Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ruhi asks Ishita to eat breakfast with them. When Ruhi asks her father that I have a project for 5 points on a good mother, he gets angry that your school has no other job. When she asks Ishita 5 points on a good father, she says he always scolds, taunts etc ..In between all this, she is getting texts after texts from Mani.

In the room Raman wants to see in her phone but stops himself that he shouldn’t. When he is about to see it Ishita asks about why he’s seeing her phone. He moves back and says its yours its ringing, check it. She walks off.

Mihika and Shagun out on shopping and Mihika calls Ishita to come along. Ishita tells her she is at the clinic when Mani tells her not to tell anyone. But she’s standing right in front of them. Shagun sees her and wonders why she lied.

Ishita and Mani are in the car discussing what to do next about this case. Ishita tells him that why do you do all this? You call so many times and Raman was getting so angry. Behaving like typical husbands checking my phone. Mani says we should talk in code language. Change my name in your phone. LOL They plan to change it to Manisha.

Raman goes to Ishita’s clinic to give her tiffin which she has forgotten at home. He comes to know Ishita has cancelled all her appointments and then she gets a message from Ishita to pick Ruhi from school because she is busy at clinic. And he’s worried about why she is lying.

Raman remembers Shagun lying similarly before ..

Raman and Shagun meet outside Ruhi’s school and Shagun taunts him that you got the position of the head only because of Ishita’s pressure on her friend. She says every woman who comes in your life leaves you for a better man. Maybe the problem is you. Maybe you just don’t deserve love.

Also Shagun tells Raman she saw Ishita and Mani together today.

Ishita is at home and waiting for Raman, calls office and asks where he is. The guard says he has left. Then she calls Mani to ask if he spoke to Sarika. He says he’ll be able to talk tomorrow. And tells her not to worry..

Ishita is sleeping when Raman comes home. He sits next to her sleeping form. Calls out to her.. He says tum mujhe dhoka toh nahi de rahi? Mujhe pata hai tum aisi nahi ho.. Par Shagun mere dimaag ke saath khel rahi hai. Par tum aisi nahi ho. He moves his hand ahead to touch her head but moves back.

Mani thinks of calling Ishita because she is so worried, she won’t be sleeping. He should relax her etc. Mani calls and Raman is standing there thinking to himself Meri Ishita aisi nahi hai.. he requests her to wake up and tell him herself. Mani calls and Raman sees the name as Manisha. When he picks the call thinking it might be an emergency Mani is on the line, telling Ishita that I’ll take care of everything. Don’t worry about Raman.

Raman remembers another similar incident between Shagun and Ashok and is shattered.

Raman is in tears, crying absolutely shattered thinking why the name on the phone is changed. Why is she lying etc. He wants to wake her, but thinks against it.

In the morning Ishita sees Raman sleep. Wonders why he’s sleeping till so late. Mumbles how nice he looks sleeping. She shouldn’t wake him up. Goes near and sees a frown on his head, thinks how much stress he is in. Neend mai kisi ko daant rahe honge. She covers him up properly. But he wakes up and gets angry seeing her. He gets up and walks away saying tell Mihir to come to the office if he comes here and leaves without breakfast

Ishita is worried for him and picks his pillow and sheet. When she touches the pillow its wet. She thinks it was the AC dripping D’oh (It was your husband crying you idiot)

Ishita gets a call from Mani, and he tells her I am going to meet Sarika and will inform you. She wishes him luck and hopes all gets sorted.

Precap : Same Mani-Ishita Promo

Update Credit to: Nisha

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  1. quit the serial

  2. Nisha please improve your vocabulary. Ishita today you are disgusting can’t you understand why the pillow was wet

  3. wow what a story a person whose take 6years time to get over past….bt now past again repeats its disguisting to days episode and the promo both. are meaning less and plz change the track makers and the are not fools…….I think they propose their love at the time of their 100 years

  4. arey yaar wt the hell is going on.feeling bad for raman per phir bhi raman ur wrong ishu will never do that what ur think.ishu is only for u yaar.and raman ishu find out wt ur thinking then she never forgive plz truth ishu naa yaar.and finally humble request plz bring some good scene of raman and ishu.dont make the serial go like kumkum bhagya.bcoz its one my fav serial.

  5. Wats the promo scene plz rply if any 1 knows

    1. precap- ishita hugs mani and tells him i love you. mani says if u really love me leave raman and come to me. ishita says i think ishould leave the whole family and come to you. raman hears all this from far and looks on. he looks really sad 🙁

      1. I think its his imagination. As I know Ishita. She can’t do this. She love her husband Raman secretly

  6. The promo is Mani hugs ishitha that they love each other which raman sees it pls it should be only imagination….

  7. kya lol ..ishita kuch bhi stupis chale …real lyf me itna hangama hone k baad koi bhi wife husband ko hlp karegi ….nahi apne kissi bhi bst frnd k sath family prob solve krne nikl jayegi …n mani itni over interference koi nai krya kisi bhi married couple k b*t*h ….fake n bore track ……

  8. arey saalon agar yeh sab hi dikhana tha to yeh hai mohabbatein bolke title kyun rakhe. Ab is serial ka kuch nahi ho sakta. Raman ho ya aur koi aur male ya phir swayam bhagwan Ram, jab apki wife aapse jhoot bolne lage to kisi ka bhi mind wrong direction mein hi soonche ga. Aur raman ke saath to phir se wahi sab ho raha jo pehle ho chuka. Ekta u r the most disgusting woman on this planet. u don know the meaning of love. YHM cld have been the record breaker as far as the trps r concerned had the makers realized the USP here. it is raman and ishita’s love and romance. u r fools who want to create an unnecessary drama. I urge all the fans of ISHRA to quit this show. Else, we wil break our heads.

  9. In this episode Ishita fault.raman really love you to much ishu and discuses any problem with raman not a other person like Mani by the by HAPPY DIWALI

  10. typical indian drama …waiting 4 somthing real …… a true n legendary love stry …….

  11. The precap is most likely a dream of Raman

  12. bakwaas show another ekta’s crap

  13. agreed to 123 ……
    hw can evry serial have strt wid fi8s btwn d leads den frndshp den love n den unwanted no of villians ……..n sabka target leads hi h ….unko chodke us drama k baki sare couples sukhi hai ….wid 1 or hardly 2 probs in thier lyfs ….

  14. im an indian born n brought up here …bt wll honestly appreciate zindagi gulzar hai …..
    great story too real …no janky panky clothes …no over make up … unwanted villains …rather no villians ….perfect story …true stry …practical messege ….n bst of oll no of episodes…not in hundreds nly 26 bt thry hav beautifully covered evry point … extra rona dhona …no rains jail …. a complete pure stry …..aftr a long tym I hav seen somethng real …gr8 job gulzar team ……

  15. mani quit the serial. dnt come in between ishra. cant d production unit understand

    1. in wain ……har serial srry har indian drama me yeh track hota hi hai …its as necessary as salt in food …

  16. Happy diwali 2 al.hav a SAFE ND ECO-FRIENDLY DIWALI.

  17. where’s the regular updaters??
    whoever you the new updater is please improve your sucks!!

  18. Isitha u r absolutely idiot,mental stupid paithiyam. Y u didnt understand ramans love.i m going to kill money.what a culture is this.i kno mani is ir friend so what y u hug mani.all the heroines are same.if the hero starts to love that time only the heroin starts to leave from them.raman is a nice hero,husband , dad,son & son in law.
    Isitha u r fully tubelight……………………..

  19. I feel really sad to see Ramans situation…. Ishu pls understand him

  20. ayyo paavam(bechara) raman.really feel sad for him.ishu akka why are you being so fool.its raman’s aasu,not ac wala paani.

  21. Ey wats this i wish its jst raman’s dream bcaz its 4 sure ishu wont do this

  22. i think the serials track is absolutely right i mean i dont want to insult any of the commentors but really if raman starts thinking all this bakvaas he may start getting jealous too seing ishu and mani and as he love ishu he can go to any limit to get her ack so he may confess his love to ishu naaa think all of u or he may get anger and nger and burst open his feeling or even this may happen that he may sacrifice his love and join ishu and mani hope this may not happen but also loving this track tank u

  23. Raman plz stp doubtng ishu and confess ur love

  24. the promo is ramans dream dont fear

  25. I love ishita but she loves raman…..this is shit.. I have everything in the world he has nothing

  26. Plz dnt spoul d serial wid all dese jealousy factors … Its a gud serial n plz end Ishita n ramans misunderstandings n show dere relationship much,more colourful dat would improve d serial fans

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