Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi giving updates to Mrs. Bhalla about her rakhi with Adi. Mihir comes and Mrs. Bhalla calls Simmi to tie rakhi to three brothers. Simmi ties rakhi to Romi. Raman goes to freshen up. Ishita asks Mihir can she tie rakhi to him. He says you want to become my sister. She says yes, she does not have any brother. She will get two relations and pull his ears. Mihir happily agrees. She brings the aarti plate and does the rituals and ties rakhi to Mihir. Ishita tries to figure out about his own sister. She looks at him. She thinks maybe Mihir does not remember, but this rakhi is sent to you by your sister, you forgot but maybe the love reminds you about her, this is my wish. She ties the same rakhi and makes him have the laddoo.

Raman comes and asks Simmi to tie the rakhi, its her day. Simmi does Raman’s tilak. Mihir comes to Ishita and says sorry I did not bring any gift for you. She says its ok. He says say me any gift, suit saree, anything you like. She says I don’t deserve this gift, actually I tied this rakhi by someone else’s name. Mihir asks whom. She shows him the rakhi. He looks at it and says you went my home? She says sorry, Raman sent me for renovation, he wanted me to do something for you and Mihika, I opened the drawer and I saw this rakhi.

She says you should give the gift to the one who has sent you this rakhi. She says Mihika is marrying you, its her right to know your family and meet them, don’t tell us, but you can tell Mihika about his. Raman asks Simmi whats all this. Are you mad. Simmi says I want this as Rakhi gift, I will be mad if I live with this. Mrs. Bhalla asks what is she saying. Simmi says Parmeet sent two notices, he will divorce me if you don’t send me to him, he wants to be with me, else he will break this marriage forever. She asks Raman does he want to ruin her family, she does not want the divorce and asks Raman to permit her to go to Parmeet.

Simmi argues with everyone. Ishita sends Ruhi inside with the maid. Raman says you are saying you will go back to that cheap man, now its enough, you meet him and I was quiet. He says I have taken decision that you won’t be with him, he has broken our trust and does not respect women, I won’t let my sister be with him, if he wants divorce, then its fine. Simmi asks will you decide this. Raman says yes, this is my house and my decisions will rule here. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Raman and now Simmi. Simmi says don’t compare me with Raman, Shagun left Raman but Parmeet did not leave me, this fire is ignited by Ishita.

She says he is my husband. Raman says he is using you against me. Simmi says I m going to him. Ishita says Raman………. Raman says enough, we are not your enemies and can’t see you crying, but he is not right man for you. Simmi says you are ruining my life on Ishita’s saying. She says she won’t beg to Raman and if she has to choose, she will choose her husband, I will not respect this relation, you are not my brother from today. Raman gets angry and says he will beat her, but won’t let her go to that dog, do what you can. Simmi blames Ishita for all this. Mrs. Bhalla stops her. Simmi says she won’t stay in this house, she is a mum of a child, she is not a child, she will do what her heart says.

Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Simmi is blind after Parmeet, but I have to talk to her. Ishita asks her to leave Simmi alone. Mrs. Bhalla says I understand she is worried as its about her divorce. Shagun gets angry on the servants and says bloody Tyagi was touching me and Ashok was just watching, he has crossed all limits. Ashok comes and says she is thinking wrong. She asks is she any business deal, he did not protect her, he is disgusting. Ashok fools her by saying sorry. She says stop this drama, I can’t believe this you were just watching. He shows her a diamond bracelet and makes her wear it. He says sorry. She cools down by the gift and says its good way to say sorry, its beautiful.

He says not more than you. He says it cost 13 lakhs. She says very expensive. He says no, you are priceless. She says I love you, but Tyagi should not come on this house, and no business with him, promise. He says promise and asks for dinner date. She says yes, lets tale Adi. He says ofcourse. She hugs him and goes to make Adi ready. Suraj looks on. Suraj speaks against Shagun, for making Raman her bodyguard and using him here. Ashok says Raman made my loss, Tyagi’s deal was important for me, I will ruin Raman now.

Simmi packs her bag and Mrs. Bhalla triees stopping her with the help of Romi. Simmi says she decided she is going. Mrs. Bhalla says think, where will you go with Ananya. Simmi says my husband will take care of us. Romi says he would have, if he wanted. Mrs. Bhalla says you won’t take Ananya. Simmi says she is my daughter. Mrs. Bhalla says you go to hell, don’t take her. Ishita hears them and goes to talk to Raman. Raman says he will beat Simmi, but not permit her to go. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla to give Ananya. Ruhi comes and sees them arguing. Simmi says she is going. Ruhi asks where is Simmi Bua taking Ananya and goes to tell this to Ishita.

Raman goes to Simmi in anger and says I will beat her today. Ishita asks the maid to be with Ruhi. Everyone stop Simmi. Mr. Bhalla scolds her and asks her to stay as he will think tomorrow what to do about Parmeet. He asks them to go and sleep in their rooms and not make sound to defame their house. Simmi goes to her room. Ishita is worried. She sees Amma standing outside hearing everything. Amma asks is Parmeet coming back in this house. Ishita says no, nothing like that. Amma says how can they do this, did they forget what he did with you. Ishita stops her from talking to them, and says Raman and Mr. Bhalla won’t take decision without thinking, I m your daughter and won’t let anyone force me. Everyone is worried because of me, please relax and go. Amma asks her to take care and leaves.

Ishita works in kitchen and thinks the matter has gone far, and have to find solution, as everyone is anger, its sensitive matter and she has to do something. She messages someone. She tells the maid to give milk to everyone, else they will sleep hungry. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says you also have it. Ishita says she is going for emergency case. Mrs. Bhalla says I will ask Romi or Raman to drop you. Ishita says no, I will go, everyone is worried. Ishita comes to meet Parmeet and says thanks for coming. He smiles.

Parmeet says I agree you care for Raman’s sister, prove it. See Ishita ji, I will get Simmi and I have laid my plan, now its your turn to make a move.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Very quick and detailed updates….very nice….
    also I quite like the serial altho I watch it only sometimes….

  2. Let simmi will go to his husband then she knows about him and raman ur taking to much advantage for shagun she didn’t respect although u re protecting her this is so bad raman. Anyways i luv u ishra couple.

    1. my goodness!!! your language skills are horrible!!!!

    2. Why r u message like this ? Is there any mistakes on my conversation. Iam sorry guys . Anyways shall i know ur full name.

  3. nowadays…i love romi in it. Hope ishita doesnt get into any trap of parmeet.

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