Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs Bhalla telling the mahurat of 4pm for the Rakhi. She gets annoyed seeing the newspaper. Mr. Bhalla asks about Romi. Romi gets ready and gets a message. He says its holiday today for Raksha Bandhan, great. He says I won’t go out today and lies to sleep. He gets Sarika’s call and does not take it being worried that she may make him her brother. Sarika says why is Romi not taking my call, I hope he is fine. She calls on landline and talks to Mr. Bhalla. She asks about Romi. Mr. Bhalla comes and says its Sarika’s call. Romi says it will be for Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says its for you and gives him. Sarika talk to him and he asks how did she call. She says Arey Bhai…………He says bhai? No, call me Romi. She says about her mechanic coming for EMI of the scooty. Romi laughs and asks you called for telling this. She says yes. He says I got saved.

Poornima gives the festival recipes and teaches the women. Ishita learns few sweets. She makes good jalebis. Poornima tastes it and likes it. She asks her to make Rabdi for it. Ishita says Ruhi and her dad likes it a lot. Ishita tells her about Ruhi tying Rakhi to her brother Adi, I just hope she likes jalebis. Poornima says but does not like it. Ishita asks what. Poornima says I m saying as usually kids have Rasgullas etc. Raman calls Shagun and asks where is she, she had to call him. She says I m busy. He asks about Adi. She says he is sleeping, relax, I will bring him till afternoon, I will come.

Ashok and Suraj come and ask her where is she going. She says its Rakhi, so I m taking Adi to Ruhi. Ashok asks her not to go. She asks why. He says I got Suraj bailed, it won;’t be good if you go. She says I can’t send Adi with driver, I want to meet Ruhi and will come back soon, I hope its Suraj ji. Suraj says I did not know you think so much about your children. He taunts her. Ashok says its not first rakhi, so no need of this drama, ask Ruhi to come tomorrow, we called Tyagi at home, so don’t waste time and do the arrangements. She says sure. I will make sure all the arrangements are good.

Parmeet talks to the lawyer and says Simmi’s family is keeping her away from him since many months. Simmi comes there. The lawyer asks them to talk. Parmeet says listen to me. Before he says anything, she panics and starts crying saying she is ruined. He gives her water, and wipes her tears. He says he can’t be without her all his life, he loves her, but Raman won’t let them be together, Raman and Ishita has ruined my family life, I don’t have any choice. The lawyer gives them papers asking them to sign it. He says this is notice for your family, either they have to allow you to stay with me, or else you see what to do. He leaves. Simmi cries seeing the papers and blames Ishita for all this. She says this is the gift for me for Raksha Bandhan.

Ruhi gets ready and asks Ishita to call everyone. Mrs. Bhalla says Adi will be coming now. Raman calls Shagun and asks where is she. Shagun says she can’t come. Raman says you said you will come. She says guests came and she can’t send Adi, say sorry to Ruhi from my side. Raman tries to talk but she ends the call. He says what to reply to Ruhi now, she is waiting for Adi, I won’t forgive Shagun for this. He says Ishita…. Adi…….. Ruhi asks when will Adi come. Raman says he won’t come. Ruhi gets sad. Ishita pacifies her and asks what happened. Raman says guests came there and she does not have any driver. Ishita says Adi said he can’t come, but Ruhi can go and meet him. Raman says yes, Ruhi I have a surprise, I forgot, Adi can’t come but he called you there. Ruhi smiles.

Ruhi says she will take rakhi. Ishita says lets go. Raman thanks Ishita. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays…………..Tyagi likes Ashok’s home and Ashok makes him drink much. Shagun comes with the starters. Ashok says Tyagi ji your fav. Tyagi eyes Shagun. He says Shagun ji, come and sit near me, I did not meet you since long, come. Shagun says I will get more starters. Ashok says its ok Shagun, I will manage, you go and sit. She sits beside Tyagi and Ashok smiles. Suraj sees Tyagi staring at Shagun. Tyagi asks why is she annoyed with him. She gets up and he holds her hand, while Ashok watches. Shagun asks him to leave her hand. Raman comes and stops Tyagi. Ashok looks on.

Raman scolds Tyagi. Tyagi asks what is this. Raman says you were misbehaving and I m protecting her. Ashok asks what are you doing Raman, Raman says what you should have done. Ashok says he is our guest. Raman says then ask him to be as a guest. Raman kicks out Tyagi. Tyagi is annoyed with Ashok. Raman scolds him further. Tyagi says Ashok, this will affect our business, take care all of you. He leaves. Ashok tries to stop him. Suraj stops Ashok.

Ashok says how dare you Raman. Raman says you should have got angry, when he was teasing your to be wife. This woman is not your property, you won’t understand, as you don’t respect anyone, and did not do anything that people respect you. He sees Ishita and Ruhi coming and stops. Adi comes and sees Ruhi. Shagun thanks Raman. Raman says its ok, call Adi. Shagun asks Adi to come. Suraj says lets go Ashok, we are not needed here, we are already insulted. They leave.

Ruhi does the rituals and ties the rakhi. Adi looks happy. Ishita says this box is for you, I made it for you and I hope you like it. Adi thanks her. Shagun asks gift for Ruhi. Adi says you did not tell me before. Shagun says its ok, and gives her chain. She says make Ruhi wear it. Raman and Ishita smile. Shagun says my mum gave me this chain in my childhood on Rakhi day, and today I gave this to you. Ruhi thanks her. Raman says lets go. Ishita thanks Shagun. They leave. Adi smiles, while Shagun looks on.

Simmi asks Raman to allow her to go to Parmeet, as he is her husband, why should she beg them, Raman says I won’t let my sister live with that man, if he gives divorce then let him, I don’t care what he does.

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  1. A TRUE JOKE :-

    when ur mother decides to be in ur room while u are on the computer, all u can do is just switch to GOOGLE n stare at it 😉

    so is it true or not?? any guess

  2. Do we care about the joke

  3. r the makers planning pati, patni aur woh type story here where raman is pati, ishita is patni and shagun is woh. looks like this will be the story in the coming days. God! I was expecting a heart touching love story that would be remembered for years but looks like this will become a crying story of ishita. raman does not show any respect for ishita, witnessed in the last epi

  4. Guys u know mihirs sister is shagun

  5. @zwta i think u r right and may be poornima is their mom

    1. Yes I agree x

  6. Welldonr dumbshit ZWTA we already know

  7. Evn i agree that poornima is shagun’s mom… and mihir might be shagun’s brother…

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