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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to kitchen. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to have milk shake. Ishita says she has work. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi went with Mr. Bhalla. Ishita says she is packing tiffin for Raman, as he is angry and won’t have food now. They have a talk. Ishita says girls should have self defense to boost their confidence. Mihir comes and agrees with her. Ishita goes to Amma’s house asking Mrs. Bhalla to attend AC mechanic when he comes. Raman gets ready for office and thinks of Ishita and Mani. Mihir comes and asks did he work all night, as your eyes are swollen. Raman asks him to check the figures. He is distracted and asks is the final date of submission tomorrow? Mihir says yes.

Raman says Mihir, there is one problem. Mihir says no, its all fine. Raman says its my friend’s problem, and tells about his friend, he has problems with his wife, he feels his wife is lying to him, and he suspects that she has an affair and I did not know what to tell him. Mihir says all this things are going on, even my friend told this to me, why is this happening. Raman says I just want to know what should I tell him, shall I tell him all women are same, Mihir says no, it would mean all men are same, you should tell him by giving your example, one side is Shagun who broke your heart and filled bitterness and one side is Ishita, who cared for your heart and does so much for you and Ruhi. He says I sometimes feel Ishita Bhabhi is Ruhi’s real mum, Shagun is my own sister, but when she left you, I left trusting women but Ishita is not like this, she will never break your heart, she loves you a lot.

She says give your friend Shagun’s example and make him meet Ishita, explain not every woman is same like Ishita, Ishita is a lovely women and true person. He says sometimes a man gets a doubt, all we need to talk it out and clear the air, we don’t talk so doubt increases. Raman says you are right, if I…. I mean if my friend talks, all misunderstandings will go. Mihir says men don’t talk. Raman says yes, yes, we should talk. Mrs. Bhalla calls them for breakfast. Mihir goes. Raman smiles and says he is right, if I talk to Ishita and clear my doubts, everything will be fine.

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Mani comes to meet Sarika and sees Sarika crying as her mum is serious. He talks to the lady. Hee comes inside and asks did she call doctor. Sarika says its 1 hour, no one came. Mani tries to help her out. The doctor comes and checks her mum. Mani talks to the doctor and comes to know Sarika’s mum has heart disease having a hole and could not get her treatment done because of financial problem. Mani calls the other doctor and asks him to fly to Delhi for an emergency. He says you are in Delhi, great, I will talk to you. He tells Sarika not to worry, as he will take care of everything, take all files, lets go. She nods yes and cries.

Ishita asks AC mechanic to repair AC well and talks to Mani. He tells her about Sarika’s mum. She thanks him. Mrs.Bhalla comes and shows dental books. She asks what happened to AC. Ishita says when Raman got up in morning, the pillow was wet, I think AC had leakage. The man says there is no leakage here. She thinks then how did the pillow become wet. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe water fell. Ishita says fine and asks her to talk to Raman as he is taking work load. Mrs. Bhalla thinks of the previous moments when Raman used to cry all nightand make the pillow wet. She cries.

Mani brings Sarika’s mum to hospital. Sarika thanks her. Mani says I m Abhimanyu Raghav, Ishita’s friend, actually I came to talk to you about the case. She says so you are helping me. He says nothing. She misunderstands him. He says this is not the right time to discuss this case. She asks him to leave and thanks for his help, saying she will return the money soon. He says its not about money and favor, I support a trust and its helping you. He says about Ashok, a shrewd businessman, he is provoking you for his benefit. Sarika says everyone is selfish, its fine, you also came by some motive.

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He says I know Romi has hurt you, Raman is not supporting him, Ishita wants to help you, so I came to talk to you, I have a solution, if Romi tells you to marry him, will you marry him, knowing he does not love you. Sarika says I don’t want to marry a guy who does not love me, but its about the baby, its not my problem, its our responsibility. Mani says yes, this is my solution, I will talk to Romi and he will guve a name to your child, you can separate with him later and find a guy who loves you. She says but Romi won’t agree. He says if you say yes, I will convince him, tell me whats your answer, yes or no.

Mani meets Romi in a restaurant and tells what Sarika wants. Romi says its my personal matter. Mani says no one can save him of he gets into the case, he is helping him as Ishita worried for him. He says I know you don’t want to marry Sarika, but you can’t punish her, , you lied to him and took relation ahead, she does not want to be with you, just want a name for her child, does she not deserve this. Romi says what can I do. Mani says he will manage everything, call Sarika and apologize, tell her you will support her and give the child a name, and support the child till he gets 18 years. He says don’t worry about anyone, Ishita will manage at home, you can come to my company and get a job, if Raman fires you, don’t run from responsibility, I will make you sign 3 year contract, I m more in form in business than your brother. He asks him to say yes. He asks him to take right decision.

Mrs. Bhalla sees Raman and says I will ask today why did he cry again. She smiles and asks him to come to her and sit. She says Ishita told me you came home late night. Raman looks for Ishita. She says he is looking worried and asks whats the matter. He says nothing. He stands in the balcony and asks about Ruhi. She says she went in karate classes with Ishita. He says I will get her, Ishita told me to pick her up. He leaves. She prays to Mata Rani for Raman. She says maybe he is worried for Romi and not showing me. Ishita meets Mani and is glad that Romi agreed to marry Sarika and Sarika too is ready, now Ashok can’t frame Raman, there won’t be any case, congrats Ishita, wife of Asia’s head Raman Bhalla.

She says you are best person, only you could have done this, I really love you Mani. She hugs him and Raman comes there to witness this shockingly. Mani says if you love me so much, then leave Raman and marry me. She says yes, you are my savior, I should leave my husband and kid to come to me, you are my everything, my hero. Raman is shocked. He cries and walks out thinking of their words.

Ishita and Mani find Raman fallen on the road. She wakes him up. Raman opens his eyes and sees her with Mani.

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  1. Wat the hell mani kyu kaha yeh

  2. arey yaar wt the hell is going on.y u guys showing like separate ishu and raman.we want to happy scene of raman and ishu.not a sad i just hate my fav serial.

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    1. Raman should give Ishita some space he is acting stupid…. he needs to trust her bcoz he too knows that ishita is not Shagun

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    nd raman ithna bakthe ho u cn ask to ishu abt her and Mani relationship right………plz guys stop showings of Mani and Ishita scenes and get hell out dis Mani……

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  8. Ishita is such a stupid.what was the need of telling Mani such mani your husband ishita?disgusting ladki.

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