Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Nikhil scares Ruhi

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying your mum is calling you. Raman goes. Simmi comes to see. Ishita hides. Ishita goes to change. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla why did she call. She says I didn’t. Raman goes and says where did Ishita go. Simmi asks why wee you dancing alone there. He asks am I mad to dance alone, I was dancing with Ishita, she was behind the stall, she disappeared. She asks are you fine. Adi says she would have met us if she came. Romi says you are mistake. Raman says she met me and Pihu, Pihu got a mask for her, you think I m drunk. Adi says leave it, we will dance with family. Romi says calm down, you told me that she kept a party for Ashok, how will she come here, it might be a delusion. Simmi says she is such a clever woman, she has put a mask and came here to meet Raman. Parmeet says we have to keep an eye. They all dance.

Mrs. Bhalla shouts Shanno, where did you go. Shanno says I went to get this for puja. They light fire and dance around. Ruhi sees the fire and gets back. She recalls Nikhil. She gets shocked seeing Nikhil there. Nikhil signs to Ruhi and smiles. Ishita sees Ruhi and thinks what happened. Ruhi gets a call from Nikhil. He whistles. Ruhi cries and says I don’t want to meet him, he can see me. She goes. Ishita goes to stop her and asks what happened. She says what’s wrong with her. Ruhi goes to her room and shuts the door. Ishita knocks the door and says its me Shanno, why did you lock the door, I m alone, open the door.

Ruhi opens the door. Ishita switches on the lights. Ruhi says no, switch off the light, he will not leave me. Ishita asks who will come. She switches off the light. Ruhi says he will come here. Ishita says no one can dare to come here, I m with you, sit here. Ruhi cries.

Ishita says lie down, take rest, I m going to get milk for you, don’t be scared, I m in this house now. Ruhi says yes, please come back. Tere dil ka….plays…. Ishita takes the milk and feeds Ruhi. She makes Ruhi sleep.

Parmeet asks Nikhil what are you doing here. Nikhil says I have come to scare Ruhi. Parmeet says the entire family is here, if Ruhi tells someone. Nikhil says she is a coward, she won’t tell anyone, I will take my revenge. Parmeet says leave from here right now. Nikhil goes. Parmeet says what is he trying to do.

Raman comes to room and says did Ishita come or was I just thinking, even Pihu has seen her, my memory is so weak, I will call her and ask. Ishita gets water. He asks do you think I m mad. She says no. He says why do everyone think I m mad, I have danced with Ishita, they don’t believe me. She says it doesn’t matter. He holds her hand and says we danced like this. She thinks this is the right time to tell about Ruhi. She says Ruhi is worried. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi come and get shocked seeing them holding hands. Raman says I was telling her Ishita had come, I was showing how I held Ishita’s hand. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Shanno. Ishita asks Simmi to talk and takes her. Simmi asks what happened.

Ishita says this matter should be between us, you will be shocked knowing this, you want to know why I held Raman’s hand, I want to know if someone did black magic on him, I have come to know, that Ishita has cast a spell on her.

Simmi asks are you mad. Ishita says some people give medicines, by adding in food and drinks, then the man becomes that person’s slave, Raman was dancing in Lohri alone, I think Ishita did magic on him, no one can save him now. Simmi says even I had seen him dancing alone, we are helpless. Ishita says you can save him from black magic, I will never lie to you, I will tell the remedy if you trust me. Simmi thinks Ishita will control the house and ruin my plan, I can’t let this happen. She says I trust you, tell me what to do, I have to save Raman. Ishita thinks I knew it, I just have to win your trust, I m sure you would tell me how you administer those pills to Raman. Simmi drinks something. Ishita says you will have to drink this black pepper water. Simmi says no, I can’t. Ishita says you have to take Raman’s problem on yourself. She wards off bad sight and feeds more pepper. Simmi goes. Ishita says its just the start, you have troubled my family a lot, my husband has forgotten himself because of you, I will keep troubling you like this, you will never forget me.

Mihika says I have come to say, Romi has named all his shares to me, I have decided to sell it. Ishita asks how can you do this, I will stop it. They argue. Mihika says if you divorce Raman, I won’t sell the shares in the market.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Priyu

    Totally fed up of this now ! When Ishitha tries to make everything fine, she gets another problems and more and more. How could this happen? Now Mihika will try to divorce Raman and Ishitha. And Nikhil will trouble Ruhi, then Ishitha will have to solve that problem too!!!

  2. Bhagya(ishveer,Ishra)

    It’s very funny Raman knows pihu is his daughter then y don’t he think about who is pihus mom .ekta pls stop dragging the serial .

    1. anay bangalore

      Ekta has a nephew without her brother getting married then why cant Raman have pihu without mother? she used same logic here also only we are fools watching this serial still.

  3. Bhagya(ishveer,Ishra)

    Hi guys rithu VP Amma magic shreya Mino mounique adithya disha isuri HP MP siddhu shivani siddhi hi guys how are you all .my marriage is on Mar 2 2018 .I want to my yhm group friends wishes and blessings.

    1. Hi Bhagya ! All the best wishes and blessings my girl ! Make your life as beautiful as you can !

  4. Exactly -Pari-. I thought that this time CVs would have changed their strategy. But nooooo! Ishita is still being burdened with all the problems. All that is needs now is for Niddhi to return. Raman is made to be a weak character again. Oblivious to what is going on around him. He is unable to recognize his “soul mate”. What does that say about IshRa’s love.
    Ooohhhh no! Ruhi is back and so is Nikhil. I am not understanding why they cannot bring a nice love story for Ruhi. Is she destined to suffer like Ishita all her life. Now again Nikhil. And you can bet we will get the annoying crying and screaming of Ruhi in abundance again. Really don’t see a future for Ruhi’s character.

  5. I was really excited when Shanno was introduced. I thought the story will be interesting. And when mihika started to act against ishitha I too thought like many others that it was the sisters’ plan to act so for mihika to gain simmi’s trust to know about the pills. But this precap is so disturbing. How come Mihika asks Ishitha to divorce Raman. Someone should slap her and bring her back to her senses.?

  6. Madam ajuka says ki shanno track is disgusting but Maine aaj hi news Mai dekha ki shanno track ki wajah see the top 4 ki position par bana hai wow aur ye madam sikhayengi ki yhm ishra love story honi chahiye ya nahi ye kehti hai ki rukhil ki love story Mai isne kaafi comments paye logo ke ha woh toh payegi hi na jab baap ke Umar ka ladka aur teenager girl ki Love story dikheyenge toh comments toh aayenge hi ishra love story useless wow ?? ISS ajuka ko pls koi reality batao serial ishra ka hai rukhil ka nahi isne yhm ka wallpaper toh dekha hai na badi ayi ishra ko useless batane wali ishra scene Hai tabhi trp ati hai jaise he band waise waise hi yhm top 5 se out ho jata hai jakar sbs dekhe news dekhe she said stop this nonsense toh apni bakwaas bandh Kar hamesha ishita ke liye bura bolti hai Jo serial killer lead actress hai aur phir kahegi it’s my opinion mujhe control mat Karo uff ???????

  7. Aur ye local mihika uff ?? ye ishra ka divorce karyegi wow ?? ISSe shayad pata nahi they are married two times unki Shaadi do baar ho chuki hai idiot fellow khud ki life toh sambhal nahi rahi to u chali ishra divorce karane local mihika local hi rahegi ?? simmu ki chamachi isse lagta hai ye plan work karega seriously agar Kar bhi gaya to again ishra remarriage

  8. azuka nkwonta

    Shanno is likely to be kicked out of that house. If she wins simmi’s trust what about parmeet. If simmi makes mistake parmeet is likely going to correct it. Meanwhile we have not seen param liking or trusting shanno that means there is still trouble waiting for ishita. Meanwhile as a servant shanno is meddling alot into their problems and if you watch very well neelu does not behave like that, in other words shanno is likely going to get herself caught or trapped. In fact it actually looks like ishita is going to get herself cornered from two sides, that is from mihika’s side and from simmi’s side.

  9. This is really stupid yaar!!!! How can Ishita give divorce to Raman when he doesn’t remember they are married or have 3 kids courtesy Shagun?????? Also why cant Ishita and Ashok buy the shares that Mihika is trying to sell….i am not sure what the writers or the main villan Ekta Kapoor thinks…she is mental and making us mental with pathetic and stupid illogical tracks.

  10. Cannot control commenting. Stop this crap. You are torturing ishra too much. Simparam, mongoose mihika dont know what games they r playing. Ishra can quit this show and look for better opportunities outside. You have made Raman and Ishu become mouthless, brainless characters.They are the best, brilliant actors. They are wasted here. Problems could be handled in a dignified way. Do something and stop this negativity. We want pure entertainment, not this crap. Dont expect trps to rise.

    1. Well said Deepti!
      Where from these mental cvs or Ekta is getting this much negativity to this show .
      I feel viewers will have a memory loss soon !
      To make Shaghun white … the cvs really spoiled the whole storyline .And Simmi now Mihika too is made negative . Cvs should be slapped for mocking on all areas and the brilliant actors KP and Dt to become a prey for these nonsenses .Dt did so well as Shanno … but maids are not given this importance in houses .Fooling the viewers ! Now Ishra divorce till their death they will divorce and marry and struggle to live for themselves .
      Please stop these nonsenses ! Ishitha values relationship more than money so atleast hope she will not sign the papers . Why cant she buy the shares ? Funny brainless senseless cvs … why should they suffer the viewers like this ?

  11. azuka nkwonta

    Mihika asking ishita to divorce Raman is not illogical because mihika wants ishita to lose something that she loves. We are going to wait to see how she is going to make it work, already ishita is in that house as shanno. It’s going to be tough but lets see how mihika is going to work out her plan. Parmeet is likely going to secretly buy those shares that is if mihika is actually going to sell those shares because she might be playing pranks to see if ishita will divorce Raman
    On another thought,when they wanted to kill ishita people did not want her to die because they want her to solve all the problems in the serial, but I have always wondered if ishita actually solves problems or she creates them. In other for ishita to solve one problem she will create two more problems.

  12. Thanks VP. We think alike. Bhalla family are very selfish. Keeping all the criminals in their home and not bothere s to find a solution to ishra and family s problems.

  13. The only fun part was when ishita/ shanno made simmi drink the black pepper water.

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