Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with judge asking Ruhi to give her statement. Suhail smiles. Ruhi says Papa and Ishi Maa did not know blackmailer calling me and asking big amount, he called me to isolated place, Suhail and I went there to give him money, that man started threatening me and pushed me, Suhail and he started fighting, the blackmailer got his gun, I got scared and tried to take the gun, I shot him, I did that murder, Suhail did not do anything.

Lawyer asks why did you not say this before, did you make fake story after Pihu has seen Suhail shooting that man. Ruhi says maybe Pihu has seen Suhail taking gun from me and assumed wrong, even the counsellor said Pihu is imagining things. Raman and Ishita shout Suhail has brainwashed her, she is lying. Suhail says why will I do this, I don’t want Ruhi to go jail. Raman angrily beats him. Romi and police stop Raman. Judge asks inspector to take Raman out of court room. Raman shouts Suhail I will not leave you.

Abhishek asks inspector to leave Raman. Raman asks Abhishek why did you let Ruhi meet Suhail, I told you not to make them meet, now Ruhi is accepting the crime. Abhishek says I stopped Ishita, but she said Ruhi knows the truth and she is in bad state. Raman says Suhail played bad game. Abhishek asks him to come along. Simmi talks to Mihika and says I don’t know when did Ruhi go to court. She sees Ananya running to room. Gaurav comes and asks Simmi to teach some manners to Ananya. Simmi says Ananya is well mannered girl, she does not react like this. He says she behaved badly with me, she thinks her Papa is a nice man, its high time, you should tell her about Parmeet. Simmi asks why did you tell her about Parmeet, just because you saw him with a girl. He says he is characterless, he did not leave even Ishita. She asks who told you, I did not say this. He says people talk and I got to know, think if Ananya knows this, her heart will break, its better you tell her, its none of my business, it was my duty as a friend to tell you. He leaves.

Judge declares Suhail is innocent, as he did not do the murder, Ruhi did the murder, she is 17 years old, she will be sent to remand home now, she will be sent to central jail when she turns 18, court announces 10 years of imprisonment to Ruhi Bhalla. Ishita and Mihika get shocked and cry. Ishita shouts Ruhi is not the culprit, Suhail is the culprit. Suhail smiles and acts, that Ruhi did not do anything, don’t do this. Ishita cries and runs to Ruhi. Ruhi is taken by police. Ishita asks Ruhi to say truth, why is she ruining her life like this.

Raman and Romi get shocked seeing Ruhi in custody and run to her. They cry. Raman asks where are you taking her. Inspector says we are taking her to remand home, she got 10 years of imprisonment. Raman asks are you mad, no one is taking Ruhi. He asks Abhishek to tell them. He holds Ruhi. Abhishek stops Raman. Raman says Suhail should get punished. Ruhi sits in the police van and is taken away. Raman runs after the van and falls down. Everyone cry. Romi and Ishita hold Raman.

Raman rages seeing Ishita, and asks her to move her hand away. They all look on. He says I told you that Ruhi should not know about Suhail, what did you do, you made my daughter meet Suhail, she will get rotten in jail and I can’t do anything here, only because of you. She says listen to me. He asks did you listen to me. Ishita says I took Ruhi to meet Suhail because…. He says don’t touch me, I won’t leave you. Mr. Bhalla slaps Raman and says why are you blaming Ishita for this. Raman says her mistake is she has sent my 17 year daughter to jail, she likes to take her decisions, she does not think what others bear by her mistakes, I have forgiven her many mistakes, this time she has ruined Ruhi’s life, we lost Ruhi, we did a lot to get her, think because of her foolishness, I lost Ruhi. Romi stops Raman. Raman says what wrong am I saying. He begs Ishita to spare them, she did a lot, profit and loss, what else can you do.

Ishita says Raman please…. Raman leaves. Romi and Mr. Bhalla go after him. Mihika consoles Ishita. Suhail thanks his lawyer. Raman beats up Suhail. Lawyer shouts for help. Raman says I will kill you. Police comes and stops Raman. Raman says Ruhi is in jail because of you. Suhail says leave him, he is not much bad, I have no risk from him. Inspector leaves Raman. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to come home. Suhail says you maybe angry, I got angry as my Papa committed suicide because of you, you ruined my sister’s life, you rejected her, today happiness rejected you, your 17 year old daughter went jail, you could not do anything, its just beginning, see what I do, your daughter will get rotten in jail, do what you can, you can’t get Ruhi out.

Romi holds Raman back. Ishita comes and slaps Suhail, asking who are you to threaten, you are saying about relations by ruining Ruhi’s life, Raman did not know about Niddhi and apologized to your family, that did not happen intentionally, what did you do, you did serious crimes, MMS, blackmailing, murder, wrong will happen with you, we will get Ruhi out by right way, this is my promise. Suhail says I don’t want to hear your nonsense, I did what I had to, now you will know hat me and my sister went through, even Lord can’t save Ruhi now.

Raman asks for car keys. Romi says I will drive. Raman takes keys and leaves in the car angrily. Ishita asks Romi to get other car fast. Mrs. Bhalla stops her and asks her to be away from Raman, else he can’t calm down, go to your mum’s house for some days. Mr. Bhalla asks why. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi took this step because of Ishita, see Raman’s state now, why did Ishita take Ruhi to Suhail, Ruhi has accepted blame, this time Raman is not wrong, its Ishita’s mistake this time. Ishita says Ruhi was crying madly for Suhail, she was ready to give her life, I explained her a lot, she wanted to meet Suhail once and promised me that she will end all ties, I did not take her intentionally. Mrs. Bhalla says I know you love Ruhi a lot, your mistake is you did not ask any of us, you did not ask Raman once, you do what you decide, what you feel right, you did this always, this is your mistake. Ishita says there was no time, how would I wake anyone at night.

Mrs. Bhalla says Raman told you Suhail is clever and asked you to keep Ruhi away. Romi says leave it, Ishita did right what she felt that time. Mihika says no, Mrs. Bhalla is not wrong, Ishita should have not made Ruhi meet Suhail, I can understand why Raman is behaving this way, its better you maintain distance from Raman till his anger calms down, we have to think how to get Ruhi out of remand home. Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi to go and check Raman. Mr. Bhalla asks them to come home. Ishita cries.

Raman goes to remand home to meet Ruhi. Constable asks him to come tomorrow. A lady comes and asks was it your daughter who was just taken inside, take her month, nothing changes here, my daughter is also here, don’t know what will be her future. She cries and leaves. Raman cries in worry.

Raman scolds Ishita. She says think anything, get angry, but we have to free our daughter. Rama shouts she is just my daughter, you lost right to call her your daughter. Shagun asks Raman to stop it. He asks why did you come here. She says my two daughters are here. He shouts on both Ishita and Shagun.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Why does Raman always blame ishita? Ruhi is not just his daughter just because ishita took her to meet sohail without telling anyone. Why ruhi did this they don’t know, calling ishita bad and dying she’s not ruhi’ mom isn’t going to help.

  2. big fan of yhm

    what a bakwas story in yhm… ruhi ishita and raman tino ek dusre ko itna love karte h and ekdusre ko hurt bhi itna hi karte h… lekin hurt karne tak thik h lekin tino ek dusre se alag ho jate h..

    this time ishita ko ruhi ki bat nahi manni chahiye thi use and uske bad bhi ruhi ko bhi blackmail hone ki jarurat kya h agar suhail ko jail hoti to vaise bhi kuch nahi kar pata.. and us blackmailing k bare me ruhi court me bata sakti thi to ishra waise hi safe ho jate..

    and writer bhi viewers ko budhu bana rahe he ishita ko self defense se khun karne par saja nahi mili thi or ruhi ko same thing me 10 year ki jail ho gai.. what about tatto and cctv fotage of suhail…

    Please change this storyline jab se sabko separate kar rahe h tabse trp bhi 1 no se niche ate ate 8 tak a gai h ab agar esa hi raha to top 10 se bhi nikal jayegi…

  3. will that a*sh*le Raman never change? even mrs bhalla is blaming poor ishita and when children do not listen to their parent this is what happen who the hell is suhail that ruhi had to listen to him anyways she is in a nice place she can enjoy her stay there until her dad the great raman gets her out and i can bet my last dime ishita has to be the one to save her and what the heck shagun wants now she suddenly relaise her love for ruhi i do not trust her one bit

    1. Def Sia Ishitha will only save Ruhi … I know Shaghun from where she entered ? no emotions for her kids and now .., cvs wants to give Shaghun space … cvs twisting to negativity only to favour AH .. but if no KP and dt yhm is nothing ..,

    2. Khushiarvind

      Right vp whatever happens in the end ishitha will be the one who will save ruhi from jail and this will mark her reentry to bhalla house… But i feel whats the use of this? For each nd every problem they will blame her and isolate her but to some extend this time she is in fault..
      She always take decesions without the knowledge of others even raman nd land in trouble…
      Mrs bhalla is really gr8. Doesnt have sense at all. Ine thing i am sure about is that if any of the bhalla family is in such a situarion as ishitha, then instead if blaming she ishitha shld have cross all limits to support and save them.. Thats the diff bet bhallas nd ishitha…
      Now ishitha will somehow expose suhail nd bring ruhi backs reentering to bhalla’s good books..
      Raman always blames het whenevr anything went wrong while his mistakes are countless and ishitha is the one who need to suffer bcose of all his past mistakes.. Even the sole reason for this revenge story is mrs bhalla who is ready to marry off her children to any random fellow passing by and raman who was blindly in love with shagun and married her rejected nidhi. Ishitha was no where in the scene then nd nw she is the ine who is suffering..
      No logic at all..
      I prefer ishitha to stay as a single mothet with her daughter pihu than this frequent seperation- reunion fiasco

  4. Hello everyone….. This is kaira… Am a silent reader… I enjoy ur comments…
    Day by day dis show is going worst…. I miss my old yhm… The cvs has destroyed the lovely show. There is no feel in dis show now… I really want my old yhm back:,(:,(

  5. Eveyone says ishita to stay away from raman for some days…but i want ishita to leave raman for ever…
    I was wondering when Raman said He forgave ishitas all mistakes…i am watching this show since its first episode but never seen Raman forgiving ishita for her mistakes..its ishita who forgives raman for all his mistakes,always….Ramans anger is justifiable..but his behavior towards ishita is unfair….i never thought mihika would defend Raman…
    Between ishra, only ishitas love is sincere and eternal….love should not depends on external ramans feelings for ishita depends on situation…or his love vanishes when circumstances turns unfavorable….

    1. Totally agree with you …Shivani for anything and everything for Raman to Ishitha get out of his life … seperation … Ramans anger is justifiable … and Ishithas excuse for not telling anyone becoz she did not want to wake them up from sleep . Such a big step she has taken … telling the truth was ok … but taking her to sohail was wrong …. serial has to move on … Though kp nailed to his brilliance performance … his anger .. fear .. anxiety over his daughter … dt equally honoured to her performance with her calmness … felt like something happening among our own family … Ishra and ruhi is the power of yhm … we cant see our Ruhi like this … sohail is black mailing her again . Mrs Bhalla was not too wrong … but Mihika surprised me . Mr .Bhalla always supported Ishitha Romi too loves his bhabi .. Raman when looked angrily at Ishitha really feared me . cvs parents are to be together for this kind of situations .. here you are seperating them … giving a chance for Shaghun to poke her nose nto it . I really dont want Ishitha to come back to Ramans life … shamelessly she will come back .. her love to him is so pure … where as Ramans change on situations … how many things he too has done without telling Ishitha … surrogancy … thats no one can forget … whatever mistakes he does she forgives him … she understands him … but he is not … storyline is fully rubbish but todays episode was worth watching for Ishra . Hats off to KP and Dt

    2. Khushiarvind

      Vp, shivani your every word is a truth.
      If we have a rewind frm the vry starting itself the mistakes commoted by raman is countless nd for every situation he will blame ishitha yell at her and all isolate her. She selfelssly take all blames upon her fight alone and in the end become the sile saviour of bhallas. Each nd every member in bhalla family is her own nd their pblms is hers. Bt the most unfortunatr thing is that whenevr there is an issue she will be isolated nd evn thrown out frm house.. Again without any self respevt and without due apologies she will come back to raman…
      Raman loves ishitha for his children kabhi ruhi keliye, kabhi adi or kabhi pihu… Bt ishitha loves raman his family and children more than anuthing in this world..
      How many times raman wronged her sometimes get instigated by that moron ashok, under the influence of shaguns blackmailing, surrogacy, handover ruhi to shagun for adi, nidhi kidnapping ruhi… Each nd evry time he is at fault nd he simply blamed her nd neverapologised to her for whatever wrongs he had done..
      Ishitha was a happy lady leading s peaceful life with her family and all her pblms started aftr her marriage to raman.his enemies become her enemies, his ex-wife always comes bet them as a shadow, evn lose her child for ruhi nd adis sake, deserted her own blood pihu for her pure love for ruhi, always compromised with shagun through out her entire life and struggled with each nd evry enemies of raman sometimes for him or his family nd sometimes for their kids. Her sacrifices are endless nd in the end of all whenever there is a pblm raman will even question her right over his children…
      Atleast this time ishitha shld show some self respect.. Save ruhi nd leave raman please.. Dnt go behind him again without sincere apologies…
      Bt i am sure she will do the same.. She will never change.. Bcose her love is pure while he is an opportunist…
      She always stands as a pillar support for him nd his family bt whenever the fault is hers she will find herself alone without a support.. Her life is really pathetic.. This saga continues till the end as the cvs are pretty saddistic
      Wonder what this shagun is up to.. Either aiming for a comeback to ramans life or sincerly standing eith ishitha? God knws? Sick of this drama..

      Sorry guys went on pretty long .. Sorry if bored u

    3. Well commented Khushi … same feeling with me too … this time atleast Ishitha cud open up why she was forced to do . Fed up with Ramans … my child .. my child … its very hurting .. Ishitha … after marriage each and every problems , she stood as a pillar … I am v sure she will only save Ruhi

  6. i guess you writers have no other work…just Raman blaming Ishita for everything dull headed chap. And same drama beating the bush again and again. I think its high time to think of other alternative to make this serial more interesting and end it up.If it goes this way no rattings will come up .

  7. Akankah terjadi perpisahan lagi antara ishra? Jeng… Jeng… Jeng…. ?


  9. Day by day YHM is getting worser than worst. Why Ishita is blamd for everything and now her own sister has also started blaming her.I just hate this Raman now. Ekta please change the story line. Stop making Ruhi being always the only reason behid IshRa breakup.

  10. Hello all…

    I think some of you have forgotten me as I disappeared for a long time. Sorry Priya didn’t reply to your comment also I am not commenting as well.

    I am hating this track. Ruhi is a headache. I will be so happy if she gets married with Sohail and he decives her. Doesn’t even care about Pihu- as Ishita swore of Pihu for making Ruhi the dumbhead to believe Ishita. Ruhi has no brains at all like she thinks that Sohail has a higher position than her parents.

    Though frankly speaking in the western countries like the UK (where I live) girls at the age of 10 or younger have Boyfriends and they even publicise it. My bestie was having a boyfriend but he rejected her. In the western population more than 60 percent are illegitimate. So its very normal for western people but not for asians. It is not acceptable in society.

    My biggest question is Doesn’t Ruhi Go To College Or School, because she knows lot of English. And is love (not the love for families) are more important than career?

    1. Hi Riya after a long … how r you ?

    2. I am fine thanks, how are you?
      What is your answer to my question also what is your p.o.v

    3. Hiiiiiiiiiii Riya. I’m so happy that you are back…Thank God you recognized me…
      Actually you are right.. Ruhi has become a headache to ishitha…

    4. Riya ….,why Ruhi doesnt go to college or school …. only brainless cvs can answer . If you see totally no logic in this serial after surrogancy …

    5. Khushiarvind

      Hi riya,
      Hw ru doing?
      Evn i have that query in mind.. Y ruhi is nt going to clge? They are showing her as a matured one no more a child.. Easily felling prey to such fake love and blind to the sincere affection of her parents..

  11. Hi Rithu, VP, MIno, Shivani, Magic, Marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Jaz, Kiran, Parichary, Riya, Ahs, Monique, Susan, Jay, Zaiba, Isuri, mp and all YHM fans…

    Coming to today’s episode, yes agree Love Doll that Ishita should have consulted Raman before bringing Ruhi to meet Suhail knowing how dangerous Suhail is. Ishita does not think of the consequence so of course she incurred the wrath of Raman.

    Having said that I think the bigger culprit is Abhishek. He is responsible for Ruhi going to prison. I am not sure how is it India but in Singapore during interrogation of a killer no one is allowed to just visit the criminal not even family member or relative. You will have to first get a letter of approval and by the time it is approved it may take about two weeks and then the request can be rejected. Here in this fiction serial, Abshishek just allows Ruhi to visit Suhail as if it is a hotel and that too during interrogation. I know it is only a serial but somethings can be realistic and cvs could follow the laws of the justice system. If Abhishek refuse Ishita’s request to see Suhail then nothing of this would have happened. Ruhi would only have cried and there would be only anger for Suhail in her. Of course in that letter it could be a threatening note to harm her parents. If that was the case, Ruhi should have been bold and face it. After all her parents have escaped near death instances. Oh I don’t understand why Ruhi became vulnerable and scared that some harm may befall Raman and Ishita. So let Ruhi rot in prison happily. Let Suhail roam freely together with NIddhi. Let them plot more trouble for Bhallas. Let Ishita separate from Raman. Let Pihu go back to Shagun. Let YHM rest in peace with the conclusion of Ruhi Bhalla going to prison.

    I don’t enjoy YHM anymore. I am watching season 1 of YHM and enjoying it very much but not these episodes. I am just reading all your comments only.

    1. Khushiarvind

      Hi dear sindhu,
      Hw ru doing?
      Cvs dnt have any creative ideas other than custody tracks, murder misteries which always remain unsolved nd seperation tracks.. How many times they will seperate raman nd ishitha?
      No future for this serial now.. Evn i stopped watching.. Frm comments i get to knw its still going worse nd worse

    2. I have somewhat agree with you but the last 2 line that you are saying that “Let Pihu go back to Shagun”. I won’t agree with this suggestion. Pihu need parent’s love that she don’t get from Shagun. Shagun is only using Raman’s children as her own toy or weapon to hurt Raman and Ishita. Raman and Ishita don’t use the children as toys to harm Shagun. Pihu don’t want to stay with Shagun who don’t deserves her and giving wrong value and education. Ishita is the only one who taught children love, value and respects. Ruhi did not know what is she thinking because she is scaring of losing Raman and Ishita. As you know that Ishita have lost her life during attacked many times but still alive for family and children.

      If Raman and Mrs Toshi oust Ishita from Bhalla’s house so that Pihu will be angry on Raman. I had seen that Pihu just hug Shagun. Shagun ask Pihu to come and stay with her but Pihu refused to go with Shagun while others look on. Pihu tells Bhalla family that she is moving in with Ishita and never want to leave Ishita. Raman silent and Mrs Toshi look on angrily and Shagun irked. Mr Bhalla and Adi get happy that Pihu choose Ishita over Raman and other who are against Ishita. Adi loves Ishita more than Shagun. Mr Bhalla adore Ishita alot more than Raman.

      Raman angry avtar and love for Ishita is very storng but too much painful to be separated from Ishita and Ruhi because of Sohail and Nidhi. Nidhi tells Raman and Ishita that if they want to save Ruhi so Nidhi give her condition that Raman and Ishita should divorced. Raman and Ishita get shocked and get shattered. Sohail will ask Ishita to get Nidhi out of jail and Ishita refused to get Nidhi out. Sohail begged Raman and Ishita to get Nidhi free. Raman and Ishita beat Sohail badly and tell him to free Ruhi first and confessed his crime then they will free Nidhi. Sohail will lose his confidence.

  12. Episode was worst and even precap was worst.
    Raman and his family always knows blame ishitha.only Mr.bhalla supports ishitha.
    Horrible track. It’s a big crap.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas ) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi padma madhu Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli Marin pinky jassi ahs and all yhm friends.

    1. Hi dear Rithu how are you ? How was ur exams ? Really really missed your comments dear

    2. Khushiarvind

      Hi rithu…

  13. I do notice though that each time Vivek appears for a number of episodes, separation between Raman and Ishita happens. Before the 7 year leap, Vivek appeared a couple of episodes and then separation appeared. Now Vivek has been coming on a couple of episodes, there is separation of Ishra. If Vivek does not like Ishra to act very close then Ishita should just leave the acting industry and be a stay home wife and future mum. What is the point of having the most wonderful couple and jodi in bollywood drama serial only to see them always separating….. Fans of course will get dejected when they know something like this happens. Separation is not only the solution to bring Ruhi back. There are other ways. Just hire a private investigator and record every conversation that Suhail and Niddhi would be having. It can easily be proven. Hire a very skilled lawyer to track down Suhail and gather evidence that he is the killer. A third party can speak to Ruhi in a very discreet manner and Ruhi may just tell the truth. Ishita also would not have got blamed.

    1. Sindhu … cvs mistake of twisting the story line … why to blame vivek ? What you said is true … its happening in yhm . seperation is not answer for this …

    2. Khushiarvind

      Sindhu what to say its all cvs inefficency to bring any new storyline… Abt vivek i dnt knw if he is like that.. If he is then divyanka will be in ni mood to tolerate it as she is strictly professional..ya persons priorities can change aftr marriage…
      When it comes to bhallas they r so dump that i wonder if they dnt evn have a mob to record the convo while their enemies give them open threat.. No proofs at all.. Disgusting..

    3. very true … we can blame cvs and characters like Acp Abhishek . we cant blame vivek or karan or Antha or Dt for their roles … cvs give the storyline they are forced to do it and end of the day its their job . Dt is very professional … it must have taken little time to bring that chemistry of Ishra … but now they are back again Ishra with their mind blowing chemistry .

  14. What the hell is this…. damn this drama….. again and again nithing to see…. poor ishu has to suffer all the time… no one happy in here… i cant imagine is there a family like this…. always problems… if they smile one day, sure they will cry whole yr..nothing to get…. ektha maam show us some reality…. what the hell is this… not interest to watch this drama

    1. Khushiarvind

      Ya dear sanchi.. You are right… Earlier it was a fabulous family show vry vry realistic bt now i wonder whether we can find any family with such complications in life.. This has come to the level of a low class daily soap..

  15. In the famous and leading shows of Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohobbatein Ishita and Raman are going through a lot of misunderstandings just to please Niddhi.

    The story goes in such a way that Raman had talked to Niddhi for Ishita’s release and Raman got a very rude answer from Niddhi.

    Niddho told Raman that she can release Ruhi and take the case back only if Raman and Ishita get separated.

    Now, it was Raman’s call whether to choose daughter’s life or choose wife.
    Raman indeed chose Ruhi

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Raman and Ishita in the ongoing serial.

    Raman starts to fight with Ishita on small small things and asks for divorce.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Raman and Ishita’s these fights give immense satisfaction to Niddhi?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.

  16. Juvenile is freed after he becomes 18. Even in Nirbhaya case most violent man was freed as he was 17.Ekta please learn about our country laws first,,really nonsense

  17. In the most leading shows of Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohobbatein Ruhi’s life is almost in a messy state with Ruhi landing up in jail for 10 years.

    The scene goes that Ruhi sees a dream amid which Raman and Ishita come to meet Ruhi in jail with a tiffin full of eateries which are Ruhi’s favorites.

    Now, to the surprise of all as Ruhi was about to get the morsel from Raman’s hand, the lady constable comes and slaps Ruhi.

    Ruhi gets shocked eyeing the constable and cannot believe that she was actually visualizing a dream.
    Ruhi tortured amid jail

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Ruhi and Raman in the ongoing serial.

    Here on the other side Raman and Ishita are very much depressed that they cannot do anything for getting Ruhi out of jail.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would it become very much unbearable for Ruhi to stay in jail?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.

  18. Raman is always a brainless character, every time he will be ready to throw blame on ishita. Disgusting.

  19. This time Ishita is wrong. I can’t understand how Ruhi can be sent to jail for 10 years because a women can do anything to save her respect n cannot be punish for this act. So according to the situation presented in court room Ruhi murdered that man to get her MMS deleted n save her respect. I think CV’s must know laws before writing the track.

  20. i do not think ruhi fire any bullet someone else had to be there she wants to prove that she is great by taking the blame but she has to learn a lot in life to each their own no one is so stupid now-a-days to take the blame of murder upon themselves what is she trying to prove all in all she will cry bitterly when she finds out her so called boyfriend is a monster in disguise i am not sorry for her not one bit i am only sorry for pihu cause she prove the child is mentally imbalance to the court imagine putting her own sister down for the sake of a worthless man shame on you

    1. I really feel she is threatened by Sohail … hence to save her parents . but she should not put Pihu as mentally imbalance . Whoever the director his plot is aiming to the negativity only . Same thing he wud have twisted into positive , Ruhi takes revenge against Sohail and Nidhi . Here we are going to see Ishra seperated to save Ruhi … same thing is repeating … … 7 years leap back again 1 year leap now again seperation becoz Nidhi wanted that . Raman wanted to marry Shaghun and all revenge is against Ishitha .. some silly reasons … even after years …

    2. Sia…

      Ruhi did not know about Sohail using her to break all tied with Raman and Ishita so that Ruhi will be all alone. Raman had warn Ruhi to stay away from Sohail but Ruhi did not listen to Raman. Ishita just stay back and don’t want to troubling them so she gave Raman as father’s duties to take care of Ruhi so she take care of Pihu. Pihu need Ishita the most. Ishita can’ttake care of both daughters same times.

      What Ruhi did was wrong to tell child counseller to tell court lied. Child counseller is unprofessional for not telling the truth to the court for blackmailer and fraudster. Bhalla get angry on Dr Bogra for her lied to court for Ruhi and Sohail. Raman and Ishita will not use Dr Bogra for child counselling when child are in depression. Dr Bogra will lose her job for telling lied to court for Ruhi and Sohail. Ruhi need to wake up and stop taking Sohail heed words to hurt Raman and Ishita. Ishita will not let any people to hurt Bhalla family and she will protect them as truthly shield.

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