Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman coming to Shagun’s room being in drunk state. He sees Ashok and Shagun’s photos all over the wall. He looks at them and is unable to stand properly. He sees Ashok’s and Shagun’s photo holding it. Mihir comes to him and says Raman, what are you doing here. Raman says I came to see bathroom, but I came here by mistake. Mihir takes him with him. Ruhi is coughing at home. Dimple gets up by her cough sound and asks her to sleep.

Ishita hears Ruhi’s voise and gets up. She says I hope Ruhi is fine, she was coughing so much, I should check. She says its very late, Prateek is right, I take a lot of tension, Ruhi might be fine with her grand oarents. Dimple gets up and is irritated. She thinks of giving medicines to Ruhi and finds a cough

syrup. She makes Ruhi drink it and keeps the bottle by her side. Ruhi still coughs. Dimple makes her drink the whole cough syrup bottle and asks her to sleep. Ruhi sleeps.

Ishita is still thinking about Ruhi. She gets up from her bed. Raman comes home drunk. Ishita comes to him and sees him in drunken state. He says what are you doing outside my house at this time. He says did you come to say sorry. She says no, I think Ruhi is not fine. Raman gets angry and throws the house keys. He says so you know about her standing here. He keeps the award and says why do you want to get into my house. He says do you think I will believe you. He goes close to her and says you love to get into my house, so you are trapping me.

Ishita says I would have slapped you if you told this anytime else, right now I m worried about Ruhi. Raman taunts her. He thinks about Shagun and is angry. He says you want money, take it. He falls on her. Ishita cries and takes him inside his house. She makes him lie on the sofa. Her hair gets under his head and she tries to free them. His award falls and she picks it up and keeps it on the table.

Ishita hears Ruhi crying saying Mumma. Ishita goes to see Ruhi in her room. She is shocked to see Ruhi’s state and sees Dimple sleeping. She asks Ruhi what happened. Ruhi cries and Ishita sees the empty cough syrup bottle. She says its adult’s cough syrup, did she take overdose and asks Ruhi how much did you drink. She takes Ruhi with her and leaves going to the doctor. She makes Ruhi sit in her car and she starts driving.

She brings Ruhi to the city hospital and admits Ruhi. The doctor asks what happened to your daughter. Ishita says cough. He asks did this happen before. Ishita says I don’t know. She goes to call Raman but he is sleeping. She keeps calling and says Raman is drunk, he won’t take my call and calls on the landline. Mrs. Bhalla is awake and takes the call. The call ends. Mrs. Bhalla sees the trophy on the table and thinks why is Raman sleeping here, maybe because Dimple is in his room. Mrs. Bhalla comes to Raman and says Shagun has troubled you a lot, but now Dimple came in your life who will take care of you and Ruhi, you are not alone now.

She cries and says I will go and see Dimple and Ruhi now. She goes to see them. Ishita asks the doctor how is Ruhi. The doctor scolds Ishita and says I think the cough syrup was expired, someone has made her drink the full bottle, he says how are you bring a mum, you are so careless. Ishita asks what to do now. He says we have to pump out the expired syrup. He gives her the consent form and asks her to sign it. Ishita says how can I do this. She says I will be back in one min.

Mrs. Bhalla is shocked to see Ruhi missing in the room. She looks out for Ruhi everywhere and wakes up Dimple and asks her where is Ruhi. Dimple says she was here, I don’t know. Mrs. Bhalla is worried. Dimple says why are they waking me if they are not getting Ruhi. She goes back to sleep. Mrs. Bhalla wakes everyone in the house. Dimple says whats this, they are so disturbing. Mrs. Bhalla tells everyone that Ruhi is nowhere in the house. Mrs. Bhalla wakes up Raman and says did you see Ruhi, she is not at home.

Ishita calls the landline and Dimple takes the call from the room’s connection. Ishita thinks its Mrs. Bhalla and says Ruhi is with me, you have given the expired cough syrup to Ruhi, she is in danger, its an emergency case, come to city hospital as soon as possible. Dimple is shocked and checks the bottle. She says what did I do, they will kill me, what should I do now. She thinks of talking to Simmi. She calls Simmi and talks to her.

Dimple comes to Mrs. Bhalla and everyone. Rumi says don’t worry, I will find her. Dimple is worried. Mrs. Bhalla gets Ishita’s bracelet and asks Rinki whose bracelet is this. Raman looks at it and thinks he has gifted this to Ishita. He thinks Ishita left him home. He says this is Ishita’s. Mrs. Bhalla says what is this doing here. Rumi says I asked the guard, he told me that Ishita took Ruhi with her in the car. Mrs. Bhalla cries saying she kidnapped my Ruhi.

Ruhi is being treated at the hospital. Ruhi vomits and Ishita wipes her face. She makes her have the medicines. She sees the time, its 4am. She says why did no one came from their house. She says I will tell Amma to inform them. Amma and everyone are at a mandir doing the puja. Amma says we want to do this puja by Ishita’s and Prateek’s name as today is their engagement. Amma gets Ishita’s call. Amma asks where are you. Ishita says you reached there so soon, start the puja, I m in an emergency case.

Amma says your engagement is at 8.30. Ishita’s phone’s battery goes and the call ends. Bala says we will do the puja on Ishita’s behalf. They start doing the puja. Raman gets up and goes to Ishita’s house. He sees a lock at the door and is shocked. He thinks if Ruhi is with Ishita, I won’t leave her.

Ishita has to sign the consent form and she thinks of meeting Shagun thinking about Dimple’s words.

Update Credit to: Amena

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