Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Raman promises to help Vishal

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishal saying you got fine suddenly. Ranbir says I m fine now, doctor gave medicines, stomach was really aching a lot. He hopes that Raman has left. He thanks Vishal. Vishal asks how is this window open. He shuts the window. He runs to room and says Naveen isn’t at home. He gets a call and says my brother didn’t kill anyone, I m coming there, he is innocent. He worries and cries. He says Sahil will kill him. Ranan asks why will Sahil kill him. Vishal says because I killed Muskaan. He gets shocked seeing Raman and Naveen. Naveen cries and hugs Vishal. Raman asks Ranbir to take Naveen inside.

Ruhi says you go through this file and come to me if you have doubts, relax Yug. Ishita comes to office and asks where is Raman. Ruhi says he is in washroom, I m very hungry,

we shall have food. Vishal says I killed Muskaan by mistake, I wanted to save Naveen, trust me, don’t tell this to Sahil, he will kill everyone. Ruhi says we are pretending as if Raman is in office. Ishita says you know where did he go. Ruhi says he went in disguise. Yug says I think he went to meet Vishal.

Raman says listen to me Vishal, calm down. Vishal says how, Muskaan just said Bhalla before dying and Sahil got after your family, if Sahil knows this, he will kill me, you are a rich businessman and can fight him, but he will kill me. Naveen says its not Vishal’s mistake. Ranbir asks him to sit and gives water. He thinks why is Yug calling, I can’t receive it. He disconnects the call.

Ishita asks Yug aren’t you telling me something, please tell me. Raman says I promise I won’t let anything happen to you. Ishita asks why did you not tell me, is Raman fine. Yug says he isn’t answering, its not safe to go there. She says I will go to him. Manish sees her and says Ishita left from office in a hurry. Sahil says it means Raman isn’t in office. Manish asks how can this happen, I m here. Sahil says don’t waste time and follow Ishita. Raman says I promise, no one will tell this to Sahil.

Vishal asks how did you know I killed Muskaan. Raman says I got blood stained shirt in your bike, I heard you talking to your brother and then talking Yug, you disappeared, I had to do this drama, I don’t know why you killed Muskaan accidentally. FB shows Vishal waiting for Naveen outside school. He sees Naveen taking drugs from someone. He slaps Naveen and checks his bags. Naveen says Muskaan Shah gave this to me, she pays money to me. Vishal slaps him and asks what are you doing. Naveen says I hate you. They argue. Vishal says Muskaan will ruin your life. Naveen says I will see my life. Vishal goes to meet Muskaan. He comes before her car and stops her. He says you gave drugs to my brother. She says I saw you at Bhallas’ house. He says you know Naveen, I got this from her, I know you supply drugs to her. She says you know who I m, I m Sahil’s sister, Muskaan, Sahil is a don, Naveen is addicted to drugs, control him, get away, I m very angry.

Vishal says he is a kid, you ruined him, keep drugs with you, I will see who saves you now, I will complaint in police. She stops him and says I will kill you. She stabs him. He stops her hand. They both struggle. She gets stabbed. He thinks if Sahil knows this, he will kil me. He flees from there. FB ends. Vishal says I did this to save myself. Raman says don’t feel guilty, I m with you, we will fight Sahil, you did this in self defense. Vishal says I won’t stay here. He packs the bags. Naveen says I won’t go anywhere. Ranbir asks how long will you run, stop. Ishita knocks the door. Vishal says its Sahil, he will kill everyone. Raman opens the door and asks Ishita to get in fast. Manish gets Sahil’s call and says I m keeping an eye on her, everything is under control. He sees Ishita’s car.

Raman asks Ishita to explain Vishal. She says Sahil will doubt you if you run, you aren’t alone, we can help you, you should stay here. Sahil says how are Raman and Ishita quiet, what’s happening, we have to do something that my sister’s murderer comes out, what shall we do to make them helpless. Karan comes and says I will help you in this in finding your sister’s murderer. Shamshad points gun at him. Sahil says you know I killed Rohan, why do you want to help me. Karan says I know, he helped Raman and Ishita, and died, you lost a dear one, I know your pain, I will take revenge, I shifted to Iyer house to keep an eye on them, else I would have gone to London with my mom. Sahil shakes hands and says I will tell you what to do, go from here now. Karan goes. Shamshad asks can we trust him. Sahil says no, but he was against Bhallas, we will use him, else we will send him to Rohan. Karan says he trusted me, the plan is on. Raman says that’s nice, everything is happening as we thought.

Raman says I promise I will help you and then you will surrender to place. Vishal refuses to surrender. Karan says trust me, otherwise forget it I will take my revenge some other way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  8. I love aalia of yhm. She is just amazing. I was loving aalia and adi s story. But suddenly adi got exit. And this yug. He was not perfect

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