Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman telling Bala that his mum is going abroad to help their relative. Ishiat says but she is worried about immigration. Mr. Bhalla says he will see her. Raman asks Bala to help him not sleep, as he has to drop his mum at 3am. He says lets sit and havea talk. He asks Mihir to stay and Mihika says good idea, I mean we will go to Brahma Mahurat from here. Raman says its dangerous. Mihir says he is ready to marry. Vandu says lets play cards. Do the arrangements here, we will get coffee and snacks. Mr. Bhalla asks Mrs. Bhalla to chill, as immigration guys will not create any trouble. He says he will miss her a lot, who will drink with him. She says Appa. He says Amma will make our Paisam. She says great. I will come and have it.

Raman asks Mihir to make the drinks. Raman’s hand touches Ishita’s and she reacts. He says what happened, did you get current short. She says no, and asks him she was talking to Mihika in balcony, did he hear what she said. Raman smiles and asks did he have to hear it. She says no, so I m asking. He says what if I heard. Bala says I think I made entry on wrong time. Raman says no, Bala tell me if your wife is confessing to someone about you, and if you hear it, whats the problem, will there is any problem. Bala says yes, it means there is something I don’t have clue about. Raman says yes, if you know it, what’s the problem. Bala says the history says its good not to hear what the wife says. Raman says history is gone, we men have right to know. They joke and say wife’s secret is our biggest weapon, come. Ishita says Murugan, please Raman should not hear my words, please save me.

Ishita gets tensed and keeps the snacks back. Mihika asks what are you doing. Ishita says you are so stupid, I was talking to you and you went. Mihika says Mihir came. Ishita says I told many things and Raman was behind me, I think he heard me. Mihika says what is it, tell me. Ishita says I told that time, he is acting oversmart now. Mihika asks why are you worried. Ishita says maybe he heard. Mihika says if you want to know he heard you, I have a solution, truth and dare.

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Vandu allows Bala to have a drink. Mihika says she does not want to play boring cards, lets play truth and dare. Raman and Mihir plan. Mihika asks Ishita not to be afraid. Ishita says he will give me dangerous dare. Raman asks Bala to save him. Raman prepares and says come if you like the game, and calls the ladies. The bottle is rotated and comes on Mihika. Mihika chooses dare and Bala gives her a romantic dare to kiss Mihir. She says fine. Bala says French kiss. Ishita says jiju…………. Mihir says what are you saying. Mihika says fine and gets a big glass. She kisses Mihir’s reflection. Vandu says wow, smart, see her Bala, what an idea. Mihir says he lost this chance. Bala says you will have suhaagraat with mirror and they laugh.

The bottle is rotated again. Raman is out and says truth. Ishita asks him did he hear someone’s talk today. He smiles and says yes, I heard. Ishita asks any girl’s talk. Raman says Bala, actually a girl was saying that……… Ishita says no need, its ok. Raman says whats your problem, I heard everything, let me say. She says leave it. Raman says lets end the game. Bala says let him say the truth, play game with honesty. Raman says fine, if you all are asking me.

Raman says he is talking about Ruhi, she was talking to Muttu and I could not understand, but I m sure she said she loves Muttu a lot, and she realized it very late what Muttu means to her, but Muttu was not there and Ruhi was talking to herself, I was worried as my daughter is loving a dog. They laugh. Mr. Bhalla says Raman drop your mum now. Raman thanks them and they leave. Raman holds Ishita’s hand and says he heard someone’s talk too, he does not think he should tell everyone. He winks to her. She looks at him.

Raman and Ishita wait outside the airport and Raman says can we wait here till mum’s immigration gets cleared. She says fine. He says lets wait till she calls. She asks him to sleep. She gets Mr. Bhalla’s call and says Mrs. Bhalla wnet inside, we are outside. Raman sleeps on her shoulder. She looks at him and says we will be here till her flight goes. Music plays……………… Dil kahin rukta nahi………………..She thinks Ayyo Raman, what is this new feeling, my heart is pumping like it will come out, I don’t understand. She moves him and he wakes up.

He says sorry, I slept. She says yes, you were tired. He says even you, you also sleep. She says here. He says do you want mattress here. She says its ok. He asks her to sleep on his shoulder, and asks what does she think, he did not hear me, I heard you. She is shocked and says what you heard was not true, I was telling something else. I meant something else. It was not for you. He laughs and says sorry, it would be good if I really heard you. She says you did not? He says yes, I was pulling your leg, see your face, tell me what you said. She says nothing and smiles. He says one day, you will tell me that yourself. She says lets see. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays……………… She gets Mrs. Bhalla’s call that she boarded the flight. Ishita says have a safe flight and ends the call. Raman says lets go home.

Ashok and Suraj have a talk. Suraj says he has a perfect idea and talks to his Mama on phone. He says this marriage can’t happen without you. Shagun asks is everything ok. Suraj says it was Mama ji’s call. Ashok asks which Mama ji. Suraj says Ajmer’s Mama ji…. Ashok understands the game and says yes, what was he saying. Suraj says you both are staying together since six years, but Mama ji has old thinking. Shagun asks what do you want. Suraj says why don’t Shagun stay at Mihir’s house till the wedding. Shagun agrees and says she will do this to make the wedding perfect, and you will come to meet me as you will surely miss me. Ashok says ofcourse and smiles.

Ishita smiles seeing Raman’s shirt and says he just kept shirt, and he will come out and shout seeing other things not here. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………plays……………… She matches the shirt and suit, tie……. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………………..plays…………….. Raman comes and asks what happened to her, why is she doing wife type of things. She says just like thus. He says he has seen her choice, old fashioned saree. She defends her saree. He says you are 150 year old, such sarees are in epic films. Mihir comes and tells Raman to see the presentation. Ishita tells Mihir and Mihika about Raman’s problem. They start arguing on their fashion sense. Mihir and Mihika smile seeing them. Raman asks her to see his status, what will people say Raman’s wife drapes a carpet and calls it saree, donate it to Chennai. She says don’t go on Chennai. They argue. Mihir gets a call and tells Raman that Ashok is asking me to take Shagun and Adi my home. Ishita and Raman looks on.

Ishita informs Raman that Adi is here at clinic, he is having much pain. He says shall I talk to him. She says no, I have to remove his teeth. He jokes asking her not to experiment, else it will look bad if he files the case on his wife.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ishra’s scene was just wndrful.luv dem.

  2. it would be awesme whn raman hav heard al sad.

  3. hpe dey both confes dr lve 1 day.

  4. hpe dey both cnfss dr lve 1 day.eagrly waitng fr tht scene.

  5. awwwww…they’re so perfect :* ^.^ <3 <3

  6. actually raman heard ishu s sayings but he was hiding i saw in some reviews

  7. here is the update : Ishita is worried as her heart has finally acknowledged that she loves Raman. She gets the love jitters and the romance twist is started, as Raman hears her talking to Mihika. Ishita admits the she loves Raman and Raman will be hearing it smiling by standing behind her instead of Mihika, also sensing love in his heart for Ishita. Ishita is scared of Raman’s reaction and seeing into his eyes now after he heard her love confession. The love will be starting finally. Adi gets severe tooth ache and Ishita treats him with love and care. Adi finds it weird to take his step mum’s help, but he is helpless. Ishita treats him very nicely as Adi is Raman’s life. Adi is very special for Ishita too. Adi hates Ishita and just loves his mum Shagun. Ishita gives him anesthesia injection and treats his pain. Adi’s heart turns somewhat soft to her. Ishita hopes Adi also comes close to her, and stays happily with Raman and Ruhi. Raman is thankful to Ishita. Ashok plans to show his bad side to Shagun, so that she leaves him herself in anger and he does not marry her.

  8. Ple throw shagun outside.dont get her between ist and ram

  9. we will have to wait for that day when these 2 will hug each other with so much love. doesn’t look like that day is gonna come any sooner. hope ishita’s not confessing her love to raman does not play against her. ashoks plan seems to be a bigger one and surely this will have an huge impact on ishra’s life. param & simmi r not seen these days which is a good thing.

  10. I kindly request telly updates to please update airlines show also. Please please please please please i love that show.

  11. wow wow raman ur just superb yaar.u heard what ishu said but ur lying that u dont hear it.and raman ur right oneday ishu herself will confess her love and u also.waiting for that moment.

  12. nice story… keep going!!!!

  13. nice epi.want raman ishita more romantic scenes.

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  15. We want more more more more romantic moments btwn ishu and raman arae plz ya and ishu when r u confess ur love to raman i ll waiting for that moment ya your the perfect couple in dtama field i ll be eagerly waiting for that moment.

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