Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi reaching Khandpur. He breaks the lock of Adi’s house. The men see him and go. Romi says go and tell Gagan that I have come. Gagan comes and meets Romi. Romi catches him and scolds him. He says I m Romi Bhalla, I will not leave you. He asks the men to get back. He asks Gagan not to trouble Adi again. He says I will send you all to jail forever, just leave Adi. He warns them and leaves.

Shagun and Ishita see the lahenge for Aaliya. Mihika asks Ishita to show the designs which she showed her yesterday. Ishita shows them. Aaliya likes it. Shagun says its similar to the lahenga I got. Ishita says they buy lahengas at low rate and sell it with designer label. Shagun asks are you sure about quality. Ishita says I m very sure. They talk.

Ishita goes to order lahenga. She meets the man and says I had to get this embroidery done. The man says my madam can tell this. She asks for phone number. The man says she stays nearby. She asks him to take her there, marriage is close. Roshni struggles to get free.

Ishita comes to Shanti’s house and says sorry, it was emergency, I have to make such design, I want it soon. Shanti says its fine, come to my shop. Roshni screams and shouts for help. Ishita asks what was this. Shanti makes excuse. Ishita stops Shanti and says someone said help. Shanti says your ears are ringing. Ishita asks who is inside, who is shouting. Shanti stops her and asks her to leave, else she knows many ways to make her leave.

Ishita says someone was in problem, I have to tell police, but Raman will scold me for interfering in other’s problems, anyone can shout seeing rat also, I maybe wrong. She sees a man meeting Shanti and hides. She hears them. The man catches Roshni. Roshni tries to run away. Shanti scolds her and catches her. She asks the man to get customer fast. The man leaves.

Raman calls Mani and asks about Shagun’s mood, I hope everything is fine. Mani says yes, they are fine, how is Ishu. Raman says she is good, she went to get embroidery done, I learnt this way from Ishita, don’t know how she got aggressive. Mani says there is good news, Adi ended work before time. Raman says I m proud of Adi, Ishita is calling, I will call you back. Ishita calls Raman and asks him to come fast please. He says she is saying please, its surely something imp. Ishita keeps an eye on driver and says there is something wrong.

Adi and Aaliya talk. Adi gets a message. He says there is a surprise for you. Aaliya asks what. Adi asks her to see. She gets glad and says you are taking me to Greece for honeymoon, I just love it. She hugs him. He gets a call and thinks I just hope there are no more surprises in my fate. She asks him to answer. He answers Romi’s call and asks are you fine, I m at Aaliya’s place. Romi says fine, I will meet you. The driver comes back. Raman comes and holds Ishita. Ishita says you scared me. Raman asks when did you become spy. She says I heard something, a girl shouted for help.

The man asks Shanti to get ready, customer is ready/ Shanti asks him did he get what she said. He gives her a bottle. She smiles. She says just two drops of this, then that girl will not shout, till she gets conscious, our work will be done. She injects Roshni. She says I will make this girl ready and bring her. Raman says maybe its her family matter. Ishita says that girl shouted, its some problem. Raman says maybe husband and wife were fighting. She says no, it was not that matter, see that auto driver is coming. They see Shanti tying a girl and getting her. Raman says maybe they drugged her. Ishita says they tied her hands. The auto leaves. Ishita says we should stop them. Raman says I think you are right, come with me.

Mani and Shagun talk to Adi. Shagun says superb plan, its good you decided the honeymoon spot, else you would have gone on tirat. Mani asks Shagun to leave that matter. He congratulates Adi for completing the project on time. Aaliya says I m so proud of you. Mani says I will invite Gagan and others from Khandpur.

Romi comes there. He says no need to call, I will personally invite them. He asks Adi to go washroom and freshen up. Adi looks at himself and recalls Roshni. He thinks Romi would have made everything fine, I can’t panic in front of Mani and Aaliya. Romi says I came to take Adi for bachelor party, I thought he can enjoy with friends, Adi does not know this. Adi comes. Romi asks him to come.

The man asks Shanti to get Roshni with her. Romi asks Adi not to think about anyone, forget Gagan, and Roshni, you think about new life. Adi asks about problem in warehouse. He gets surprised seeing the party. Romi asks Adi to enjoy with friends. The man asks Shanti is the girl fine. Shanti says yes, she won’t remember anything when she gets conscious. The dancers say it looks like a rich guy party, its Aditya Bhalla’s party. Raman and Ishita come there. Raman says our company warehouse is also here. Ishita says we have to find her, rickshaw is here. She maybe in problem.

Ishita sees Roshni stumbling. Roshni falls. Raman holds her and asks are you fine. Ishita says I know her, she is from Khandpur.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think it will be interesting to see how the truth comes will the bhallas react and alia Mani and shagun

  2. So good to see Ishita calling Raman before any jasoosy.

    What is wrong with Romi, how can he encourage Adi like that , he is chachu and should give proper advise.

    Hai rabba this serial getting worse day by day

  3. Yarr I can’t match them,I mean Raman Roshni nd Ishita ,they doesn’t look like sas sasur and bahu,looked like vaiya vabi and nanan,yarr bahu will be confuse ki inhe kea bulae,cvs to ishra ko day by day or v zyada hot krrahehai.but by the way,
    All my yhm fans tumlogone yhm me or ek nei entry k wareme suna,he is Samaks Hsudi,jo yhm me already shooting suru kr chuka hai,but wo kea roll play krrahahai us wareme avtak suspence hai,agar belief ni hota to insta me dekho samaks Hsudi ka account usne khub kuch pics post kie hai yhm k set se Anita k sath or ye v mention kia hai ki wo new entry hai yhm me,pata nei ab cvs kounsa new buckwass twist lane wala hai,god knows.

  4. Upar kuch grammatical mistakes hue hai jaldi me thina…. Sorry

  5. I was hoping that the storyline would get better but it is not. Even though I say I am not going to watch, I can’t keep to my promise as I just simply adore Raman and Ishita. Both are just great and wonderful actors and I am watching for them.

    So now Roshni will enter Bhalla’s house with Ishita’s help. Adi’s life is going to turn hell and new enemies for Raman and Ishita will be Mani, Shagun and Aliya. I only wish just like Romi who has accepted that this was forced marriage so I hope Ishra also will accept it as forced marriage and get Adi to annul the marriage. Both Roshni and Adi will not be happy in this marriage. Even if Aliya’s marriage does not take place, at least I hope both Raman and Ishita will know how much Adi suffered and was forced into this marriage that they will make sense to Roshni to leave Adi. I doubt the storyline will go this way as cvs have to always make it complicated.

    1. azuka nkwonta

      Well said somebody is agreeing with me now. Just like I said yesterday ishita should not spoil things.

  6. Hi Rithu, VP, Khushi, Priyamvedha, Magic, Marin, Parichary……

  7. Hi Sindhu … the impact of Ishra/Divan is soooo much that we are forced ti watch yhm for them . Seeing them together for everything is so sweet .. The storyline is gone very bad but the best jodi in small tv … Ishra only . Dt looks stunning . Adi Alia love story is butchered like Mihir Mihika .
    Adi should not have left Roshini alone , its not her mistake .Romis attitude is wrong here . One donot have to be rude or fruel to teach a lesson . What all things yhm is showing …

  8. I absolutely hate this shyt, the track is depressing, Aliya Adi was the Best..

  9. azuka nkwonta

    I don’t know if ishita is a police detective or a doctor why does she always interfer in everything she sees.I love ishita but she is over doing things.I said yesterday that this chapter of Roshni should be closed now before it spoils things and roshni can be reintroduced in the serial but this time as an enemy of the bhallas because we are tired of ashok been the enemy all the time.if ishita start playing her detective work now she might bring roshni into the bhallas house aaliyah and adi’s dreams will end and adi’s days of sadness will start. This serial needs to change a little bit, suspense and tension is what we need not a straight line story.

  10. Nice episode.

  11. azuka nkwonta

    The reason why people are getting bored of yhm is because they keep the same thing. Shagun and Ashok’s wedding was called off because of the drama ashlik created with mihinka which also destroyed mirhi’s relationship with mihinka and led to dissolving of their up coming marriage.
    Now the same thing is happening with adi and aaliyah’s marriage in fact the drama has already been created with roshni and adi’s forced wedding what they are trying to show us now is how this forced marriage will be used to break off adi and aaliyah’s up coming marriage.

  12. Bakwaas story line
    Repeat and stupid writing
    Divyanka and Karan should leave this sinking ship – I will watch them in another show. I just read updates; stopped watching after the 9 year leap.
    The writers are mad – what they are showing is that women in India have no value they can just be passed around like cattle (Roshini’s issue). I don’t know why the women’s groups in India are not kicking up a big fuss against the production house.
    Same team responsible for Pardes mein and the same stupidity is going on there. “Why do we watch these shows that degrade us women all the time” even if such stuff goes on in society shouldn’t it be a responsible thing to show the opposite so that all can learn from it.
    Yes Adi was forced to marry Roshni but if he annulled the marriage, he will still be okay in society but Roshini will be taunted and treated badly in the same society.
    My point is – what was the need for producers to introduced such a storyline.
    Adi has acted foolishly from the beginning.
    First Ishita was there helping him and he asked his father to get rid of her because if Ishita was there Ashok would have failed.
    Second, when he ran into problem, he should have called his parents and tell them the issue who would have sent help.
    Thirdly, how can you set up a factory with no security – that’s stupid
    Fourthly, it seems the villagers all have very short memory about the goodness of Adi and his family.
    Fifth, Chandhan is a grown man who can make his own decision and it was his decision to go out on his wedding day. I wouldn’t have no amount of money would have swayed me
    Sixth, so the law of the land is completely useless where these villagers are concerned.
    Seventh, once he got to town, Adi should have been man enough – he could have put Roshini in a hotel (he can afford it) then tell his parents if not Raman, then his Ishimaa.
    With all these we have seen how the CVs have completely ruined Adi’s character. After the 9 year leap he was shown as genteel, kindhearted and very responsible. For a man/ brother who loves his sisters a lot, how can he make such a decision to leave a woman alone in a park in a strange town. They have completely ruined all the characters and the show.

    1. azuka nkwonta

      Well said everything you said is on point but we will continue watching to see the rest of the nonsense they have.

  13. Now instead of telling his parents his problem – he told his uncle who is just as brainless as him.
    Does he think that Roshini will just disappear like that.
    And Roshini’s family how could you just send your child away with a stranger – anything could have happened to her.
    The whole track is stupid and do not make sense just like Shagun’s surrogacy and Shagunishita’s ghosts drama. What’s the point?
    It so sad for a show that’s started in a promising way. It is a shame

  14. Well commented Missy ! Yhm was a promising serial . Really Ekta and her team has no values in any relationship . I too think why censor board is not stopping it . yhm was a serial which even children used to watch becoz of Ruhi and Ishima … now children should be away from this serial . Adi Alia is turning like Mihir Mihika … cvs know only repetetion .we cant blame the actors as they have to do what cvs say !

  15. Nice episode and precap was superb exciting

  16. Omg this show is getting interesting bcuse of Roshini, it is luking gr8 2 me I hope EK dont turn her into villain, I mean a lot of viewers r complaining about Adick n Alia breaking pair but 2 me it is 4 the good cause I hope viewervile stop complaining like they did wid Mihir n Alia pair. If it wasnt 4 them than Adick n Alia weren’t be a couple. I hope this track of Adick n Roshni stays.

  17. Wow amzing track, I always liked drama, love marriage is a shit which Alia n Adi r doing but force or arrange marriage is fun cauae there will be tons of drama n love later damn wat a track keep it up Ekta

    1. mia aapko b forced marriage hi karni hogi fir to and that too with a dumbo illiterate person like roshni

    2. mia aapko b forced marriage hi karni hogi fir to and that too with a dumbo illiterate person like roshni i wish that roshni b like shagun and alia be the lead like ishita

    3. Mia don’t listen to anyone I’m with you even I like this track

  18. mia shall your marriage be also forced one with a illiterate and dumbo person like roshni bcoz you like force marriage right

  19. Ya dont listen to anyone or should i say dont engage yourself in reading what others write ??

    1. Common bro what’s ur problem. I am least interested in reading ur comments but I read because u commented the same thing so many times. So just chill

      1. First I am not a bro and second if you are least interseted in reading my comments the you should not have worried about repition of my comments and if you worried for same so the you could have replied complaining about that and not in the way you did .If you are worrying why repition happened then I must tell you it happened because I clicked on post comment by mistake after it was posted once and the third comment was in Hindi

  20. azuka nkwonta

    The serial kept repeating itself but I know the serial has alot of potential but they don’t use them. , for example bala and vandu’s marriage was never opened up and exposed to the viewers and they have two kids this family can be opened up just like the bhallas we have to know their daily activities and their problems just like we see in other families but instead they made vandu die. And this Roshni character should not have existed at all.

  21. Come on u guys stop being rude. What is wrong with liking something different n FYI this track is cool, not everyone have same taste. I just don’t like Lucy Duffy shit especially with 2 couple who I didn’t like from the beginning. Just like how ishra relationship progressed, I have a hope same will happen with dickhead n Roshni. She might be illiterate but not dum, I just like 2 comment wen I like something so 2 me did track of Rosh is very interesting.

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