Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi being happy and enjoying his studies with Bala. Bala teaches him well. The servant comes and says Adi has to try these clothes, his mum asked him to do this. Adi says no, tell mum not to disturb me. Bala asks hum to try, he will wait for him. Adi says its too shirt, where is mum, tell her to change this. Shravan calls Bala and he talks to him with much love. Adi hears the talk and feels bad missing his father. Bala says I did not swim any day without you, I missed you so much, why do you leave me and go, I m coming in some time. Adi thinks. Bala asks what happened Aditya, are you ok. Adi says yes, do you swim with your son. Bala says yes, we do swimming, we play football and cricket, it’s the fun of father and son relationship, he is not my son by my best friend, he was out for 10 days, I missed him a lot. Bala sees Adi thinking and they resume studies.

Vandu comes to Iyer house and loves Shravan seeing him after many days. The doctor calls Vandu and says congrats, you are 3 months pregnant. Vandu gets tensed. Mihir talks to Raman. They talk about the FIFA 2014. Romi comes and joins the talk who will win this year. Raman asks how did you get time to see the match. Romi says I m working all the time. Raman bets with Mihir on Brazil. Romi gets a call from his friend Sharad. Sharad says its my marriage today. Romi says congrats, finally Tina. Sharad says not Tina, I need your help, we are doing love marriage, come to registrar office. Romi says what are you saying.

Sharad says you don’t know as you did not meet me, please come, meet her and bring her here, she will be wearing yellow dress. Mihir tells Raman that he has to go early today. Raman says fine, tell me you are going to meet Mihika, go and meet her. Mihir leaves. Romi says he does not let me watch match, and see he is allowing Mihir to meet his girlfriend. He says Raman and Mihir are not in office, I will also go.

Pammi and others come to meet Mrs. Bhalla to go for shopping. Mrs. Bhalla get ready. They ask her to take Amma along. Mrs. Bhalla says Amma went with Appa to do physiotherapy. Vandu and Mihika come. Mrs. Bhalla says I m going out. Simmi says how will I manage. Mihika says I did the arrangements, not to worry. Mihir comes and asks ready to go Mihika? She says Mihir will manage kids. She asks him to agree if he has to go on special date for him. Mihir says fine. Everyone ask him to manage many kids altogether. Mihir says yes, I will.

Mihika says so we all are going together, ladies shopping day out…….. Everyone ask Mihir to take care of kids. They leave. Mihir holds his head. Sarika gets Ishita’s call. Ishita asks Sarika to go to the workplace and their guy will take you from there. Mihir is unable to manage the kids, as they start fighting. He says please, stop it, please. He says do whatever you want, I can’t deal with them, Lord, who will save me from this situation, only one person is there. Sarika is wearing yellow dress too. Romi comes there and they are surprised to see each other. They are mistaken.

She says lets go, its already late, do you know the place. Romi says yes, I know, come. They leave. The white car passes with the 322 number. Raman comes home and Mihir hugs him. Mihieer says wait here, I will come. Raman says I postponed the meeting for you, tell me. Mihir goes. Raman goes mad seeing the kids. He lifts Ruhi and Shravan and asks them to stop it. He scolds them and sends them in the room. They go silently. Mihir messages Raman that he has to go as he can’t manage the kids, he won’t watch world cup, you can beat me but manage the kids.

Raman gets a call and Ishita asks how are you there, where is Mihir. Raman says he went. She says did he go leaving kids, fine, I will come back, you won’t be able to manage them. Raman says why not, I can. She says we go to shopping to distress because of them. Raman acts as if he is managing very well. She asks about Ananya. Raman says yes, she is sleeping. Ishita says fine, feed her when she wakes up, her bottle is by her side. He says fine and ends the call. He sees kids playing with Ananya and says she is not a football, she is your sister Ruhi. He takes Ananya out and the kids laugh.

Raman makes the formula milk for her. Ruhi says Shravan is troubling me. Raman says you also trouble him. She says fine and goes back to the room. Raman says is this Shravan’s hair, Ruhi………. What did you do. Ruhi says you said I can trouble Shravan. Raman says when did I say. Shravan cries and says Ruhi has cut my hair. Raman bribes him to be quiet and not tell anyone. He says I promise I will cut Ruhi’s hair. Romi brings Sarika to Sharad. Sarika says registrar……? Romi meets Sharad and is happy for him. Sharad asks where is she. Romi says see her, she is the one. Sharad says are you mad, she is not the one, I will not marry her.

He says you brought the wrong girl. Romi says what, you said CP road, yellow suit. Sharad says not her, she might be waiting for me thinking I changed my mind. Sarika says Ishita has sent me. Romi apologizes. Romi says we will do something, don’t worry. The girl Nidhi comes herself. Romi holds his ears and apologizes to Sarika. She says don’t tell this to Ishita, as she will tell Raman and he will beat him. She says go and enjoy their marriage, I will go. She smiles and leaves.

Raman tells the kids a story. They say we already heard it, say something else. He says fine, and changes. They find it heard. Raman tries hard to manage them. Boys and girls fight and throws pillows. Everyone come home. Ishita catches a pillow and looks at the mess around the house. The kids have their faces spoiled. Raman says this actually…. Simmi your daughter did susu, take her. Pammi takes the other kids. Ishita starts laughing. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein……………plays…………. Raman looks tired after this tough task.

Mihika and Ishita talk about her sandal which gets tight. Ishita tries it. Mihir calls Ishita and says I found the buyer of the car Ashok sold to, I m texting the address, come there fast, Raman and I are also reaching. Ishita says what?

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  1. aww soo cutez niz episde 🙂 luved it

  2. Guys I think its adi who did the accident n I m very sure about it.. Remember ashok gifted the same car as raman to adi,on his birthday

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