Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Raghav attacks Roshni

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Appa trying to get Amma’s attention. She says I have much work. He calls her and asks for water. She says you can take it yourself. He says its paining. She says fine. She does her work. He calls her again. She helps him and asks him to sleep now. He says I trouble you so much. She says no. He asks her to proper the blanket. She says fine, do you want anything else. He shouts again. She asks what now, why are you calling me again and again, I also got old, I can’t run, tell me what to do, I will do everything at once. He says I meant you should take rest. She says I won’t come now. Raman and Ishita come. Amma says look at him, he is troubling me so much. Appa says I apologized. Ishita says he is the youngest person is this house, there is a good news, police has given

a relief to Raman in Tania’s case. Amma says I knew this will happen. Raman says its because of your belief. Amma says we trust you, I will offer prasad in temple tomorrow. Appa asks who is behind Tania’s death. Ishita says I suspect Parmeet and Simmi. She sees Raman.

Simmi and Parmeet see the news. They argue. She says you taught me to make such plans, Raghav was your aide. He gets a call. He asks Raghav where are you. Raghav says you have to save me, else I will tell your name to police. Parmeet asks why did you kill her, you flopped our plan, you are threatening us now. Raghav says I will tell truth to your wife and send you and your wife behind bars. Simmi takes the phone and says you don’t threaten us, we won’t get scared. She disconnects. Raghav says I won’t leave you now. Simmi says don’t receive Raghav’s calls now, I m tired of all this. Parmeet says you heard him, he will tell the police. She says this won’t happen. He says let me handle this. He calls back. He says he would have heard us if we explained, why did you end the call, its fine if he calls us again.

Roshni says I m going for a walk, I will come back soon. She leaves. Raghav comes there and says Simmi you think you will get rid of me so soon. Raghav calls Parmeet and says I m close to you, you get me out of this mess. Simmi sees him and shows him to Parmeet. Raghav says you just have 2mins, else I will tell everything to your family. Parmeet says fine, give me 2 mins, I will tell you. He asks Simmi to get 10 lakhs to give Raghav. He says we have no other option, Raman and Ishita shouldn’t see him, we will be finished, just go. She goes to get money.

Roshni sees Raghav. She says is he a thief, guard isn’t here, I will see. She sees him having a gun in hand. She follows and takes a stick to beat him. She beats him. He holds the stick and slaps her. She falls down and shouts for help. Mihika hears her. Ruhi says its… Mihika says its Roshni’s voice. Simmi says I think Roshni has seen Raghav and shouting, we won’t go there. Parmeet says we will go and see once. Raman calls out Roshni. He hears her voice. Raman goes and sees Roshni at gun point. Roshni cries. Raman and Bala shout. Raghav runs away. Everyone holds Roshni. Raman says be here, I will catch him. He goes after Raghav. Raghav shoots at him. He gets hit by a truck and falls. Raman goes to see him. Raghav dies. Ishita and everyone take Roshni to hospital. Roshni is taken to OT. Raman calls her and asks for Roshni.

Ishita says she is taken to OT, I m scared. He says don’t worry, I will come soon. Raman says this man attacked Roshni, she is pregnant, I need to go to her at the hospital. Inspector says we got his ID, his name is Raghav, just think if you know him. Raman says no, I will talk to you later, I need to go. Inspector says fine, keep your phone on, we may need to call you. Raman goes. Parmeet looks on. He calls Simmi and says Raghav is dead, we are out of danger, I hope he didn’t leave any evidence against us. Doctor says Roshni is critical, her BP is high, we don’t have time, we have to deliver the baby. Ruhi says you said she is critical, how can you conduct delivery now. Raman comes and asks doctor to save Roshni. Doctor says we can save either Roshni or her child. They get shocked. She says you have to decide this soon and tell us, we have no time. They worry.

Roshni says promise me, you will save my baby. Raman says we won’t let anything happen to you Roshni. Ishita prays for Roshni and baby. Diya blows off. She worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How irritating… I wish this show gets the lowest rating… Honestly they should not make profit by showing these kind of stupid tv dramas.

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