Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi misleading Ishita and sending her to the pump house to get the corn. The watchman goes there with some items, and sees the corn packets. He says who kept it here, they will be finding it, I will give this to Mrs. Bhalla. Adi looks on as Ishita goes. He sees the kinners and stops them. Ishita sees them and goes to them. The watchman asks them to go as this is private society, and not everyone can go. They don’t listen to him. Shagun and Adi are upset as their plan flopped. Adi asks her to do something, he can’t let Ishita do the puja. She goes to see. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman about Ishita. He says I m finding her.

Ishita gets the corn and asks them not to go inside the function hall. The kinner/gay bumps into Shagun and asks for Nek. Shagun sees Ishita and gives hhim money, asking him to make Ishita busy and take Nek from her as she gave birth to a son. The kinner goes to Ishita. Ishita tells them that watchman will lose job if you go inside. They bless Ishita and her husband. She says enough, wait I will come. The other one comes and says you got a child and did not tell, if you rich people hide this, what will we earn. She says she gave birth to a son, we won’t leave her. They dance around Ishita. Ishita says no, let me go, you are mistaken. Raman looks for Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says its puja time, call Ishita, Raman is here. Raman asks Simmi. She says don’t know. Raman says get everyone, I will see her.

Adi asks Raman to start Lohri puja, as Dadi said mahurat will be passed. Raman says I m finding Ishita. Adi asks him to do puja with Shagun. Everyone is shocked. Raman says don’t be stubborn. Adi says Dadi said you always did puja with mum, whats problem today, answer me. Shagun smiles and asks Adi whats this, Ishita is Raman’s wife, she will do the puja. Simmi goes to see Ishita. Adi says my mum will do puja, as Ishita did south Indian puja, you do Lohri puja now. Vandu and Mihika see this and are annoyed. Adi insists and Raman thinks where did Ishita go. He recalls Ishita doing many sacrifices for Adi, and her words. He thinks Ishita did this intentionally so that I do this puja with Shagun, she crossed the limits. He agrees to Adi. Everyone is shocked.

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He says I will do with puja with your mum. Ishita asks them to stop, she can’t give money standing here, I will go and get it. She goes. Adi joins Raman and Shagun’s hands, and Ishita comes there. She is shocked seeing them and drops ye corn packets. She cries seeing Raman and Shagun doing the Lohri puja. Raman thinks where is she, if she was annoyed, she woud have told him, but what she is making him do is not right, why is she doing this. Ishita thinks why is he giving her rights to her, if he was annoyed, he would have told her. Ruhi shouts whats this and breaks Raman and Shagun’s hand link She scolds Shagun and asks why is she doing puja instead Ishita, she can’t take Ishita’s place, Ishita will do puja with dad, just leave, don’t you understand right and wrong, you are elders, Ishita is Papa’s wife, Shagun mum left us 6 years before, she did not celebrate any festival, she forgot us, how can anyone forget this, Ishita gave us happiness.

She scolds Raman and says Ishita will do the puja, we can’t change anything for mahurat, it will come when Ishita comes. Ramna says wait, I will come along. Ishita cries and sits down far at some bench, thinking about Raman and Shagun doing puja. Aanson ka rishta……….plays……….She recalls Raman’s words that her tears will be just of happiness, and he will always fight for her happiness. Mihika sees Ishita crying and walks to her, she stops and says I will call Raman. Ishita says no one cares except Ruhi. Adi tells Shagun that Ruhi spoiled everything. Mihika tells Raman that Ishita is near the gate. Raman rushes there with Ruhi and family.

They see Ishita upset. Raman says wait, I will talk to her. He asks what happened. Ruhi hugs Ishita. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai……………plays…………….. They cry. They ask her what happened. Raman says even I m asking this, how did you come here. Ruhi asks what happened Ishi Maa, come fast, you have to go for puja. Mrs. Bhalla says why did you stop here when you went to take corn. Ishita says yes, I took it, and then kinnar stopped me. Raman says Romi, go and send them. Romi says I won’t go, they pull my cheek at signal and tease me. Raman says just go. They ask Ishita to come.

Raman and Ishita do the puja and everyone is happy. Adi gets upset. Mihika and Vandu have a talk. Rinki asks Mihir to come for puja, and teases Romi about the kinners. Romi and Rinki have a light talk about going Dubai.

Raman takes Ishita aside and says this is not the way to be annoyed. Shagun pacifies Adi. Raman and Ishita try clearing the matter. Shagun says I know you can’t see me sufferings, but don’t get upset. Adi says Raman is a liar, he says he cares for us, he lies. Ishita asks Raman did he not think for her, how could he do puja with Shagun. He says it was awkward, the mahurat was passing by, I thought you wanted me to do puja with Shagun. He says he wants to spend his life with her, and apologizes to hurt her. She cries and thinks this all can’t be coincidence, I have to find out.

Raman and Ishita see each other, while everyone dance. Ishq bulava……………..plays………………

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