Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir telling Raman that Shagun and Adi are coming my home, for the marriage rituals for Doli. Raman asks him to go as he will attend the meeting. Mihika asks Mihir to go for meeting and she will receive Shagun and Adi. Raman says this is also good idea. Shagun is happy as Mihir managed everything. Adi asks her do you miss Mihir so much, as you are excited to stay with him. She says yes, I m excited to go to him, but more over that I m marrying Ashok. Adi says I m happy if you are happy. She says finally our future will be set and asks him about the packing. He says done and leaves.

Ashok and Suraj talk. Adi hears them and is shocked hearing backbiting about Shagun. Suraj says they are going permanently, I won’t let them come back. Shagun comes and Ashok asks her to take care, he will miss her. She says I will miss you too. He says you will come as my wife now. She says can’t wait for it. Adi hugs Ashok and is upset. Shagun asks what happened. Adi says nothing. Shagun says we will come back soon, come on smile. Adi looks at Suraj and Ashok.

Raman and Mihir have a talk. Ishita stares at Raman. He sees her and asks what. She asks is this very big presentation. Mihir says yes, it’s a big client. Ishita says everything will be fine. She gets a call for her friend Mani. She says I don’t believe you are in Delhi, we should meet, tell me when, fine lets meet for dinner tonight. She says she is so excited to meet her. She says Raman…….. Raman says not interested, I m working, go to clinic and break teeth. She comes out and says control Ishita, its alright, how does it matter, this Kud kud suits to Ravan Kumar.

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Shagun comes to Mihir’s house andnsays very impressive, he kept his house very well, organized. Mihika asks them what will they have on lunch, she will order food. Shagun says I will cook Mihir’s fav, I will surprise him. Mihika asks do you know cooking. Shagun says Ishita is learning cooking from my mum, I make good food, Raman and Mihir like the food I make. Mihir calls Mihika. Shagun takes the phone and says she is cooking white pasta for him, his fav. He says you remember? She says I m your sister, Mihika said there is nothing in your kitchen, so I will shop, you take care of Adi. She leaves. Mihika tells Mihir that she did not know Shagun is like this. He says she is moody. She says live is present. They say love you and end the call.

Ishita gets Mani’s call and says you reach, I m coming. She asks Mihika why did she bring Adi.Mihika sayshe has tooth pain, Shagun is not at home, so I got him here. Ishita says fine and asks Mani to pick her from clinic after an hour. Ishita treats Adi. She asks Mihika to contact Shagun, as she has to remove his teeth. Adi says no, Mihika asks him to be strong boy and says Shagun’s phone is unreachable, I will call Ashok. Adi says no, don’t call him, me and my mum are enough. Ishita says she will give him pain killer and he will feel sleepy, she will contact Shagun till then. She asks him about his school, I m happy you are studying well, even Bala teaches you, he tell me about you.

She diverts his mind and gives the injection, asking him not to cry. Adi says he is not crying, something went in his eyes. Ishita says this happens with your dad too, the pain will go now. Mihika and Ishita talk about him. Ishita says the cavity is very deep, I think his heart has something, he is close to Ashok, why did he react like this hearing Ashok’s name, did anything happen. Mihika says not infront of me. Ishita says he will not tell me, I will talk to Raman.

Mihir and Raman come to the hotel to meet Abhimanya and ask for the conference room. Raman says why are we here, could he not come. Mihir gets his secretary’s call and says we are coming. Raman says I m here for last time, he will come next time. Ishita calls Raman and tells about Adi’s tooth pain, maybe I have to remove his tooth. He says don’t experiment on him, it will look bad if I case on my wife. Where is Shagun. She says she is somewhere out, Mihika got him here. She says she will handle him and asks him not to come. Raman and Mihir sit in the conference hall.

The lady comes and says sorry, the meeting is cancelled today. Mihir says what, I spoke to you in lobby. She says you are 3 mins late, he said everything will delay like this, he is very punctual, you take tomorrow’s appointment. Raman gets angry. Mihir says NRIs are such, I will reschedule. Raman says he won’t come again. I will show him his place. Shagun asks Mihika why did you not call me before bringing Adi here. I m taking him now, where is Adi. Ishita says I gave him painkillers, he is resting. Shagun and Ishita argue.

Ishita says his cavity is deep, filling won’t help, I need your permission to remove his teeth. Shagun says I want to meet him. Ishita tells about Adi’s reaction being aggressive about Ashok, maybe he is not comfortable with him. Shagun says what nonsense, you stay out of it, I know my son. Ishita says you know him well, if he does not like Ashok, he can’t tell you. Shagun goes to meet Adi. Mihika says what an ill mannered woman. Ishita gets Mani’s call and says which car, white, fine I m coming. She asks Mihika not to tell anything to Mihir, as he united with Shagun after many years.

Ishita meets Mani and praises the car. Shagun sees her going and thinks its not Raman’s car, with whom is she going. Raman and Mihir talk. Raman is angry in Abhimanya. Raman tells about Adi, that he can meet him at his home now, and asks him to see Adi’s tooth pain. Mihir says fine and leaves. Raman sees Bala going and goes after him. Bala sees Raman in the mirror and says what is he doing here. Raman says I m sure he was Bala, but why is he avoiding like this. Bala goes out of the hotel. Raman sees him leaving in hurry.

Its night, Raman is angry and says who is this Abhimanyu, he is making me meet presentation again. Ishita talks to Mani and says thanks it was a good chatting session, lets meet soon again. She says what a day it was today, and tells Raman where she went and enjoyed a lot with Mani. Raman gets up from bed and walks towards the other side. Ishita also bumps into him and she slips and he holds her. They have an eyelock. Dil kahin rukta nahi………………plays………….. She smiles seeing him. He says will you stand like this all night, leave me, I have work. She says what, you have held me. He says leave, mad and goes. She smiles seeing him and thinks he is so rude, I m talking with love and he does not even smile. I have him good name Ravan Kumar. He looks at her and asks what? Am I joking that you are showing teeth. They argue. She says she is happy today and will not fight, her mood is good. He looks at her.

Raman and Ishita have a talk about Mihir keeping a dinner party for Shagun and ……… Raman says Ashok, do you think I will come there. She says why, you made Mihir and Shagun patch up. He says fine, if Ashok is there, I won’t leave him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow yaar ishu ur amazing.and who is mani? and wt happen to bala that he is avoiding raman.but raman and ishu ka scene superb.yaar ishu why ur forceing raman to go in shagun ka party mai.agar raman dont want to go their then leave naa yaar.


    I think bala is a affair with other girl” MANI”.Or he has plan to say love to each other for raman and ishu…..

  3. I tink Abhimanyu and Mani is the same person!

    1. Yes abimanyu and mani same person I’m sure.

  4. Bala maybe working in the hotel to make more money.

  5. rittika mittal

    abhimanyu is a boy, mani is just a friend, bala thing would surely be different..

  6. Wow going super let it continue. Ishu say ur love soon yaar

  7. all is not good yaar. something bad is gonna happen soon. the introduction of a new characters is usually frightening in Ekta serials. remember kasauti zindagi ki, from nowhere a new character bajaj enters and the female protagonist gets married to him and after sometime she falls in love with him. this character Abhimanyu, don know wat bad he will do to ishra. also, shagun’s life is gonna become miserable & raman might accept her back in his life for his son Adi. this love story is gonna be painful & painful for us to watch as wel. the makers wil test our patience.

  8. Nice episode. I think Mani and Abhimanyu are one and the same

  9. thank you star plus for change the time slot of this show because this is the show i love it very much… i think ishita is the best wife in the world i love her my ideal

  10. Sometimes I wish I am Indian. They just have so much emotions in them, they love deeply and sweetly.

  11. Wait so.. What happened to simi and Param?

  12. Lovely episode. abhi and mani are the same person

  13. kasthurimohan

    Nice episode.where is rinki raman’s sister

  14. Ishu u r taking ur ear ring before bump in to Raman but wen he s holdings u were wearing it. Superb

  15. Arae pritika why r u intefering those idiots in ishras life let it be who s this mani and wht the problem he going to be start in ishus life bcoz ektas serial is about one week romance and one week is to quarrling among them and i had a doubt where is rinky bhalla.she had been shown in some of the episodes in begining. I luv u ishra

  16. Mani is Abhimanyu who will make Raman jealous in which he realises his feelings for Ishita

  17. After doing an episode of Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Sumeet Sachdev aka Gomzi of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi is all set to return to daily soaps with Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. His entry will create a spike in the show. As Abhimanyu, an old friend of Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi), he will be shown close to her while Raman (Karan Patel) who has just started liking Ishita will get jealous. Though Sumeet refuses to divulge details he says his character will be calm and cool-headed. “Let’s see how it develops,” is all he is willing to say. Ask him what kept him away from the small-screen for four years (he was last seen in Pyaar Ka Bandhan and Bandini) and he says he got busy writing and making short films. “I am an architect so I was taking care of business too. It wasn’t that I stayed away, it’s just that I got busy with other commitments and now I am back,” he says. Yeh Hai Aashiqui, he says was like a warm-up and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein produced by Ekta Kapoor, with whom he has done maximum soaps, is a comeback. He starts shooting for the show from today. so friends abhimanyu is mani and gonna jealous raman and friends dont araid no kathra only fun wannna see raman in jealous mood

  18. Sumeet Sachdev is all set to return to daily soaps with Y H M.. As Abhimanyu, an old friend of Ishita , he will be shown close to her while Raman who has just started liking Ishita will get jealous. Though Sumeet refuses to divulge details he says his character will be calm and cool-headed. “Let’s see how it develops,” is all he is willing to say. so friends abhimanyu is mani and gonna jealous raman and friends dont araid no kathra only fun wannna see raman in jealous mood

  19. visit the website for more info on mani

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