Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun coming to Ashok. He asks what happened. She says I think Mihir is not happy with his engagement. He says its Tandon’s sister, leave it, Raman would have asked him for this, what happened about entertainment. She says night is still on. Raman looks at her. She smiles. Romi dances on a song booty shooty………………… Mrs. Bhalla dances with him. Everyone smile. Everyone join them and enjoy. Amma finds it odd and makes faces. Raman says great dance. Mrs. Bhalla says its Mihir’s engagement, I have to dance. Shagun shows Simmi to Ashok. He says I think she is missing her loser husband. Amma says our dance is so graceful and look at the Punjabis.

Mihika asks Amma to do classical dance. Jai Kakkad comes and Mrs. Bhalla welcomes her. He sees Amma and smiles. Mrs. Bhalla sees him staring and says your Madhu came. She says come, meet her. Amma meets Jai and shakes hand. He asks how are you. She says fine. Mrs. Bhalla informs Appa about Jai and Amma. Appa sees them having a laugh and asks who called him here. Mrs. Bhalla did not say that she invited and says Amma called him here. Appa gets jealous and drinks. Amma comes to him and asks him not to have much cold drinks, it has sugar and not good for health. She tells him about Jai and her college times, they were close.

She makes him more jealous unintentionally. He says go and talk to him, I have not like him, I got old. He leaves. Amma says Ayyo and holds her head. Amma tells Ishita and Vandu that she was talking to her college friend and Appa got jealous. Vandu says people are fighting for you even today. Simmi sees them happy and is angry. Shagun comes to talk to her. She says I have a message for you, Parmeet is fine and misses you a lot. Simmi asks her to leave as she won’t be friends with her. Shagun says forget the past and think about present. She says Parmeet joined our office, if you want to regard us enemies, you can.

Simmi says we can’t be friends, never. She says a woman can you can be good to no one, Parmeet will understand it one day, you left my brother and a six month baby, now you want her back to get your right. She says I m sad, but I m not blind, I can see your truth. Shagun says I know I did bad with Raman, but what did Raman did with Parmeet, we are supporting him today, think about your husband or Raman, look at Ishita, she made you away from Parmeet and is having a married life. She says she should also have some pain. Simmi says how. Shagun says Raman has not touched Ishita till now, I have his remote control even today.

Simmi says I want to see Ishita hurt and cries. Shagun thinks if she has to win Simmi, she has to ruin Ishita’s happiness in one stroke, I have to make Raman angry on her. Raman comes to Appa and asks him to drink. Appa says if your Amma sees me, she will be angry. Raman says every man is afraid of wives. Shagun comes to Ramand and taunts him. She says I saw you staring at me, you did not forget me till now, you love me. She says I know I m in your heart, and you think only about me, you mad eIshita your wife and Ruhi’s mum, but did not touch her till now. Simmi looks on…………….

Raman says Parmeet told you this right. He says you won’t understand whats in between me and Ishita, I hate you, no I pity you. She says I saw how you are seeing me, I was your wife, we had so much love in us, did you forget, face it, you did not love anyone, as you loved just me. Raman leaves. She smiles. The announcement is made that Raman and Ishita will dance now. Everyone clap. Ishita comes wearing a modern red dress. Ruhi says Ishita is looking cute. Raman says thanks everyone, stop Ishita, I can’t dance with you today. Everyone is shocked. Raman says I will dance with someone else today, I want to dance with my first love, my first wife Shagun.

Shagun gets happy and smiles. Ishita gets tears on her eyes. Everyone look at them shocked with wide eyes. Raman asks Shagun to come to dance, for Mihir and Trisha’s sake. Shagun comes to dance with him and says sorry Ishita, Raman has only one place in his heart and that place is mine. Ishita becomes upset. Ashok says whats Shagun doing infront of everyone, blo*dy hell. Raman gives his hand to Shagun. She holds his hand and they look at Ishita. Simmi smiles.

They dance on the song Maria Maria, dhadka ye mera dil aise jaana……………. Ishita holds Shagun’s purse. Mihika throws her pruse and says we can’t stand here. Lets go. Ishita leaves. Shagun falls. Ishita and Mihika stop. Shagun gets hurt. Everyone clap and smile. Raman sits to taunt her. He says I think you are not capable to match my steps. He asks are you hurt. Ashok helps Shagun getting up. Raman stops Ashok and says actually leave, everyone knows that your girlfriend does not do any work complete. He says she left my marriage incomplete and this dance too. He says there is a woman who is capable enough. He points to Ishita and says today she will complete your dance.

He says I m sorry Ishita that I did this drama. He says yes, it was an act, as a famous poet said if we have to value sunshine, we have to identify darkness. He praises Ishita and taunts Shagun saying you can’t be like her even if you take 100 births. He comes to Ishita and says Shagun did not support me ever, she always left me midway, but will you support me, and walk with me. He gives his hand. Shagun gets angry.

Raman and Ishita dance. Teri galliyan…………………plays…………………… Ishita holds his hand and looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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