Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bala telling Ishita that now you have accepted Raman and his family completely. They have also accepted you. She says but they have some expectations. He says you have given mum’s love to Ruhi, don’t blame yourself, you are not incomplete, you are a complete woman, a good doctor, daughter, loving and caring mum. He says think what you are doing for them and what you can do. He says I have a chain to Vandu and she asked me from where did the money come, I did not tell her that I broke a FD, her smile is priceless. She says you both are sweet. He says you are also sweet, fill this sweetness in Ruhi and Raman’s love. He makes her smile. Ishita laughs and says I feel glad talking to you, the perspective of the problems change and the problem ends, you are great.

Ruhi and Raman come to buy a dress for Ishita. Ruhi asks the girl to show a western dress. Even Shagun comes to the same shop. Raman and Ruhi check out some dresses. Raman says I don’t understand, you see. Shagun sees Raman and Ruhi. Raman chooses some and Ruhi does not like it. Ruhi says how will we surprise Ishita as we don’t know her fav color, her choice. Raman says I have an idea. He calls her and asks her fav color. Ishita says why. Ishita says green. Ruhi selects a green dress. Raman asks what size do you wear. Ishita says S. Raman says I m not asking your childhood size, what do you wear now. Ishita says S. He says will you fit in it. She says he thinks I m fat.

Shagun comes to Ruhi. Ishita hears her noise. Raman ends the call. Ishita thinks why is Shagun there, I don’t care, its their life. Ruhi tells Shagun that they came to take a dress for Ishita. Shagun says but she does not wear western dress. Ruhi says she wears and looks an angel. Raman asks the girl to show expensive dresses as he wants the best dress for his wife. Shagun is shocked. Raman sees a blue dress and says its my fav color, take this. Ruhi says oh. Romi talks to his friends and says I want to know whats in Bala’s mind. He bumps into Bala. He greets him. Bala says Romi, Roll no 30. He says what did you think I will not know anything, I know everything, you have sent money to me. Romi says not me, don’t tell this to Raman.

Bala laughs and says you got scared, relax, I did not tell anyone, we are part of family, I don’t want Raman to kick you out of the house, as you have already given me a lot, I m on your side. Romi is very happy. Bala says lets make a plan and meet on coffee. Vandu and Shravan comes and Bala leaves. Romi feels lucky. Vandu asks Bala what was he talking to Romi. Bala lies to her. They leave. Bala thinks I have to catch the whole gang with proof else board will blame Vandu.

Ruhi asks Ishita to go and meet Raman. Ishita asks whats the surprise. Ruhi asks her to go. Ishita says fine I will go. Ishita comes to Raman. He says I know what you are seeing, its here, for you. Ishita says a gift for me. He says Ruhi brought it, not me. She sees a green dress and says nice color. She sees its western and says how did you think. He says don’t look a bahenji always, Ruhi brought it, won;t you wear it. Ishita says I will wear it, its such a pretty dress. Ruhi becomes happy. Ishita asks did you select or did anyone help. Ruhi says I selected, Shagun was there but Papa did not talk to her. Ishita kisses her hand. Raman looks on.

Ruhi asks her to check the second one. Ishita says two dresses, is anything special. Raman says I brought this one. Ruhi asks which one do you like. Ishita says I will see. She sees the blue one and its medium size. She says I love the green dress. Ishita says go and have food, we will come. Ruhi asks Ishita to wear tomorrow. Ishita says promise. Raman says will you fit in it, small one. She says if this medium one is loose, then you will buy a new one for me.

Ishita sees Raman’s sleeping. Ishita takes the green dress and sees how short it is. She sees its very small and says how will I get into this, she sees its S size. She says what will I do now. Her hand stucks, she says how will the body go in this. She tries but fails. She says if Raman knows this dress is not fit, he will be happy and taunt me. She gets an idea to make it large.

Ishita comes in the room and starts making the dress wider. Yeh khatti meethi takraar hai ya pyaar………………..plays…………… She jumps happily and says now I will show Raman how easily I fit in S size. She laughs. She hides the thread box under the bed and hides. Ishita gets ready in the western dress and waits for Raman. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla her and asks what happened to you. Ishita says actually…… Parmeet sees her and starts staring. Ishita says Ruhi brought this for me with love. Simmi says Raman left. Parmeet smiles seeing her. Simmi praises Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla says you are looking tip top. Ishita says thanks, I will change. Ruhi sees her and says you are looking good.

She says Papa brought this for her. Ishita says its our secret. Parmeet says Raman is strange, he gives wife such clothes and leaves her alone and goes Mumbai. He thinks today I will see Ishita.

Parmeet says come Ishita, I m waiting for you, your husband don’t worry about you, I have to do everything now. He smiles..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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