Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Pihu gets a bad nightmare

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying I won’t leave her, I will ruin her life. Romi takes him. Mihika stops Pihu and says I will put you to sleep, we will talk in morning. Pihu asks what happened to Papa, if Ishimaa was here, he would have not behaved this way. Mihika says no, this is happening because of Ishita. Ruhi says you know Pihu has been through a lot, you shouldn’t say such about Ishita. Mihika says sorry and goes. Ruhi puts Pihu to sleep. Pihu asks why does everyone hate her, Ishita can’t do this. Ruhi says its not simple, you are too young to understand this, I don’t want to explain this, I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong, Adi will never come back, he has gone too far, we have much grief, everyone hates Ishita, but I m with you, I can never hate Ishita, she is our mumma, don’t think this. Pihu says I miss Adi and Ishita a lot, you are here, but Ishita is alone, she would also miss us a lot.

Romi says I m fed up, Raman gets drunk and comes home, what does he want to prove, its all over, its been 8 months, people change so much, we are still stuck there, Raman, Simmi and Parmeet are troubling us, why don’t they move on in life. Mihika says Raman lost his son. He says there is negativity in this house, I wish to run away. She says don’t take stress, who will take care of Raman, I think its happening as Raman is drinking much alcohol, he has to control, now Pihu has come, we have to tell him to stop all this for her sake. He says I hope so, I don’t think he will be able to leave alcohol. Its morning, Mihika asks Neelu why didn’t she make breakfast. Neelu says gas got over. Mihika says you should have told me, this never happened. Neelu says Simmi’s cook Manjiri has spent the gas in 10 days. She asks the man to fix cylinder. Manjiri comes and argues with Neelu. Mr. Bhalla tries to solve the problem. Parmeet says I have got the breakfast, end these problems. Mr. Bhalla says you have to leave from the house, Simmi won’t get the property share. Parmeet says then be here with us and bear this. Mihika thinks entire family got broken because of Ishita’s one wrong move. Ishita gets a letter from secretary.

She checks and calls broker. She says I want another house, Raman has come yesterday, secretary has asked me to leave this house, please find a house for me. Broker says you shifted home many times, I will show you a house far from this area. She says I want to stay in this area, there is a reason, please manage a house for me. He says fine. She gets video call from Romi’s number. She answers and sees Pihu. She says new dress, wow, enjoy well with Romi and Mihika. Pihu says I have seen dad angry, how are you. Ishita says I m fine, I miss you a lot, I m not alone, cook and house help come here, breakfast is packed, I m going for work. Pihu says I slept with Ruhi. Raman comes and scolds Pihu. Ruhi comes and asks what happened. Ishita says Raman, don’t say anything to her. Raman says Romi, I m warning you, that woman’s shadow shouldn’t fall over them.Pihu runs and throws things. She falls down. Ruhi worries. She says I told you I will take you to meet Ishita, come with me to doctor, you have hurt yourself badly, trust me. Ishita says I won’t let this happen with Pihu, I have to do something.

Ishita meets Pihu and hugs. Raman says I told you not to meet her. He drags Ishita and pushes her. She falls down the stairs. Pihu shouts Ishimaa and wakes up. She says I want to meet Ishimaa. She goes to Raman. He is on work call. She says I want to meet Ishimaa. He says don’t take her name again, you can’t meet her. She insists. She says I saw a bad dream, you pushed her down the stairs. He sees Adi’s pic and says I wish your dream turns true and Ishita dies. She says you are so cruel and bad, you are teaching me to take revenge, she is my mum, I m going to meet her. He says you won’t go. Ruhi asks why are you shouting on Pihu. He says don’t teach me, I m your dad, don’t call her mum, she is dead for us.

He locks Pihu and says I don’t want to hear Ishita’s name. Ruhi says this will badly affect Pihu. He says don’t explain me, leave before I raise hand on you. Pihu cries and says I will meet Ishimaa at any cost. Ruhi goes to Raman and asks what’s Pihu’s mistake, where will she go, everyone is in grief, just Ishimaa can love her, Pihu is too young to understand your hatred, please free her, this can affect her mind, don’t be so harsh. Pihu throws things and shouts. Raman says don’t teach me, Ishita is dead for us, she is out of our lives, shut up. She goes. Pihu asks Ruhi to open the door. Parmeet thinks to free her, so that there is a big drama.

Parmeet frees Pihu and gives Ishita’s address. She hides and leaves from the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. as for revenge param did first time do something good, pihu stay with bhalla family full of negavity but only thing wrong pihu go alone.
    now ishita really has to give court permission order to raman for nobody stop her to meet anybody especially to her children, if for raman ishita have no right to took decision alone about their children, then raman also have no right to take decision alone about their children, ishita have full right to meet their children.
    mihika said ishita broke the family with her one mistake. ishita has done wrong but she left alone n mihika also don’t talk to her n hate her then why she thought about her, ishita fullfill all her resonsibilty toward her family in every situation whether it’s bad or good , now it’s mihika n shagun turn give peace n happiness to their family instead of blaming ishita n shouting why they not move on . they don’t want ishita in her life then live life without her happily. now tolerate simmim n param negavity n rude behavior n think how to get them out of their house without ishita

  2. pihu don’t stay with bhalla family which was full of negative member, pihu n ruhi must stay with ishita but only thing is wrong pihu go alone

  3. Pathetic story ,seriously same thing on repeat . Separation due to somebody s death . Hero is mad ,shouts on heroine and blames her and heroine is stupid still she will try to sort out things and consider herself only wrong . Whether ishita or pragya . Ekta needs to show woman independent , strong and self-esteem . Rather getting angry on raman I am getting mad at ishita , stupid how can she tolerate such insults and abuses . She deserves such behavior becoz she cant,stand for her self respect , I cant bear this shit . Endyhm

    1. Thanks for telling the truth of Ishita and Raman love story.i really wonder how people are criticizing shagun without pointing out Raman and Ishita mistakes.suppose this time Raman is acting but every time he humiliated Ishita and Ishita also left pihu in small age what ever the reason.but still people are blaming only not saying what ever shagun did are right.ishra is pathetic when some issues comes, Raman will talk about her infertility and after that she will go with him.ishitha and pihu will get punishment but param and simmi will never get caught.why can’t Ishita collect CCTV evidences before logic at all.

  4. Its not yeh hai mohabbatein , its yeh hai pagalpan.ishita is doind so overacting , kitni irritating hai yeh saachme thats why raman calling her baanjh and pushing her . Bechaari ishita , devi mahaan ishita , selfless ishita lol

  5. Even I have a question to ekta y u killed adi ofcourse he is going to do something wrong Ishita really want to stop him but It’s not d right way y don’t he insists to kill herself if he won’t leave roshini if she really love him she has to do that she has to shoot her self after that adi LL b shock to see that and realise that what he did and she LL b in coma for some days after some days once Pihu comeback all their love LL make her helth gud and it s a good end to this serial and it LL justify d serial name yhm even I didn’t like to kill adi character hate it

  6. Everyone in this serial is out of control: raman, ishita, previously ruhi, adi, now pihu, mrs bhalla and toshiji. Romi and mihika. Sab ke sab pagal dikhaye gaye hai: its a total madhouse. DT needs to act more naturally and not so fake either. I guess thats what happens when the script and story are like sh:t and the actors have to play same scenes again and again and again…..

    1. I mean mrs iyyer and toshiji: everyone is out of control and insane. Also shravu, even bala’s new wife (kiran) everyone acts like criminal… according to ekta everyone is like her: unstable and insane

    2. Agreed,mad house

  7. Oh God, why cant ekta write some nice script? It’s so irritating. Same problems over n over again. Come on! Theres bo happiness or love. Yhm is all about hatred and revenge. I’m sick of it. End yhm of you are running out of ideas.

    1. Rita kapoor not script writer just a producer

      1. Sorry not Rita it’s ekta keyboard prediction

  8. I just stopped watching as I could not accept the way they were talking to Ishita. I think Ekta needs to stop the verbal abuse that she puts the woman through; that is the reason why Men In India Blame woman for everything. it is the serials that belittles the woman. Stop watching the serials that treats woman as nothing. I did and I am very happy. I am just dropping a line so all of you watching the serial realizes the pain, suffering & insult she is causing for the women. She being a woman does not understand all the abuse women go through. Good luck Everyone please stop watching the serial!!!!!!!! We Women Have To Stick Together And Say No To Verbal Abuse.

  9. Worst family!! Ishita character and Ran characters got ruined so badly!!!! Poor kids

  10. As you see right now we are witnessing the consequences of marrying a GOOD FOR NOTHING HUSBAND! This for all the girls and young women in this site! Don’t ever EVER CHOOSE A MAN LIKE RAMAN AS YOUR HUSBAND!

  11. End Yhm becoz leads have no chemistry , no love . Especially raman bhalla who never understood what is right what is wrong , he gets influenced very easily . Ishita always good and will bear all allegations and tortures from villains and family . Just show n victim always but she will win back family s trust ,like seriously what story are you showing . Why male is so dominating on female . And first time I am not feeling at all pity on ishita becoz she s so weak and the family getting angry was obvious , but be little mature you cant undo what you did whats use o mourning . We have to move on . But whole family is brainless , elders are not behaving acording to theie age . All the characters are wrong and no body realizing their mistakes show is trashy and useless . Lost its storLine before and now no proper concept going . Still people watch it . Pity on audience . I left watching this show 2 yrs before and got news of leap so read few updates and saw the show and,realized its going so awful , ekta s all show have so many leaps and what is the age of leads is always question . But congrats to ishra for showing/ tolerating their hatred level . Someone mentioned correctly in comments its not yeh hai mohabbatein . Please don’t ruin it more just end it soon

  12. Mrs Bhalla … Shahnaz ji left yhm … just like that . Really misses her a lot ! New replaced one is not upto her acting ! Not able to connect to her . Reason can be we are not able to get over the truth where Ishima was forced to shot Ishimas Adi . As character she did the right thing as Adis
    obsession can not be justified . Cvs damaged their relation . Even it was acting how painful it wud have been for Dt and AV . Cvs did not do justice to AV .They rushed to exit AV .
    Ramans sadness is justified , Adi is his elder son .. but how cvs are butchering KP and DT … as if they hate this brilliant actors . They are soulmate .. their love cant be explained … but to move on with their life normally … having insulted Ishitha to this extent … I feel better they are seperated . For dramas sake we will come to know Ishitha is not the one shot Adi … but Ishra is damaged . Mani must have done and Ishitha is hiding the truth . And Shaghun is faking her depression .
    Back again fooling Raman if Ishitha is hiding the truth .Raman doesnt deserve this .
    Nothing can be resolved with a word Sorry !
    I ask myself how can cvs damage this show like this .After 8 months where Pihu to be loved nd cared , torturing her . Many children are watching this .I know one mother and two daughters of age 12 and 10 watching this regularly . The girls were emotionally broken .. cannot sleep had to take Pshychologist help .
    I used to watch this with my grand daughter but from the surrogacy track .. i stopped her .. it was unbelievable the bhoot track followed by
    surrogacy .. and the Nidhis role with Ruhi .
    Its high time YHM to be stopped . Only one serial I had watched for the unique storyline and today regret very much for addicted to yhm
    for Divyanka . I am a huge fan of DT. But today i stop watching as I cant see the lead actors are butchered to this level.

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