shagun slapped Raman for not taking care of Adi and Ruhi when Shagun was pregnant with Raman and Ishita daughter Pihu. Shagun vow to Raman that he is such bad father and doesn’t care about his children in front of Nidhi and Nidhi smirked. Ishita sentence were served that shattered Raman and families. Raman save Ishita and prank to kill Ishita as his plan for the sake of his children.

        Raman meet Ishita in the secret place where Ishita live alone and was shocking to see Raman at her door and angry on him. Raman explain the reason of why he does this because Ishita is his life and can’t live without her. Raman cried badly that his own families hate him and ask her to play as Shanya to revenge Nidhi to stop the marriage. Ashok confused of Shanya and think that Shanya is Ishtia. Ashok bring Shanya to Bhalla house to stop the wedding between Raman and Nidhi and all are shocked to see Shanya and think that Ishita is alive. Ishita get emotional seeing Ruhi calling Ishita Ishma. Ishita control her emotional and told Rui that she is not Ishita and she is Shanya. Raman did not continue the marriage with Nidhi and Nidhi get fumed. Then Shanya slapped Ashok in front of whole guest and Raman silent giggled.

        Ruhi believed in Sharika (Romi’s first wife) that Ishita does not love her and Ishita only love her own baby Pihu. Nidhi feed nasty about Ishita in Ruhi mind to make her hate Ishita. Ruhi did not know that she is Ishita life since long and did not know about Ishita suicide and leaving Raman and children for her. Raman and Ishita bring Ruhi back and want to show her how much they love her. Ruhi see Ishita love for her are very much strongest. Ruhi don’t want to leave Ishita and so is Adi. Pihu did not know the truth about Raman and Shagun faked marriage and Raman and Ishita real marriage and her parent. Shagun feed wrong information in Pihu’s mind that Ishita did not do that to Ruhi. Ruhi knows about Shagun as bad mother and des not care about her and brother Adi. Pihu had become blindly in love with Shagun and trust her words and hate Ishita. Ishita send Raman to be with Pihu and Pihu realised Raman love for her and Ishita.

    8. Reshmi….

      When you will learn from her. As you think that Shagun is better mother to Raman’s children!!!!

      My answer is no!!!! Shagun love men and money not children. Raman loves his children and his lady love Ishita. Ishita does everything for hubby and children. Pihu did not know the truth about Shagun as evil lady who want to snatch her from her real parent (Raman and Ishita). Pihu is Ishtia blood not Shagun. Shagun is irresponsible mother who loves party and spa more than taking care of children. Ishita is the only one who care about children future and welfare like Raman does. Raman almost not want to give love to Ruhi because of Shagun. Ruhi hate Shagun for more than years and start to love Ishita. Ruhi was 5 years old, Ruhi found lonely puppy on the road and did not know how to check the road and Ishita witness this and tried to stop Ruhi to cross the road but saw the car moving toward Ruhi and the driver did not pay attention. Ishita push the lady and ran to Ruhi to save her with the puppy along. Ishita hug Ruhi and scream which the driver heard and notice the lady and child and press the brake immediately that was close to Ishita’s back. All people ran to check if Ishita and child are fine and get relived that they are fine and sound and ask who the child is. Ishita start to fall in live with Ruhi and does not know that Ruhi is Ishita neighbour. Then Raman blames on Ishita for wanting to kidnapped Ruhi because Ishita was too attracted on Ruhi. Ishita and Pratik engagement were called off because Ishita parent were send to jail by Raman, Toshi and Simmi. Raman get shocked that Ishita brought Ruhi home and took her in his arm and fumed on Ishita, Mihika informed Ishita of what happened then Ishita cried and goes to get money to bail her parent. Toshi take Ruhi to the house and and hear Ruhi calling Ishita aunty that shocked Raman and see Ruhi weak and becomes worry. Doctor exclaim Ruhi and tell Raman to thank to Ishita for saving Ruhi before too late and Raman feel guilty for not waiting for Ishita. Omprakesh fumed and scolded badly on Simmi, Toshi and Raman for wrongdoing. Raman phone the police to let Iyer out and there are some misunderstand then the police free Iyer. Madhu want to continue the engagement between Ishita and Pratik but Ishita tell her mother that no engagement will take place. Shagun left Raman for Ashok when Ruhi was 6 months old and taking 9 years old son Adi who Adi lied to court about Raman abusing him and want to stay with Shagun and Ashok. Tanu lied to Ishita for Ashok that Raman will be on news to blame Ishita for kidnapped then Ishtia accused Raman in News as bad father and sending her whole family to jail. Raman get hurt by Ishita accused. Women organisation demand that Raman should send Ruhi back to Shagun. Raman refused and Ishita witness this. Bhalla ask Simmi to bring Ruhi. Simmi bring Ruhi and leave her on ground and tell women organisation to see Ruhi looking fine. Ruhi get scared and see Ishita standing there then Ruhi ran to Ishita and hug Ishita tight and cried. Raman and Bhalla get shocked to see Ruhi with Ishita. Women organisation order Ishita to give Ruhi to Shagun and Ruhi refused to go and ask Ishita to leave her with Raman. Ishita stop women organisation and ask them to call Shagun. Raman fumed to see Shagun. Ishita explain to Ruhi that Shagun is her mother and you had to stay with mother and I will visit you everyday. Raman and Shagun had finalized their divorced then Ruhi don’t want to stay with Shagun and cried badly and demand Raman to take her home. Then Ruhi custody came so Ruhi get frightened then she see Ishita and Ishita ask Ruhi to calm down. Judge ask Ruhi who she want to stay with Raman or Shagun. Ruhi pick to stay with Ishita that shocked the tamilies. Judge called Ishtia and ask few question about her relationship with Ruhi and Ishita tell truth. Vishwa and Omprakesh want Raman and Ishita to get married for Ruhi. Raman and Ishita get married but Shagun ruined it and lied to Ishita about Raman abused. Ishita decided that Ruhi will stay and send Shagun home. Bhalla get fumed on Shagun but Ishita tell Bhalla that she will not call the wedding off because she did the drama to send Shagun away. They get relieved and Raman and Ishita got married. Ruhi custody was shocking for Shagun and Ashok that Ishita tricked them that Raman and Ishita are married. Ashok manipulated Ruhi about Raman dangerous man that scared Ruhi. Raman decided to divorced Ishita but does not know. Judge called Ruhi and ask what happened and why she changed her mind then Ruhi tell judge the truth about Ashok manipulate. Judge get angry then give the final decision that Ruhi will be given to Ishita and Raman. Raman and Ishita get happy then Shagun and Ashok get shocked by judge decision. Shagun blasted on judge then Jduge order Shagun to be silent and ask Ruhi to tell truth that Ruhi told judge. Ruhi tell courtroom about Ashok manipulated that shocked Raman and Ishita. Raman get fumed. Ruhi call Ishita Ishma. Ishita goes to Ruhi and give tight hugs and smile. Raman meltdown see Ruhi happy with Ishita and Judge witness Ruhi happy with Ishita. Shagun does not sacrificed Raman’s children because Shagun want every men and money. As you know Raman, Bhalla family and her brother Mihir call Shagun as gold-digger. Adi want to do the same with Shagun but realised that Shagun is not good and see Raman and Ishita love for him and Ruhi. Adi tried to committed sucide because of Shagun revenge to snatch Ruhi and knowing that Ishita weakeness. Raman save Adi life and plead Ishita to save Adi. Ishita give loves and care for Adi. Ishita teach Adi the good value and respect and Adi life become secure with Raman and Ishita loves. Subbu mother in law help Ishita to bring Ruhi back to her. Shagun swap the paper to make Raman sign the contract to give Ruhi instead of money. Social worker tells court that Ruhi should returned to Ishita because Raman is not the sole custody of Ruhi and Raman should not be sign the paper only Ishita should sign it. Shagun lost Ruhi then give Ruhi back and want to snatch Adi back. Adi stopped Shagun for taking him away from Raman and want to stay with Raman and Ishita. Shagun plan to kidnapped Ruhi and Adi to Australia but save by Ishita. Ishita caught Shagun red-hand and get to know that Ruhi used Shagun mobile to phone Ishita. Ishita get confused and answer. Ruhi informed about it and Saghun snatch it and fight with Ishita then kitchen explose. ishita and Shagun shocked and rushed to save children. Ishita pleaded neighbour to breakdown the door then neighbour broke the door and found Ruhi. Ishita ask Ruhi where is Adi and get shocked that Ruhi pointed to the kitchen while Shagun cough and ran away leaving Adi to die. Ishita shattered and shout no. Ishita save Adi life and took him out and then goes to the ground and feel the quake. Adi and Ruhi are saved by men help and the building fell on Ishita then Ishita order children to stay far then hear the building breaking. Then the building collapse on Ishita and children scream for Ishita. Raman and ACP Abhishek goes on searched for Ruhi and Adi and get to know that Shagun kidnapped them and goes to the building then feel the quake. Raman and Abhishek arrived and get shocked that the building collapsed then Raman shouted for children then caught Shagun sitting alone. Raman get fumed and ask where are his children and Shagun lied. Raman shouting for children and caught children shattered and cried. Raman ran and hug children and relieved. Children then tell Raman that Ishita was here and the building fell on her and Raman get shocked and ran everywhere to look for Ishita and shouting for her. Raman fell down and cried and thinking about his marriage with Ishita. Ruhi scream for Ishita while Raman hug Ruhi and Adi sitting alone and cried. Ruhi see Ishita hand waving and show Raman Ishita’s hand. Raman get relieved and rushed to get crumbled building out of Ishita. Raman cried and hug Ishita. Bhalla and Iyer families rushed to hospital. Bhalla fumed on Shagun and Shagun push Toshi and want to see Adi. Adi fumed on Shagun and throw her out. Shagun get shocked and decided and goes to Ishita and Raman. Shagun tell Raman and Ishita that she will give Adi and goes away from them. Pihu life are not in dangerous which Ashok can’t harm Pihu. Ashok and Shagun keep their revenged on Raman to hurt Raman’s families. Ishita is onlyone woman who is the shield that protect Bhalla families. Vidyut is Raman and Ishita best friend not Shagun. Shagun was in love with Vidyut in college day. Vidyut does not know about Raman and Shagun were married then divorce but only know about Raman and Ishita married.

      Shagun is characterless woman who doesn’t care about children future. Do you want Pihu to end her life like she does with Adi. Raman and Ishita want to protect Pihu life and not to ruin Pihu life. Children lives are Important to every parents. While you do that like Shagun does to Raman’s children.

      1. Great way of explanation. Parichary you comment good. But no use of explaining reshmi. She always favours Shagun.

  2. Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Magic, Siddhi, Bhagya, Khushi, Monique, Kiran, Jaz, Az, Marin, supergirl and many more YHM fans. Nice lavanya that you are back on this site.

    Today’s episode is very fabulous as you can see both Adi and Ruhi’s love for their Ishimaa. In fact Ruhi doe not mind losing Raman but she can’t bear to lose her Ishimaa. She just is very possessive of her mum both Adi and Ruhi. Very nice to watch how much her step children love her as their own mother. What a difference is Shagun!! Only knows how to flirt with men and ready to dump Pihu to Raman to go for her hot date. Does she not feel guilty that she is cheating on Mani. Poor Mani…. Married the wrong woman.

    1. Actually sindhu very good point that you said ruhi don’t mind to loose her father but can’t bear loose her mother because as i think only that mother’s are more concern and caring towards her children rather than father as i think only i may be wrong

      1. No magic both father and mother are caring towards their children … It all depends on how father and mother r to each other . Ruhis case is defferent … she cant imagine to loose her Ishima …. she got her fathers love abudantly after getting her Ishima rt ?

  3. shabnam yadav

    nice episod

  4. Vp it is a best serial am i right?

    1. Nisha the only one serial in any language i have watched is this yhm becoz of its uniqueness … plus One and only actress in the small screen and big screen I am fond of is DT … I am not that a movie or tv serials person .. but yhm I am addicted to becoz of DT only and till surrogancy it was nice

  5. I wonder who is the mysterious psycho who is stalking Simmi down. Trouble is in the air for Simmi

    1. I think that the person who is stalking Simmi is none other than her ex-husband and her daughter Ananya’s father, Parameet. Parameet is the person who cheated on Simmi and molested Ishita and Sharika. Simmi divorced Param for his bad behave and wanting to harass women and working for Ashok and Suraj.

  6. Thanks ms amena for update, hi all yhm fans?
    I do love adi and ruhi’s love for ishi ma ???

  7. Hi sindhu,rithushree,magic,vp,super girl,riya,pinku all other yhm fans…

  8. The episode was really good.Poor Shagun.She got fooled by Ishra.I feel pity for her.But she deserves this.ishita and raman should tell everything to ruhi.

  9. When shagun will get to know that vidyut is with raman and ishita then she will not bear it.I think she will again take revenge from ishita and raman by making cheap plans for fooling her.

    1. Shagun bring Pihu to catch Raman and Ishita red hand with Vidyut while Ruhi followed them. Ruhi feel bad for not informed Raman immediately. Pihu believed in Shagun and hate Raman but does not know about Shagun evil plan. Ruhi will give Pihu lecture to wake Pihu up. Pihu realised that Shagun is bad woman and see Raman and Ishita loves for her is hurting.

  10. Serial Is Going Beyond All Limits. Feeling Shame To Saw Such Character Like Shagun. If It Continue Like This Then Yhm Will Loose It’s Dignity For Sure 🙁

  11. Ishita sucks…… I hate her. I wanted to keep Ishita in a fire pot so that she could at least come in pain. sl*ttish behaviour of hers. Chi!!

    1. Please Reshmi put Ishitha in a fire pot .

      1. I think ishimaa is amazing so reshmi your wrong to thinkbof her like that she loves all her kids equally

    2. Laya

      Resume even i find it irritating when one person gets all goody good too but ishitha I would never keep u in a fire pot because that proves my mentality is like ur which pucca is not

      1. Laya if Ishitha is getting all good happenings , agree with you … but unfortunately no… as a character Ishitha is aforable where as Shaghun we cant give that respect … I mean character Shaghun and its Adis and Ruhis choice they want Ishima .. this is a serial … if no negatives .. no positives … but the cvs shows as not realistic at all ..

    3. Laya

      Not resume reshmi

    4. why would you say that she an amazing person and she is doing it for her kids and husband it amazing how nice she is.

    5. Shreya shetty

      Shut it up reshmi because we don’t need such people like u around this site who hate yhm and even ishu!!get that.havent I told u to go away from here or else we yhm friends wont keep quiet with ur stupid opinions about ishita
      and VP what am I seeing this in u???supporting that Kimberly type woman named reshmi and telling her to burn ishits in a hot pot or something??
      yuck I just start hating u VP and I thought u were a good person too who supports ishita everytime but now u ve completely changed colours so quickly,this is not that Vp whom was like a good motherly type person whom we all had in this site before and now a negative person????whats wrong with u VP and why are u behaving so mean

      1. Oh shreya that was vp mam frustration towards cvs because they are showing us a 22yr old boy (exactly my age) mother flirting with so many man and vp mam can’t watch such kind of crap thats why she is saying burn main lead character than there is no yhm get it

      2. Shreya if you dont understand my sarcastic comment its not my mistake … And I never want anyone to respect me … I am not used to this way of negative comments .. I am highly positive person … just for you to understand .. i was replying to Reshmi in that sarcastic manner .. normally I ignore such comments .. you are not able to read me … not justifying .. I hope Magic must have understood what I meant …

  12. Wow I luv ishita but hate shagun

  13. Wow Reshmi. Mission accomplished! You got a reaction from many IshRa fans. Lol. I looooove IshRa. Hate Shagun.

  14. Laya

    Don’t hate the characters hate this Ekta who makes horrible tracks many of her shows are pure bakwass I used to like Shagun because of her this is still going on her character is more important than whole ishra without her shows ratings are very low seriously

    1. True Laya if to justify ANitha Hassandani acts too good in negative .. sorry to say I am not a fan of AH but her skills are really good .Appreciate that ..And we have to blame Ekta for this rubbish … the thing is that Ekta wants to give center of attention to AH … and sadly she is good in negative roles … her expressions are not that upto an admiration level …

  15. Shagun is sooo awesome❤❤…love u anita di…ishita sucks

  16. priya chadoury

    Ruhi and vidyut should get together they make a really nice couple xxxx

  17. hai all. . .
    i’m YHM Fans from indonesia. . .
    i like this serial very much. i love ishra too. . . they are nice people. . .
    i just can read this synopsis, bcoz in indonesia, the serial still in 423′ episode.

    1. Hai ha sama kita mb ?

  18. Hi yhm fans,Rithu,Amina,Susan,laya,Amina,keshya,vp,Gd,Marin,azizah,Sindhu,Nisha,magic,mino,siddhi and all yhm fans,I like episode today and I tink Shagum go to lost Pihu.Day by day yhm be more interesting.Rithu were are u?No Coment today?

  19. It is a wonderful serial. It only goes to show how a real mother would go all out to get her child. Shagun is a user, she said she was babysitting Pihu so she can date this new man. Which mother in the world would do that. She is wanting a good life although she has it all with Mani.

  20. Reshmi dont say like that if you dont like yhm then please stop watching dont put such ill comments about our ishra

    1. Shreya shetty

      tia just don’t mind that ill minded woman Reshmi at all.after all she supports shaggy right,so lets see what she would gain after shagun loses

      1. You are right Shreya. Reshmi is a bad commenter who’s supporting Shagun. I hate Reshmi. She’s always talking bad about ishitha. I told a lot that Shagun is bad but she didn’t even listen. Its good if we ignore her comments.
        I want you to become my friend. Can we be friends? Ananthi use to say that you are sweet… I really like your comments. SHAGGY DOO, what a funny name for Shagun!!! I like it!

      2. Shreya shetty

        yeah sure definitely Priyamvadha!!!of course I am ananthis best friend here in this site and I am very glad to know that she has told about me to u.even u and I can become friends sure!!welcome to the yhm family group fan site!!!

  21. How many guys this Shagun can have in her life… Her character is really really shameless… Raman,Ashok, That doctor, Mani and now vidyut… Its really hurting if a women can be so low??

  22. very true Sasha … cvs to be blamed and Anithas guts to sct so low … to get hatred from the viewers ..

  23. And Magic I did not see your rely to Shreya .. without seeing that I replied .. Thank you Magic for understanding me ..

    1. Shreya shetty

      ohhh k I c I understood of what u were trying to say.actually I thought u might be supporting that RESHMI MADAM by being so supportive on her annoying commentary about ishita
      but please don’t say such things like that,i don’t know why sometimes I consider u to be like ishu who comes up with tricky ideas of being sarcastic the same way even u too r explaining me of how u r trying to avoid getting angry on haters comments,isnt it??
      well I am a short tempered person who gets angry so quickly and thinks in a different angle of ur views,even urs too VP

  24. Where is rithushree? I want to ask a very very very important question to her but why she isn’t coming at this page today where are you rithu

  25. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  26. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    It seems that after getting defeated by Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita, Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) goes back home to Mani and Aaliya (Krishan Mukherjee).

    She blames Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) for all the sufferings in her life.

    She says Ishita is moving on and taking divorce from Raman and has done all this to be with a guy.

    Mani and Aaliya support Ishita and know very well that Ishita is not characterless.

    Mani asks Shagun not to blame Ishita for wrong things.

    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    stay tuned for more updates on your favourite show.

  27. Why don’t people get it shagun has turned negative because of the people. If the people didn’t ignorer then she would been good.

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