Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita thinking not to fight with Raman this time and apologize to him. Raman thinks its Ishita in her room in Iyer house. Ishita sees Raman’s slipper and thinks he slept on sofa, even when he has back pain, its good chance to apologize. She says now he can’t even run. Raman goes near Appa and Ishita sits near Simmi. Raman says sorry, I always shout without meaning, you know me, and my mood got spoiled because of Raj and Simran, we did romantic planning and sorry, stop drama now.

Ishita says I know you are not sleeping, I m sorry, how would I know you have put pesticide to send away Raj and Simran, get up Raman. Raman hugs Appa. Ishita hugs Simmi. Raman shouts seeing Appa. Simmi shouts and Ishita says sorry, I thought its Raman. Simmi laughs and says Raman is right about you. Raman says I felt its Ishita. Appa calls out Amma. Bhallas hear him shouting and go to see. Amma rushes to Appa and asks what happened.

Appa saves himself from Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened, Appa is standing as if anyone attacked him. Raman says he wanted to talk to Ishita. Simmi teases him and says even Ishita was saying the same to me, being mistaken of me as Raman. They have a laugh. Appa says tell me in advance about your plans. Simmi says I feel Raman and Ishita are excited than Raj and Simran. Mrs. Bhalla says I will shift them to Romi’s room. Ishita says no, its still time for Simmi’s marriage. Ishita says she will sleep in Amma’s room today. Raman and Ishita smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays……………… He winks to her.

Its morning, Shagun gets ready and the agent calls her to collect her passport, her visa is stamped. She asks him to come to hotel paradise and she will pick it up. She says ACP is troubling her, if she meets in hotel, no one will doubt. Raman and Romi come to the same hotel and talk to receptionist asking for the room keys they booked. Rastogi meets Raman and thanks him for doing functions in their hotel, so they will give them complimentary Maharaja suite, if they have to decorate for the newly wed. Romi says marriage did not happen yet. Rastogi says you can tell me later. Raman plans to take the suite and sends Romi.

Shagun gets her passport and sends the agent. Raman talks to Rastogi and says its good idea, my wife is worried and I was thinking to spend time with her in the suite, but no one should know this, its surprise for her. Shagun hears this. Raman looks for Romi. Shagun thinks this is perfect, Raman and Ishita will be here, and She will plan with Ashok to take away kids on Simmi’s engagement.

Sujata says Ishita has sent thank you for the guest list. Subbu says yes, she came and took it. She asks him to have breakfast. Subbu sees the guest list and Sujata’s diary and says it means Ishita…. He recalls how he has told her to check diary on the table. He looks for his diary and panics. He says if Ishita knows the truth, what will happen.

Ishita asks Neelu to get the diary and tells Mrs. Bhalla that she has got the diary at night and did not remember to call. Mrs. Bhalla teases her for the yesterday misunderstanding. Neelu gives the diary and she sits to invite guests. She opens it and says there is no guest list in this, its some other diary and reads it. She reads about Laxmi writing life did a joke with her and she has no wish to live. Subbu comes and takes it, saying its Laxmi’s diary and its personal. She says I m sorry, I was checking for the list. He gives the guest list. She says I m sorry to read this, but may I ask why was she so angry.

Subbu says it means you read it. She says few pages, but I felt she was sad. He says she was upset, we were going to have another child after Karthik, she had miscarriage and she went in depression, losing baby is not easy, you should not read this. He leaves. She says poor Subbu and Laxmi, why does Lord give pain, he got annoyed, I will give the list to mummy ji. She gets psychiatrist card in his diary and says maybe she did Laxmi’s treatment, I will keep this, people hold pain and others don’t know about it.

Subbu thinks this family has snatched everything from him, he hates them and will take revenge. Simran comes and helps Ishita in kitchen. Ishita teases her asking about the night. Simran says nothing, there were many people at home and it did not set and asks her about Raman and her, how much time they took. Ishita says not yet. Simran says its 1.5 years. Ishita says yes, first time makes anyone nervous, nothing happened between us till now, Raj would have told you we married for Ruhi’s sake, we fell in love later and trying to know each other, this has fun and different feeling, don’t take pressure, enjoy this time, and goes. Simran says too long wait, whats this strange marriage, I have to tell Raj.

Mihika comes to meet Abhishek and asks did he decide what will he do, she is worried that Shagun can play a game with Ishita. He says don’t worry, I m trying to get info from airlines and we will know where and with whom is she going. Ashok tells Shagun that Raman is planning with Ishita and he did not know I booked same night tickets for her and kids. Shagun thanks him and says she will take the kids. Mihika likes Abhishek’s idea and shakes hand with excitement. Abhishek tells Sharma about calling airlines. Sharma says Shagun is leaving tomorrow night. Abhishek asks Mihika to go, he will be calling Shagun hre and does not want Shagun to see her. He forwards hand and shakes hands. She says please keep me updated about Shagun.

He calls Shagun and Ashok asks her to answer the call. She puts on speaker. He asks her to come to police station right away. She is shocked.

Simran and Raj talk about Raman. Subbu says I wanted to talk to you Simmi and says he has to go London after engagement, so there is court hearing as victim’s family has filed case on airlines.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. bichara ashok aab drink nahi karpavungi hena jailme drink
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    1. Hiii……..

  2. I don’t think acp negative hoga agar aisa hua toh mihishek ki love story kaise banegi I want to abhi is positive

  3. Kya yaar abhi 300 cmnts bhi poori nhi hui kaha gai sab?

  4. relation bhi nahi hoga yaar
    if he was lakshmi brother
    means ishu nd lakshmi are sisters then aaisa kaisa
    mihika nd acp relation hoga

  5. Bt woh apni behen ke baare mein bataya tha na woh kya ho sakti hain? kya hua hoga uski behen ke saath

  6. Pata nhi aaj kal naima kyun nhi aa rahi hain?

  7. kya bholu agar adi ne ishuko sch me ishima bulayega vo tho kushise pagal ho jaye gi .aur jahatak subbu ka character hai agar vo naho hota tho aur bhi acha hota per its okk .but thank maters for this lovely story

    1. suchme ishu pagal hojahyegi
      kushise aur Ramanbhi
      i want see their smile
      when adi cals ishimaa

  8. woo tho laksmi i thinkso
    bt acp shd be sujatha’s brother
    then mihika nd acp ka relation
    ho saktha hai

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  20. Kavi kam na hogi ye chahte har pal bandhe ye mohabatein

  21. It is a very good serial.

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