Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita finding the girl. Ishita says its all locked. The driver asks Shanti is Roshni ready. Shanti says yes. The man says its bachelors party, the guys have come to see pretty girls, will this work. Shanti says yes, we should get good money if anything happens with her. He says she is not able to sit, did you give her much dose. She says no, I know how much dose to give, make her stand behind other girls, guys like shy girls, maybe anyone chooses her. She says sometimes you talk right. She asks him to go, she will get her. She ties the veil to Roshni’s face.

Aaliya talks to friend and says I m very excited, I always wanted to go Greece. Mani comes to her and asks her is she fine. Aaliya says I m fine. Mani says I understand, you will be worried, are you sure you are fine. She says I feel there is something I don’t know. He says I m not comfortable for Adi’s bachelors party, I know you are worried. She says no, its a simple party. Shagun comes and smiles. Mani says its not simple party, I attended it once, I feel shy to think of it. Aaliya says so cute, Raman and Romi will be with Adi, he is very simple like you, I know he won’t do such thing. Shagun says I knew Mani will overreact, even hens party is there for girls, let Adi enjoy, its last week of his freedom. Mani asks is Aaliya a jail, what do you mean. Aaliya asks what are you saying. Mani says girls will be in that party. Aaliya says Adi respects girls, he is Ishita’s son, he can’t break my trust. They smile.

Adi asks what’s all this. His friend says enjoy today. Romi says its your bachelors party, sing and dance. Adi asks Romi to listen. Romi asks the guys to start. Adi worries for Roshni. He says I left her in park, if she complains in police then. Romi says she is not a small kid, you did not get her call, it means everything is fine, your friends did arrangements, enjoy. Adi says Aaliya will not find this right, what’s the need of this. Romi says you are not old, Aaliya knows this, she is okay with it. Adi asks really. Romi says yes, its all perfect.

The guys tie the cloth to Adi’s eyes and take him to the dance floor. Adi asks what’s happening. The dancers dance. Roshni gets dizzy. Ishita hears the music and asks Raman about it. Raman says yes, lets follow the sound. Adi goes away. Romi takes drink for him. He asks what happened, have this. Adi refuses. Romi says listen, you know the guys who are going to get married, wait for bachelors party, enjoy it, I was mad in my party, what happened to you. Adi says I could enjoy in just drinks party, girls and all look strange. Romi asks are you of Bhalla family or Iyers, we don’t sit calm, see how mummy drinks and takes house on her head, come. Romi leaves Adi with the girls to dance. Roshni sees Adi and recalls their marriage. She thinks he is my husband, its not right if he sees me in this state.

Shagun calls Ishita. Ishita does not answer. Shagun says she is so careless, she did not inform me about embroidery. Aaliya says sorry, I also forgot. Shagun says anyway, I will go Bhalla house and wait for her. Aaliya says its late. Shagun says we can’t delay more, I will meet Ishita and decide, Ishita can’t do this always. Aaliya thinks no, if they meet, they will fight again, I will come along.

Shanti and the driver see Roshni. Shanti asks him to take Roshni to the groom, if groom touches her, I will pay double. Ishita says stop it, what’s happening. Romi asks who is it. Adi says Ishi maa. Romi sees Ishita and Raman. Shanti recalls Ishita and says she came to our house, she heard Roshni’s scream, I think she is following us, she can give us to police, we shall leave, we will see that girl later. They leave.

Raman asks Romi what’s happening. Romi says Adi’s friends gave bachelors party to Adi. Ishita asks will you call girls and keep such party. Adi says yes, I told Romi. Ishita says you know difference between right and wrong, why did you not say. Romi says its not Adi’s mistake, it was surprise for him, I planned this, its normal party. Raman says sorry, everyone leave, the party is over. Adi calls Aaliya. She asks about party photos. Adi says its fine. Aaliya says I won’t let you go in any party alone, is this silent party, what’s happening. He asks where are you. She says I m going Bhalla house with Shagun. He says fine, I will meet you. She asks why is he leaving party and coming home.

Ishita asks the dancers to go. Dancers ask for money. Adi signs Romi. Romi says I will pay. Ishita says I will pay. Raman asks Romi and Adi to go home. They leave. Ishita pays the dancers. Roshni stumbles. Ishita says Raman, she is falling. Raman holds her and says she can’t breath. He removes her veil. She sees Roshni and says I have seen her. She recalls meeting Roshni’s mum in temple and says she is from Khandpur. He says we will take her to doctor.

Shagun asks where is Ishita. Neelu tells Mihika she made dinner. Mr Bhalla asks Shagun and Aaliya to have food. Shagun says no, Mani is waiting at home. She asks Mihika to call Ishita. Ruhi comes with a lady. The lady says I got Gangajal bottle for you and Iyers. She goes.Muhika calls Ishita. Shagun says Ishita is so careless, she does not care for anything. Romi comes home. Shagun asks how did you come early, is party over. Romi says no, I came to meet mum. He goes. Mihika says what work he has with mummy ji.

Raman and Ishita make Roshni sit in car. She asks what now, we won’t tell police. He says someone would have kidnapped her, why don’t we tell police. She says her mum said her marriage happened by difficulty, we will ask her what happened with her when she gets conscious. He says we won’t tell family. She says we are taking her home, we can’t hide it. He says we will ask Gagan about her. Mihika calls him. He answers. Mihika asks is Ishita with you. Ishita talks. Mihika says Shagun and Aaliya are waiting for you. Ishita says sorry, we are coming, we will come and talk. Ishita ends call and says Shagun will get angry, I don’t have embroidery sample. He says don’t worry, Shagun will understand, saving this girl is more imp, we will talk to Gagan once this girl gets conscious. She says what would have happened with this girl.

Roshni says I thought he is a nice man. Ishita asks did your husband leave you, we will see him. Ishita asks Aaliya to explain Adi. Aaliya says its okay, I m not angry. Adi gets shocked seeing Roshni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. azuka nkwonta

    As I already know ishita will bring roshni to the bhallas’s house and what will follow is the scattering of adi and aaliyah’s up coming marriage. Just as it happened with shagun and ashok and mirhhi and mihinka proposed weddings.

  2. God what’s happening .I wish roshini turns super stylish villain like shagun.can’t see her in this village look for too long

  3. azuka nkwonta

    Is adi’s marriage going to be like ishita and Raman’s marriage which was hate at first sight and love at the end. I feel sorry for aaliyah I honestly do. What is going to become of her fate if Roshni remains as adi’s wife. Women are been treated badly all over the world especially in India. Watching Indian movies and series have shown me that. Whether it is a forced marriage or not this chapter of roshni should not have been acted there is no respect for women in it. They are telling us that a woman can be thrown unto a man anyhow whether it is good or not.

  4. Guys, relax. Its just a show. I am liking Adi and Roshini’s pair. They look good together. I never liked Aliya. She always did over acting. Now the story’s plot will change somewhat like Roshini will believe in the marriage and Adi will not. Aaliya will become a villian and later Roshini will win everyone’s heart and Adi will leave Aaliya because of her plannings and plotting against Roshini cause Roshini is sweet, simple and lovely just like our Ishita Iyer.and Aaliya will become like Shagun. There will be romance and sweet moments between AdiShini. I am liking them. Can anyone tell the real name of Roshini? She is cute!

    1. I like roshni to.I hated Aliya too.

    2. Tvfan1







      sorry for the caps!!

  5. No we want roshin and adi hodu its good

  6. No we want roshin and adi jodi its good

  7. azuka nkwonta

    A woman’s dignity is never respected.when adi left khandpur he should have made good decision. He should have dropped Roshni in a hotel and go home and speak with his parents about what happened in khandpur so that they can decide what to do and then he will come back for the girl after they have finalized their decision. I will tell you what might happen next , Adi and Roshni might decide to keep their marriage a secret only romi can know or the truth will just come out immediately.

  8. ishita teko aur buhut kaam hai dosruu ko bachaaakee khud pe hi musibat lati hai….

  9. Roshni’s real name is Vidisha Srivastava.

  10. I read that they are going to have Yei Hai Mohabbatein season 2 with Adi, Aliya and Roshin’s love triangle starting. Their love story would move around Raman and Ishita but some members will not be around like Romi, Mihika, Simmi and Param. They will have less space in the serial. Goodness if they really bring YHM season 2, the cvs are going to further destroy it. They have not really been successful in this season 1 and completely destroyed it with the introductions of two leaps. Now it is even worse with season 2. YHM makes up of Ishra and little Ruhi but now those are all gone. Pihu is also gone. Don’t see her at all. I am missing Pihu and Ishra together. Anyway don’t know how true is the serial gossip news about season 2. We have to wait and see.

    The cvs never complete what they started. Just like Gaurav, they started his character but in the end they never have a closure of Gaurav’s scene with Param and Simmi. Param was never proven innocent in the hotel room where he was framed by Gaurav with a woman alone sleeping on the bed drugged. At least they should show a closure of Param, Simmi and Gaurav. That story is left dangling. The woman who worked at Bala’s office placed there by Mihika. There was also no closure in that scene. Pihu’s social media problem on the phone has no closure too. Her parents still do not know that she is active on social media and thanks to her but to Shagun mumma who actually bought the phone for her and thereafter not bothered at all. There is no closure on Ruhi and Adi’s reconciliation. They had a competition and who won or was it equalized. Did both feel that they need each other’s support and did they learn a valuable lesson in this competition? There is no closure in even this. All this developed but nothing has a proper ending to the particular scene.

    1. Well said Sindhu …. nothing closed properly … Its irritating to watch Shaghun . Its good she remains negative … becoz her acting is better . Positive she is overacting . Kindness of Raman and Ishitha towards Roshini was nice to watch .I totally feel Adi is not matured enough to take any decision . Being able to take a good decision in ones life is most important than anything . You cant blame fate or destiny .

    2. Ya .Even I read that sindhu.but I really don’t want season 2 because it is an indication that in season 2 Adi Aliya and roshni are important not ishra and after a time like other serials ishra and pihu may leave the show which no yhm fan would like to watch it without ishra and pihu.

      Anyways ,hi are you ?I agree with your comment.

  11. oh good what happen next. I think adi & roshni’s marriges truth come out on the alu adi’s marriage day. & this shaadi got cancelled . I likeRoshni. but I love Adi Alu’s pair. can’t see their separation.

  12. What will I say or comment friends.I’ve already left this serial,there has no hopes from this serial bye frnds and fans who are still watching this idiotic serial.from tomorrow I will not comment anymore,hate this,bye yhm.???

  13. Ishu such a nice person I just hope that her fool of a son don’t blame her just like she is blame for all the prob that the Bhalla’s have. Gr8 Jodi Adick n Roshni, she is prettier Dan Adick’s love Alia

    1. azuka nkwonta

      You think ishita cannot be blamed when she is wrong. Guys it’s wrong to force someone into a marriage even in real life I will not support it. If ishita and Raman did not take action against gagan and the rest of them who forced Adi into this fake marriage then I will know that they are not good parents. Aaliyah is not a villain as I can see even if shagun coaches her I doubt she can survive as a villain. She might lay low.

  14. Roshni is beautiful and lovely, well perhaps even more beautiful than aliya. Ali simply made me furious after leaving such a beautiful girl alone in the park,i must say that, what he did was sheer foolishness and lack of maturity to take decisions;>. Romi is elder to Ali,his inability to give Ali a suitable solution or advice is a disgrace on his own part,his thinking is in no way different from that of the fool of a boy called Ali.I really think Roshni and Ali are destined together, why? Because it cant be just a coincidence to meet again in such a big city,Delhi,even a week before his wedding with Aliya:o.Aliya should simply find her own destined patner and leave Roshni’s husband:D.

  15. Ve, 2day’s episode is awesome. Although Roshni is pretty girl, she shouldn’t let anyone take advantage of her especially her imbecil hus. I just hope dat they show her as strong village girl n not weak one like they always do. Most village girls I know r stand up gals

  16. Radhika malhotra

    Nice episode and precap was superb exciting

  17. Radhika malhotra

    Nice episode

  18. Nice to see ishra work together both sharing and caring for each other, and sorting out problems. Shagun is really irritating, her voice, her looks is all artificial. Whatever happens in this show,please put ishra together, that is the love. Ashok Khanna should be tortured

  19. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  20. In the upcoming episode Adi will warn roshini not to disclose about their marriage to ishitha and Raman.

    Roshni will get frightened and think to keep her mouth shut forever .

    Ishitha and Raman finds something fishy that Adi ‘s behaviour has been changed since roshni has come in the bhalla house.

    Stay tuned for more twists and updates.

  21. azuka nkwonta

    I see the same drama going to repeat itself. I see aaliyah and mirhi coming up maybe after one or two years leap if Roshni and adi’s marriage did not get dissolved. Don’t forget what happened with mirhi and mihika’s love affair. It will be very nice to see aaliyah and mirhi becoming couples.
    Some people think that aaliyah should become a villain no aaliyah will not do that. I am looking forward to seeing more of pihu on this serial. I think they should have a one year leap because I don’t want to keep seeing all this that is happening and secondly we should see more of vandu’s children and ananya.

  22. I guess now Roshni will be Mahan like Ishita n won’t say anything to anyone abt the whole mess. Reality will unflod subsequently by others n Ishita (maybe Adi too) would find her caring n considerate for not revealing the true for Adi’s sake. Adiya yaar, I wanted u both together but the new storyline is interesting too…

  23. I like the jodi of adi and roshni…they look cute together…

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