Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajat dies

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying this judgement will become a landmark, doctors like Rajat should know that they can’t play with people’s lives by using their money and power, they have to respect human lives, I m happy to get justice and wish others also get justice. Sudha sees her interview. She goes to lawyers and asks how did we lose this case, I have paid you all well. Lawyer says you know it was so difficult to keep Rajat sober in court, you just remove him from hospital if you want to save your reputation. She asks do you know about whom are you talking, he is one of the best surgeons, everyone makes mistakes. Ashok says press reporters have come. Lawyer says like Ishita cleared her stand, we should do the same. Sudha goes to address press. She says we will always give priority

to our patients, I m sorry on Rajat’s behalf, he won’t be part of our hospital.

Raman and Ishita come home. They see everyone dancing on dhol. Ishita gives interview to media. Neighbors get Ganpati Bappa. They ask Raman to do Visarjan. Raman asks how will I do in this state. Ruhi insists. Sudha asks where is Rajat. Ashok says he isn’t at the hospital. Sudha says maybe he is at home. Rajat hears his daughter’s poetry and recalls Raman’s words. His wife says I have seen court judgement on tv. Rajat says don’t worry, its fine, I m going to rest in room. Sudha comes home and asks where is Rajat. Poonam says he is in his room. They hear a gun shot and rush to see. Poonam shouts no….. Sudha gets shocked. They take Rajat to hospital. Sudha says save him at any cost, he is my brother. Ashok asks her to sit, please. Sudha says he is my only brother, I have raised him like my son, nothing can happen to him. Mrs. Bhalla does aarti of Ganpati. Raman takes the idol and does Visarjan in the water.

Aaliya gets a call. Ishita thanks Bappa and smiles. The lady says sorry, I m Rohan’s secretary, he said he can’t meet you and asked you to keep his bracelet, he does charity. Aaliya says tell him I will throw it in dustbin. Ruhi asks what happened. Aaliya says nothing. Rohan asks them to come. Doctor says we removed the bullet, we are shifted Rajat to ICU, next 12 hours are critical for him, pray that he survive. Sudha hears shank and goes to pray. Doctor says Rajat is sinking. Sudha does Ganesh aarti and cries. Doctor gives cardiac shock to Rajat. Nurse comes to Sudha and Poonam. They rush to Rajat. Rajat dies. They come to Rajat and check him. Doctor gets speechless. Poonam cries for Rajat. Sudha says open your eyes once, won’t you listen to me. Doctor says he is no more, try to understand. She asks him to open his eyes once. Rajat’s body is taken away. Sudha recalls Raman and Ishita’s words. She sees Bhallas celebrating Ganpati visarjan on news channel. Staff takes Ganpati for Visarjan. Sudha says switch off all the tvs, keep this idol in my cabin. Ashok says it will be bad omen. Sudha says Bappa didn’t save my brother, how shall I give him Mukti, till I take revenge, he will stay here, I will do visarjan after ruining Raman and Ishita.

Ishita says I felt sad hearing about Rajat’s death. Sudha says you wanted him to get punishment, he punished himself. Ruhi says Rajat was your brother, if you stopped his alcohol addiction, he would have been alive today and my dad would have been fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The death scene in hospital today: that is called acting, once again Sudha Chandran proved herself. May be over- actors like DT can take tips on how to show emotions/ grief without yelling at the top of their voice.

    Shagun commited many sins in the past, same as simmi. none of them was punished. And today they are the moral cops . Thats the reason no one cares about this illogical show any more. Anyone else commits a crime the bhalla family gets them punished in court. But their own family members are exempt from all this behaviour.

  2. I personally think its high time they kill this drama. Its gone way beyond proportion.

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