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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to meet Parmeet. She sees him and says thanks for coming. He says can this happen that you call me and I don’t come, why did you come alone at night to meet me, is your bodyguard coming. She says I don’t need any bodyguard, touch me and see, you won’t go alive. He says did you come to explain me this. She asks about the drama’s reason. He says I must say you are looking killer in this clothes, I m tired being alone, I want my wife and daughter. She asks suddenly worrying for them. He says I was not there when my daughter called me Papa first, I know pain of being alone without family, I m so sorry, I forgot you can’t realize these feelings as you can’t become a mum. She asks him to be in his limits.

He says a husband’s love, you know how it is to spend life alone in a room. She says I did not come to hear this nonsense, don’t do this drama infront of me, you are an animal, I have seen it with my eyes. He says oh, you did not forget that day till now. He smiles and says fine, someone touched you, even if as an animal. She says shut up. He says you care for Simmi, but why do you keep her away from me, I don’t want divorce, but its better than incomplete life. She says you don’t love Simmi and I know this well. He says agreed, you came to meet me alone at night for Simmi’s sake, prove it. He says I will get Simmi, I have taken my move, now its your turn, make your move.

Mihika looks at herself in the mirror and praises herself as very sexy. She thinks of Mihir’s words, where she liked a saree and bought it. Mihir calls her boring. She says I will look sexy in saree too. A beggar comes and blesses them as brother and sister. Mihir says oh aunty, she is not my sister. Mihika hugs him. He says shame on you, she feels you are my sister, buy more sarees. She sees his pic and says Mr Mihir Arora, now you will know who is sexy. The car horn plays. She says now you will know. Mihir comes with the clients.

Mihika lies on the bed in the sexy dress. Everyone see her. Mihir says wow Mihika. She is shocked seeing everyone and says Mihir. He says hold on and asks everyone to turn around and closes the lights. She asks what are they doing here, is it your home of office, I was giving you surprise. He says the presentation was pending. You are looking hot and sexy. Mihir asks them to forget to saw something. Mihika runs being shy. She wears clothes upon that dress and comes back to Mihir. Mihir gets a call and talks annoyed. He says why did you send the rakhi, we have clear cut rakhi, we are on our different ways, I don’t want you to come in my marriage, I don’t have any sister, don’t call me again. Mihika hears this and thinks that’s why Ishita got many rakhis.

Amma and Appa talk about Parmeet. Appa says Raman won’t let him come back. Bhallas also worry about Parmeet. Mrs. Bhalla says we can’t forget what he did with Ishita. Appa says Raman will decide well. Amma says we can’t tolerate if Parmeet comes back. Raman comes in the compound and sits on the bench. He says I m not your brother Simmi, I m doing a brother’s duty, why can’t you understand. Mihika comes to Raman and sees him crying. She asks him about Mihir’s sister. Raman says who told you. She says I heard Mihir saying why did you send me rakhi, he did not tell about his mum and now sister, if Mihir not responsible for me, we know each other since years, why secrets. Raman says maybe he has some reasons, give him some time. She says relation based on secrets and lies. He says few things should come on right time and leaves. Mihika thinks to find out from Mihir.

Its morning, Parmeet says Ashok that he will have food cooked by Simmi now, my legal notice has shaken Bhalla house earth. Ashok says we will make Raman cry. Parmeet says I have to settle scores. Surah says I think Shagun is not happy hearing this and asks her. Shagun asks why do you think so. Suraj says as she is quiet. Shagun says Raman is not my husband, I m engaged to Ashok. Suraj says Raman does a lot for you and children, he is your bodyguard. Shagun says you did not understand I hate them. I don’t care. Suraj says lets send him to hell together, have breakfast. Shagun leaves fuming that Suraj ignites fire in between her and Ashok. Surah asks Ashok to be careful as Shagun can’t be trusted Ashok nods yes.

Mrs. Bhalla asks her husband will he talk to Simmi. Simmi comes out with her bag. They ask whats all this. Simmi says I m going to my husband and no one can stop me. The door bell rings. The maid opens the door. Everyone is shocked seeing Parmeet. Simmi smiles.

Shagun asks Ashok whats Suraj’s problem, he always taunts me, what does he want. Ashok says you are overreacting. She says the problem is you don’t react about Suraj and Tyagi. He says they are different, Suraj is right as you are on Raman’s side. She says your mind is bad, I know how you think. Ashok says he said what he saw. She says I m with you since years, I left my house for you, I still have to prove my love to you, my love and loyalty has not changed. He says I hope so, as your colors are changing. She says this is happening because of Suraj, I have to do something.

Parmeet meets Simmi and says I came to stay with you here. Raman asks how dare you come here. Parmeet says I did not come, I m called here. Raman asks who called him, dad you? Mr. Bhalla says no. Raman asks then who. Ishita says I called him. Everyone is shocked. Ishita comes forward and looks at Parmeet. Raman says are you mad. He says Parmeet did you blackmail Ishita again. He asks Simmi to be away. Ishita says he did not blackmail her, she called him by her wish. Raman says are you mad. Ishita says come with me to the room.

Raman scolds her asking is she mad to bring that dog back. She says first you say, then I will say. He says after what he did with you, how can you bring him. She says she is doing this after thinking, she went to meet him yesterday, I wanted to know he changed or not. Raman says he can’t change. She says Simmi was leaving home, if we let her go, we would have lost her forever, they can be infront of our eyes and we can make Simmi see his truth. Raman says he won’t bear him in this house. She says we know his truth, earlier they did not, we can see him here, if we sent Simmi, he would have troubled her and her life would have ruined, we can’t wait for that day, we have to take a step. She says keep Parmeet closer and keep an eye on him, so that she does not ruin Simmi’s life. I want your help, else I can’t do anything. Raman is angry.

Raman cries and Ishita apologizes to him. He says Simmi is my younger sister and no one misbehaved with her till now. She says this was best way to do in this situation, believe me, Simmi will understand one day.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. will ekta kapoor ever realise her mistakes. from a love story, the plot is once again shifted to the regular drama. how is the mood of the audience sustained with this type of needless stuff. yeh hai dramein. atleast after this fiasco is over, appreciate if the makers r focusing on the central pair and their love. love shld be pleasing nd heart touching. else, the pair is wasted.

  2. a very good twist in yeh hai is a very excellent serial in star plus with a different kind of story . in the present track there is a very good twist which makes the story most interesting . the actors are too stunning . you rockzzzz yeh hai mohobbatein.

  3. the show is going good…i love the show…

  4. The melodrama starts again, too predictable.

    This unnatural goodness of Ishita kind of gets on my nerves. And the men are always shown to be useless.

    Grow up Ekta Kapoor, put some substance in the story. You are making it as ridiculous as it can be.

  5. todays scene is ecactly the same as in iss pyar ko kya naam doon isn’t it?

  6. No but same somewhere ssam

  7. yeah in last season of iss pyar ko kta naam du, v hav seen d same concept .

  8. i m also going to say that we hav already seen dis in ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON……and we can’t see same again and again with new faces……..plz think different…………

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