Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Karan throws a party

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor telling Sudha about the heart blockage. He asks her to take good rest and recover with the medicines. He gives her instructions. He says you can go home today itself. He also tells this to Raman. Karan says we will be going home now. Raman asks her to read the papers. Sudha reads the agreement. Raman says as Aaliya’s parents, we have to assure her safety, we know you well and want to protect her. Rohan says its okay, I will sign it, I want to believe that people can change, its all history now.

He signs on papers and gives them the file. Karan says now you can accept my invitation, I have kept a small party, you have to come along with Aaliya. Ishita says it will be exerting for Sudha. Rohan says we will manage it. Karan says I will get all arrangements

done, Rohan just have to get Aaliya home. Raman and Ishita go with Rohan. Sudha asks Karan what’s all this, how dare they make this agreement, did Rohan go mad, why are you stopping me, I won’t tolerate this foolishness. Karan says trust me, everything will be fine. Ruhi and Mihika promote the show Divya Dhrishti.

Ranbir says I needed a loan for an emergency. Ruhi says sorry, I can’t help you, you are still on probation. Vishal says its fine, I will talk to lawyer and get bail papers made, we will get Yug out of jail. Ranbir says fine, I wonder why did Yug meet Aaliya. Ruhi asks Aaliya to get ready first. Aaliya says I don’t know what to wear. Ishita asks her not to worry about postnup agreement. Aaliya says but Rohan… Ishita says he understands it well and signed it. Shagun and Ishita tease her. Ishita says when Rohan is with you, nothing will go wrong, when a husband and a wife solves problems together, problem gets less. They ask Aaliya to get ready. Aaliya gets an outfit and likes it. Manish says for your fresh start. Raman asks Ishita how is the choice. Ishita says its gaudy. Ruhi says we are going to miss the party, Aaliya wear the dress. They go to get ready.

At the party venue, Karan and Rohan make Sudha sit. Karan asks Rohan not to take tension, Aaliya will come. Rohan goes to welcome guests. Karan says I have organized this party for a reason. Sudha says Rohan shouldn’t doubt on me, I don’t want to lose his trust. He asks her not to worry. Rohan sees Bhallas coming and welcomes them. Ruhi asks is there no music. Karan says its there. Rohan and Aaliya dance on dekho kareeb se….Everyone dances on Dil chori…. Raman goes aside. Ishita asks him what is he doing, Aaliya is starting a new life. Mani asks him to have sweets, its Aaliya’s bidaai. Raman refuses. Mani says fine, I will have it. Raman says Adi also liked the sweets. She says we will not miss Adi now and be happy for Aaliya. She goes. Raman says sorry Adi, I won’t talk about you now. Karan is with Sudha. Ishita hears them and says if Aaliya gets hurt, I will get you arrested.

Rohan says I want to promise you, I will always keep you happy. Yug shouts Aaliya. They all get shocked. Aaliya says my Adi came back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Just my view on yhm which was the best till surrogacy.
    I always admired and adored both KP and Dt for their
    100 percent dedication and commitment on the rubbish storyline after surrogacy …they did their character roles brilliantly
    But now since Sudha and her sons track … their acting is pathetic …. Dts acting has gone down … even KP’s. Though he is much better …
    I have seen them performing their best when left alone for themselves .. like cave track … Chandigarh trip track … one cud see them enjoying …
    Either cvs are cost cutting without giving them much deserved roles or … are they busy with other activities ..
    We can’t blame these two gifted actors … they need to get more projects and move on …sadly yhm cvs did not use them v well …. initial episodes even now mind blowing to watch … their journey was beautifully portrayed
    May be they are not able to give full as BDs are used instead …Ishitha s character is butchered …Jailing
    Yug and slapping him is not the Ishitha we saw from beginning …She used to see every body from their own shoes…
    Yug is over acting …
    Anyways once used to watch all repeats
    Now. If watched once well Nd good though I watch only to see Dt



      1. I also watch this show for Rohan/ Aliya and Karan/ Ruhi. I was never interested before. Have seen it since day one.

  2. Again Alia & Adi Love.,What about Rohan. I am shamed the character of Alia. The creators treated Alia’s character just like animals . First She loves Mihir, the Adhi after that Rohan. Now Adhi. in future I am expecting the Love scene of Alia with Mihir.Alll family seeing the serial . Pls don’ the spoil the characters. Don’t give much importance to Karan, Sudha & Param.

  3. blah blah blah saw this one coming Alia & dead Adi show is predictable

  4. I actually don’t think Alia will leave Rohan for Adi. It’s just me, I don’t know how you can go back to someone who treated you very badly, had an affair, and got a child. I think she just shocked that Adi’s back, might be confused for a while but I think she’ll stay with Rohan. Besides, imagine how she’ll feel when she realises she fell for a fake Adi.

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